Diary of a Lesbian


My last story lacked detail. this story is a rewrite of part one, including totally new characters, ideas and the such. It is essentially meant to serve as a replacement of Diary of a Lesbian 1 and will serve primarily as a background to the story that will follow.
First a brief Character List/Overview with back-stories and the such

Please note that the majority of this story is background and the character list and such. The Sex will begin in large part in the next story. Sorry, but I wanted to increase the detail with character development, which I realize is something not usually found in an erotic/pornographic story. Sorry. If you want sex, skim this part and read the upcoming parts which I will write and publish in a timely manner.

This story will be written in the form of a play, as well as Diary Entries and other omnipotent perspective material

Note: all locations within this story are in no way based on their real life counterparts. they are fictionalized for the purpose of giving actual names to the locations


Name: [abbreviation used for dialog]

Kim McKenna: [KM]
Nickname: 'Mom'
Hair Color: Blonde
Measurements: 34-26-36"
Cup Size: B
Age 18
Occupation: Senior, Scranton PA High School
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual; leans towards girls

Joyce McKenna: [JM]
Nickname: Dominatrix
Hair Color: Blonde
Age: 19
Occupation: Recent graduate, Scranton PA High School
Sexual Orientation: Lesbian

Mary McKenna [MM]
Nickname; Whory
Measurements: 36-30-40"
Hair Color: Blonde
Cup Size: D
Age: 39
Occupation: Single mother of Joyce & Kim, Friend of Pam
Sexual Orientation: One time straight, following husband's death went to girls

Jen Sabounjian: [JS]
Nickname: squirts
Hair Color: Brunette
Measurements: 36-26-32"
Cup Size: C
Age: 27
Occupation: History Teacher at SHS

Kate Cipriano: [KC]
Nickname: Blondy
Hair color: Black
Measurements: 28-24-36
Cup Size: C"
Age: 18
Occupation: Student at SHS, friend of Kim

Brandy Cipriano: [BC]
Nickname: Nurse
Hair color: Brunette
Measurements: 36-30-40"
Cup Size: D
Age: 37
Occupation: Nurse, Sarah and Kate's mother, Friend and occasional lover of Mary

Sarah CIpriano [SC]
Nickname: N/A
Hair Color: Black
Measurements: 28-24-36
Cup Size: C"
Age: 18
Occupation: Kate's twin sister, student at SHS

Kelly Hamre: [KH]
Nickname: N/A
Age: 18
Measurements: 28-24-36
Cup Size: C"
Occupation: Student at SHS

Pamela Halper [PH]
Nickname: Pammy
Measurements: 36-26-32"
Cup Size: C
Age: 35
Occupation: Saleswoman, Dunder Mifflin, Inc Paper Company

Jan Levinson (Formerly Levinson-Gould) [JL]
Nickname: The Ice Queen
Measurements: 36-26-32"
Cup Size: C
Age: 30s
Occupation: Head of Northeastern Sales, DMI

Setting: Scranton, Pennsylvania
SHS (710 Paper Great Lane)
Classroom #'s: 201, 411, 613, Cafeteria, Principal's office, Gym locker room
Kim & Joyce's house (101 Dunder Way)
Kim's bedroom, Mary's bedroom, kitchen, Lounge
The Offices of Dunder Mifflin, Scranton PA located in the Scranton Business Park (200 Mill road, Suite 214)

Now that the introduction's done with on to the story

Chapter 1

It was a Cool September morning. Kim laid in her bed, naked as usual. As she lays there sleeping, she is suddenly awoken by the alarm clock. "Err! Err! Err!" waking up..."Is it 6am already?" she mumbles as she climbs out of bed and grabs an outfit for the day. finding a bra, panties and dress she gets dressed and heads out of the house for school. Her first day of Senior Year. She arrives at school and heads for her first class, Introduction to Business. As she sat down she noticed her friends, Kelly Hamre, Saran Cipriano, and Kate Cipriano. We sit back for what is going to be a long class.


Mary walks into Joyce's room. she sees her diary on the desk. Curious, as her daughter never shares anything with her anymore, she opens it to a random page. This is what she sees:

August 15th 2009

I discovered my bisexuality today. I peeped on my mother in the shower because I was curious. Later that day I was daydreaming about my mother and was rubbing myself. Kate came over and we made out, just to try it. I kind of liked it. We decided we wanted to try other things but didn't get a chance. More to follow if we get a chance

August 16th, 2009

Kate texted me today. she's going away with her family for the rest of the summer until school starts again. Don't think we'll get to try out other girl/girl things until then. I would ask mom, but I feel so...attracted to Kate.

August 17th 2009

Kate sent me a picture today of her naked to "tide me over," until school starts. I've been rubbing myself looking at it for a while, and have decided to put it in here so I can look at it while I right.

August 18th

Classes start one week from today. Not much to write

August 21st

Classes start tomorrow. looking forward to seeing Kate


Kate and Joyce head for the girls' bathroom their first passing period. they make out in the bathroom, trying to keep themselves satisfied until they get home

Later that day, they stumble into Joyce's house and head up the stairs. Heading for the bedroom they immediately take their tops off. fondling each other's tits they head for the bed, still making out.
JM: Oh fuck I am so glad I am doing this with you!
KC: shh honey less talky more licky
JM: oh god you are still the girl I fell in love with this summer
KC: MMmmm
Kate licks her lips as she stares at Joyce's pussy,


I told you this would be primarily an introduction.

The sex gets really good in the sequel.

all for now


2010-07-16 19:55:30
Wow I'm so excited and I love your style diary, play, erotic story this is the best Ive seen and like my moto always says keep them cumming

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2010-03-21 16:59:14
i liked that last line "less talky more licky"

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