Part 2
Once Tsunade stopped throwing up she looked back up and saw an older version of her younger brother Nawaki naked. “Is this some sort of trick” Tsunade says to the whole room.

“Big sister this is no trick I am alive thanks to Orochimaru” Nawaki says as he goes over to Tsunade to hug her.

“Orochimaru did this to you” Tsunade says as tears began to form from her eyes.
“It was the last thing that I know of that he had done, but the only thing is that I can never leave this room or I would die” Nawaki replies.

“But…but this makes no since why would he give you life for” Tsunade asks her younger brother.

“He told me before he left that if I ever see you again that his final gift to you was for me to live peacefully but he for some reason did not want me to see you but you to find me” Nawaki says to his older sister.
“It doesn’t matter now I am so glad to see you again” Tsunade says wrapping her brother around for another hug.

“I miss you too big sister” Nawaki says hugging back crying for joy that he finally over all these years gets to see his big sister.

“So Nawaki who’s the girl over there?” Tsunade replies as she wipes her tears away.

“Oh her this is Hai Uzumaki” Nawaki says with everyone confused.

“Did you say Uzumaki” Yamato says getting into the conversation.

“Yes I did why do you know someone with that same name?” Nawaki asks.

The blonde girl Hai who has a robe on now walked over when she heard them talking about her “Why are you all talking about me is it something I did?”

“Hai did you know your parents” Tsunade asks her.

“Parents? Hmm… I didn’t know my parents but I have heard stories of them and that I have a twin brother. Wait is it true that I do have a twin brother? You must tell me please…” Hai begs as she kneels on the floor to the group.

“We better sit down this is going to be a long story”


Above ground that night Sakura and Hinata were begging to give Hiashi a blowjob but he wasn’t budging.

“I’m sorry girls I can’t allow you two to give me a blowjob every night” Hiashi responds.

“Father don’t you remember the deal we had made” Hinata says looking into her fathers eyes begging to give him a blowjob. Hiashi looked her daughter almost wanting to bend his power to her will, but he simply couldn’t, however he didn’t seem to have much of a choice since when he was distracted Sakura started giving him a blowjob.

“Sakura stop that right now! Stop it! Stop it!” Hiashi was fighting but as Sakura continued he finally stopped fighting, and helped Sakura by holding the back of her head as he felt pleasure he was receiving. Soon Hinata was sucking on her father’s balls while Sakura continued to suck his cock.

Once Sakura got a taste of want she wanted she got up and began kissing Hiashi while Hinata began sucking on the combination of her father’s cum and Sakura’s saliva. “Hiashi I know you would love to fuck us both so why don’t you do it right now” Sakura says whispering in Hiashi’s ear and then backing up while Hinata continued sucking on her father’s cock.

“Hinata why don’t I take care of you while I fuck Sakura” Hiashi says to his daughter. Hinata stops to back away so her father could lie on the floor. Hinata then moved over to her father’s face as she sits on her knees so Hiashi could eat her pussy. At that same time Sakura moved over and positioned his cock into her slowly at first. Sakura and Hinata were on top kissing and playing with each other as Hiashi is on the bottom.

“Hinata this is so much fun isn’t?” Sakura says as she moves faster on Hiashi’s cock.
“I think I’m going to be sick” Hinata says then in no time at all throws up all over Sakura’s face with some of it going in to her mouth as the rest goes down on Hiashi.

“Hinata are you alright you know I can’t handle the scene of vomit I…I” Hiashi says as soon as he sees Hinata’s vomit on him he also throws up all over Hinata’s lower back as well as into her pussy.

“Hiashi, Hinata and I have a confession to make” Sakura says “We’ve been having morning sickness off and on all day, and well we believe were… pregnant.” Hiashi froze lying down on the floor recollecting all that Sakura said.

“Pregnant! Oh no this is bad, very very bad. I must have forgotten to use a condom and now you’re both knocked up” Hiashi begins to freak out as he pushes Hinata off of him, and Sakura moves off as well as he stands moving around the room.

“Actually Hiashi it wasn’t you who knocked us up or at least we don’t believe it was you” Sakura replies which instantly Hiashi freezes and looks toward Sakura with a stern face.

“What do you mean Sakura?” Hiashi questions to Sakura.

“Well we believe it might have been Naruto that knocked us up since before tonight the last person either Hinata or I fucked was Naruto” Sakura responds.

“Alright both of you come with me” Hiashi says as he walks out of the room. Sakura and Hinata follow yet confused that he wasn’t mad.

Hiashi takes some bottle of colorful liquid out of the bathroom. “Alright this medicine has been in the family since the Great War all you need to do is take one drop and neither of you will have morning sickness ever again” Hiashi says placing a drop onto both of their tongues.

“Wow this taste like ramen!?” Sakura says.

“Yes, well it is special medicine ramen” Hiashi says as he places the bottle back in the bathroom.

“Thank you father” Hinata says as she hugs him and with that Hiashi’s cock becomes fully erect and barely sticking into his daughter’s pussy. The unexpected occurs Hinata feels her father’s cock touching her pussy so she moved it over to her ass hole and Hiashi began fucking his daughter’s asshole. Sakura decided to go under so she could lick Hiashi’s cock, balls, Hinata’s pussy, and her asshole. In a few moments Hiashi took his cock out with Sakura diving further into Hinata’s asshole that Hiashi filled. As Sakura ate Hinata’s asshole Hinata starts sucking on his daughter’s tits.


Hanabi who by the way is Hinata’s younger sister just got back from multiple missions in a row. Her jonin tells her and her two teammates that they can head home, so about five minutes later Hanabi enters the house and as soon as she does she hears noises that are coming somewhere near the family bathroom. Instantly she uses her Byakugan and sees that there are three figures doing something odd since none were using their jutsu. She noticed her sister and father’s chakra but couldn’t figure out who was below them, so she walked silently toward the sounds of moaning trying to figure out what was going on. By the time she got there they were still in the same position and she could tell what they were doing from the shadows and couldn’t believe but for some reason she couldn’t stop watching as she rubbed her own pussy as the scene in front of her unfolded.

Sakura stops eating out of Hinata’s asshole and smells something out of the ordinary and then looks around and saw something in the shadows that looked like a younger Hinata and then she says “Hanabi is that you?”

Hiashi and Hinata freeze and look in the same direction as Sakura as Hanabi walks out of the shadows. “Honey how long have you been there” Hiashi says in a stern voice.

“Father why are you having sex with Hinata and Sakura don’t you know how wrong that is to have sex with my sister. Its incest and you know it’s wrong!” Hanabi screams and begins to cry as she runs to her room.

“Perhaps I should talk to her” Hinata says “after all she is my younger sister.”

“Go ahead Hinata” Hiashi says as they wait for Hinata to calm her younger sister.
Hinata walks into the room and instantly notices that Hanabi is furiously rubbing her pussy as she lies on
her bed half naked from the waist down. Hinata blushes and Hanabi notices, and begins throwing things at her “Get out I don’t want to talk to you or father anymore!” Hanabi screams.

“Enough Hanabi!” Hinata screams back as both stare frozen in time as tow sisters look into each other’s eyes both understanding each other for the first in years.

“Hinata I’m sorry, but its wrong for two family members to have sex is it not?” Hanabi says calmed down.

“Hanabi we were simply having fun. Would you like to join us sister?” Hinata offers.

“No” Hanabi says and then leans forward and kisses Hinata on the lips.

“Hanabi” Hinata says softly as Hanabi begins sucking on her tits as well as rubbing her pussy as Hinata slowly lies back as her sister takes over.

‘Hiashi do you hear that” Sakura says as they both hear soft moans coming from Hanabi’s room.
“Yeah and I know what they’re doing too” Hiashi says as both walk into Hanabi’s room to see Hanabi on top of Hinata.

“Father you don’t mind if you stick your huge cock up my pussy” Hanabi says smiling at her father while Hinata also looks with a pleasing face to her father.

“I don’t see why not” Hiashi says heading over to begin fucking his younger daughter for the first time.

The night rolled on with all four of them enjoying the new pussy of Hanabi’s.


Elsewhere in the village Tenten, Neji, and Lee are sitting at Ichiraku ramen bar as Choji and Ayame serve them.

“Lee you’re the only one of all of us that doesn’t have anyone” Tenten says to Lee while Lee listens while slurping up the rest of his ramen.

“I am one hundred and ten percent certain I will find a lady that will appreciate me Tenten” Lee says standing up and saluting like his normal self.

“Say Lee you ever thought that instead of finding a girl you should find a “guy”” Neji says in a stern voice. Tenten smacks him for saying that but Lee was already walking away.

“Lee wait will you I’m coming with you” Tenten says running over to Lee.

“So it looks like your paying Neji” Choji smiles as Ayame hands him the bill.

“Why does Neji have to think he’s always better than I am” Lee says to Tenten.

“Oh Lee I don’t think he really meant what he said” Tenten responds.

Lee fires back “And why do you always have to defend Neji!”

“I’m on your side Lee” Tenten says holding Lee face to face “I know Neji can be a jerk sometimes, but that doesn’t mean you should let his words hurt you…”

“So I should fight back” Lee responds interrupting Tenten.

“Not exactly. What I am trying to say is that you should not fall down when some one hurts you from within.
Don’t fight but simply shrug it off. Next time Neji says something simply ignore him and continue with what you’re doing” Tenten says to Lee squarely in the face.

“Why do you love Neji?” Lee asks Tenten.

Tenten blushes for a short moment and then says “Neji and I work together really well that is all.”

“That is no reason to be dating him and you know that Tenten!” Lee says back.

“Yeah and who made you the boss of me in the first place!” Tenten says pushing Lee back.

“Why don’t you find someone…?” Lee says being interrupted.

“Someone that is a girl” Tenten says “Now you sound like Neji!”

“Yeah well maybe he’s right maybe you should find a girl to date then!” Lee says with anger pushing Tenten to the ground.

“Fine, and then you might as well as hook up with Neji since both of you have so much in common!”

“Maybe I will” Lee says but gets pushed back as Tenten falls on top of him.

“You really think that Neji will fall in love with you so easily” Tenten says trying to catch her breath as they both begin to laugh.

“Well do you really think that some girl will fall in love with you” Lee says laughing.

“What you don’t think some girl will want to make love with me and we will get married” Tenten says.

“You know you are so beautiful when you’re angry” Lee says.

“Oh you like that do you” Tenten.

“Yeah I like that do you have a problem with that” Lee says as Tenten kisses him on the lips.

“What was that for?” Lee asks curiously as Tenten gets up offering a hand to help him stand up.

“You know what it was for” Tenten says with a hint of lust. Lee follows Tenten to her home while Neji who was hiding in the shadows the whole time decides to stop Tenten and Lee’s relationship before it gets any deeper.


Below the Hokage’s palace Tsunade finished up the story that got her brother all caught up.

“You know sis I don’t care what happened I am so glad that we are together again” Nawaki says then hugging his sis. At that moment sudden sharp feeling occurred that sent Tsunade into shivers as she felt her brother’s cock begging to go in to a new taboo pussy that has had its share of erotic desires over the years. It also didn’t help that Tsunade’s pussy was also begging for a fresh cock that was as large as the one that was pressing at it.

Tsunade moved back to hopefully avoid this incest situation but as she did Nawaki’s cock slipped further in. “Nawaki perhaps you should take your cock out of my pussy since it is somewhat taboo” Tsunade says but it seems as Nawaki pulls it away her pussy takes in more of this huge cock.

“Perhaps you should take your pussy off of my cock” Nawaki says back.

“I can’t my pussy isn’t listening to me” Tsunade says as even more of her brothers cock slides into her.

“Neither are your tits sis, they look like they’re sticking out by at least an inch” Nawaki says staring at his sisters tits while his cock drives further in.

“Ino why don’t you take his cock out of me for me” Tsunade says looking at Ino who at this time was being fucked by Yamato while sucking on Sai’s cock as Hai and a Yamato clone are fucking each other in a sixty-nine position.

“It doesn’t seem like anyone is listening huh sis” Nawaki responds as he digs his cock all the way in to his sister’s pussy while sucking on her tits.

“Brother Stop, stop, oh fuck oh yes fuck me fuck your big sister cum in your big sister will you. Oh gawd yes this is the best cock I have ever had in me in a long time (Although it was probably the second best only to Naruto, but she couldn’t admit to her brother that type of information nor to Naruto’s sister)” Tsunade moaned as the pleasure soaked through her body.

“You like that sis, you like your brother fucking you, huh you must really be a slut if you like being fucked by your brother” Nawaki says as his first shot electrifies his sister’s body.

“Oh fuck yes fuck right fucking there fuck me fuck shit fuck me like I’m really your dirty bitchy whore slut fuck me!” Tsunade had lost all her conscious as the pleasure became too much and she went into overdrive as both her brother and herself were rapidly fucking like rabbits and in no time both created several clones that were fucking in every know position.

Ino, Sai, Yamato, and Hai stopped to see the room covered with Tsunade and Nawaki clones.
“Is this how she always is as Hokage?” Hai asked to the group which they all agreed by nodding their heads.

“So Hai you don’t remember anything about your family?” Ino asked out of nowhere.

“I don’t really remember anything but how you guys described my brother for me he seems extremely sweet” Hai says to the group as all of their jaws dropped by what she said.

“Perhaps when we get out of here you can fuck him all the time then” Sai says with Ino slapping him.

“Its not possible for me to leave this place, because Nawaki and my chakra flow within the room and if we leave so does our chakra and if our chakra leaves we end up dying” Hai says to the group.

“Couldn’t you simply rest for awhile and then your chakra will come back” Ino responds.

“No, the chakra is sealed in this room by the elders meaning if we leave we die and as long as we stay here we can live here until we die a natural death” Hai says once more.

“I’m sure Lady Tsunade can remove the seal so both of you can live above ground like the rest of us. I mean I’m sure it gets boring down here with just the two of you and besides you need more female role models I personally can help you on that issue. Matter of fact you’ve never kissed a girl before” Ino says toward Hai while Sai and Yamato stare at all the Tsunade breasts in the room.

“No I haven’t kissed another female why what does it feel like?” Hai asks Ino.

“Let me show you” Ino moves over and kisses Hai as their tongues intertwined giving a French kiss and then pulling out.

“Oh my god that was the best kiss I have ever had” Hai says and then she moves forward and kisses Ino back, but this time Ino starts playing with her by rubbing her pussy. Hai stops and looks at Ino “What are you doing?” Hai asks.

“Trust me” Ino says with lust in her eyes as she kneels down and begins licking Hai’s clit as Hai moaned as pleasure like none other flowed through her whole body. As soon as Hai had a couple of orgasms Ino got back up and kissed her as she for the first time was eating her own cum. Then Ino went down and began kissing her neck on down to her tits. Ino then stopped and says “your turn.”

Hai was a bit shy but soon began kissing Ino on the lips as their tongues interlocked for a good few minutes. Hai then starts kissing Ino’s neck and moves over her ears and sucks on each of them. She then stops as Sai touches her shoulder. “I’m sorry Sai I’ll make a clone so you can have some fun” Hai says to Sai. Sai begins fucking the clone in a sixty-nine while Hai goes back to Ino by sucking her left tit and licking it until it was fully erect and then moved to the right tit softly biting it as she did that Ino began finger fucking her.

“Why don’t we go into a sixty-nine” Ino says smiling at Hai as she lies down with Hai moving around to allow Ino to play with her pussy.

“Uh…uh…oh” Hai moaned as Ino was licking, rubbing, and spitting on her pussy.

“Try it Hai” Ino encourages Hai to do the same. Hai stutters for a moment and then slowly licks Ino’s pussy.

“You taste really good” Hai says.

“Keep going if you like it so much” Ino replies with Hai digging for her pussy with ecstasy as she licks it all over until Ino screams then Hai knew what Nawaki does for her sometimes is what she is doing for Ino so she found that sweet spot of Ino’s and began licking it even more as Ino began to cum.

Tsunade and Nawaki were finishing up as they noticed that everyone was still fucking as they notice that Sai and Yamato were double penetrating Hai while Hai and Ino were making out.

“I don’t suppose you can do one more round brother?” Tsunade asks her brother with a smile but notices that her brother is out cold “Guess not.” Tsunade then goes over to where Hai and Ino are locked in a sixty-nine, but before she could she stopped and fell on some soft pillows on a chair as she realized she couldn’t do anymore but watch.

Yamato and Sai finished their last load as the clone Hai vanished while the real Hai and Ino kept going both noticed that Tsunade was sitting on the chair and went over to suck on her tits.

“Hai can you stop for a moment I need to get up” Ino says as Hai immediately gets off of Ino.

“So what’s up?” Hai says as both stand up. Ino walks over to Tsunade and pulls Yamato and Sai away to look at Tsunade right in the eyes.

“Lady Tsunade we need to talk” Ino says on a serious note.

“Ino you sound like Shizune sometimes you know that” Tsunade says opening her eyes and getting up

“What is so important Ino?”

“We can’t leave your brother and Hai down here, and they can’t leave because the elders put a seal on this room so if they leave they’ll…” Ino says quickly but is stopped mid-sentence.

“Ino I know we can’t but at that same time it would seem strange to allow my brother and Naruto’s sister up. How would people react especially Naruto who has no idea that he even has a younger step-sister” Tsunade says back.

“But if you do bring them back the elders will fear you even more” Ino shoots back.

“Very well, but when I have the elders on my back about one thing I’m going to put twice the work on you Ino. Do you understand” Tsunade responds.

“Yes Lady Tsunade” Ino replies.

“Alright brother and Hai we will be back I have a few things to discuss with the elders” Tsunade says as she leaves with Ino, Sai, and Yamato following her.


The rest of the characters that I have not mentioned will be coming in the next two stories. A few bizarre things will be occurring in the next story that will seem unrealistic, but they are part of the Nine-tail beasts’ power. Believe It!

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