This story will be the final one of this arc if I get positive comments on this story I am thinking about making another arc call Naruto Shippuden: Nine Tails of Lust. The story will continue in the same format as this one is in. Believe it!

Note there is no sexual things going on for awhile if that is what you want to read please skip this scene and you will see a ***: - )that is where you will read, and every time you see that symbol is where you will begin to read.

As the group reaches the border sometime near midnight crickets chirp as they setup camp tired yet they all know that at least one person must stay up for the first hour.

“Naruto since you were last why don’t…” Shino says in a mono voice realizing that Naruto is curled in a ball sleeping near a tree near by. Shino then says in his mono voice “I’ll take the first watch.” In no time everyone else was fast asleep while Shino tries to stay awake but even he begins to fall into a deep sleep. A few minutes later a thud is heard that goes through the whole camp waking everyone except for Naruto who remains asleep under the tree.

“Wha…what was that Shikamaru” Tenten says trembling as she grabs her scrolls from her bag while everyone else is digging in their own bags only to find that everything in their bags are gone.

“Show yourself” Shikamaru shouts out into the dark forest but all that comes back is animal noises. “Neji do you see anyone” Shikamaru asks as Neji searches the forest with his byakugan but sees nothing.

“I see no one” Neji responds to Shikamaru.

“Wait I sense someone below at four o’clock” Shino says.

“That is right below Naruto” Sakura says.

“Shino is it possible you can dig our opponent out without waking Naruto up” Shikamaru says to Shino. Shino instantly sends bugs out of his robes digging into the ground but almost immediately the ground blew up sending Naruto sky high waking him up several yards away.

“Who ever woke me up is going to…” Naruto says standing up getting ready for battle when Shikamaru interrupts him.

“Enough show yourself” Shikamaru says but only hears a laugh not from below the ground but behind him.

“It looks like we got some leaf village ninja on our hands Chonju” the mystery voice says walking out of the ground with robes that look like Akatsuki with the red clouds.

“Excellent we can finally prove ourselves to the Akatsuki members Poi” Chonju says walking into the moon light showing his true form where he had a two horns sticking out of his head with scars all across his face while carrying two light swords. Poi on the other hand had gloves on his hands with a mask hiding his face that was painted black with red clouds to blend with his robes.

“Who are you two” Shikamaru says toward Poi and Chonju.

“Who…who are we” Chonju laughs with a twisted laugh “We should be asking you the same.”

“Names are not important right now you are ninja from Konoha and we are sub-members of the Akatsuki. That is all you need to know right now” Poi says as Naruto charges for him.

“I don’t care who you are I am going to take you out” Naruto says with a rasengan in his hand charging toward Poi at full force and misses only by a hair as Poi slides one step toward the side as Naruto stares with anguish as he goes past him. As Naruto passes him he turns into a cloud revealing that it was a clone to Poi.

“A clone” Poi says jumping up to a tree branch. As soon as he gets on to the branch he feels like his feet are caught only to see he being held down by bugs.

“Here I come” Naruto screams with anger from the sky heading down with a rasengan toward Poi. As soon as he hits him a huge explosion occurs with the tree collapsing backward by the force. Naruto is in hiding in another tree as his clone hits Poi. Once the cloud disappears Poi is still standing but not on the branch instead on a black cloud. Naruto thought to himself “Damn I thought I hit him.”

“Boy you don’t want to mess with me” Poi says cracking his neck and knuckles as he floats on his black cloud.

“Thanks Poi for stalling long enough for me to get ready for my jutsu” Chonju says as he hits the ground with his hand gently as the ground begins to rise covering the group except for Naruto who is still hiding in the tree. “Come on out boy unless you want your friends to die” Chonju laughs raising both of his swords in front of him in the form of an x.

“Multi shadow clone jutsu” Naruto yells everywhere surrounding entire area revealing two thousand of him selves all of them are holding hands creating giant ball rasengan’s. “You are going to die!” Naruto says with anger as he goes in every direction toward the two. In seconds a massive cloud of smoke surrounds the area and within a few moments the cloud leaves revealing an area totally desolate with tree branches sticking out of the ground becoming a dead zone. The moonlight shines on the area.

“Boy now we’re getting serious” Chonju says as he steps in to the area only to find out that he is captured by a shadow choking him.

“Forgot about us did you” Shikamaru says who is standing twenty feet away with Sakura, Shino, Neji, and Tenten.

Poi is floating above the whole scene on his cloud looking for Naruto when he notices Chonju is captured
“Chonju can’t you handle a few kids!”

“Here I come you asshole” Naruto screams from all sides attacking Poi with rasengans. As Naruto hits him a giant ball of smoke comes as all of the Naruto’s leave then all of Naruto’s clones vanish on the tree tops leaving Naruto on one tree top with Poi collapsing to the ground with Tenten and Sakura capturing him with his cloud disappearing.

“So what if you capture us we still won’t tell you anything” Chonju says as Neji and Shikamaru tie him up.

“Hey guys…guys…” Naruto yells as he runs over but faints by all the energy he used during battle with Yamato and the ANBU jumping out of nowhere as they take care of Naruto and taking the Akatsuki members.

“Thanks for taking them out, well take care of it from here” one of the ANBU says lifting Poi on his shoulder as another ANBU places Chonju on his shoulder.

“Alright you two head back to camp and meet us back at 1300 hundred hours” Yamato says with the two ANBU vanish leaving Yamato and three other ANBU remaining.

“Neji and Yamato I need to speak with you and everyone else rest up we got a busy night ahead of us” Shikamaru says as Yamato and Neji walk over to Shikamaru, Naruto is resting on the sides peacefully, and the ANBU repair the area with the help of Tenten, Sakura and Shino.

“Yamato do you or your group has any ideas of what is up ahead in the land of rain” Shikamaru says.

“To tell you the truth there is only a few from Konoha that have ever entered the land of rain, and the ones that have are on other missions right now” Yamato replies to Shikamaru’s question.

“The element of surprise is gone unless of course they did not hear the battle” Neji says.

“True Neji so that leaves us with limited options” Shikamaru says thinking with his hands together as Yamato and Neji continue discussing what to do when Shikamaru finally gets an idea “Yamato since your element is wood it will be easy for you to go through the country undercover and Neji your byakugan can help the rest of us go through the country undetected. We can use Naruto and Tenten to go through in disguise as common folks just passing through as the rest of us will be on the sides.”

***: - )
“That should work just right for me” Temari says standing above them on a branch as the three look up to see her jump down in front of them.

“Temari it sure has been awhile” Shikamaru says smiling her outfit not understanding why women dress so sexy just to tempt men.

“Before I got here I was attacked by some ninja from the land of rain fortunately they escaped since my jutsu is running quite low or I could’ve been a goner” Temari says to the three. Yamato is having a hard-on remembering what he did to her awhile ago while Shikamaru is thinking why she always flirts with him. Neji is thinking why they have to bring her on the mission and not someone else from Konoha.

“We can wait another day before we go into the land of rain it doesn’t seem they’ll notice us for awhile” Yamato says staring at Temari’s breast.

“Since we’re going to rest another day Yamato then I suppose a cabin is necessary” Sakura says walking toward the group with Tenten and the ANBU.

I suppose I could make one for all of us Sakura” Yamato says then makes a cabin with his jutsu.

“Thank you Yamato” Temari kisses Yamato on the lips and catches up with Sakura and Tenten as they go into the cabin as the boys follow them. One of the ANBU has Naruto on his shoulder as he places Naruto in one of the beds and then walks out of the cabin watching the area with the others.

Once the ANBU was out of the cabin Sakura, Tenten, and Temari were all stripping their clothes off in front of Yamato, Neji, Shino, and Shikamaru as Naruto is still resting.

“Shikamaru you disappointed me last time how about now you let me take care of your beautiful piece of meat” Sakura says in a seductive voice walking over taking Shikamaru’s cock out of his pants as he stands there looking down as Sakura begins rubbing it and then begins sucking it as Tenten and Neji start making out, Yamato sucks on Temari’s breasts, and Shino stands back watching the scene around him with a hard-on in his pants begging to be free.

“Shino you seem to be missing out on all the fun” Tenten says as Neji is kissing her all over “Why don’t I make a clone to take care of your needs.” Tenten makes a clone that instantly takes out Shino’s cock and begins sucking on it.

“Why don’t we all make a bunch of clones to satisfy each other?” Sakura says pulling Shikamaru’s cock out of her mouth with his cum and her saliva mixed on his cock and on her mouth. Everyone makes a bunch of clones filling the room with a strong odor of sex in the air waking up Naruto.

Naruto was dreaming of fucking Tsunade and he was even rubbing his cock in his pants when he smelt a familiar scent waking up with eyes wide open seeing in front of him a scene he couldn’t believe. Rubbing his eyes not believing what he is looking at and then stands up taking his clothes off slowing as he watches the orgy in front of him and then he shouts multi shadow clone jutsu showing twenty naked Naruto’s jumping into the scene.

“Naruto!” Sakura screams as Naruto fucks one of her clones in all three holes. Three more take on one of
Temari’s clones and the same for one of Tenten’s clones while the rest are being satisfied by the other female clones leaving the real Naruto fucking the real Sakura in the pussy as she bounces up and down on his lap while she sucks on one of Yamato’s clones cocks then she moans out loud “Uh…fuck Naruto…fuck me harder…oh yeah that’s right keep fucking me!”

“Oh you love me fucking you Sakura huh…how about this” Naruto moans and then hits her hilt as his cock goes all the way in her pussy. Sakura screams so loud that every stops fucking and looks over to where Naruto, Sakura, and Yamato where.

“Damn Sakura contain yourself will you. We aren’t that far from the enemy’s border” the real Shikamaru says as he takes his mouth out of one of Temari’s clones pussies.
“I think we should stop and get some rest now that we will need to enter the enemy’s territory tomorrow” the real Shino says to the group.

“Yeah I suppose your right Shino, but why do you have to ruin the fun now” the real Naruto says as Sakura gets up and all of the clones vanish. Revealing a room where Sakura is standing above Naruto, Yamato near Temari’s pussy, Tenten pulling herself out of Shino’s cock, Neji sitting on the floor with a semi-erect cock, and Shikamaru is standing there rubbing his still erect cock that slippery from all the saliva and cum on it and his hand.

“Yawn…” Temari says tired from all that has happened today falling to the ground and soon falls to sleep with Shino has his head near her pussy as he also goes to sleep. Neji falls to sleep where he sits; Shikamaru goes over to where Yamato and Temari are on the floor with Yamato behind Temari as Shikamaru is on the other side with a quick kiss on the lips with Temari the three also go to sleep. Naruto and Sakura lie together face to face as Naruto has the head of his cock in Sakura’s pussy as they sleep together.

Outside the five ANBU are taking turns as they watch over the cabin for the night.


Next morning in the cabin Naruto is the first to wake up noticing his fully erect cock is in Sakura he decides to slowly fuck her hoping not to wake her up but after a few times her eyes are wide open as she sees Naruto fucking her pussy this morning. “Naruto please stop I know you feel so good in my pussy but we have a busy day today” Sakura says quietly secretly wishing this moment would never end but knows that it needs to stop. Naruto ignores her as he continues to fuck her pumping his cock in and out with a steady rhythm.

Shino is waking up looking right in front him Tenten’s juicy pussy right in front of his eyes he decides to lick it to wake up Tenten. After a few moments Tenten wakes up looking down to see Shino licking her pussy so she decides to let him suck it while she pretends to sleep holding her own pleasure in but gives in when Shino makes her cum “Oh… Shino please don’t stop.”

Temari wakes up hearing Tenten then she feels two erect cocks one on her ass and the other in her pussy. She moves up and down slowly at first but soon goes quickly when Shikamaru and Yamato are waking up helping her.

Neji is the last to wake up hearing all the noises in the room he sees everyone going back to fucking and couldn’t believe how everyone is so addicted to sex even with the smell of sex from last night lingering in the air with the fresh smell of this morning’s sex. “Everyone stop right now!” Neji yells with everyone stopping for a moment.

“Neji I can satisfy that cock of yours” Tenten says as Shino goes back to sucking her pussy.
Neji looks down noticing he has an erect cock and then looks back up seeing that everyone is back to where they where before “Everyone stop!” Neji yells once more.

“Neji would you stop yelling and come over here and let me take care of that cock for you” Tenten says.

“NO! We have a mission today in the land of rain we need to get ready” Neji yells.

“Who made you the boss of us” Naruto says looking up at Neji.

“Neji your right we do need to get ready for the mission” Shikamaru says getting up and grabbing his clothes and getting dressed and in time everyone is fully dressed and heading out of the cabin where they see the five ANBU standing outside waiting for Yamato and Shikamaru’s orders. “Alright ANBU I’ll need you to watch our backs once again as we enter the land of rain. When we get into a safe area I’ll give you the sign when we will be attacking and that will be when you move ahead with Yamato. We will meet at the first village in disguise as common folks. The codeword will be Ikustaka which is backwards for Akatsuki” Shikamaru says to the ANBU as they all head out.

Tenten and Naruto were both disguised as old people carrying there wagon that hand a mix of things with in it as they enter the land of rain as a light rain falls to the ground they notice two ninja from the land of rain near them.

“Halt you two what business do you have here” one of the ninja’s says.

“We are simply passing by some friends of ours in the land of sand have invited us to their place and this is the fastest route to their place sir” Tenten says hoping that they will let them pass.

“Oh certainty you may pass” The other guard says in a pleasing voice as Naruto and Tenten pass with Yamato sneaking in underground up a tree as he sees the two pass with ease but notices that the two guards afterwards have told others to keep an eye on the two. The ANBU vanish as Naruto and Tenten were accepted in and the rest of the group took out the two guards quickly as they also followed Naruto and Tenten into the land of rain.

Within an hour they all near the first town revealing each with the codeword as they enter a bar that looked quite especially with it being in the afternoon. What made even stranger was that no one was in the streets but a few kids running into their homes.

“I presume none of you are from here” the bartender says to the odd group of travelers.

“We are just passing by to the land of sand” Shikamaru says in his disguise as an old common folk.

“Well this area isn’t the safest route or the best place for travel” the bartender says.

“It sure does seem like that with no one on the streets” Naruto almost blowing their cover says as Tenten stops him from saying anymore.

“Oh, what can I give you all we have is toad broth, rain broth, or our special toad ramen” the bartender says.

“Toad Ramen” Naruto says in a hyped up voice about hearing ramen. The rest of the group took their orders careful not to be poisoned but as soon as they all their first sip the floor opened below them sending them all down a dark tunnel that did not seem to end but they stopped hitting a small lake and when they emerged they were in a large white room that had pipes on the walls with smoke bursting out and a passageway above them with someone walking toward them in the passageway. Everyone hides under the water to wait to see who it is except for Yamato and one of the ANBU who decide to hide themselves in the walls.

A woman that has seems to be made of paper is comes out and look around then with one hand sends a wave of flowers all over the room lifting the group in the water out.

“How dare you enter the land of rain don’t you know you shall all die even the two that are in the walls will soon perish” the lady says. The group dispels there disguise and Yamato and the ANBU reveals themselves from the walls.

“Who are you?” Yamato asks toward the women above them.

“You do not need to know foolish leaf ninja.

“I’ll take care of her” Temari shouts out showing her large fan as she steps foreword.

“Your too easy sand ninja” the lady shoots a rapid amount of paper roses toward Temari with Temari firing back with her fan sending the paper roses across the room and falling to the ground exploding with the instant contact which blows Temari back to where the others are standing.

“Damn it, you’re going to die!” Temari shouts as she gets up unleashing a storm toward the lady but it is stopped with one brush of the hand in mid-air as the wind is manipulated right back to Temari sending her back to the wall which is broken to reveal an opening to the outside.

“Naruto, Tenten, Shino Go!” Shikamaru says hoping to buy some time as Sakura, Temari, and the ANBU leave with Yamato staying to keep an eye on Naruto.

“Multi shadow clone jutsu” Naruto screams as he unleashes two thousand of him selves all across the room attacking at all angles toward the lady but with a flash of her hand the clones vanish leaving the real Naruto fall straight downward with his rasengan and Shino’s bugs grabbing a hold of her. In one quick moment a large bang is heard with smoke covering the area only to find out that the lady is behind them.

“Ha is that the best you can do” the lady says without a scratch on her.

“Damn not one scratch on her” Naruto says as he jumps down to where Shino and Tenten are.

“Tenten you and I are going to have to give it our all as Naruto will need to do what he is best for” Shino says to the two in a mono voice. Tenten fires at all angles her weapons as Shino sends out a flood of bugs from his arms as Naruto vanishes in the room.

“Oh so this is your plan of taking me out is it foolish leaf ninja’s. You don’t have one god damn chance of defeating me. Your Jiraiya was my sensei!” the lady shouts out to the three.

“Liar” Naruto screams as he hits her with his rasengan right in the stomach only to vanish to reveal a paper clone.

“You may not believe it but I am telling you the truth, but of course it will not matter when you three are dead and the rest of your group is captured to never see another day” the lady says as she stands above them.

“You will not get away from me you bitch” Naruto screams as he makes more clones to make several rasengans as he rushes toward her. Shino creates a wall of bugs to block the lady from moving any further as Tenten writes on the floor with her own blood a jutsu that unleashes a vast amount of weapons from the ground that tears right through Shino’s wall.

“Why did you do that Tenten Naruto is still in there” Shino asks Tenten after she threw her weapons through his wall.

“Whoops, I forgot Naruto is still in there” Tenten gasps in embarrassment when suddenly they hear a loud shriek behind the wall. Shino takes his wall down to reveal the lady still standing and Naruto also standing on opposite sides with Naruto unleashing the nine-tail beast within him processing two tails already. Yamato goes in to stop Naruto but is pushed back when the lady sees what he is doing.

“I’ll take him one-on-one” the lady says calmly.

“You’re going to die!” Naruto screams unleashing even more force with the third tail growing pushing back Shino, Tenten, and Yamato. Walls were breaking apart and even the floor was collapsing as the lady stands there that is not even flinching at the force that Naruto is unleashing.

A mysterious man walks down the tunnel as he hears the battle that is in the room ahead of him. He stops noticing a force he has never felt in his life. A force that must be the nine-tail beast and the man simply smiles as he decides to wait it out.

“You truly think you can kill me with the force you have you are simply killing yourself with that much power” the lady says.

“DIE!” Naruto unleashes the fourth tail as he jumps full force toward her attacking with one claw scratching her skin as she moves out of the way.

“I know you can’t hear me but to your friends you as I said before will die” the lady says moving away once again as Naruto fires a black looking rasengan from his mouth toward her.

“Let me handle him and we will leave” Yamato says in a desperate plea to the lady.

“Ha I desire a fight from a person that possesses the nine-tail beast” the lady moves once again as
Naruto unleashes the fifth tail. The walls collapse leaving Shino, Tenten, and Yamato to move out of the way even the lady that is fighting them has too move away.

The mystery man that is watching from the tunnel heads toward the action at a slow pace.

“Yamato well take distract the lady you take care of Naruto” Tenten says as Shino and her go after the mysterious lady. Yamato pushes the seal on to Naruto’s forehead compressing the nine-tail beast back into Naruto as Naruto collapses on the ground with his skin burned. Sakura comes out of nowhere as well as the rest of the group. The mystery lady disappears when a mysterious man walks in to the desolate room.

“You must leave now before I change my mind, and tell Jiraiya I expect to see him soon. Now go!” the mysterious man says pointing away from the area.

“Who are you?” Yamato says as the group retreats.

“I am Pein” the mystery man says and points outward as the group leaves weakened and in need of aid.


A few days later Naruto awakens in the hospital.

“Sakura what happened did I get her?” Naruto says looking to his side at Sakura who is sitting on a chair reading a book.

“I am sorry Naruto you did not get her you…” Sakura stops to reminisce on what happened in the land of rain as she saw five tails break apart the entire building in front of her eyes. Sakura begins to cry and leaves the room as Naruto can’t move with his entire body in bandages as he rests in his bed.

“Naruto how have you been” Jiraiya says beside the window.

“Jiraiya, are you here so you can help me train” Naruto says excited to see him but unable to move.
“Ha in your position Naruto I can’t train you; no I must leave for a mission in the land of rain. Lady Tsunade has ordered me to head over there, so I must go immediately. Bye Naruto” Jiraiya says in a cheerful mood leaving Naruto before Naruto could say another word. A knock at the door with the door opening into Naruto’s room reveals…

“Lady Tsunade I am sorry I can’t do anything sexual right now with my body how it is but as soon as I am able to I’ll take care of your every need I promise” Naruto pleads as best he can in the position he is in.

“That is all right Naruto I have found other ways of satisfying myself. I came here for some information that involved the last mission” Lady Tsunade says in a more serious note “What I want to know is what happened in the cabin that Yamato had made before you went off into the land of rain, since no one else seems to be telling me a damn thing about what happened I what to know what happened from your perspective.”

Naruto thought about all the things that occurred that glorious night and had to smile and before he looked back at Lady Tsunade he saw in the creek of the door everyone that was involved looking to see if Naruto would say anything. Naruto looks at Lady Tsunade and smiles saying “I don’t remember since I was out for quite awhile when I was in a battle against some Akatsuki.”

“I really hat to do this but I have no choice in the matter Naruto I am going to use blackmail. If you don’t tell me what happened you will never become Hokage! Do you understand me now?” Tsunade says leaning in squeezing Naruto’s cock hard enough to make Naruto frightened.

Naruto gulps hard when Yamato steps in “Excuse me Lady Tsunade Shizune is in need of your assistance about something she is doing at her home and is in need of your help right this instance.”

“Ah…very well Yamato…Shizune better have a good excuse…” Lady Tsunade says as she leaves mumbling to herself forgetting all about Naruto.

“Naruto if she ever comes back do not say anything about what happened in the cabin or else” Yamato says with a stern scary face at Naruto. Naruto simply nods in fear of what could possibly happen if he said anything. Yamato walks out closing the door leaving an eerie mood in the room.

***: - )

Tsunade knocks at Shizune’s place when she hears moaning within she decides to let her in not knowing what to expect. When she entered the place looked like it was hit by a typhoon. The moaning continued in Shizune’s bedroom as Tsunade moved closer to her bedroom. Soon she was right at the door as she recognizes Shizune’s voice but the other voice sounds familiar but she couldn’t figure it out until she opened the door a little bit to show to her astonishment Shizune on top of someone that had green jumpsuit. Without needing to see the face Tsunade knew instantly that it was either Gai or Lee. Tsunade continued to stare at how Shizune continued to bounce up and down not realizing she herself had her hand rubbing her pussy. Without knowing it she had moved even further in curious and horny as Shizune continues to moan.

“Oh fuck me… Gai fuck me!” Shizune moans when Tsunade comes back to her senses as she is standing at the doorway watching Gai pound is cock into Shizune.

“Shizune!” Tsunade screams with Gai and Shizune stopping and looking at Tsunade and then like teenagers caught try to cover up as fast as possible.

“Lady Tsunade wha…what are you doing here” Shizune freighted by the intrusion as she covers herself with the sheets with Gai lying there with his cock sticking out of the sheets.

“Yamato told me that you needed me” Tsunade says.

“Yamato?” Shizune says confused.

“Wait just one moment. What is going on anyways?” Gai says to break the tension in the room.

“Yes Shizune what is going on” Tsunade says looking at Shizune eye-to-eye.

“I had given Gai some forbidden medicine so that he becomes a sex addict Lady Tsunade” Shizune says holding the bed sheets for her life.

“You did what Shizune!” Tsunade says fuming at Shizune leaning over her like a hawk looking over her prey.

Shizune shaking under the sheets as Tsunade stands above her “I…used for…bi…bidd…en med…” Tsunade peals the sheets off the bed revealing Shizune and Gai naked before Shizune could say anymore. Tsunade looks at both of them lying together when she sees Gai’s cock she then looks at Shizune’s hard nipples and wet pussy. The next thing neither Shizune nor Gai could expect from Tsunade.
Tsunade goes down rubbing Shizune’s pussy and sucks on her hard tits “You like sex do you Shizune. What do you think about sex now” Tsunade says in a seductive voice as she continues “Gai fuck me now!” Gai obeys getting right behind her and placing his hard cock in her pussy as she plays with Shizune’s body.

Lady Tsunade what has came over you. I know you love sex but I didn’t know you loved it his much” Shizune moans as Tsunade digs her fingers deeper in to her pussy and then they kiss with their tongues intertwined. Shizune move her hands up to Tsunade’s breast as she feels them all around and squeezes her tits as Tsunade does the same to her.

“Lady Tsunade I’m going to cum” Gai says as he continues to fuck Tsunade in her pussy.

“Oh Gawd Gai that feels so good, but you need to stop for a moment” Tsunade says with Gai pulling his cock out as Tsunade turns around as Shizune licks her pussy. Tsunade fingers Shizune’s pussy as she grabs a hold of Gai’s cock and begins sucking on the juicy cock.

“Lady Tsunade the power of youth is truly in you” Gai says as he stands there marveling as Tsunade sucks on his cock.

Tsunade stops and yells “Shizune go deeper will you.” Shizune obeys and digs even further into Tsunade’s pussy shoving her whole hand in Tsunade’s pussy. Tsunade goes back to giving Gai a blowjob.

Gai cums once more but this time only a few drops as Tsunade pumps his cock but to no success “Heh I guess I’m out of cum” Gai says shrugging as Tsunade looks up at him then she touches his cock with one finger and then rubs it once more and more cum comes out. Tsunade goes back to sucking on his cock as Shizune stops fingering her and digs her tongue deep into her asshole.

“Shizune who told you to put your tongue in my ass! I want that tongue in my pussy right now!” Tsunade says taking Gai’s cock away from her mouth once more shouting at Shizune as Shizune instantly moves her tongue into Tsunade’s wet juicy pussy flicking at her clit “Shizune oh god yes your making me cuuuummmmmm!” Tsunade goes back to sucking on Gai’s cock for awhile more when she notices that Shizune is not sucking on her pussy and once again looks behind her to see Shizune past out with cum dripping from her mouth. Tsunade forgets about it and looks up at Gai and says “Fuck me” with a seducing voice with his cum and her saliva drooling from her mouth and on his cock.

Tsunade moved off of Shizune and positioned herself so Gai could fuck her as she lies on the bed with Gai at the edge placing his cock in her swollen red wet dripping pussy. “Lady Tsunade I can’t control this addiction, yet it feels so good” Gai moans as pounds his cock in her.

“That’s alright Gai after were done you can come to me and I’ll take care of your addiction” Tsunade says and then her feet start glowing with chakra as she hits Gai on the hips with them as Gai collapses on top of her. “That should teach Shizune from using anymore forbidden techniques” Tsunade says gets up placing Gai next to Shizune as she gets dressed and leaves heading back to the hospital to gain some information from Naruto.


Naruto looks at the sky as he sees ninja jumping on rooftops as they carry on their missions when he hears the door open once more he pretends to be asleep as whoever it was would see that he was sleeping.

“Ah I see Naruto is sleeping I suppose I’ll just have to leave and come back some other time” Kakashi says.

“Kakashi!” Naruto opens his eyes wide open to see Kakashi standing there with a book in his hand.

“Naruto I see your awake. Here you were in the land of rain?” Kakashi says.

“Sure was Kakashi unfortunately we failed the mission” Naruto says.
“That’s alright I heard that Yamato had made a cabin for all of you before you left” Kakashi says.

“Sure did Kakashi” Naruto replies.

“What did you do in the cabin?” Kakashi asks intrigued by Naruto’s next words when the door opens to reveal Kakashi.

“Huh two Kakashi’s” Naruto says then blinks and shakes it off and when he opens his eyes he sees Tsunade near him while Kakashi is at the door. “Lady Tsunade what are you doing here” Naruto shocked to see her in the room.

“Naruto I was just checking on you. Kakashi good day” Tsunade says leaving as she mumbles under her breath as Kakashi also leaves but not before dropping a book from Jiraiya that is for Naruto. Naruto goes back to looking out the window seeing that everyone is busy.

Lady Tsunade heads back to her office knowing full well that there are papers to take care of and then she would most likely masturbate herself as she goes to bed.


Next morning Sakura decides to wake up Naruto knowing full well that he would be healthy. As she enters she sees Naruto on the window sill ready to leave. “Naruto! What are you doing out of bed?” Sakura shouts.

“Hey Sakura I’m feeling much better now I’m going to get some of Ichiraku’s ramen want to come” Naruto says to Sakura.

“No, you go ahead I’ve got work to do” Sakura says grabbing a paper to check off Naruto’s bed stand as Naruto vanishes.


“Alright you have a good day mister” Ayame says to a customer as Naruto walks in “Naruto the usual right”

“Yeah sure where’s the old guy at?” Naruto asks.

“HE woke up sick today so its Choji and I that are taking care of the place for today” Ayame replies as Choji comes out from the back lifting a barrel of ramen.

“Oh hey Naruto I see your out of the hospital this fine day” Choji says cheerfully.

“Yeah and as soon as I am done I’m going to find Kakashi so I can train” Naruto says finishing his third bowl. “Well good day to you two I’m off to train.” As Naruto leaves Kakashi enters.

“Just in time for some training I see Naruto” Kakashi says as he is reading a book.

“Sure am Kakashi. Where is Yamato though?” Naruto asks.

“He will meet us over there” Kakashi says as they walk off to the training site.


As Naruto was training a messenger comes telling Kakashi that Lady Tsunade wants to see Naruto immediately. “Naruto come here” Kakashi yells as Naruto stops and Yamato breathes.
“What is it Kakashi?” Naruto asks.

“Lady Tsunade wants to see you” Kakashi says in a depressing voice. The three head off to the Hokages palace.

They enter as they see Tsunade sitting at her chair with Sakura, Shikamaru, the two elders, and several frogs with frog that was shape of a long tube. “Naruto we received some information that Jiraiya had died and you now have the chance to train as a sage” Tsunade says Naruto freezes as some frogs say something but nothing is getting through as Naruto leaves the room.

“He’ll come to his senses and take on the training” Kakashi assures the group.


Naruto walks back to his home when Iruka walks past asking if he wanted to have some ramen but Naruto keeps on walking simply saying “No thanks Iruka I’m not hungry right now.”
Naruto returns to his place and remembers the time with Jiraiya then goes to sleep.

The ending of this is story is similar to a particular time in the Shippuden series that ultimately changes Naruto.

Next story will be here with in the next week or so.

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2011-05-30 02:09:27
extremely fANTASTIC i love it you should think about making A story on godswarvor dragon ball z or scooby doo fun things like reading sex about them make me want to cum and make me really happ
y iother words ur storys r really seductive and good keep going u rock man make more storys plzz

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2011-05-30 02:09:27
extremely fANTASTIC i love it you should think about making A story on godswarvor dragon ball z or scooby doo fun things like reading sex about them make me want to cum and make me really happ
y iother words ur storys r really seductive and good keep going u rock man make more storys plzz

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2011-05-30 02:04:55
yes bring more im cumming just thinking about fucking temari and friends dude u should keep up the good work

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2010-04-17 23:50:40
you really need to brush up on your knowledge of the series.....half of the things you say are wrong or make no sense. if you did your research you would know that Naruto never obtains the 5th tail. the only odd numbered tails are the 1st and the 3rd. in the battle with pain he goes in to the 6th and 8th tails. and with 4 or more tails he is merely a destructive force. as strong as konan(your mystery woman) may be she is no match for the 4th or 5th forms....even orochimaru was outmatched by the fourth tail, and pain who is far stronger than Konan was no match for the 6th tail. so how would she be a match for the fifth tail? there is a decent story line here but for me being a fan of the actual anime/manga i would like a little more accuracy.


2008-11-24 02:38:11
Look, this will be a critic of the whole series . First of all it is commendable that you have such diligence in writing this but there are a few points.
1.: a few minor issuses (Temari is Gaara`s sister for instance, not brother...)
2.: Abysmal grammar, dragging down the rating massively
3.: Repetiviness (... and then they fucked for hours until the fell asleep)
4.: Unnatural mood swings (Ino: Boohoo, I think Sai is gay! Sob, Sob! Hey Hinata let`s have lebian sex!) Absence of proper explanation and story.

Look, all of this dragged down the rating from an 8.5-9/10, sometimes even 9.3/10 down to a 5-5.5/10 Please redo the chapters, the could be so much better. And before everyone starts bitching around, that I should start writing myself, I would like to ask you whether you will give me permission to use your story and try to erase the grammatical errors as well as fill in the missing blanks.

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