This is the continuation of the last story.

“Alright Naruto you want me huh” Tsunade says taking Naruto’s pants off while he is unconscious on her desk. “Well I see now why you wanted me so badly now your cock is possessed by the nine-tail beasts’ lust power” Tsunade staring at Naruto’s cock then prepares a jutsu that will return the beasts power back.

Soon afterwards Naruto awakes with a really good feeling down below only to see Lady Tsunade giving him a blowjob but the strange thing was that his cock was back to normal instead of what had occurred earlier where he had a constant flow coming out. Naruto did not understand but forgot about it when Lady Tsunade had made him cum in her mouth “Lady Tsunade…mmm… that feels so good” Naruto relaxed while Tsunade continued to relieve his cock.

Lady Tsunade stopped and gave him a few strokes before sitting on her chair as Naruto looks at her

“Alright Naruto it is time you eat my pussy.” Naruto gets down on the floor and begins licking her pussy slowly getting the feel of her sweet pussy. “Fuck that feels so good Naruto. You should know that when you fuck the Hokage your chances of becoming the next Hokage are even greater” Lady Tsunade says as she holds the back of Naruto’s head as he continues to eat her.
Naruto takes a quick breath “Does that mean the more I have sex with you the greater chance I have of becoming Hokage.”

“Yesssssssssssss” Tsunade moans as Naruto open her pussy and digs with his tongue even further in her pussy. Naruto starts to suck in her clit as she begins to cum “lick that pussy of mine Narutooooooooooooooo.”

After Naruto cleans Tsunade’s pussy he gets up and positions his cock in to her pussy slowly and then soon he was going at a rapid pace as Tsunade was still sitting on her chair. “Lady Tsunade you don’t mind if I suck on your tit’s do you” Naruto licking his lips as Tsunade gives him a nod. Naruto licks her left breasts first while squeezing on the other one playing with her tit’s as he continues to fuck her pussy.
“Oh yes Naruto I can guarantee you that if you do this for me until the day I die that you will be Hokage!” Tsunade moans with pleasure flowing throughout her body as Naruto continues.

“Thank you Lady Tsunade” Naruto says then he kisses her on the lips. Lady Tsunade then returned the kiss by locking tongues as both of their tongues are intertwined Naruto takes his orange shirt while feeling her breasts in his hands as he slowly fucks her as they kiss like two lovers would do.

“Oh Naruto I want this to never end” Tsunade says taking his white t-shirt off as the two continue to kiss and Naruto still slowly fucking her. Tsunade pulls out Naruto’s cock and places it into her ass slowly pushing it in. As soon as it was fully in Naruto slowly began fuck her ass and then he fucked her harder.

“Fuck me harder Naruto!” Lady Tsunade screams as Naruto obeys and fucks her harder. “Alright Naruto I don’t think I can handle any more right now you can pull out” Tsunade says giving a quick kiss on Naruto’s forehead.

Naruto stops soon afterwards and then the two get dressed with Naruto leaving but not after at least one more kiss.


Hinata and Sakura are recovering form what Naruto had done to them earlier.

“Hinata are you awake” Sakura whispering as the two lay next to each other on the floor.

“Yes Sakura” Hinata speaks weakly.

“With Naruto’s cum all over us I say we should take a shower” Sakura says pulling herself up with the bed.

“I suppose so Sakura do you mind helping up” Hinata weakly says putting her hand up.

“Yeah wait one moment let me grab a solider pill and I’ll be right back” Sakura says leaving the room for a solider pill she had in the bathroom. Once she ate the pill she was feeling much better and decided to grab one for Hinata. When Sakura got back she saw that Hinata had pulled herself up and she was lying on the bed passed out. “Well I’ll just place the pill on the bed stand for when she wakes up” Sakura said to herself placing the pill and then she took a shower to clean all cum she had from Naruto.

“Oh Naruto I don’t know where you got that much cum, but I don’t think I can handle it much more” Sakura says as she takes Naruto’s cum out of her pussy and ass. After awhile Sakura doesn’t hear someone entering the bathroom until she sees the curtain open up.

“Hello Sakura” Kakashi says “You don’t mind if I join you do you?”

“Kakashi you almost gave me a heart attack” Sakura says shocked to see Kakashi.

“I’m sorry about that but I seem to be having a hard time resisting you for a long time” Kakashi replies.

“I can see that Kakashi” Sakura giggles as she sees that his cock is fully erect pointing at her.

“Shall we” Kakashi says leaning in to kiss Sakura on the lips with great care.

“Let us” Sakura replies slowly placing Kakashi’s cock in her pussy as they go once again kissing each other passionately. As they were going they heard someone enter the bathroom only to find out that it was Hinata and her father Hiashi enter.

“Kakashi nice meeting you here” Hiashi says while Hinata is rubbing his cock for him.

“I didn’t know you were in to incest Hiashi” Kakashi says.

“Yeah you can thank Sakura and Ino for getting me into this whole incest” Hiashi responds to Kakashi’s response.

“Are you two going to just stand there or are you going to join us” Sakura says to Hinata and Hiashi.

“Hinata do you want to take a shower or do you simply want to suck on my cock all day” Hiashi says to Hinata.

Hinata stops sucking her father’s cock and looks up to say “Daddy you know I would say yes to sucking your cock all day but I suppose I need a shower after what Naruto did to me” The two walk in to the shower with Sakura and Kakashi.

Kakashi and Sakura continue to play with each other with Kakashi’s cock in her pussy. Hinata continues to suck on her father’s cock right behind Sakura. “Oh Kakashi please don’t stop your cock feels so good in me fuck…uh harder” Sakura says as her body is now being held by Kakashi while her legs are wrapped around his legs as Kakashi has his cock in her.

“Kakashi, this generation sure does know how to please” Hiashi says as Hinata is still sucking on his cock.

“They sure do Hiashi they sure do” Kakashi says to Hiashi.


Ino wakes up hearing a knock at her door as she lies on her bed with cum all over her “Come in” Ino speaks with a weak voice as someone enters.

“Wha…What happened to you Ino” Sai says in aw and bemused by Ino lying on the bed with cum all over her.

Ino looks at Sai “Sai can you help me get up I… need to take a shower…” she says weakly toward Sai with cum drooling out of her mouth.

“Okay sure thing Ino” Sai says lifting Ino up and dragging her to the bathroom. When they reach the bathroom he takes off his own clothes so that he can help her clean up.

“Sai thank you, thank you very much” Ino collapses on Sai as the water falls on them.

“Wow I wonder who fucked her this much” Sai thought to himself as he holds onto Ino in the shower.

“Shikamaru is that you” one of the guards says as he spots Shikamaru walking back into Konoha.

“Well who else could it be other than me” Shikamaru responds.

“Glad that your back it seems things have been busy around here since you left” the guard says.

“Oh well I think I’ll find out soon one way or another, but first I need to send my mission over to Tsunade” Shikamaru says “take care will you” Shikamaru walks off to the Hokages palace.

As Shikamaru walks on he ends up seeing Shino walking with a girl that looks like she is in the same clan as him.

“Shikamaru I see that you’re back from the mission in the land of spring” Shino says.

“It seems nothing passes you Shino” Shikamaru laughs then gets serious “So who’s the girl Shino.”

“Oh this is Kikai (means: destruction bugs)” Shino says “we um are…well…”

“We just hooked up” Kikai says as Shino was lost for words.

“Oh yeah well that’s good to hear Kikai and Shino” Shikamaru smiles and then leaves to Tsunade’s as they say their goodbyes.


A door opens.

“Is Tenten content now or is she still sex crazed” Gai looks around fearful of what is to happen next but only sees Tenten lying on her bed with cum all over her body as a Lee and Neji are resting on the floor. “I guess the power of youth can be a real hassle after all” Gai says as he closes the door on his students.
He then walks out of Tenten’s place where he meets up with Iruka. “What’s up Iruka” Gai says.

“Gai. So how are my ex-students doing?” Iruka asks.

“Tired. It seems that Tenten right now has a sex addiction” Gai says disappointed.

“Wow, how long has it been going on?” Iruka asks shocked by what Gai said.

“For a week. I don’t know how much longer it’s going to be but Neji and Lee can’t do it any longer and I sure don’t have the energy to handle her” Gai says.

“Well if you must know it seems that a lot of sex has been going on among the youth this past couple of weeks” Iruka says.

“Oh I wonder what has them all sex crazed” Gai responds.

“I don’t know Gai. Take care will you” Iruka says.

“Yeah you too” Gai says as the two walk their separate ways. Gai continues to walk when he decides to find Shizune for some answers.

After awhile searching he finds her at a market place shopping for some groceries “Shizune we need to talk” Gai is huffing and puffing as he is tired.

“Gai I suppose we could talk” Shizune is shocked, but follows him into a small bar “So what is it Gai that you wanted to talk about.”

“Well it seems there is a sexual energy in the youth and well I had heard about what Tsunade did earlier against Naruto and all the rumors that are going on. Bottom line is I need your help on ending this or at least controlling this problem” Gai says as their drinks come.

“I suppose I could find something to help, but I’m going to need your help with a few things” Shizune says to Gai.

“Anything” Gai says begging for her help.

“Let’s go to my place first I need to pick up some things then were going to have to go to the hospital to get all the things I require afterwards we have to head to Lady Tsunade’s medical cabinets” Shizune says and then the two head off.


“Naruto” Shikamaru walks up to the Hokage palace waving at Naruto.

“Shikamaru is that really you.” Naruto rubs his eyes and then says “You sure have missed a lot of things around here Shikamaru you know that.”

“So I’ve heard Naruto.” Shikamaru answers.

“See you later Shikamaru I need to get over to Hinata’s place” Naruto says waving good-bye as Shikamaru walks up the stairs to Lady Tsunade’s.

“Well everyone so far has said things have changed but not one damn thing has changed that I’ve seen” Shikamaru says to himself as he reaches the steps to the doors of Lady Tsunade’s office.

When he opens it he sees Tsunade at her desk signing off papers “Shikamaru your report on the mission” Tsunade says without looking up at him.

“It was a success Tsunade order in the area is complete” Shikamaru says dropping his report on her desk.

“Very good Shikamaru and your next mission I am sending you over to the land of rain and you will need two teams of your choice and this will be an A-rank mission that could easily become an S-Rank mission. If you decide to pick Naruto for this mission please let me know now since I will need to talk to him about a private issue” Tsunade says while finishing up the papers on her desk then looks at Shikamaru with a serious face.

“Very well I will need Naruto, Sakura, Neji, Shino, and Tenten for this mission” Shikamaru says proudly.

“Thank you, here is your mission and please tell Naruto to come here as soon as possible, also let your other teammates know of their orders” Tsunade says cursing under he breath of all the people he had chosen.

“Oh and one more thing Lady Tsunade you don’t mind if Temari comes along I am in need of her powers for this mission as well” Shikamaru says.

“Very well Shikamaru let her know right away I expect your group to leave here tonight at the earliest” Tsunade says.
“Thank you Lady Tsunade and take care” Shikamaru leaves assembling his team for this mission.


“Kakashi oh yes Kakashi keep it going that feels so good” Sakura says as she is getting fucked from behind in the pussy while she holds onto the bed.

“Hinata all day long you have sucked on my cock when do I get to fuck you” Hiashi says sitting on the bed next to Sakura as Hinata sucks his cock.

“So that’s what you want daddy. I will only if you eat my sweet pussy first while Sakura gives you a blowjob” Hinata says rubbing her father’s slimy cock in her hands.

“Alright sweety get up here” Hiashi says lying down on the bed as Hinata moves over his face with her wet pussy falling on to his mouth and Sakura moves her body to his cock as Kakashi continues to fuck her from behind.

“Oh…ah yes father please make me cum will you” Hinata moans as her father digs his tongue deep into her pussy. They continue in the same position fro awhile when the door opens.


“What the fuck is going on around here” Shikamaru enters looking at Tenten lying on the bed with Neji and Lee on the floor with all three naked.

“Shikamaru” Lee says slowly opening his eyes then stands up “Shikamaru what are you doing here.”

“I am here for a mission and I require Neji and Tenten. Sorry Lee but when I was walking over I had overheard that the Academy is looking for some Chunin to help the youngsters in training.

“Oh thank you Shikamaru I suppose I should take a shower and get dressed before I go however” Lee notices that he is naked and then he grabs his clothes and runs to the shower as Neji and Tenten wake up hearing their names and looking at Shikamaru.

“What’s up Shikamaru” Tenten says not covering her body that was covered in cum.

“I don’t even what to know what happened in here. I expect you two to be fully dressed and ready by tonight for our mission to the land of rain. This mission will be an A-Rank mission that could easily become an S-Rank, and we will not rest until we reach the border.

“Will there be anyone else other then us three” Neji say standing up grabbing his clothes.

“Yes, Naruto, Sakura, Shino, and Temari will also be joining us. Before I got here I told Naruto, but I can’t seem to find Sakura anywhere she normally would be, and Shino I will be talking to later while Temari will meet us at the border” Shikamaru says scratching the back of his neck.

“She should be with Hinata” Tenten intervenes.

“Thank you Tenten” Shikamaru says then leaves Lee walks back in while Neji and Tenten decided to take a shower together.


Shikamaru rushes over to Hinata hoping that he wouldn’t see the same he had just seen a few moments ago. As soon as he gets over he hears moaning so instead of knocking he walks in only to find Hinata being eaten by her father while Sakura gives Hiashi a blowjob and gets fucked be Kakashi from behind.

“What the fuck is wrong with everyone around here” Shikamaru says and everyone stops and looks to see who it is.

“Shikamaru” Kakashi says in a friendly matter while still shocked like everyone else.

“Is it possible that I could talk to Sakura alone about a mission” Shikamaru asks.

“Yeah no problem Shikamaru” Sakura gets up with Kakashi taking his cock out of her “Don’t worry Kakashi I’ll make a clone to replace me while I talk to Shikamaru just for you.”

Sakura and Shikamaru walk out into the living room while they can still hear the moaning from the other room. Sakura stands in front of Shikamaru naked with erect nipples and a wet pussy dripping with cum. Shikamaru stood there uncomfortable with an growing erection in his pants he tries to look as normal as possible “Sakura I am going to need your assistance for an A-rank mission that could escalate to an S-Rank and you will be expected to be ready by tonight. Neji, Tenten and Naruto already know, Shino will know about it later, and Temari will be meeting us at the border. I expect you to have all your medical supplies ready for the mission.”

“You seem a little tense Shikamaru” Sakura says in a seductive voice noticing his growing erection.

“Yes well it was probably the last mission that gave me some stress, but I should be perfectly fine” Shikamaru swallows hard with sweat dripping down as Sakura grabs his cock and leans in.

“Oh you’re not going anywhere Shikamaru until I take care of your erection” Sakura says opening his pants with his cock popping straight out.

“I’m sorry Sakura but I must be going” Shikamaru nudges Sakura off of him and leaves while fixing his pants running out as Sakura decides to go back to the bedroom disappointed that she didn’t get to fuck Shikamaru.


As Shikamaru was walking down the roads of Konoha he ends up meeting Shino, but this time Kikai was not with him “Oy Shino where’s Kikai” Shikamaru asks.

“Oh her she is working with her team right now I guess Anko is her leader” Shino says.

“Well I’m glad to see you here, because…” Shikamaru says before getting interrupted.

“Because there is a mission in the land of rain and it is an A-rank mission that could escalate to an S-Rank. You also want to leave tonight with Naruto, Sakura, Temari, Neji, and Tenten are also in the group and yes they all know about it” Shino says with Shikamaru standing there smiling wondering how Shino finds out about this information.

“Shino you know sometimes you scare me how much you really know” Shikamaru says.

“So why is it that I am the last one to find out about the mission then” Shino responds.

“I have been looking for you all day Shino” Shikamaru says but Shino looks the other way “come on Shino you should at least be pleased to be going on this mission at the very least.”

“I’ll see you tonight Shikamaru” Shino waves good-bye as Shikamaru stands there for a moment then he decides to get ready himself heading to his families home.


Night time arrives with everyone at the gate of Konoha except for Naruto.

“Why is that Naruto is always late when we have a mission, besides Shikamaru why did you want him for this mission anyways he is going to get in the way of the mission” Neji argue with Shikamaru about his decision of having Naruto join in the mission.

“Neji even you should know that Naruto is needed for these types of missions with power we have a huge advantage” Shikamaru responds.

“Naruto if you don’t get here in the next minute I am going to pound you ass-hole” Sakura’s inner voice says as Sakura says to the group “Why don’t I give you each solider pills to carry in case we get split up when we get into battle later.”

“That’s a great idea Sakura” Shikamaru says as Sakura passes out equal proportions while holding a separate load for Naruto and herself.

“Naruto is coming” Shino says to the group and everyone looks around as Shino points in one direction and Naruto shows up a few moments later running with his bag of equipment for the mission.
When Naruto catches up to the group he says “Sorry I was late Yamato says he and some ANBU will be following us while we are on this mission.”

“Thanks Naruto I suppose we ought to be going then” Shikamaru says with the group heading out while Naruto runs past the group waving for the group to hurry up as the sunsets behind him.

Next one will be out in October and enjoy.
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