The academy for enlightened education of young girls.
"Thank you, Miss Bates, for taking time to meet with me."

"It's my pleasure to show you our program Mr. Peters. I am the founder and president of the institute. Our new semester begins next week and we still have an opening for one more girl. The staff are already here and the students will be arriving on Monday. Classes begin Tuesday. Our admissions policy is very simple. Girls, if we agree to accept them, must be attractive and at least 12 years of age. We do not charge them, or you I should say, tuition or fees of any kind. Their lodging and meals are provided, along with everything else that they need. The girls will lack absolutely nothing while they are here.

"We have no graduation. The girls instinctively know when they have learned all they can. When they are ready, they can leave, whether after one semester or ten, it's their choice. Once they are old enough, they can even join our staff if we choose to hire them.

"Males have to be 14 years or older and in good physical condition; they each pay tuition of $140,000 per semester. As I'm sure you can appreciate, there are many more applicants than we can accommodate, so we pick the cream, excuse the reference, of the crop. We keep the ratio at ten males for each girl, to ensure there will always be at least four or five hard penises available to them whenever they desire it.

"Remember, this program is focused solely on the girls' sexual growth, self-discovery, confidence and pleasure. The males come here for their own reasons as I'm sure you can relate and they provide us with a wealth of experience and varied approaches to sexual teaching. They are invaluable contributors to the girls learning; and their tuition payments covers all the expenses of the school. Some of our men have been coming here since the academy first opened its doors. The average age of the males is well over forty years."

"Tell me why that is."

"It's really very simple. First, only wealthy people are likely to afford the tuition which eliminates most younger men. Number 2, we value older men here because they have more experiences to offer. Simply put, they are better sexual teachers than inexperienced boys."

"But then why do you admit boys as young as 14?"

"Part of the curriculum deals with young inexperienced boys. We teach the girls how to handle them. When one of our students goes on her first date back home, she will be prepared to guide her boyfriend through their first sexual experience and prevent it from being the usual teen first-time disaster. The younger boys are here for the girls to practice with. We bring the boys together with the girls after they have gone through our introductory level core subjects. That's when the class on handling the inexperienced male is offered. By then, the girls know the theory, but need the practice."

"What about your paid staff?"

"Our highly qualified staff of men and women have expertise in all the relevant fields, and are prepared to facilitate and/or demonstrate any practice when the course work calls for it.

"Now tell me why you are considering enrolling your daughter here."

"Miss Bates, I'm very worried about my Stephanie, we like to call her Fanny. She is very shy and withdrawn and suffers horribly from self-doubt and a lack of confidence in herself. She does not have any close friends to share her feelings with. No boys come calling. She's physically very attractive but her mannerisms just don't attract boys' attention. She told me she feels very uptight all the time. I suspect it's her raging hormones so yesterday I asked her if she ever masturbates but she just turned and stomped away from me without saying a word. We are not able to talk together about boys, or sexuality at all. Her mom died when she was 10, and left her without female guidance or companionship."

"How old is she?"


"Does she have any siblings?"

"Three brothers 8, 14 and 18 and her sister, 10.

"Wonderful! You and the family will have a great time at our Family Weekend Open House events the last Friday of each month. I'll explain about that later.

"Mr. Peters, I'm positive we're able to help your daughter overcome her problems. Let me describe our program and you'll be convinced, I'm sure."

"Please do."

"The school day begins with academics where all the traditional subjects are taught... math, science, literature, and so on. The girls aren't allowed into the mid-morning classes until everyone has finished their academics. Our teachers are so good and the students so motivated, they rarely exceed one hour at most, to complete their lessons. Anyone who lags behind is eagerly helped by her peers."

"What is their motivation to finish so quickly, Miss Bates?"

"They can't wait to attend the free-form classes, which are next in the day. Each girl can go into whichever free-form subjects they choose to attend. Free-forms last until lunch time.

"After lunch they move on to the electives. Girls may attend any or all of these classes however they please, but they must attend at least four different subjects sometime during the semester. We don't want them getting complacent in any one class and missing out on the incredible variety of subjects we have to offer."

"What do the male students do while the girls are in class?"

"Males are in attendance in all of the classes. A typical classroom will have five to seven girls and up to about thirty-five males. They attend to any of the girls' needs. In some classes, the males are experimental subjects. In others, they are instructors. At other times just observers, from which they derive their own pleasure.

"But as you can imagine, what with all the sex and cumming that goes on here, 25 to 50 percent of our male population at any time is spent and in need of a day or two for recuperation. We admit a sufficient number of males to make up for the proportion lost to R&R. In any given class, we usually manage to have at least three potent men for each girl. Often more."

"Well, Miss Bates, this is fascinating. Can you go into a little detail about the subjects you teach in free-form?"

"Yes, of course. For the beginners, such as your daughter, we would start out with yoga to teach them how to recognize the beautiful nature of their own lithe and nubile bodies. How they transform in endless varieties, stretching, bending, arching. The instructors take them through various exercises designed to help the girls really feel every muscle, bone tendon and joint. They will become aware of sensations they haven't felt before. They stretch muscles they didn't know they had. They develop flexibility, inner peace, and start building their confidence. Usually some of the more experienced girls will attend this class when they need a break from the sex. They often strip immediately and do their exercises in the nude."

"You encourage that?"

"Oh yes, of course. As the newer girls get used to being in the class, they will start to shed their inhibitions along with their clothing. First the tops come off. Later, the shorts. By the forth time in the class, the most shy among them are already confident and happy to be fully naked."

"And the men are there as well?"

"Sure. Doing nude yoga in front of boys and men who they never met before is a great confidence builder, don't you agree?"

"Yes, I see your point. What do the men do during class?"

"They watch. They may participate if they choose. They will be in various states of undress as well. Their arousal becomes very evident to the girls. It's always fun to watch their faces the first time they see erect penises. The weak-willed men among them may be seen with a hand inside their shorts, or they might be naked and openly masturbating. Seeing the effect their young bodies has on males of all ages really helps build the girls' confidence."

"I'm getting turned on just thinking about it."

"Yes, I've noticed, Mr. Peters."

"What other classes do you offer?"

"Next in the progression is masturbation. They are taught how to find all their erogenous zones and to stimulate themselves. Besides their nipples and pussies, they discover other places, unique to each girl, where they feel that sexual tingle when stimulated. As always, the men are present, to watch, offer helpful tips as they see fit and provide the girls with male images to stimulate their fantasies while they masturbate. Girls with exhibitionist tendencies really blossom in this class. Often the girls will ask some of the men to masturbate with them. There's never a shortage of volunteers. This usually creates a big hit among the students. We have a vast collection of porn should the girls or men wish to avail themselves of it but it's hardly ever necessary in the entry level class. But in the advanced level, we have the girls cozy up with as many men as she wishes to watch the porn and masturbate together.

"In the class we also cover mutual masturbation. The girls learn various ways to receive a helping hand or hands, and they learn how to stroke a man from many different positions, and using various techniques. The girls learn how to please not only themselves, boys and men, but their fellow students as well."

"Are the girls naked in this class too?"

"Some yes, some no. Depends on the topic being taught. Of course we teach them the seductive qualities of masturbation while partially clothed. We use all possible states of undress, from fully clothed, to topless, bottomless, one pant-leg off, you name it. There's not many things sexier than seeing a young girl with her hand undulating inside her panties, is there?"

"I agree fully."

"Another important class we offer is kissing. It may seem mundane, but here we teach all the intricacies. The girls are paired up with a man, or each other, whatever the topic of the day calls for. They practice all forms of kissing, from quick pecks on the forehead, to full blown French kissing. There's body kissing, tits, ass, cock, and the men are not shy about showing them all that they know. Later on, they progress to multiple partners, where each girl may have five, seven, or more warm pairs of lips teasing every part of their body simultaneously. The highlight of this class is having each girl lay on a massage table while she is surrounded by men who kiss her in every place she has, for the entire class period."

"Our oral class takes them through giving and receiving. They are instructed in all the finer points of giving blow jobs, pussy licking and of course getting their own pussies licked, by both men and girls. This is another great confidence boost. When they receive their first load of cum on their tits, they are so proud, they show it to the other girls and men. Especially the men. Later, when they get splashed on their face or in their mouth, they are ecstatic. Licking a girl's pussy to orgasm instills confidence as well. Having someone's face in their own crotch, and learning not to be shy, embarrassed or fearful, that is the greatest boost to their self-esteem up to that point."

"After all these introductory classes, we back up a bit and introduce the girls to the art of petting. We start them out with innocent, outside the clothes petting. They learn what it feels like to be cuddled, to have a warm hand on their chest or between their legs. We let them progress at their own pace until they are naked on the beds, kissing passionately, with hands all over their bodies, tongues in pussies, toes in mouths, whatever they ask for. And we always stress to them to ask for what they want. The girls tell their partners where to stimulate them. Having learned where all their sensitive spots are in the masturbation class, we encourage them to direct their partner's hands to all those places. They can choose to be with a girl or girls, or they can practice with a boy or man. Or men. They are encouraged to do it all. Often times, the younger girls especially, love having five or six men feeling them up all over their body at the same time. And of course they are not forgetting their earlier lessons. They kiss, masturbate, feel up their petting partners, give and get oral sex, just to give a few examples. They are never forced to do anything or discouraged from doing anything they want."

"What happens if they get carried away and start having intercourse?"

"It's not a case of what if, Mr. Peters. It happens every time. From the newest to our most veteran students, these classes devolve into orgies. Naturally the girls are always the center of attention.

"Now on to the electives. We have classes in exhibitionism, voyeurism, and a whole series on pornography: From still-image posing solo, with a partner, with multiple partners, on to acting in simulated, softcore scenes to full-on hardcore animal sex and group sex. We place no limits on their imaginations.

"They can learn photography, videography, website design, writing, production, marketing... every aspect of porn production. We have access to distribution channels and encourage the girls to make and sell the porn they create. The money they earn goes into their savings accounts here and when they leave, it is theirs to take with them. Some girls have left here with hundreds of thousands of dollars."

"Where do you get the models. the actors and actresses?"

"They shoot themselves, the boys, the men, the teaching staff, myself. Whoever they decide to cast in their productions."

"You mean even the students act in their own porn movies and sell it?"


"That is so incredible. Is there any more to tell me?"

"Sure. We also offer more exotic subjects such as bondage, discipline, the whole range of human sexuality. My personal favorite is Bukkake, where a girl kneels naked on the floor while numerous men ejaculate on her. As you know, we have no shortage of men willing to contribute.

"We have a carpentry shop as well where we can create trestles, whipping posts, stocks, whatever the girls dream up and want to try out. We have a huge collections of whips, crops, canes, handcuffs, shackles, suspension apparatus, you name it, we have it or will build it.

"The whips range from gentle slappers to the cruelest bull whips. We teach the girls how to use them, to both give and receive punishment. Any punishment they want to administer, they have to receive the same treatment themselves. It's our way of keeping it under control.

"Each Friday evening, we let off a little steam by having a wrestling tournament. Six males are pitted against each other and one girl. The match winner gets to fuck her right then and there on the mat, sweating, naked and out of breath, with the whole school watching and cheering. To win they must be first to pin the girl naked on her back for ten seconds, the operative word being 'naked'. In the urgency of the competition, they rip and tear off her clothes early in the match then try to pin her. Of course his male opponents want to win too, so they will actively seek to throw any man off the girl before he manages the full ten seconds. The best strategy seems to have developed whereby the men try to throw each other out of the ring until only one is left inside. Of course they have to keep an eye on the girl lest someone else sneaks unnoticed and pins her. Eventually, the girl finds herself against the strongest contender, one-on-one. He still has to pin her, but a fully grown man, who has just defeated five others, against a young nubile girl, there's never any doubt about the outcome. The girls are no match against the men, but they learn to defend themselves against attack, even when the odds seem impossible. If she, alone against the man, should somehow manage to throw him out of the circle, she wins, and can choose to do whatever she wants, whether to pick who and how many will fuck her, or she may simply decide to masturbate for our viewing enjoyment, the whole school watching her. In the end, everyone has quite a ball, so to speak. This tournament is the climax at the end of each week. It goes on until all the students have been roughed up and fucked or masturbated. It typically lasts well into the wee hours of Saturday morning."

"How do you handle the sleeping arrangements?"

"Very simple. Everyone sleeps in the same large dorm room, boys, men and girls. There are dozens of king size beds. Whatever they choose to do, whoever they choose to do it with, they do. The showers are the same way. There's never a girl who goes without getting her back scrubbed in the shower, or tits, legs, pussy, you name it."

"Wow, this is an incredible academy you have here. Can there be anything else?"

"Yes. Every month, we have Families' Weekend. The girls' parents and siblings attend the wrestling tournament Friday night then stay with the students and sleep in their room. Just as the students do, the family members may do as they wish, with whomever they wish to do it."

"Anyone, Miss Bates?"

"I know what you're thinking, Mr. Pecker...."

"It's Peters."

"...Yes, of course, I'm sorry. And the answer is yes. If you want to fuck your own daughter and watch her brothers fuck her too, while she licks her sister's pussy, that is encouraged as well.

"Families' Weekend wraps up Sunday afternoon when the girls each perform a short play they have written. They will engage in whatever sexual fantasies, positions or scenarios that care to dream up. The stage is a very intimate venue, set in the center of the audience, who watch the action from every viewpoint and are free to move around and record the action. This is when the families feel true pride in their daughters and sisters, and extremely grateful for the chance to see them naked and fucking as they do. That is a sight they have not expected ever to see, and it's here for them every month. Wrestling Fridays and Family Weekends are the ultimate confidence builders for our girls. They leave our academy brave, confident, and extremely satisfied with themselves. It is a great start to their lives as sexual beings."

"Well Miss Bates, I am extremely impressed with your program and would like you to consider accepting my daughter."

"Yes, of course, I would be delighted to meet her. Can you bring her here later today?"

"She is waiting in the car. I'll bring her in right now."

A few minutes later, he walks back into Miss Bates' office, accompanied by his daughter. She is stunningly beautiful, very slender, wearing a small halter top which clings to her developing tits and reveals all of her tummy. Her tiny tits can be seen jiggling very erotically with each step she takes. She wears tiny shorts the top of which are barely higher than her her clit. The legs cover no more than an inch at the tops of her legs. Her long slender legs are exposed down to her gorgeous feet with their perfectly formed arches and nicely pedicured toes. She wears open sandals.

After the introductions, Miss. Bates asked Stephanie to leave the office so she and her father can talk in private for a few moments. Stephanie walks into the outer office and looks around at the erotic photographs on the walls. But her attention is focused on the sounds coming through the ear-buds she has been listening to since arriving at the school. Miss Bates saw them and assumed she was listening to music on an iPod. But before they left home, Mr. Peters put on a tie-clasp microphone with radio transmitter and Stephanie carries the receiver. She listened to the entire conversation between her father and Miss Bates. Even as those two discussing her admission in private, she hears every word.

"Mr. Peters, your daughter is the most beautiful girl ever to have entered this institution. Of course we will accept her."

A smile spread across Stephanie's face, waiting in the other room.

"If it's ok with you, I want you to leave her here with me now. It's only three more days before classes begin. I'll introduce her to the faculty, show her everything we have and what we do here. We will eat, sleep and shower together and I'll give her advance lessons to prepare her for the semester. The staff will be absolutely delighted to see her. In fact, I fully expect half the men to cream their trousers at their first glimpse of her.

"Don't worry about your daughter, I will keep her under my wing the whole time to see that she's well cared for. Oh I just know my tongue is going to be very tired by Monday, I'm not ashamed to say. I can taste her innocence already. But I digress. One final thing... I'm going to open up enrollment for twenty more males, we're going to need them because more will be in R&R than ever before, owing to your daughter joining our school. Are these arrangements acceptable Mr. Peters?"

"With me, absolutely! Miss Bates. I would like talk with her in private to get her opinion. Would you mind sending her in and leaving us alone for a couple of minutes?"

Miss Bates led Stephanie in and closed the door. She looked up at her father. They both were smiling ear to ear.

"Well, Fanny, did you hear everything ok?"

"Yes Daddy. I wanna do it, I really do!"

"Clear up one mystery for me. When I asked yesterday if you masturbate, why did you get so mad with me, but now you admit in front of me that you're about to have the most awsome sexual experience anybody's ever had?"

"When you asked me about masturbating, I had no idea you even knew what it was. I was embarrassed. How could I ever admit to my own dad that I did that?"

"But, why are you not embarrassed now?"

"Because listening to you discuss the program with Miss Bates, I found out that you are not the prude I thought you were. I suddenly saw you not as an enemy to keep secrets from but as someone I can trust and confide in."

"I love you, Fanny."

They both hugged, then exchanged the transmitter and receiver so he could listen to her all during the semester.

"Bye now, Doll. I love you."

"Bye Daddy... I love you too. See you on Family Weekend!"

As Mr. Peters stood at the door, he watched his daughter walking down the hall, hand in hand with Miss Bates. From the offices they passed by, he could see staff members lean out of their doors, look at Stephanie and flash knowing smiles at each other.

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