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“Hun” Jake says to his wife Kim as he is buttoning his shirt “Can you help me with this tie?”

“Certainly dear” Kim replies as she walks over.

“Thanks honey” Jake says kissing her on the lips “Did you remember to call for a babysitter?”

“I thought you called for one” Kim says.

“No I thought you were going to call for one?” Jake says.

“Well if neither one of us called for a babysitter then who are we going to call on such short notice?” Kim asks her husband going over to the bedroom phone.

“Let’s see Johnsons are gone, Smiths are on vacation… hey what about the Ramones?” Jake says.

“No they had to see there oldest child in college” Kim replies.

“Wilsons, Polk, those Brits across the street, the…” Jake says with Kim nodding no to all of them “isn’t there anyone around that has a teenager that can babysit in this town?”

“Wait there is one you remember that family that moved here last summer they had a girl that should be about seventeen or eighteen” Kim says.

“You mean that Asian family two blocks down” Jake says.

“No the one that helped during the Fourth of July and Christmas” Kim says.

“Do you mean that Canadian family or are you talking about the family that came from Africa” Jake says confused toward Kim.

“Hold on I have there number around here somewhere” Kim searches until she finds a paper that has a number “The Drakes.”

“Oh them I almost forgot about them” Jake says now remembering what he wished he hadn’t when the wife during Christmas had vomited on his new sweater after she ate some of there famous fruitcake.
Afterwards when his sweater went through the washer it shrunk to the size where a baby doll could wear it with the belly button sticking out.

Kim calls to see if there daughter is available to babysit and as soon as she is off the phone she looks to Jake in a pleasing voice “Their daughter is available for the weekend so all is good.” Jake breathes and then as soon as they were leaving the babysitter knocked at the door.

Kim opens the door to see a lovely young lady carry a suitcase of clothes for the weekend “You must be Mrs. Clitson I am Monica it is so nice to meet you, and Mr. Clitson.” Monica walks in as Jake helps her with her suitcase.

“ Please call me Kim will you Mrs. Clitson sounds like an old lady and my husband is Jake. We are terribly sorry this was a last minute thing but there was some miscommunication and we didn’t know anyone else to turn to…and well we hope this isn’t too much of a problem for you” Kim says to Monica as they walk over to the living room.

“Oh no problem here Mrs. Cl…Kim, but I am wondering though where are the kids?” Monica questions.

“Well John and Chris are up stairs playing video games and Jessica is outside tanning. I do believe I told your mother that you can use the pool right?” Kim says.

“Uh…yes she did mention that, so where are you two going anyways?” Monica asks.

“Oh we are going to a class reunion we were high school sweethearts” Kim says. Jake pulls her out of the door “Oh we got to catch our plane the numbers are one the fridge with some money for supper tomorrow…” Kim says as the door closes leaving Monica all to herself with three kids.

“Is suppose I should unpack my stuff and then find the kids” Monica says to herself and in no time she has unpacked her stuff in a guest room then she walks outside to see Jessica in a two piece sexy pink swimsuit sitting next to the pool with her feet kicking the water gleefully. When Monica opens to the outside Jessica turns around no surprised at all but simply smiles.

“Hello you must be Monica I am Jessica” Jessica says.

“Yes I am your babysitter for the weekend and what are you doing” Monica says sitting next to Jessica now.

“Oh nothing do you mind if you could rub my back with the sunscreen” Jessica says handing over the lotion as she turns on her back on the ground on top of her towel.

“I suppose I could for a little while” Monica says as she begins to rub Jessica’s back feeling her back from her shoulders down to the middle of her back as Jessica takes her top off.

“You don’t mind if I take my top off do you?” Jessica asks.

“No I don’t mind at all” Monica says as she continues to rub Jessica’s back all the way down to her small tie swimsuit.

“Mmm…can you take it off for me I want an even tan all the way down” Jessica says.

“Certainly” Monica says as she takes the lower part of Jessica’s swimsuit off revealing a sexy little ass

“Do you mind if I ask what your age is Jessica?”

“Twelve years old and John and Chris are the same since we are triplets” Jessica replies.

“Who was born first?” Monica asks.

“I was born three seconds before John and nine seconds before Chris or is it the other way?” Jessica says pondering for a second but then shrugs it off as Monica rubs her little ass with the sunscreen. “Can you put some in my butt crack for me” Jessica asks. Monica obeys and as she digs into Jessica’s little ass cheeks Jessica begins to moan slightly. Monica moves down to her pussy knowing full well that she was masturbating her and was enjoying it almost as much as Jessica as she also puts her hand into her pants rubbing her own pussy. Jessica turns around as Monica continues with Jessica placing her hand in Monica’s pants knowing that they were pleasing each other.

“I see that you know how to please as well” Monica moans as Jessica digs her fingers in her pussy. Monica stops masturbating Jessica as she lays back as Jessica continues to finger her for a moment and then as the cum oozes out she stops not knowing what to do. Monica then looks toward Jessica with a hint of lust in her voice “why don’t you lick it for me you’ll enjoy it.” Jessica slowly licks it and soon the cum continues as she sucks on Monica’s pussy having a hard time resisting the pleasure she was having eating pussy for the first time from another girl. After awhile she stops with Jessica lying on the ground as Monica begins licking her pussy. When both are done they walk into the house to take a shower together being extra quite passing the boys who seem to still playing video games. Both girls help each other clean off and when they exit the shower they notice that none of their clothes or any towels are around. Both go marching out with the two boys taking pictures of their naked wet bodies as water drips off to the floor the boys run into their room locking the door as the girls slam on the door with no success until Monica says “Oh boys if you don’t give me that camera you won’t be eating tonight or for that matter the rest of the weekend.”

The boys open the door as they see Monica on her knees kissing Jessica on the lips with their tongues touching each other toward the boys who both have both of their hands in their pants as the camera lies at the computer on the other side of the two beds. Monica and Jessica stop with both walking in the boys’ room grabbing their clothes that were on one of their beds when Monica stops to see on the computer a porno with two girls kissing and sucking a guy’s cock. She turns around to face the boys who now have their shorts down on the floor rubbing their cocks while Jessica walks over and begins sucking on both of her brother’s cocks.

“Wha…what is going on around here!?” Monica screams while Jessica continues to suck both her brother’s cocks ignoring Monica.

“Well you see Jessica is our sex slave and soon you will too” John says to Monica as Jessica sucks on his balls.

“Oh no…no this can’t be true I must be having a nightmare or something this can’t be true” Monica says as she drops her clothes on the floor staring at both of their hard cocks as Jessica plays with both of them.

“You see Monica we obey our cocks and when they are hard we have Jessica here take care of us and when we want pussy we take care of her” Chris says as he notices that Monica is in a shocked phase as she watches the scene in front of her.

“Why don’t you suck on my cock for me Monica” John says as he rubs his cock in front of her while Jessica moves over to Chris’s cock.

“No I can’t I won’t, but it looks so good” Monica says and then turns around only to see the porno on the computer and then back at the kids several times as she rubs her pussy and her breasts and then she saw Chris stick his cock up into Jessica’s pussy and that is when she cracked and walked over to John and began rubbing his cock. She then got on her knees, and began sucking on it slowly at first but soon couldn’t get enough sure has had a few boyfriends but she has never in her entire life given a blowjob yet it seemed she was a natural cocksucker as she moved his cock all around her mouth and then licked the shaft of his cock as she soon sucks on his balls as he simply stands their moaning.

Jessica and Chris had moved over to a bed and continued their fuck session with Jessica on top bouncing up and down on his cock as Chris feels her small breasts squeezing her little tits in his fingers. She then collapses on top of him as she continues to get fucked by her brother. Jessica stops as Chris sits on the bed with Jessica moving on her back as she sucks his cock with the mixture of both of their cum and her saliva.

“Fuck Monica you do it far better than Jessica” John moans as Monica lick off cum from the head of his cock.

“Well it’s like wine it gets better with age” Monica replies looking up at John.

“I want to taste your pussy” John shoves Monica back with Monica falling on the floor as John goes to the floor sticking his tongue in her pussy and licking her clit as she moans in utter pleasure not believing how good such a young boy could satisfy a her since none of her boyfriend ever could do it so well like him. John digs his tongue further in as he spreads her pussy even further apart as Monica looks over to the bed where Jessica is getting fucked doggy style with Chris fucking her from behind now.

“Jessica your putting a lot more into it than you normally do” Chris says as he pounds her from behind.

“Are you sure it isn’t just because there are two of us girls in here now “Jessica moans.

“Well that could be true too. Why don’t you turn over so you can give me one more blowjob” Chris says.

“Hey bro trade you after I fuck Monica here” John says placing his cock in to Monica’s pussy.

“Alright bro, but while you fuck her you don’t mind if she gives me a blowjob I think Jessica here needs a short breather” Chris says moving down on his knees in front of Monica’s face and instantly she begins sucking on his cock like a baby sucking on her bottle. John begins fucking her shoving his cock as far as it can go into her with the combination of cum from both of them on his cock as he slams into her. Monica is lost in the pleasure she is feeling with the combination of two cock satisfy her when she feels someone sucking on her tits she looks only to find Jessica pleasuring her with her soft tongue licking around her tits as she softly bites on them sending shivers over Monica as the three take care of her. Which is the complete opposite of why she came over here but she was glad what was going on and wished it would never end.

“Time to switch bro” John says as he pulls his cock out of her pussy while Chris takes his cock out of her pussy as they switch positions. Monica now sucks on John’s cock that has her cum and his on it while Chris shoves his cock into her asshole slowly. Monica screams loud enough that John falls back and everyone freezes.

“Gaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwddddddddddd damn Chris you got the wrong hole!” Monica says looking at Chris who simply shoves his cock even deeper in.

“Damn Chris don’t you know the difference between a pussy and an asshole” Jessica says as she goes back to sucking on Monica’s tit’s.

“I want to fuck some ass too” John says.

“I’m right here John” Jessica says rubbing her ass in front of him.

“Alright Jessica get ready to get fucked in the ass” John says as Jessica moves her self on top of Monica’s mouth as John position’s his cock into her ass. Monica sucks on her pussy while John slowly fucks her ass as Chris continues to fuck Monica’s ass much more easily.

“Oh fuck it harder John it feels so good in me” Jessica says as Monica moves between Jessica’s pussy and John’s balls.

Chris pulls his cock out of Monica’s ass as cum oozes out of her asshole into her red beaten pussy now as the last of his cum shoots into her, and then he goes over to a bed and lies on to it as the other three begin to wander down as well with John pulling his cock out next lying on the other bed as Jessica and Monica are in a 69 position eating each other’s pussies dry with both stopping to catch a breath as they lay next to each other on the floor. Monica gets up and says “I think were ordering out tonight and we can also watch a movie I brought over, so while I take care of that why don’t you three take a shower.”
Monica calls a local pizza place and then she gets ready for the movie while the three kids take a shower noticing that she is still naked with cum all over her she heads up to see how the three were doing and so she could also take a shower. When she got in to the bathroom she saw that Chris and John were double penetrating Jessica as the water flows down on them. “Haven’t you three had enough yet” Monica says entering the shower with them.

“Can we double penetrate you” John says who is right in front of Monica with his cock in Jessica’s ass.

“Why don’t we get cleaned off and eat something before we do anymore” Monica says but the words go in one ear and out the other with John sticking his cock in her pussy as Chris and Jessica fuck. “John please stop I’m telling you are not going to have the energy for later on to do this…uh…oh stop fuck please john stop…oh…fuck…don’t stop it feels so good” Monica moans as her pleasure overrides her ability to stop as she allows John to fuck her pussy as she stands with the wall behind her. A few minutes later the four are out of the shower with Monica sucking on John’s cock while Jessica is doing the same for Chris.

“Fuck Chris do you think that we could possibly get our parents into this as well” John says as Monica continues sucking his cock.

“I don’t see why not I mean they fuck almost every night when they are here” Chris replies with Jessica giving him a blowjob when the door bell rings.

“Fuck… the pizza’s here” Monica says letting go of John’s cock and running downstairs forgetting that she was completely naked when she opened the door that revealed a boy that she had a crush on Derrick Stowe who was holding a pizza in one hand while staring at her body with his jaw dropped.

“Is that you Monica” Derrick says staring at her breasts.

“Do you like what you see” Monica says squeezing her breasts together in front of him while grabbing the pizza from him and handing over the money when the three kids come down all naked as well.

Derrick simply nods and moves his head toward her breasts and starts to suck on them not noticing the three kids. Monica gives the pizza to Chris, while she walks backward in to the living room on to the couch where Derrick simply took his clothes off feeling Monica all over while the three kids watch on the floor while eating their share of the pizza. Monica was beginning to believe that this entire day was simply never ending as she received all this pleasure. Derrick buried his cock in her pussy as she laid there with him kissing her all over as well. The doorbell rang and everyone froze with the exception of Jessica as she went to see who it was only to see two adults with the female looking like an older version of Monica.

“Um… I think it’s your parents Monica” Jessica says.

“What!” Monica says running to see who it was and sure enough it was them and she ran upstairs to grab her clothes.

“So I guess I should get going then” Derrick says getting dressed with the three kids running upstairs to find Monica who is already dressed as she runs past them heading down stairs as Derrick talks to her parents and then he leaves with her walking down to see her parents.

“What are you two doing here?” Monica asks her parents.

“Oh you see you forgot your cell and we were walking around” Claire says to her daughter.

“What’s that smell?” Tom asks.

“We ordered pizza” Monica says

“No not that it smells like…um…” Tom says.

“The kids had a shower earlier” Monica says.

“No not that either it smells like sex” Tom says.

“Monica Anne Drake how dare you have sex in someone else’s house with that boy” Claire says to her daughter with her hands on her hips.

“Mom he walked right in here and started kissing me and I got him off of me that is all” Monica says but her parent’s didn’t believe her. The three kids came down to get Monica to help them with something upstairs and to get her away from her parents.

“Monica why don’t you wait here with your father while I help the kids, since you don’t seem to be responsible enough to babysit” Claire says going up to see what the kids wanted and when she entered the boys room she was caught and tied up on one of the beds. She looked around to see that on the computer the porno was playing with one girl bouncing on top of a guys cock while another girl was getting her pussy eaten by the guy while the girls were making out above him. She then looked around to see that the kids were naked with one boy taking her pants off but she was unable to move as she allowed a boy to lick her pussy as the other boy took the sheet that was covering her mouth away from her, and she was about to scream when the girl dropped her pussy in her mouth with Jessica kissing John above.

Not believing what she saw from the porno was almost going on right here with a few exceptions of course but she couldn’t believe that a few kids were manipulating her in having sex and soon she stopped fighting and simply indulged as this girls pussy was in her mouth she simply sucked on it as the two boys changed places as the other one was now fucking her.

John walked over to Claire and whispered in her ear that if she didn’t scream or bit he would put his cock in her mouth and she nodded as Jessica got up with Claire giving John a blowjob. Jessica moved down and began sucking on her tit’s, while Chris moved his cock in her ass which was a lot easier to go in than Jessica or Monica. Clair simply moaned as she was feeling a wave of pleasure as these kids took care of her.

Tom was beginning to wonder what was taking Claire so long he wanted to have some sex tonight especially since he took some Viagra earlier. He finally went upstairs with Monica following when he heard noises in a room he opened it while Monica knew full well what it was and couldn’t believe they got her mother. She had to stop her father from opening the door but it was too late he was watching his wife having sex with three little kids as a porno was playing on the computer screen. Monica noticed that it was the same porno from earlier and simply smiled.

“What the fuck is going on around here how dare you three fuck my wife. Just wait until I call your parents and don’t think I haven’t forgotten you Monica” Tom left walking down to the phone as Monica rushed down to stop him while everyone else continued with their business. When Tom found the number he began dialing the number when Monica stopped him by kissing him on the lips. He stopped for a moment then he placed the phone down and stared at his daughter who took her shirt off to reveal that she didn’t have a bra on then she unbuttoned his shirt as he stood there frozen in time not believing what was going on. Soon Monica was stark naked in front her father while his pants were down on his ankles with his cock slowly growing by the view of his naked daughter in front of him.

Monica took her father’s cock and began rubbing it and then she got on her knees, and began sucking on it while her father just stood there frozen while his cock sure wasn’t. Monica sucked her fathers cock then she licked his shaft moving down to his balls sucking on each one then going back to giving her father a blowjob until a few shots of cum bursts into her mouth then she moves upward and positions her father’s cock into her pussy. She moves up and down on his cock with Tom standing still then Monica kisses her father but not like father and daughter kiss but a true lover kiss as Monica uses her tongue to feel her father’s mouth as her father began exploring his daughter’s mouth and entire body as he wrapped his arms around her feeling her down to her ass cheeks as he began fucking her back with plenty of energy as the Viagra kicked in as his cock hits her hilt they continue to kiss passionately exploring each other. Tom moved down ward and began sucking on her breasts flicking her tit’s and then he moves down to her pussy as he begins eating his own daughter’s pussy as Monica holds on to the kitchen tabletop that was behind her as her father ate her pussy.

Monica turns around with Tom pushing his cock into her pussy from behind. Tom moves closer holding her breasts from behind as he fucks her moving his cock up and down into her as his and her cum combine and drip to the floor. Tom pulls out and moves his cock into her asshole slowly as Monica screams as Tom moves his cock as far as he can in and begins fucking her while playing with her breasts with his hands and kissing his daughter’s neck like they were lovers frozen in time. Tom moves his hands down and begins fingering her pussy as he fucks her ass while kissing her neck. Tom takes his cock out moving back as Monica turns around kissing him and beginning to move down kissing his neck and his chest as she lick his nipples and then moves down to kissing his stomach and then stands back up kissing him on the lips as her mother walks in with the kids all naked of course.

“Well what do we have here” Claire asks as Chris and John play with her pussy while Jessica stands next to her. Monica and Tom stop and look at them.

“It seems we all got good and laid” Jessica says playing with her pussy with everyone laughing.

“So now what do we do from here?” Chris asks.

“Say weren’t we going to watch that movie that you had Monica” John says.

“Why don’t we get something to eat first and then I guess we will have to watch the movie” Monica says smiling.”

“I’ll help you get the food ready” Claire says “Hun are you going to help also.”

“Uh yeah sure I’ll help” Tom says as the three kids go into the living room.
As soon as the Drake family brought out popcorn into the living room Jessica was giving John a blowjob while getting fucked from behind from Chris as the movie was beginning.


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