Billy has a date with Suzy, and sets up a gay buddy for a summer "job", waits for Suzy but is disappointed.
This a continuation of the Billy series. It does involve male to male oral action.

Billy met Suzy at her place on Friday after his adventure. They got together and talked and went to the latest movie. Suzy liked him better then. He wasn’t trying to grab her or hold her too tight, or putting his hands where he shouldn’t. He was still spent from his experience in the motor-home. (See #3). Suzy just got some great news too. She just got her license. She is coming out to visit him at work next week

Rex is a school mate of Billy’s since Jr. High. They messed around at around 13, drinking, checking out mags, and Rex got bold and sucked Billy once.


Setting up Rex and Seth’s friends:
“Billy, Rex is on the phone.”, Billy’s mom bellows.
“Oh great, him again”, Billy thinks as he staggers to the phone and picks it up. “Hullo.”

Rex: “Hey Bill, what’s up?”

Billy: “Not much. Catching up on sleep.”

Rex: “Ya wanna get together tonight? I got some mags and booze.”

Billy: “Nah, I got a job now that starts early Monday through Friday. And I have a girlfriend. You remember Suzy?”

Rex: “Come on! I can’t take care of you??”

Billy: “No, I don’t need it. I do have a job for you if you want it though. It involves what you just suggested. You might get paid for it.”

Rex says excitedly: “What is it? Where? How?”

Billy: “I got this job at the rest area and there is this guy just out of college who had my job when he was my age. Well, we messed around and then I got to sandwich his girl. He said he might send some friends my way. I really don’t want to get into that since I have Suzy. Well, if you want to, you can park your van in the furthest picnic area every day, and I can send anyone who comes looking for help to you.”

Rex: “Wow, I never thought of that. You’d do that for me?”, he squeals.

Billy: “Yeah, just take care of me if Suzy won’t.”

Rex: “Deal, I’ll be there.”

“Billy, some guy named Seth is on the phone for you.”, Billy’s mom yells.

“Got it”, he bellows back.

“Hey Bill, got a few buds and gals who want to have fun later on, some next week. How does that sound?”
Billy: “Well, it was fun, but I only wanna get involved if I want to. I got a wimpy dude who sucked me good a few years ago. He calls every 2 weeks to see if we can get together again. He’s got a conversion van from the mid-80’s. I told him about the rest area. He got real excited and I suggested he start his own summer job. I told him to park his van at the far end of the picnic area where Lisa parked and he could take care of guys there. How does that sound?”

Seth: “Sounds good. He is good looking enough?”

Billy: “Yeah, he’s 16 but looks 13, barely shaves, still thin, and loves to suck.”

Seth: “Alright, sounds like you got a plan ready to work. My girl wants to get together again with you though. She wants the sandwich the other way.”

“Sounds good”, Billy replies and hangs up.

It’s Billy’s second week at the Rest Area. He brought his backpack packed with all the different condoms, some canned fruit, water, and coke which he sticks in the fridge, some oil, lotion, KY Jelly for this weeks’ pleasure. He doesn’t care for the work early in the morning having to clean up after everyone from the night before. But he has his walkman cranked up when he starts his rounds. He looks over at the spot where the motor home was and adjusts his shorts thinking about last Friday.
Monday afternoon
Rex pulls into the picnic area around 10 am. Billy and he see each other a few times during the day. Around 3pm Billy walks over to the van with 2 colas and gets in.

Billy: “I gotta coke for you. Take care of some guys today?”
Rex: “No, not really. One, but another was too nervous.”
Billy: “Suzy isn’t coming today. You want to take care of me now?”

Rex doesn’t have to say a word as Billy removes his shirt and drops his shorts before waiting for the reply. Rex moves closer and looks intently at the lump under Billy’s shorts. Without a word, he pulls them down and starts sucking his friends’ sweaty cock. He pushes Billy to the towel covered seat.
He removes his mouth, takes a swig of the coke, swallows most of it, then presses his mouth back over the cock, letting some of the Coke fall on Billy’s balls.. Billy feels the tingling coke surrounding his cock. What a weird feeling, he thinks. He watches as his old friend sucks and swirls his cock up and down. Rex starts licking and sucking Billy’s coke covered balls. He gently sucks one into his mouth and then the other, swirling his tongue around. He finishes licking around his buddies balls and licks slowly from the scrotum to the base then up to the head of his cock. He stops flicks, licks and sucks the sensitive underside of Billy’s 5.5 inch erect cock.
“Suck me now! I’m gonna cum!” Billy almost yells.
Rex moves his head up to the top of Billy’s cock and takes it down 2-3 inches and starts sucking and bobbing with his tongue under the sensitive head. Billy fills Rex’s mouth with his cum. Rex sucks it all down and takes one last lick. He gets up and takes another swig of the cola.
Billy gets up, pulls his clothes back on, and opens the door.

Rex: “Thanks, I’ll take care of you anytime you want to.”
Billy: “Thanks. We’ll see.”

Monday night ---

Billy completes his work on Monday and wonders what happened to Suzy. He calls her when he arrives home.

Billy: “Hey, what happened? Thought you were coming out today.”

Suzy: “Well, Mom had to make sure I drive correctly. She had me running all over town helping her with errands. I should be able to make it tomorrow.”

Billy: “Okay, sounds great.”

Suzy: “What time is good for you? I don’t want to show up when you’re too busy.”

Billy: “Let’s try around 11am. I know rich daddy’s girls like you need your beauty sleep. Ha ha.”

Suzy: “BILLY!!! Really. Should I hang up now?”

Billy: “Come on, you know I was only playing. How does 11 sound? You want to bring some lunch. I’ll bring the dessert”, he says.

Suzy: “Sounds good. See ya around 11 then.”

Billy's summer job 5 coming right away..
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