Billy and Suzy lose their virginity. This is a romance story, not a wham, bamm.
Tuesday; Virgins no more

Billy is a non-protection virgin. All his experience has been with a condom. He's 16, 5'10", 150, 5.5 inches, cut.

Suzy is a true virgin. She is 16, 5'6", 125, brown hair, b cups, trimmed, and tan-lines.

Tuesday arrives and Billy is at work once again. He takes a break around 10:55am. Suzy shows up around 11:02 with a bright smile on her face. She walks up to him and gives him a big hug and a gentle kiss. She is wearing a bikini top with a light blouse over it and those shorts that drive Billy crazy.

“Walk around to the gate and I’ll let you in,” he says.

They meet at the side gate, he opens it, and she walks in carrying her lunch, a lounge chair, and her lotion. He helps her set up just outside the office door and puts the lunch in the fridge in the office.
“Just make yourself at home. There’s a privacy fence, so you can wear as little as you want. ” he says with a wink as he heads back to work shutting the automatically locking door..

Suzy looks around the yard, basically a back yard and takes a stroll around it. She removes her blouse as casually as if she were home. She looks down and squeezes each B cup over her bikini top. She likes them but thinks they could grow more. She unbuttons her shorts and drops them to the ground as she backs down onto the lounge chair. She reaches for the lotion and applies it to her forehead down her face, her arms, then her shoulders, down her chest. She circles the area just above her breasts, sprays more lotion just above them, rubs the lotion into the palm of each hand, and presses the fabric down massaging the lotion completely into and around each breast. She pulls the cups back up, and proceeds to her flat belly smearing the lotion, reaches under the top of her bikini bottoms applying the lotion just under the seam, moves her lotion-ed fingers along the edges of each side. She moves one leg off the lounge chair, lotions up the leg on the chair. She wouldn’t get caught doing this anywhere in public exposing her bikini bottoms so wide open. Even as she is applying the lotion, she can feel the hot sun beating on her dark bikini bottoms making her pussy hotter. She shifts positions and applies the lotion to the other leg. As she completes her lotion-ing, she slides her hands up her thigh and inner thigh and rubs the V of her bikini. She swirls her fingers around her clit which has started to harden since she felt the suns rays. With the other hand, she starts pressing and manipulating each breast, squeezing the tips and circling around them.
“Oh, I wish I could suck and lick my own tits. Damn, I wish they were bigger.” She thinks.

She removes the top and grabs the SPF 60. She puts a glob on each hand and palms each breast to protect them from the sun and to mash them together. She absent-mindedly has her knees bent and is opening and closing her legs squeezing her small slender thighs together. With her left hand she continues to play with her tits. With her right hand, she reaches down to attend to the very wet spot in the center of her panties. She closes her legs as her middle finger gets to her inner thigh just 3 inches from her wet spot. She feels the sensation squeezes tighter and opens her legs as much as possible. She slides her fingers the rest of the way down her inner thigh, teasing herself, touches, and presses her finger against the fabric. “Why did I have to wear such a thick suit?” she thinks.
She presses her thumb against her clit just through the fabric. She enjoys this only for a minutes as her breath increasing. Then she feels it. Something she has felt before. It can be very refreshing or very aggravating. Then she feels it again. She looks up and sees; yes, it’s starting to rain. UGH.

Billy is on the other side of the rest area as the rain starts. He starts running but decides to walk. If she’s wet and cool, she’ll want a shower, he thinks. He gets back into his office and takes off his shirt.
“Gotta get ready for our shower” he says to himself.
He opens the back door and there she is, wet, with her top back up, and panties readjusted (and an excuse for being wet).

Billy: “Get in here. It’s wet out there!”
Suzy: “Where were you?”
Billy: “I came as fast as I could. Do you want to get warmed up?”
He hugs her tight and pressed together she stops shivering.

Billy: “Here, let’s warm up faster.” He heads to the shower and turns it on. He strips down to his tighty-whiteys and reaches for her.

After the play she just enjoyed, and the cold, she doesn’t object and follows him into the shower watching his cute cheeks and the impression in the front of his shorts. They enter the warm shower and circle as a dancing couple under the shower head ensuring each is wet and getting warm enough. They press together, lips to lips, chest to breast, briefs to bikini, legs rubbing, with just three pieces of fabric separating them.
“Hi.” He says with a sly smile.
Then he hugs her tighter and releases.

He reaches for the soap and starts rubbing it around her shoulders and down her arms, back up her underarms to just above her chest. He slides the soap back and forth just above her breasts, puts the soap back down, and lathers from her shoulders to just above her top.
He kisses her with his hands just above her breast and backs slightly away.
“Yes?” he says
“No.” she says. She backs up, not taking her eyes from his, reaches back and unties the top from around her neck letting the strings fall forward. She then loosens the other string. She reaches for his soapy hands and presses them against the area below her breasts feeling his bigger hands cup and caress the underside of her virginal nipples. She presses his hands back to the top of her chest. She slides them down to expose her perky B cups. She guides him to fondle her breast as she likes them to be played with. His eyes are agape as he stares at the beautiful orbs before him and can’t believe he is holding them. He wants to play with them in all kinds of ways he’s heard about in those books and mags. But the way she knows what she wants and the training he got last week help him from losing control. He remembers: “Satisfy her first and you can get what you need.”

With that thought, he looks back to her eyes and kisses her. He releases her breasts and hugs her as tight as possible, his chest now pressed into her breasts, his hands just above her bikini. Each can feel the others heartbeat and breathing as the water falls down.

He reaches for the soap and starts washing her back while hugging her. He turns her around and gives her a hug from behind. She feels the lump in his shorts against her clothed butt. He soaps up her sides and belly, puts the soap back down, and cups each breast massaging the soap into them. Suzy has never had this touch or feeling before. Her chin and neck stretch out instinctively with this new feeling. Billy subconsciously notices and starts licking and kissing from her earlobe to the base of her neck. She shudders now at the sensations in all these areas. The only thing holding her up now is Billy’s hands which are holding each breast. She massages her pussy lips from the side of the fabric and orgasms from all the different sensations. As she starts to recover, she unties the strings of her bikini letting gravity or Billy, if he notices, remove it. She presses her almost naked ass against his trapped shorts, then pulls forward.

Billy has been enjoying the sight of Suzy’s breasts in each of his hands as he kisses her neck. He grabs the soap, circles her breasts once again, and slides the soap down her stomach. He reaches the top of her bikini and notices it is loose. He reaches to each hip and notices the tie is undone. He inserts a finger under each tie and pulls the tie away from her hips. The bottoms fall down to the floor. He hugs her closer to his clothed cock, reaches around to her belly-button, suds up each hand, and drops the soap.

He can see her breasts from his position and sees her beautiful Vee in the full length mirror. He presses each hand from her belly-button following the vee pressing in each side of her lips. He rubs the inside of each thigh which she has spread. He slides his soapy left hand up the crevice of her wet pussy, then his right hand. He repeats this three times then finds her clit with his right thumb. He starts rubbing it around gently in a circle. With his left hand, he caresses her neglected breasts. He reaches down once again and starts massaging and sawing his fingers up and down her lips. He manipulates them and starts pulling them apart as she opens her legs wide to give him access. He watches in the mirror as he inserts a finger, then another, and continues rubbing her clit with his thumb.

Suzy is in total bliss as she looks in the mirror and sees how her pussy lips and clit respond to this new sensation she has until now only given herself.

When she does it herself, she knows what to expect next. This, though, is so brand new.

All this attention to her ear, neck, breasts, and lips cause her to spasm in orgasm and anticipation of being filled with the hard lump now pressing into her ass crack. She instinctively presses her ass against the only piece of clothing separating them. She reaches down to the band of Billy’s shorts, grabs them and yanks them down as she slides down in front of him. He pulls one foot out, then the other. She looks up at him in all his nakedness. They lock eyes for a minute. Then she sees his 5.5” rod pumping slightly up and down with his labored pulse. She gives him a sly smile, grabs the soap with her right hand and coyly grabs his shaft with the other and rises from the floor.
“My turn”, she says.
She kisses him full on the lips and presses into him with both hands still full. He matches her pressing with a full body hug, both of their bodies fully naked for the first time.

Having a hold on his manhood, she moves him to the showers edge and slips in behind him. She starts massaging the soap into his shoulders and back. She looks down and sees the cute tan-line and his dimpled white butt. She presses against him and soaps up his hairless chest and belly. Billy can see and feel her getting closer to his throbbing member and groans as she brushes the top of his pubic hair. Without much teasing, she soaps up his pubic hair down to the base of his cock. He is surprised when she stops and feels her sliding the soap down his ass-crack under his butt to his scrotum and balls. She reaches around with her left hand, grabs the soap and massages it into and around his balls. With her right hand, she continues creasing from the top of his ass down to his scrotum and back.
“I need you good and clean,” she says.
When he is completely sudsy, she kneels down behind him and soaps up each leg from the top to the bottom making him nice and clean.

The water starts turning cooler evidently since they have been in there for 20 minutes or more. With that indication, they rinse off and step out of the shower. He grabs the over-sized towel and wraps it around them holding her close.

“We’re never gonna get dry this way”, she says with a smile.

After another minute, he pulls away and watches as she dries herself off. He takes notice of how she dries her breasts, separates her legs to dry part of her fun parts, and the view he gets when she bends over to dry her legs. That view almost sends him over the edge. He dries off and follows her into the office. They look out the back door and see the storm has passed.

He puts the towel on the lounge chair and has her lie down. She lies down tentatively her whole body exposed to the sun and his view. He smiles and kisses her, kisses down her neck to one breast, then the other. He licks them the way she showed him. He can tell she likes it, the way she is breathing and how she is twirling his hair. He licks down to her navel. He laps at it a few times and places each of her legs on the outside of the lounge spreading them open wide.

He slides a hand from the top of her knee to her waist, then slides it down the side of her thigh to her knee, circles her knee and slides up the inside of her thigh to the crease of her torso, all the while staring at her wide open lips. He then does the same with the other leg. He kneels between her legs, kisses and licks up the inside of one thigh to the crease of her outer lips, then starts at the inside of her other leg and up to the other side.
He looks up to see her eyes. She is staring at him lustily with great anticipation and is massaging her breasts. He laps up her left outer lip to the top and then up her right outer lip; one side then the other three times. On the third time he licks higher and reaches her clit, licking underneath and around it and suckles it gently into his mouth. She instinctively closes her thighs around his head. He massages her pussy with his hands, opening and closing her lips with his thumbs.

“Oh, yes. SUCK ME’, she says breathing hard, and rubbing her breasts.

He continues sucking gently and licking around her clit. He releases one hand and rubs up and down her open wet lips. He gently inserts his middle finger into her virgin pussy, holding her lips open with the other hand. Her waiting cavern sucks his pressing finger in as she bucks up against his finger.
She cums, flowing over his finger and up to his tongue. He licks down to her wet hole, swirls his tongue around her lips and tastes the flow. He looks up from his position and looks in her eyes. They are half-closed and she opens them wider as he looks on her.

Suzy: “I want you now.”

“Are you a virgin?” he says smiling.

“Yes,” she says slightly blushing.

“Well, we have to do this right then” he says as he rises.

He takes a blanket and lays it on the grass next to the lounge. He lifts her to her feet off the lounge. He holds her hand as he sits down and then lies prone on the towel, his cock standing at attention. He pulls her down to straddle his stomach, his cock just six inches from her wet partially shaved hole.

“See, it may be painful or uncomfortable at first, so you are in control.”

Suzy realizes that he really cares about her and this is not just sex to him either.

She looks in his eyes as she slides down his body rubbing her ass against the shaft behind her. She reaches behind her, grabs the meat, raises up to allow access, and rubs his cock up and down her wet ready lips. He watches as she is about to sink her pussy onto his waiting cock.

“Wait!” he says. “We need protection,” and reaches for the condoms.

“I just got over my time of the month 4 days ago and my moisture is clear. I’m not fertile right now.”

She returns her attention back to his cock. She guides his cock to her entrance and slides ever so slowly down; one inch, the head is in, two and three inches going in, she rises back to just the head. She looks in his eyes, holds him in perfect position, and drops herself all the way down. She feels herself filled for the first time and the slight pain of her hymen tearing away. She freezes in this position for a moment feeling filled up. She pulls up one inch and starts a slow off-and-on pumping herself on his stiff dick. One inch turns to five as she rides his cock, turns to find just the right angle, and cums again.

As she is cumming, he reaches up and holds her swaying breasts. He feels the tightness of her gushing wet pussy around his bare cock. The walls convulsing around his cock is too much.

“I can’t hold it any longer” he says as he pumps one shot after another into her formerly virginal pussy. They are both spent as she collapses on top of him with his cock slightly still within. They kiss and pant still together.

Eventually the shrinkage and panting expel his cock from her wet lips. He rolls her over. He reaches down, uses the towel, and wipes up the fluid and blood from her lips and his flaccid member.

They look deep in each others eyes as only 2 teens in love/lust can. He kisses her lips, rises up, and looks down her body from head-to-toe. He watches as her breasts rise and fall with her breathing. He reaches for one and feels it rise and fall. He slides his hand down from her breasts to her flat belly to her right thigh, down to her knee.

She opens her legs as her breathing becomes heavier once again. He slides both hands over the top of each thigh right to her partially shaved mound. He places each hand under each cheek and pulls her lips open and closed, his eyes fixed on this new toy just 8 inches from his face. He inches further and she can feel his breath on her opening and closing lips and clit. She feels the cool as he blows with the ooo shape of his mouth and the warmth as he breathes thru his nose. She splays her legs open and slightly closed as he moves in closer. She looks down as his tongue flicks out to her open lips. He removes his tongue and moves another inch closer. She looks and feels as his nose rubs her lips open-wide and up to where his whole mouth is covering her erect clit. He sucks the whole area in his mouth hard and releases it. With his tongue he explores and finds her little clit begging for attention. She in turn clamps her thighs around his ears. He licks it around in circles and sucks with just his lips. She has never had this feeling before and cums within seconds, moaning and panting hard.

After she has calmed down and started heating up again, he removes his tongue and slides up her body, face to face, lips to lips, chest to breast, cock to wet pussy. They kiss hungrily. She tastes her own fluids for the first time, and the smell of his nose evoking more passion. They kiss for several minutes feeling the warmth and closeness of skin neither has ever felt before. She feels his shaft pressed between them from the top of her clit up to just above her navel. It is SO HOT.

He rises up and looks down at their near connection. He slides his cock up and down the top of her clit and saws it between her wet lips. He looks into her eyes, smiles and says, “My turn”. He aligns his cock at her entrance, spreads her lips open wide, and enters her. Just three inches initially, then presses all the way in. He stops when he is completely in and presses his weight on top of her. He starts grinding his hips around in a circle and both become wetter with the motion. He starts bucking in and out of her, one inch then three, then five. With each inward thrust they each hear the slap of his balls to her ass. She pulls him tight with her legs wrapped around his hips kissing him and moaning as she cums. He varies his speed; fast thrusts then slow smooth in and out. She doesn’t know what’s gonna happen next.

“I’m cumming again. Cum with me!!!,” she says.
“I’ll try”, he says.

She pulls him in as far as possible, holds him there and bites his chest as her vaginal walls convulse around his hard hot bare cock. Billy can’t control himself with these convulsions.

“I’m cumming now too. UGH.”, as he spurts 3 strong shots followed by 3 weak ones.

He lies on top of her for several minutes. They kiss again. He looks at his watch.

“Hey, it’s 1:30. I gotta get back to work. You can stay here and get cleaned up or we can have lunch later. I gotta go now though.”

He pauses for a moment and looks in her eyes. “I love you,” he says with the most feeling he has ever had. He gives her a quick kiss.

He rises, walks back to the office, puts his clothes on, grabs a cola, and goes back to work.

What should they do next? Where? A womans response would be appreciated. How/what did she feel (emotions, touch, location)?


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