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Hopefully now that my computer is back up no more problems will occur and I can write more Naruto stories. One person since I’ve left has tried to write a Naruto story it seems I have a lot of work in order to catch up.

The last time I said that I would be doing a new arc that would be called Naruto Shippuden: Nine Tails of Lust. I am going to keep the promise and write this arc that will have nine stories within it unlike the last one that had only six.

For first time readers please read the Leaf Village Secrets Revealed series before reading any further.
One more thing there is no Naruto in this story it is the other characters of Konoha only.


The morning after Naruto left for his sage training some strange things were occurring within Konoha. Lady Tsunade woke up feeling sick and instantly rushing to her personal bathroom she throws up all the food that she had from the night before. Washing off she then does a full scan of her body to see what caused it and discovered that it was nothing. She decided to not take the rest of the day as slowly as possible if that was even possible with her being Hokage and everything. When Lady Tsunade sat down in her desk drinking some tea hoping it would settle her stomach the rest of the day the door opened with a flood of ninja advisors carrying loads of papers into the room with the end of the line the two elders walk in. “What the hell are you two doing here!” Lady Tsunade shouts as she begins working on the papers.

“Why did you have to send Naruto away it is far too dangerous by letting him travel outside this village and the Land of Fire is resisting your immature decisions with them wanting someone more mature for the job as Ho…?” Koharu Utatane says and is interrupted when Lady Tsunade shouts at them to leave. Immediately the two elders vanish with Lady Tsunade almost throwing up again she drinks a bit more tea and it leaves.


Elsewhere in the village Sakura was sleeping with Hinata at her home. Waking up Sakura saw how peaceful Hinata looks like when she is sleeping. Sakura gave a quick kiss on her forehead and got up to get ready for the day but as soon as she was about to leave the bedroom Hinata said something silently and then opened her eyes staring at Sakura as Sakura was staring back both of them smiling and then it hit them both with Hinata sitting up right about to run toward the bathroom Hinata throws all over Sakura’s robe’s as Sakura herself throws up on Hinata not realizing what just happened they both felt embarrassed as they run to the bathroom and where both in the shower cleaning each other up.

“Sakura I’m so sorry” Hinata stutters as Sakura washes her breasts.

“Hinata its not trouble at all who knows it has been a few days since we had sex with any male and the last one we had sex with was Naruto and I doubt that both of us are pregnant I mean we both flush the body fluids out as soon as it is over with” Sakura says looking into Hinata’s eyes.

“But wasn’t that night the night we couldn’t clean the fluids because it would let the enemy know where we were or something like that” Hinata says silently.

Sakura thinks what Hinata just said for a good long moment realizing that she was right and then shouts “Fuck! Now what are we supposed to do now.”

“Why don’t we go to Lady Tsunade perhaps she will help take care of the problem for us” Hinata suggests.

“Your right Hinata we don’t have many options with this problem, but say instead of telling Tsunade don’t you remember the deal that we made to each other about Naruto” Sakura says as she washes Hinata’s arms.

“I…I almost forgot about that deal, but still shouldn’t we let Lady Tsunade know” Hinata simply says as Sakura places shampoo over her hair.

“Why don’t we keep this between the two of us for the time being until it is noticeable. What do you think Hinata?” Sakura asks Hinata as she rubs the shampoo into her hair.

“Alright Sakura” Hinata agrees as the two continue with their shower and afterwards they head on to what the rest of the day would hold for them.


Ino awoke with Sai next to her sleeping fro the other night who could blame him they had the wildest sex they had ever had. Ino this morning was a bit sore from last night and stumbled out of bed grabbing her bandages for her legs slowly and tightly wrapping the bandages on her legs. As she finished she looked back at Sai who was just waking up staring intently at Ino as the flood of memories of what past last night between the two of them. “Ino I love you” Sai says in a mono yet barely hearable voice toward Ino as tears begin to flow out of her eyes as she goes back into bed and slowly begins kissing Sai.

“I love you too Sai I love you too” Ino says as Sai brushes her hair back as they continue to kiss, and soon Sai moves one of his hands on to Ino’s body slowly rubbing her as he caresses her down to her stomach, and then between her legs as he cups her pussy. As he does Ino also places one of her hands onto his cock and gently rubs it as it slowly becomes more and more erect.

“Why don’t we skip the fucking and just masturbate each other I mean we are both sore from last night after all, right” Sai says kissing Ino on the nose as she giggles with agreement. Ino turns her self around as she gets on top of Sai so Sai could suck on her pussy while she gave him a blowjob.

Sai pulled Ino’s pussy open noticing that it was still beat red from last night. He began licking her pussy, but mainly licking her g-spot. Ino on the other hand had Sai’s cock deep in her mouth as she continued sucking with neither one noticing the door opening.

“Sex addicts…alright Choji pay up” Shikamaru says as both of them walk in with Ino on top of Sai as both of them stopping to see what was going on only to see Shikamaru and Choji standing there. Ino jumps off of Sai and tries to hide her body with Sai losing all the blankets as his erect cock sticks upward.

“Haven’t you two heard of knocking” Ino shouts.

“We did knock Ino but no one opened the door” Choji says with one hand in his pants holding his fully erect cock.

“Choji would you take your hand out of your pants” Ino says “It’s disturbing.”

“Oh c’mon Ino we’ve all had sex with each other I think it’s almost a natural thing” Choji defending his rights.

“Besides Ino why don’t you stop covering yourself up your embarrassing Sai over there who doesn’t have any sheets” Shikamaru states. Ino obliges by dropping the sheets revealing her nude body with the bandages on her legs as Choji puts both of his hands in his pants. Even Shikamaru had to adjust his pants a little by Ino’s body.

“Would it help if I give you both blowjobs I’m a bit sore so I can’t be fucking right now” Ino says rolling her eyes as she says it. With in a second Choji had his fat cock sticking in front of Ino’s face. Ino began licking the head of his cock slowly and then moved down to his balls and began sucking on each one as she slowly licks the bottom half of his cock moving up and taking his cock deeper and deeper in to her mouth until she could take no more and began moving in and out. Choji simply stood there moaning as the pleasure he was receiving from Ino was becoming too much he cummed in her mouth. Trying to breathe Ino took the cock out of her mouth as the last few squirts of cum shot out on her face and then she moved her head to see that Shikamaru was standing their ready for his turn. Choji pulled his pants up and walked to the bathroom while Sai rested rubbing his cock as he heard Ino sucking on Shikamaru’s cock for awhile.

When Ino was done with Shikamaru she turned around and began sucking on Sai’s cock. Sai awoke with the feeling of Ino giving him a blowjob. He just moaned as the pleasure that Ino was giving him he could not stop his cock from erupting in her mouth. Ino took it out and placed his cock between her boobs gave him a boobjob as the remaining squirts of cum shot out. Ino then slapped his cock on her tits and then began licking cum from her breast in front of Sai as she sat in front of him above his legs. For a few moments Sai watched Ino licking his cum from her breast as he rubbed his cock with Ino assisting him with her other hand. Before Ino could move her body around so Sai could eat her pussy a finger from behind went up her pussy and began rubbing it. “Oh gawd yes that feels so good” was all that Ino could say in a high pitched voice as Choji rubbed her pussy from behind.

“Do you like that Ino” Choji whispered in her ear.

“Oh yes Choji please don’t stop that feels so good…uh…oh…goin…cum!” Ino screamed as cum gushed out of her while Choji pulled his fingers away sucking on her cum. At that moment Sai moved over and began licking cum from Ino’s pussy that was still coming out. Ino looked down as she cupped her breast to see that Sai was taking care of the rest of her cum. Shikamaru walked over after getting out of the bed and kissed Ino on the lips. Locking lips Ino digged her tongue into Shikamaru’s mouth as Shikamaru did the same to Ino. Shikamaru cupped one of her breasts in his hand feeling her erect tit in his fingers as he squeezed it and played with it Choji had now positioned himself so he could suck on her other breasts.

Sai lost all his senses as he was eating out Ino’s pussy mainly licking her g-spot that made her cum even more.

Ino pulled herself away from Shikamaru as she moaned out load with the pleasure she was receiving all over her body as all three boys were all over her body. Shikamaru moved downward and began sucking on the erect tit that he was playing with a moment ago as Choji was on the other one. Ino slowly moved downward on the bed as the pleasure seemed overwhelming she couldn’t hold it anymore and simply screamed out loud.


Shizune screamed as Gai continued licking her g-spot as he ate her cum as it continued to gush out. “Gai please stop let me catch my breath” Shizune tries to get up as Gai moved upward preventing her from getting up as he locks lips with her in her bed they lay there as one. Shizune forgets what she was supposed to do and continued to explore Gai’s mouth as he explored hers. Shizune moves her hands on to Gai’s back as she slowly moves them downward feeling his smooth ass. Gai moves his hands down so he can position his cock in her pussy. He then begins to slowly pump his cock in and out of her pussy as she lies there below him dropping her hands to her sides. “Uh Gai…oh yes that feels so good gawd yes faster…faster…” Shizune moans and then kisses Gai as he continues to fuck her.

“Oh Shizune I was going to ask you in a better situation, but since your enjoying yourself I figure I should tell you that I…hold on a second” Gai says then cum’s in her pussy and then goes back to what he was saying “Would you marry me Shizune?” Shizune froze with her jaw dropping as Gai fucks her few more times and then total silence as Gai waits for Shizune’s answer.

Shizune shut her mouth and moved up so she could stand up as Gai sat next to her on the bed. “I…I don’t know what to say but…” Shizune says and then stares at Gai intently for a good long moment and then she moved her lips ready to speak “Gai, yes I would love to marry you, but do you have an engagement ring or something of that nature.”

“Oh yes I do” Gai stumbles to grab his clothes and grabs a small wooden box out of his bag and then hands it over to Shizune. Shizune opens it to see a ring with the leaf symbol made of diamonds and gold on it.

“Oh Gai” Shizune jumps onto Gai with them going down on the floor as they make out with the ring and the box left on the bed as Shizune and Gai make out.


Elsewhere in the streets of Konoha Kakashi and Yamato are talking.

“So Kakashi do you think Naruto will be able to finish training before the Akatsuki make their next move?” Yamato says to Kakashi.

“I’m sure he will I mean look at how fast he learned his last jutsu. No one else other than Naruto is able to learn something as impossible like the jutsu’s that he has learned over the years. Once he learned his strongest element is wind nothing is going to be able to stop him not even I can beat Naruto anymore” Kakashi says to Yamato.

“What if you know what occurs while he is learning to be a sage?” Yamato worried about Naruto asks Kakashi.

“Would you relax Yamato you worry too much those frogs are older than the elders and probably know a few more things than anyone else does” Kakashi says in a cheerful mood as he places his arm around Yamato as they walk into a random restaurant opening the door.


Ino opens the door to get some fresh air as the smell of sex escapes her family’s home. Choji, Shikamaru, and Sai follow her as they fix their pants. “Are you three going to follow me all day?” Ino asks as she turns around to the three boys.

“Before Choji and I got here we were going to ask you if you would like to practice like old times” Shikamaru says looking up from staring at Ino’s ass.

“I’m sorry guys Lady Tsunade is going to show me a new medical jutsu today” Ino replies.

“I to talk to Yamato about something that has been bothering me” Sai says in his mono voice.

“Did you forget Sai I signed you up for a tan do not you remember or did all that sex do you over” Ino tells Sai as she walks off with Shikamaru and Choji smirking as they as well walk away.

Sai stands there for a moment and then walks off to the tanning booth hoping that he would see Yamato on the way over. As he was walking a root officer jumps in front of him and hands him a message and then leaves. Sai continues to walk when he sees Kakashi and Yamato exiting a restaurant. Sai walks over but the two vanish just before he could say a word so he continues walking to find the tanning booth. As he steps in a beautiful brunette runs out as other women scream and throw things at her but soon she turns into a little boy and runs off. Sai walks into the male side and meets a woman at the front desk that hands him a towel and directs him to a room, so he walks in and sees a table and a strange looking bed and decides to get undressed and tries to figure out what he is suppose to do. He soon discovers a sign on a wall that tells him what he is suppose to do and is soon in the strange bed resting as he feels his body getting extremely warm and begins to sweat. Once the timer went off he got out of the bed and sees that his body is entirely red like a cherry blossom and gets dressed and pays the lady at the front desk and walks out of the building with faces all staring at him in disgust as he just walks on and then he vanishes as he tries to figure out why those people were all staring at him so strangely.

After a few moments he discovers Ino talking to Sakura and Hinata and he walks over as they giggle to themselves about his appearance. “Sai what happened to you?” Ino says shocked by staring at a red Sai.

“I got a tan like you said” Sai says confused by the looks on their faces.

“It looks like you over did it” Sakura says then n bursts out laughing as Hinata feels a bit embarrassed as Ino starts arguing with Sakura which then goes into a crazy cat fight with Sai and Hinata standing there watching with everyone else looking to see what’s going. Out of nowhere Kakashi and Yamato step in to separate the two.

“Kakashi” Sakura says as he holds her.

“Yamato” Ino says as he holds her at the same time.

“Yamato” Sai says afterwards “I need to talk to you about something.”

“Sure thing Sai” Yamato says as they walk off talking.

“Kakashi what are you doing here. Is it because you can’t resist me or something else” Sakura says flirting with Kakashi as she leans in.

“I was in the area Sakura” Kakashi says back.

“Sure” Sakura says walking away with Hinata as they laugh and talk leaving Kakashi to himself.
Lady Tsunade was finishing up the last of the paper work when Ino walks in with Lady Tsunade looking up saying “Ino your late state your reason.”

Ino looks up a bit nervous as to what to say and says “I was showing Sai where to tan.”

“Liar!” Lady Tsunade yells as she stands up staring at Ino with their eyes locked together. Ino couldn’t escape Tsunade’s eyes.

“Alright, I was taking care of Shikamaru, Choji, and Sai’s sexual needs” Ino states.

“Well if you can take care of their needs then surely you can take care of my needs as well” Tsunade says taking her clothes off swiftly revealing her naked body.

“Lady Tsunade I’m kinda of tired since last night Sai and I had sex and then what happened earlier and all…” Ino says and continues on about other things as Tsunade walks over and places two fingers under Ino’s dress and begins to feel her becoming quite wet down below. Ino then stops talking and begins sucking on Tsunade’s left tit as it begins to become harder and longer in her mouth as she lightly bites it and uses her tongue to feel around it.

“Next time you come here I want to see Sai so the three of us can get a few things taken care of. Do you understand me?” Tsunade says in Ino’s ear as Ino moves over to the other tit while massaging the left one. Ino simply nods and continues to suck on Tsunade’s tits. As Ino was taking care of Tsunade the door behind her opened to reveal Yamato and Sai.

“Lady Tsunade we have some important in…” Yamato stops mid-sentence as he stares at what is transpiring in front of him. Sai watches with his normal blank stare.

“Yamato, Sai don’t you see we are busy here. No wait Sai I need to talk to you about something” Tsunade says taking Ino off of her and walking to her desk as Yamato and Sai walk over with Ino.

“What is it that you want Yamato?” Tsunade asks as her breast sit on her desk with her erect tits staring at Yamato and Sai.

Yamato continues staring at Tsunade’s erect tits as he stutters “Sai here has some important information from Root. It seems there is a rebellion within Root that is growing.”

“Do you like to stare at women’s breast while talking to them Yamato?” Tsunade says as she leans in with only a couple of inches between her and Yamato.

“I…uh…um…well…I…oh god damn I can’t handle it any more” Yamato says as he begins sucking on her
luscious tits. Sai simply stands there as Tsunade looks at him.

“Sai every time that you have sex with Ino you are from now on to also have sex with me is that clear” Tsunade says moving her other breast toward Sai with lust in her face.

Ino who is standing behind Sai shoves him foreword as he is forced to suck on Tsunade’s breasts with Yamato. “Lady Tsunade do you still need more pleasure or should I take care of both of them?” Ino asks.

“I need you to eat my pussy and once you are done then you may have one of the boys” Tsunade moans from the sheer pleasure she was receiving from the two boys. Ino walked behind the desk and got down and began eating Tsunade’s pussy. “Yamato and Sai I want you both to show me your cocks I’m a bit hungry for some meat” Tsunade says. Both obey and stick their cocks out onto the desk, but before they could Tsunade moved the desk with one hand.

Sai’s cock was first and it was all the way in her mouth with a quick swift as he feels her mouth suck on it and move it all around. Tsunade then takes his cock out and begins sucking on his balls. Yamato stood there as Tsunade was rubbing his cock. Tsunade then begins licking Sai’s entire cock slowly and then puts it back in her mouth and in no time he cum’s in her mouth and with a few more strokes Tsunade then moves over to Yamato.

“Oh yes suck it Hokage Tsunade suck it I’ve been a naughty boy for you” Yamato moans out loud. Tsunade then takes his cock out of her mouth and slaps his cock on her tits while stroking Sai’s moist cock.

“Ino take care of your boyfriend. Yamato and I are busy right now” Tsunade says standing up and kissing Yamato on the lips as they fall to the floor making love. Ino and Sai look at each other and smile as they both make five clones of themselves.

One clone Ino is giving one clone Sai a blowjob, another clone couple has Sai fucking Ino in the ass, another one has Sai eating Ino’s pussy, another one has Sai doggy style fucking Ino in the pussy and another has Ino bouncing on top of Sai. The real ones are in a sixty-nine in a corner of the room.
“It seems those two have the right idea” Yamato says to Tsunade.

“We can to better with twenty clones” Tsunade says as twenty clones of Tsunade and Yamato appear all having sex in all types of ways.

“It seems we need to step it up a notch Sai” Ino says as they both make fifteen more clones with those fifteen clones of Sai’s going over to fuck Tsunade clones while Ino clones do the same to Yamato and Tsunade clones. With a huge orgy going on in the Hokage’s office the doors burst open revealing the two elders.

“Tsunade what has come over you” Koharu Utatane says shocked by what is in front of her. Everyone removes the clones leaving Sai and Ino in one corner holding each other to cover each others private parts as much as possible, while Yamato uses some wood that came from the floor to cover his erect cock, and Tsunade well pretty much stood their stark naked in front of the elders.

“You know what you two have bothered me for the last time. Every single damn thing I do you have to pester me that I’m doing it all wrong and yet every single damn time you know who is right? It’s not you Homura Mitokado or you bitch Koharu Utatane! It is ME! ME! ME! I am the honorable granddaughter of the first Hokage and trained under your former teammate the third Hokage! Does that mean anything to you two at all or are you going to continue to stare at me all night and if you are I swear I will knock you all the way to Orochimaru’s hideout!” Tsunade yells walking up to them showing one fist in front of them as both elders tremble in fear of her.

“Tsunade if you must blow off some sexual needs then all you to do was ask” Homura says “The third Hokage made a secret room under the place so when we were younger we would all take care of our own sexual needs and the best thing about it is that the room flows with heavy amounts of chakra that come from the nine tail beast during the last big war about 15 years or so back. Now days the room is fully cleaned every day that it is not in use by a secret force that cleans the place up.”

“Show me these instants!?” Tsunade says glaring at the two not believing a word they said but follows them anyways with Ino, Sai, and Yamato right on her trail.

As soon as they were down on the second floor Koharu and Homura opened up a side of the wall to reveal a stairwell that seemed to be completely clean with candles hanging on the stone walls with a red carpet below then Koharu says to Tsunade “Beware Lady Tsunade once you enter the room you might never want to come back out.”

“And what is that suppose to mean” Lady Tsunade asks.

“Oh you’ll soon understand once you enter. You can count on that” Homura replies standing still hoping that Tsunade won’t catch him staring at her luscious breast that were so delicious that he could suck on them all day long. Tsunade did not notice and entered with Ino, Sai, and Yamato following her and as soon as they were a good four to five feet away the elders closed the wall leaving them with the candles on the walls as light.

“Lady Tsunade do you think that per haps this is a trick of some sort” Ino asks as Yamato feels her smooth ass while they are walking.

“If it is I’ll kill them both with one finger and anyone that gets in my way” Tsunade says as the group stops for a moment when they hear noises near by that seem like someone is calling for help or they’re having an orgasm. The group runs down the hall way and sees a wooden door. Behind the door was where the noise was coming from and now it seemed more like a guy was fucking a girl. Tsunade opens the door with the people inside stopping and looking to see who it is with Tsunade dropping her jaw not believing who and what she sees in front of her. She instantly throws up with everyone else staring at her.

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