Tale three of nine of the arc
By a request I received in the first story Naruto will have a part in the story.
Sakura and Hinata got up with Hiashi still sleeping with Hanabi on the floor.

“Sakura why is your stomach so large” Hinata says in her weak voice.

“I was about to ask the same thing about you” Sakura says as both notice that their stomachs grew from flat chest to looking like they were about to give birth any moment.

“How did this happen I thought when a woman is pregnant that it takes months not in a few days” Hinata says.

“I know lets wake up your father maybe he can help us” Sakura says waking up Hiashi.

“What is it” Hiashi says as he sees Sakura and Hinata both pregnant and then he rubs his eyes thinking that perhaps he is only dreaming and then when it doesn’t work he grabs the cup of water on the bed stand. “Why are you like that you shouldn’t look like that for months not overnight” Hiashi screams waking up Hanabi who is looking at Hinata and Sakura strangely and then faints.

“We told you Naruto knocked us up” Sakura says holding her stomach as Hiashi stands up looking and feeling both of their stomachs.

“This can’t be true it must have to do with the Jinchuriki within him that give the ability to do something like this” Hiashi says and then ponders for a moment when he speaks again “When Naruto fucked you was their anything strange about him?”

“He had an almost never ending flow of cum if that’s what you mean” Sakura stated.

“Now everything is starting to connect. We need to talk to Lady Tsunade right this minute” Hiashi says as he grabs his robes from last night. Sakura and Hinata after a few moments are wearing some of Hiashi’s spare robes as they leave the house leaving Hanabi at home to sleep.

As they got to the Hokage’s office and ready to open the door they see that no one is there.


Beyond the leaf village at Myobokuzan (Where Naruto is training) Fukasaku is walking toward Naruto’s room when he hears muffling within, so he decides to take a sneak peak in only to see Naruto training a strange jutsu yet all so familiar to a jutsu that Jiraiya had once done when he was younger. Fukasaku decided to come back later and while he was waiting he could do a little yeah you know what I’m talking about with the miss.

Naruto soon stopped training and lied on the bed waiting for Fukasaku to walk in. While he was there Naruto started thinking about Sakura and Hinata and how good they felt and all the other’s that he had fucked since that one mission long ago with Sakura. “Fuck I wonder how much longer Fukasaku is going to train me.” Naruto says to himself then gets up and decides to go to the kitchen hoping that Shima had breakfast ready. When he got into the kitchen neither Shima nor Fukasaku were there but he could her faint sounds of croaking and figured they were probably still sleeping. Naruto grabbed something quickly to eat and then decided to do some training while he waited for Fukasaku to wake up, but no ordinary training no Naruto went to take a shower so he could do his favorite pastime before Sakura and Hinata got to him.


Tsunade, Ino, Sai and Yamato rushed to Tsunade’s office to grab their clothes, but before they could the elders stopped right in front of the office.

“Lady Tsunade now that you know we should tell you that the third Hokage has already placed a forbidden permanent seal on that room that is irreversible” Homura states to Tsunade while holding a scroll that
has the leaf symbol seal on it.

“You two are going to die!” Tsunade say pulling the two toward the doors at full force holding their necks.

“Lady Tsunade you shouldn’t be so haste it wasn’t our decision in fact we had no word in doing such an act it was the Thirds with everyone else going against it except for a few but the ones that did agree are dead” Koharu says sweating as Tsunade holds her down as well as Homura.

“Well there is one that is alive that did agree with the Third’s decision that is still in the village and that is…D…Danzo.” Homura says as Tsunade lets go of the two.

“If you two are lying you feel more than just death from me personally” Tsunade says shoving the two aside as she opens her office.

“Is there anything you would like Hokage Tsunade from us before we leave” Koharu says in fear of what Tsunade was going to do next.

“There is one more thing you two useless elders can do for me” Tsunade says in a calm voice turning around and once she turned around holding her clothes in one hand she sees behind the elders she sees Hiashi, Sakura, and Hinata with their mouths wide open. Tsunade freezes for a moment not only because she saw the three but also because she began to feel something down below that didn’t seem right as her stomach began to stretch as body parts of some strange little creature began to kick and stretch her stomach out and in a few quiet moments the transformation ended with her looking like she was pregnant.

“Is there something wrong with you Lady Tsunade” Sai asked as Ino smacked him almost as hard as Sakura would have hit him.

“Lady Tsunade what is going on with you” Koharu asks sternly but also curious.

“It was Naruto that got Hinata, Tsunade and I all like this” Sakura says with everyone looking in their direction.

“Sakura, Hinata, and Hiashi we need to talk for the rest of you get out now!” Tsunade says as they all leave while Sakura, Hinata, and Hiashi walk in “Yamato wait outside I need to talk to you afterwards.”

“Lady Tsunade we are terribly sorry we didn’t come to you later, but we didn’t expect to be like this for months not overnight” Sakura says.

“If this Naruto’s doing then the beast within him must have an ability to make children at a faster rate than normal, so instead of months it’s a matter of a few days” Tsunade says while walking around the room.

“They said that Naruto had an almost unlimited amount of cum one time that became too much for both of them” Hiashi says to Lady Tsunade.

“I remember that day, because when he had come here I had nearly every guy in the village here ready to fuck me and I ended up getting into an embarrassing fight with me ending that power that Naruto has. Of course I stopped him before he could unleash his unlimited cum or so I thought I did?” Tsunade says as she thinks of that memorable day.

“What are we going to do now that we are all pregnant” Hinata says calmly looking at everyone’s expressions.

“I suppose we will need to go to the hospital and hopefully they can help since Naruto is going to have three children when he comes back” Tsunade says as she gets her clothes on and walks out the rest follow her. “Yamato I want you to dig some information on Danzo for me I will be at the hospital when you are done” Tsunade says to Yamato as she walks away.


Over at the sand village Temari was laying on her bed masturbating as she was dreaming of Shikamaru and how much she missed him and his cock plow into her body. “I wonder if Gaara will let me since he is the Kazekage for the time with Kankuro and me behind him on the throne. Of course I don’t know why I need to ask after all I am his older sister and his only one at that” Temari says to herself as she gets up and heads over to Gaara’s office.

Once she got there she sees Gaara having a blowjob from Matsuri his one and only student. Gaara looks at the doors and takes Matsuri off of his cock as she stands up next to him with cum dripping from her chin. “Sister couldn’t you of knocked first” Gaara says adjusting himself on the chair.

“I’m sorry brother but I didn’t expect Matsuri to be here to suck off your cock” Temari says as Matsuri blushes and runs along leaving the room.

“So what is so important that you have to cut me off from a blowjob from Matsuri Temari?” Gaara says looking straight in Temari’s eyes.

“Well I was wondering if I could go to Konoha there are some medicine I would like to pick up from them that would help us significantly here” Temari says smiling only to stop and look at Gaara who stood up rubbing his cock in front of her “Do you want me to give you a blowjob because Matsuri didn’t finish.” Gaara simply kept rubbing as Temari walked over and sucked on her younger brother’s cock and as she was Kankuro and Matsuri walk in.

“Gaara you had her take my job” Matsuri shouts as Gaara looks over as Temari continues to suck him off ignoring Matsuri as she enjoys her youngest brother’s cock.

“Matsuri why don’t you take care of me with Gaara being busy and all you know” Kankuro says unleashing his cock at her.

“I suppose I could try a new cock Gaara was getting a bit boring no offense or anything Gaara but I needed something else that’s all” Matsuri says as she gets down on her knees and begins sucking off Kankuro.

“It sure is great that we have Temari and Matsuri to relieve us right Gaara” Kankuro says as he sees Gaara busy holding Temari’s head as she sucks him off. Kankuro went back to looking down to see that Matsuri now had one of his balls in her mouth and licking it with her tongue in her mouth.

“Temari why don’t you get on my desk so I can fuck you” Gaara says as he lifts his sister off of his cock. Temari lays on his desk as Gaara sticks his cock into her pussy slowly to enjoy his sister’s pussy for the first time in a long time.

“Gaara go gently will you after all I am your sister” Temari says as she rubs her tits in her fingers to make them fully erect so Gaara could watch as he fucked her harder. “Oh fuck Gaara that’s it don’t stop!” Temari screams as Gaara shoves his cock all the way in.

“Matsuri why don’t you stop and let me eat that pussy of yours” Kankuro says.

“Why don’t we just go into a sixty-nine position so I can continue” Matsuri replies back.

“No, I don’t feel comfortable in that position besides I think you’ve taken care of cock for the moment” Kankuro says as Matsuri lies on the floor while Kankuro goes down and begins using his fingers to rub her cunt. After a few minutes he begins to use his tongue to eat her pussy.

“Alright Temari you can go now I’m done” Gaara says as he sits on his chair watching Temari get dress and walk out and then he turns his eyes over to Kankuro and Matsuri “Can you do that somewhere else I have work to do right now.”

“Sure thing Gaara” Kankuro says as both of them walk out giggling as Gaara goes back to work.


In some random cave to the north of the land of wind Sasuke is resting while Karin prepares some food for the two of them while Suigetsu and Jugo are guarding the area. Sasuke wakes up smelling a cooked meal and Karin standing in front of him stroking his cock. “Karin will you please stop I am hungry not horny” Sasuke says, but Karin ignores and begins to suck on his cock. Sasuke grabs the food and begins to eat letting Karin take care of his cock.

“You know Sasuke all you have to do is fuck me once and I’ll leave you alone for the rest of the trip” Karin says rubbing Sasuke’s ball sack.

“No Karin I refuse and if you do try to I will kill” Sasuke says taking a bite of bread.

“Oh come on Sasuke you know were meant to be together I don’t understand why you won’t fuck me once” Karin says pleading as Sasuke walks out of the cave.

“You know Karin I don’t listen to whiners why don’t you make yourself useful and stop pestering me on such child’s play” Sasuke says as he smells the air.

“Alright I’ll make myself useful Sasuke” Karin says walking in front of him pulling out his cock and rubbing it as she leans in to kiss him. As soon as she leans in Sasuke vanishes leaving Karin standing alone.

“Sasuke why can’t you let out your feeling just once!” Karin screams out into the woods.

Sasuke is long gone deep in the woods resting as Karin’s voice echo’s through the area. “God damn Karin you would think she would come to her senses love is worthless and sex is pathetic compared to hatred. Hatred is the only thing that is on my mind not love” Sasuke says to himself and then daydreams about the old days with Kakashi, Sakura, and of course Naruto. “Naruto… Naruto… Naruto wait until I get back into Konoha then you can start believing that you are not my brother” Sasuke says and then decides to walk off continuing his daydreaming.


Back in Konoha

“Lee…oh Lee where are you” Tenten says innocently creepy around the corner of her bedroom door to see Lee stroking his cock on her bed “Lee you know I can’t handle another round last night was too much to handle with you going midway through at hyper speed I can’t even sit now and barely stand as well.”

“All the better for me to aid that soreness with me eating your pussy while you suck on my cock” Lee says with a smile standing in front of Tenten.

“I am sorry Lee but the answer is no tomorrow at the earliest but not anytime today, because we’ve got training to do” Tenten says holding a kunai in front of Lee.

“Okay Tenten well train, but first can we get something to eat I’m starving from all the sex we had last night” Lee says holding his stomach as it growls.

“Oh Lee why don’t you grab something from the kitchen and while your doing that I’m going to take a shower with no one else do you understand” Tenten says pointing the kunai at Lee. Lee though has already rushed into the kitchen eating everything that is in the refrigerator and cabinets.


Neji who is outside on top of an apartment complex watches the whole scene deciding t go down and perhaps get to Tenten without Lee noticing.

As Neji gets inside he notices that Lee is full and incapable to move so he moves without Lee noticing him as he tries to open the door realizing it is locked.

“Sorry Lee I told you I want a shower alone. You can train alone outside I’ll be out in a few moments okay honey” Tenten says while taking a shower when she heard Neji trying to open the door thinking though that it was Lee.

Neji looks around to see if Lee is still where he is suppose to be then he cuts the paper door with his kunai with Tenten standing there stark naked with a scroll in one hand and a kunai in the other screaming “Get out Neji you perve.”

“Tenten Lee isn’t the right one I am your guy don’t you remember” Neji says when out of nowhere Lee knocks him out cold.

“Lee tie him up while I get dressed” Tenten says.

“I’m all done “ Lee says after a couple seconds rushing back to Tenten with his cock out as he strokes it in front of her.

“Lee I said no and that is my final answer” Tenten says, however Lee grasped the opportunity as she was already naked and began fucking her from behind.

“Lee stop it this instants… stop it…stop it right now!” Tenten screams with Lee ignoring her. “Lee stop it this moment please stop… oh please…uh…oh yeah please stop” Tenten continued to grow softer on her screaming and was simply enjoying the pleasure knowing full well that she wasn’t going to be sitting or standing for quiet some time all thanks to Lee. “Oh Lee don’t stop… cum in me… faster…faster!” Soon Lee was going at his hyper speed fucking Tenten with all his might as she held on to the wall as Lee fucked her from behind.

“Remember that time when you were sex crazed and then Naruto came in and filled every hole” Lee says with lust in his voice.

“Yeah…I remember that day” Tenten moans loudly.

“Well where is that Tenten now because I’m here all horny and sex crazed and I need a woman that is the same way” Lee says in Tenten’s ear.

“Right here Lee!” Tenten says going up and down even faster as she kicked it into high gear by having some crazy sex with Lee through out the entire house for the next couple of hours.


At the hospital later that day Yamato walks into the room where the Hokage, Sakura, and Hinata are all at.

“Lady Tsunade I have the information you requested” Yamato says walking toward her bed with a report in his hand.

“Thank you Yamato” Tsunade says reading the report and then says “Alright Yamato I presume you have already read this report yourself and should know that it will never leave this room what I am about to say is very important. The first thing you need to do Yamato is do exactly word for word what is on the sheet in reverse order and make sure you get a group of jonin and ANBU with you. Do you understand?”

“Yes” Yamato simply states and vanishes.

“Lady Tsunade I think my baby just kicked” Hinata says rubbing her stomach.

“It won’t be too much longer before the doctor comes in to tell us when were expected to have these kids and what they look like for that matter” Tsunade says reassuring Hinata.

“I hope not too much longer I don’t think I can handle this baby moving in me much longer either” Sakura moans as she tries to rub her stomach to calm down the baby, and as she said that though a doctor entered with several nurses following him.

“Okay ladies I have the reports right here. Hokage Tsunade your child will be a girl and will be delivered within the next forty-eight hours also she is completely healthy. The only problem is that she will need to have her chakra sealed or at least calmed down, but other than that nothing else for you Hokage” The doctor says to Tsunade, and then looks at Sakura and says “Sakura you will have a baby boy that will be delivered within the next twelve hours with his health well basically the same as Tsunade’s girl that he will need to have his chakra checked out.” Doctor then turns over to Hinata and looks her over then says “Hinata…Hinata well you seem to be the lucky one today with you not having a boy or a girl but both” Hinata only heard it once and she fainted right there with a couple nurses looking at her and the doctor saying the rest to Sakura and Tsunade “It seems that her twins don’t have any problems with their chakra.”

“Do you know when she will have her delivery sir” Sakura says to the doctor.

“Oh yes…she will have her delivery around the same as yours so long as she is awake by then” the doctor says and then leaves as he nurses take care of the three.



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