Lilly went to her room to change. I saw her later in the kitchen in her bathing suit. She said that she was going swimming with her friend Sierra and her parents. I vaguely remember her mom telling me about it the last night. She left about 10:00 a.m. and I sat around all day rubbing my cock and thinking about her luscious body.

About 8:00 pm, I started to worry, because she had been gone so long. I did not have a number for Sierra’s parents, so I couldn’t do much. About 8:30 pm I got a call form Jen?Sierra’s mom, saying that they had car trouble and would be very late.

It was almost midnight, when Lilly came home. She was exhausted and just barely made it in the door. Jen?pologized profusely and then left. I helped Lilly to her room and helped her talk off her wet swimsuit. I hung the suit in the bathroom and returned with a towel to dry Lilly. However, she was lying on the bed asleep. I turned her on her back and dried her young naked body with the towel. Then, I took off my pants and rubbed my cock again, while I touched all of her private parts.

I didn’t want to make love to her when she was a sleep, so I got up and found her nightgown. I put it over her head and put her arms though the holes. Then, I knelt between her legs and slowly pulled the nightgown down. As I did this, I stopped to kiss and lick both of the tiny tits. Then, I kissed further down her body. I stopped between her legs and licked her sweet little pussy. She tasted so delicious. I brushed the few little stray pussy hairs to the side and buried my face in between her legs. She moaned in her sleep and smiled. I do not know if she had an orgasm, but she was really wet. She never woke up, so I pulled her nightgown down and stood over her with my cock in my hand. She looked so sweet and innocent just laying there in her Tweety Bird nightgown.

I went to bed and jacked off thinking about her unbelievable naked body and how much I wanted her. I vaguely remember her mom coming to bed later that night and didn’t wake up when Barb got up in the morning.

When I did wake up, I went into the shower. I left the doors open, hoping Lilly would visit. About the time I was completely soaped up, she came into the bathroom. She stood in front of the shower door still in her Tweety nightgown and smiled. I reached down and pulled the nightgown over her head. She stood there and raised her arms up over her head to make if easy for me. She stood there completely naked and smiled. I put my hand out for her. She put her hand in mine and I helped her into the shower. She reached up and tied her hair into a knot, so it wouldn’t get wet. When she did that, her little tits stuck out and I fondled them. She giggled and put her arms around me. I pulled her close and kissed her, tenderly at first, then more passionately. She wrapped her arms around my neck and let me put my tongue into her mouth. She told me later that that was her first French kiss.

I grabbed her little butt cheeks and pulled her to me, so that her pussy was rubbing against my cock. I lifted her slightly and put her leg around my hips. She wrapped them tightly and let me move her body up and down so that her pussy rubbed against my cock. When I tired, she continued to move her hips so her pussy rubbed against me.

Finally, I put her down and started to wash her back. I moved my hands slowly up and down her spine and I felt her shiver. Then, I washed her little ass, first, her cheeks and then her tiny asshole. She really liked having my finger clean up inside of her tight little asshole, so I masturbated her asshole until she came. She moaned a lot and then screamed when she finally came.

I held her close and kissed her until she regained her composure. Then, I turned her around and pulled her close, so that my cock was up against her ass. I reached around her and started to wash her front. First, I washed her shoulders and arms. Then, I moved down to her little boobies. They were just tiny bumps, but her nipples really stuck out, so I massaged them a lot. After a while, I washed down her chest to her belly and further down to that delightful mound between her legs. She spread her legs slightly to give me access. I massaged her little pussy and got her really hot. Occasionally, I put my finger into her tiny hole, but mostly I rubbed her tiny clit. She began to moan softly, but the moans grew louder as she became more and more aroused. Finally, she exploded and grabbed my hand to stop me from rubbing her any more. I turned her around and held her close.

When she claimed down, I rinsed her off and dried her. Then, I carried her to the bed and laid her down. I sat next to her and looked at her. She was so young and sweet. She covered herself, but I pushed her hands away and admired her body. She thought that she was ugly, but I told her how beautiful and sexy she was. Then, I got on top of her and kissed her. She thought that I was going to enter her then, but I kissed my way down her body. I stopped at her tits and started kissing, licking, and sucking one of them, while I massaged the other. Then, I changed sides. After I gave both tits equal attention, I told her how much I enjoyed looking at and touching her beautiful tiny tits. I also told her that I wished that they would stay the same size, because they were just perfect. She didn’t believe me, but I could tell that she enjoyed being the center of attention.

Finally, I kissed my way down her belly to her thigh. I kissed down the outside of one leg, then, up the inside. I skipped over her pussy and kissed down the outside of the other leg and up the inside. I stopped and stared at her sweet little pussy. She was really hot and turned on. Her nearly hairless monds was swollen and red. Her pussy was open and wet. I licked her gently and tasted her juices. She had cum in the shower, and she was still wet down there. Her cum was sweet and I enjoyed licking her. She lay there with her legs spread as wide as they would go. I buried my face in her pussy and licked her until she screamed in pleasure.

I kissed my way back up her body and then knelt between her legs. I let my cock rest on her red swollen pussy and rubbed it against her most private place. I asked her if she knew what I was going to do next. She bit her lip and shook her head yes.

“Are you afraid,” I asked?

“A little,” she replied.

“Do you want me to stop?”


I took her hand and guided it to my cock. She took me in her hand and guided my penis to her gateway. I slowly pushed my cock into her semi-virgin pussy, while she held it. I watched her eye to see how far to go in before pulling back out. Eventually, I was inside of her, but I could not push my cock all the way in, because her cervix was not completely developed. It hurt if I pushed to far in. However, it was more that far enough and it did not take long for me to cum. I filled her pussy. A couple of more strokes and cum gushed out of her pussy around my cock.

I laid down on top of her, resting in my elbows and kissed her. She was trembling and sobbing quietly. I asked if she was ok.

She kissed me and after she caught her breath said, “That was incredible.”

I put my arms around her and rolled both of us over so that she was on top of me, my cock still inside of her. I held her close and told her how wonderful it was to make love to her. We laid there kissing and talking about what we just did until my cock shriveled up and came out.

We took a quick shower and went back to bed. We stayed there for most of the morning completely naked and enjoying each others bodies. I came inside of her two more times, before we got up and had lunch.

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2013-06-24 19:31:32
I have just finished fucking my twelve year old granddaughter for the first time she has been winding up for sometime she kept flashing her knickers at me when she was laying on the floor watching tele for about a week now and this evening she had removed her knickers and showed me her pussy, her mother had gone out and left me looking after her, so I got down on the floor with her and slipped my hand up her skirt and stocked her twelve year old bum she said oh grandpa that's nice so I said this is even better and slipped a finger up her cunt she gave a sigh and said your finger feel nice up my cunt I said I am going to put my cock up you now and laid her on her back and pushed her skirt up out the way and got between her legs and proceed to shove all eight inches of cock all the way up her taking her hymen with me , I must have fucked her for twenty minutes and then filled her with my spunk. after she got over orgasm she said thank you popper will you fuck me again I said just as I


2009-10-17 20:45:39
Hey, you brainless idiots! Obviously, most of you have the IQ of a brick and no balls. Otherwise, you would be reading and writing about sex with adults instead of children. Also, very few of you leave any contact ID. What are you afraid of?

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2009-04-17 01:04:26
A good story about a 8/10 Keep it up.


2008-12-10 12:44:15
You never gave Lilly an age. You said High school age but described a young girl in a Tweety bird night gown and only wisps of hair.
How old was she?


2008-11-25 21:00:11
Sorry, this was my first post. I originally posted the story in the Forum and moved it here to get more comments. It was in two parts in the original post. I tried to put them together. Somehow, the first part ended up in Dark Fantasies.

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