A note--BOLD text is actions/narrations. all other text represents dialog.

Diary Entry 1: October the 30th, 2008 Time of writing--9:00PM
today was...interesting. it all started this morning...
I will break my entrie into the morning, evening, and night portions. they will be labeled accordingly with the approximate time of the most significant event(s)
Alyssa walked down the stairs. she was wearing a pair of jeans that were ripped at the knees and were riding low, showing her pink panties. she was topless, because she had no clean shirts in he drawer, and she had to get a shirt from the dryer (she had neglected to bring up her clothes, partially because she forgot, partially because she had been really tired from watching that porn flick.) she grabbed a shirt from the basket, realized she had no bra on

fuck, my bra!
just as she was reaching for the bra, the doorbell rang; she answered it
now who could that be at this hour?!
she walked over to the door and opened it. the visitor just stood there staring.

what are you---OH!

the visitor finally spoke:

oh my---um I am your daughter Joyce's guidance counselor--um would you mind putting on a shirt...or a bra...or something?

they're just boobs lady, and I am sure yours are a lot better than mine!

well I wanted to talk to you because your daughter got called to the principal's office. she was found having sex
with another female student in the custodian's closet. this behavior is obviously frowned upon--

of course it is! I will have a talk with her when she gets home! thank you!

you're very welcome

you know you're very attractive!

me?? no...

yes! i'd fuck you right now if I wasn't already fucking my daughter's best friend's mother on a regular basis.

well I've never had sex with a woman...I'm curious but I've never done it

do you have a husband? a boyfriend?


when was the last time you had sex?

months ago

are you starved for sex right now?

yes actually

come on then
she pulls her visitor into the house, kissing her as she does. she reaches back and shuts the door with her leg.

hold on a second baby I gotta lock the door so I know when my whore of a daughter gets home

alright, but don't make me wait too long sexy, I wanna fuck you so hard you don't remember ever liking men!

a moment later they are back in the embrace; she guides her visitor towards the bedroom.
hold on again; I want to make this even better. you'll have to strip me before you fuck me.
she disappeared into the bedroom. when she came out she was fully dressed.

come on and get me!
they ran at each other and embraced each other passionately. they moved into the bedroom quickly...

THAT AFTERNOON, 2:00PM Thursday OCTOBER 30, 2008

Alyssa heard a knock at the door and then the key turning. A moment later, Joyce walked in after a stressful day as a senior in High School. The girls soccer team had won their conference's championship and the tournament was starting up that weekend. She had a feeling they had a chance since they had home turf advantage, but their opponent was a team of all seniors that had been playing soccer since freshmen year. The team Joyce was on had some juniors on it, as they were also qualified for the Varsity team. They were good--good enough to be conference champions but their best player had suffered an ACL tear in the last game.

what's going on mom?

Alyssa walked out of her bedroom. she had carelessly tossed her clothes back on after having sex with Joyce's guidance counselor, and had adjusted her panties so she could masturbate to the cum juices
Joyce! your guidance counselor said you were caught having sex in a closet with another girl!

I can explain mom--!


she grabs her dildo and begins undressing

I know you wanted to wait for this but I am DOING IT. I am POPPING THAT THING RIGHT NOW!

she attaches the dildo around her waist



she undresses Joyce, except for the bra and panties, and then pushes her down so she's bent over. she gathers up some momentum and rams it into Joyce in one fluid motion. when she does this, Joyce feels a pain that is both horrible and wonderful at the same time.

OHHHH FUCK!! FUCK!!! FUCK!! that feels so GOOD!!



you sure??!


hold on a second

Alyssa stands up and walks away. Joyce hears her in the kitchen getting a bottle and a pair of glasses. she returns, and as she does, she sees her daughter masturbating to the cum juice. she pours each of them a glass of Chardonnay before removing the dildo and setting it down on the bedside table. they each drink their Chardonnay and put the glasses on the floor.

so tell me, Joyce, who was the slut you were fucking on the side?!

her name's Valentina and she means nothing to me. just someone I released my sexual energy into. I didn't even get her number!

you didn't? you dumb fuck we could have had a three way. did you really not get it? if you tell me now your punishment for lying to me won't be nearly as severe. but just as enjoyable.

fine check my phone it'll be under Val

where's your phone?

should be in my jeans over there
Alyssa walks over to the pair of jeans Joyce had been wearing. she removes the black enV2 from it's pocket and opens it. she opens the contact list and looks for 'Val'
she calls the number
on the other side--
Valentina? yes this is Joyce's mother. you see she and I are here in our house naked and we wanted to know if you were up for a three way?

I'll be right over!

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Yeah gagfetish, fiction means make belive. But it was a really cool story but that leaves you with two of the same story but with different endings to continue.


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that's why it's called 'fiction'

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