Kelly springs a surprise on John and Mary after they finish watching the movies. And she has a secret!

Time for another Miller Light, after all that playing around. All three sat on the couch, the nude girls beside John. They watched more of the film as they recuperated. Finishing her beer, her right hand on John’s thigh, Kelly told the other two, “Okay, now it’s time for you married people to go in the bedroom and lie down. I’ll be in there in a minute with a delicious surprise.”
A quizzical look passed between the couple. What has this girl got up her sleeve now? Oops, no sleeve!
They rose, strolled naked up the stairs to the bedroom, Mary leading. John slapped her butt playfully. Kelly eyed John’s tight butt all the way, and again tasted the bounty she’d just shared.
Donning the almost-transparent bright yellow panties, she went about her surprise.

Lying on their king-size bed, John said, “No telling what she’s doing now.” And Mary replied, “…but I’m sure it’s gonna be good. We’re training her well, aren’t we?”
“Kelly and Hyapatia never seem to quit.”
John wondered just how far his wife was planning to go tonight with her friend and him. Mary wondered what Kelly was up to, and what in the world she would find herself doing with her good friend and now, John’s Toy.
The nude, reclining couple watched as the Toy entered the room, nude but for those tight yellow briefs leaving little to anyone’s imagination, or rather, exciting two certain people’s lusty thoughts. Her uncovered breasts, though smallish, swayed as she walked toward them holding a small bowl. His dick rose again at the sight of this beautiful young treasure.
“After that hearty meal, John, I thought we all needed dessert, so I’ve fixed something special.” Kelly leaned on the bed, deliberately grazing her young tit above his face, and sat the bowl on the headboard behind the man’s head. “Mary, do this with me.” She stuck a finger in the bowl and lifted out a dollop of warmed chocolate, spread it on John’s nipple; Mary did the same, and both leaned over to lick the sweetness off. A little sucking went along with that. John moaned with pleasure. The girls repeated their effort, lying on either side of him, and John suddenly feeling like the proud owner of a harem.
They trailed two lines of chocolate with their fingers, from chest to his abdomen. “Are you girls having fun coloring me?” John joked.
Laughs and delights as they trailed their lips downward. Mary initiated the chocolate onto the tip of his penis, held it out to Kelly, who promptly licked it off, then repaid the favor.

“I absolutely love watching you take John’s penis in your mouth, darlin’,” said Mary. “Me too,” said her husband. “Do it again.” And they did.
Again filling their fingers with the warm dessert, both girls turned facing John’s cock, their rears facing him on either side. They took turns spreading it on him, taking their time licking it off. The prick was erect, a handful. They took turns sucking, laughing and sharing the slippery organ, at times both sucking on him at once.
With two beautiful asses so close, John caressed both as they played with him. The girls felt his hands and splayed their legs to give better access. “I think he wants to do something down there, Mary.” John slid his hands between their legs, enjoying the touch on both. He slid a thumb into each one, rubbing their clits with his fingers.
They shared him, balls too. He put three fingers side-by-side, slid them into the girls at his sides. They were well-lubricated, he slid in easily, stroking, and they pushed back. “This ought to be on videotape,” said John.
A chorus of moans and gutteral groans took over the bedroom, each focusing on their own enjoyment, the blood rising.
“Ohhh, this is SO raunchy,” whispered Kelly. “I’ve never done anything like this before!”
“Me either, but it sure feels great. Do you feel like a whore, Kelly?”
“Sorta, but a GOOD whore!”
“Me, too. I love it when his fingers are inside me.”
Kelly grinned, “Maybe sometime we should be BAD whores!”
Holding her husband while Kelly sucked it, Mary looked back at him and said, “John, I think Kelly’s pussy has a sign on it.
“What does it say?”
“To let.”
“You mean she’s renting it out? How much would I have to pay?”
“Oh, about a gallon of sperm outta do it. I think she wants you to fuck her real bad. Go ahead, honey, fuck her real bad.”

Mary felt the head of his cock in her mouth enlarge, knew this sexy talk was getting to him.

The two girls disengaged from John. Kelly dipped her fingers once again into the chocolate bowl, spread it on John’s hard-on. He laid her on her back, Mary beside her, and his wife watched as he rose atop his Toy, she spread her legs, and his long and thickened penis disappeared into the girl. Mary daubed chocolate onto Kelly’s nipples and John sucked them as he fucked her slowly. He was ready to come at once, breathing changing to a steady pant in time with his strokes. Mary ran her fingernails down her husband’s shoulders, then down his back, over his buns. She slid her fingers into the spot where the two were joined, felt John’s penis as it came out a little, felt Kelly’s pussy lips as it re-entered.
And then John arched his body deeper into Kelly. Kelly responded by hooking her legs around his back, forcing him in. Mary had her moistened finger on his asshole, and just as he began to ejaculate, slid her finger in. John came, groaning and pounding Kelly’s tight, wet canal. She could take it all, and she did with little happy moans.
John collapsed on the girl, exhausted. Mary reached over taking his cock in her hand, stroking it and feeling the mingled juices.
“Kelly, why don’t you give Mary some of that?” said John, remembering his wife had not had the chance to come.
“Why not,” replied Kelly with a big grin. “She said I oughta be a bad whore, too.” She clambered over John, pulled her legs up to sit on his chest, then moved over to Mary’s head, putting a knee on either side of her face, her moist pussy inches from Mary’s lips. She squeezed down on her kegel muscles, used her fingers to spread her outer vulva lips, and a white droplet oozed out. Mary’s open mouth received the treasure that came from her husband. “Feed me, darlin’ girl…” came the husky voice. John watched raptly as his wife beside him had her mouth pressed into Kelly’s center; he could tell her tongue was eagerly lapping inside.
“Oh my gosh, it tastes like a butterscotch sundae!” she exclaimed. “And creamy, too!”
“Ah, so we’ll have to call you our BS girl,” chuckled John, watching his wife lick her lips and go for seconds.
Kelly grinned. John kissed his wife, a deep French kiss, tasting her and the bad whore.

Much later, Kelly was ready to leave. At the door, she turned and said her goodbyes. “You guys are so wonderful, call me again, okay?” Then, a conspiratorial gleam in her green eyes, she whispered to the two, “I have a secret for you. About half an hour before I came over, I put a butterscotch candy inside me, to let it melt.”
And out the door she went.
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