In this story Julia is 28 and has been married
for five years. She lives with her well-to-do but dull
and jealous husband Henry in a villa in the village of Innbury.

Julia helps a neighbour - Part 1

The first time Jacques, the teenage son of Julia's half-sister Anne, had
come to stay with her and her husband Henry, he had formed a close
friendship with Derek Hawthorn, a boy of his own age across
the road.

Like most of the boys in the neighbourhood, young Derek had
the hots for Julia and fantasised constantly about her. She
loved to flirt with youngsters and tease them, and wild
rumours circulated among the local boys about her being a "spunk freak"
who jerked and sucked off teenagers she picked up around the village or
in the woods near the high school. Some claimed she would "go all the
way" and let boys fuck her if they turned her on enough.

There was more than a little truth in these rumours. Julia was
a compulsive adultress, and cheating on her much older husband gave her
a perverse kick, particularly if she did it when he was around and she ran
the risk of being caught. But although she fucked frequently with men she
fancied when her husband was at work, her favourite pastime was exciting
young boys and letting them grope her off while they squirted their spunk
on her.

Like Jacques, who also adored her and was later to
have an 'affair' with her, Derek was a good-looking lad and
high on Julia's list of boys she wanted to "play" with. She only
needed the excuse and opportunity to be alone with him at
home. He was infatuated with her and sometimes the way he
looked at her with longing in his soft eyes made her juices
run with desire for him. Everything about her seemed to
increase his longing, her smiles and glances, her hair, her
perfume, her pretty clothes. Every time he came to the house when
Jacques was there she encouraged him to stay for dinner.

On these occasions she touched him and brushed against him
casually at every opportunity. She gave both boys quick
glimpses under her skirt and posed her slim legs provocatively
when she sat on the sofa, smiling secretly when she caught one
of them looking at them. The fact that her husband was there
made it more exciting to tease the boys and it turned her on
to think that they would probably lie in bed later
masturbating while they thought about her.

Because of Derek's friendship with Jacques it was natural that
she should get to know Derek's mother and she did all she
could to foster a friendship although she thought Mrs.
Hawthorn was a bit of a prude and a bore. Before long they
were visiting each other's homes fairly regularly for coffee
and social chitchat.

Derek soon realised that Mrs. Calder usually visited on
Wednesday nights and he made a point of being there, sitting
in a corner opposite her pretending to read a book but
secretly looking at the smooth legs she always crossed
obligingly for him.

One Wednesday Julia was unusually randy. When she saw Derek
passing the house during the day she had an overwhelming
desire to suck his cock and immediately decided she would
visit his mother that night and invent an excuse to lure the
boy to her own house the following day.

After she had washed the dinner dishes she went upstairs to
change, wanting to look as feminine and fetching as possible
for her young admirer. She put on a thin gauzy summer dress
over a full-length slip, smoothed on her sheerest stockings
and slipped her little feet into her favourite white high-
heeled sandals,

Henry was already ensconced before the TV set and knowing
where she was going, hardly bothered when she called "I'm off
to Mrs. Hawthorn's and I'll probably be late."

Derek was in his usual corner. When he saw her he drew his
breath in and flushed. Julia laughed. "Hello Derek. Do you
like my dress then?" Mrs. Hawthorn, not realising what she was
up to, complimented her on it, adding that she could never get
away with anything like that.

As she disappeared into the kitchen to make the coffee, Julia
turned with a sly suggestive smile towards the boy. His eyes
were glued to her crossed legs. She twisted her slim ankle,
rotating her slender high-heel. Then, lifting the leg slightly
towards him she leaned forward and slid her hand slowly down
over her pale transparent stocking. The nylon whispered
huskily under her fingers as she drew them up again even
slower, caressing herself. He flushed with arousal as he
watched her. She laughed again softly.

"Jacques is coming back on Friday and he's staying over the
weekend." She gave him a little secretive knowing smile. "So I
suppose you two will be getting up to your tricks again." He
flushed again. Did she know about their visits to the dirty
backstreet bookseller in Barencester and the second-hand sex
magazines they bought together and swapped? Surely not... But
if she did she didn't seem to disapprove...

"Why don't you come over tomorrow morning - about 10 - and
help me get things ready for him? I'm going to need some help
shifting the furniture." She raised an inquiring eyebrow and
as he hesitated she recrossed her legs, her fragile stockings
rasping softly. "Okay," he nodded, excited tremendously by the
idea that he would be alone with her in the house. Her liquid
eyes flashed briefly as she smiled approval of his decision.

Julia settled it all with Derek's mother over coffee. "I've so
much to do, and he can be such a help in the garden and with
shifting the furniture for me upstairs."

"Well, he doesn't help me much," complained Mrs. Hawthorn and
Julia laughed.

The evening passed pleasantly until Derek's father, suddenly
appeared home from the pub. It was Julia's cue to leave. Hugo
Hawthorn, like his son, fancied her in no uncertain terms.
When she had come to Roberts Avenue there were rumours that she
fucked regularly with Hank Johnson, an unemployed builder who
lived opposite the Calders and had helped her husband to
renovate the house. Rumour had it too that the Johnsons had
left the neighbourhood after Mrs. Johnson had caught the two
together fucking like animals on her living-room couch.

The whispered gossip both enflamed Hugo's lust and made him
jealous. Hank Johnson, although lean and lascivious, was far
from good-looking and Hugo was convinced that if Julia wanted
cock badly enough to screw with him, he must certainly have a
chance of sticking his dick into her now that the Johnsons had
left. As a result he was always making suggestive remarks to
her, and although she had never responded, he was convinced he
only needed to make a bold physical pass at her to get her
into bed.

Julia, of course, was well aware of this. Although he was
rather short and on the heavy side, he was strongly-built and
reasonably good-looking and she had often thought of doing a
turn with him when she was in the mood for a good hard
shafting. But Julia had lovers galore and in the meantime it
amused her to tease him and keep him simmering for her for a
while. She knew that he would eventually become so frustrated
he would make an open pass at her and she also knew that if he
touched her she would probably let him have his way with her.

Hugo had come home from the pub early because he knew Julia
would be there. The drink had not only stimulated his lust but
added to his determination to make a proper pass at her.

"Well, it's the lovely Mrs. Calder," he boomed as he entered
the room. "You're looking particularly appetising tonight,
Julia, if I may say so."

Julia who had stood up ready to go looked coolly at him as he
undressed her with his eyes. "You may say so, Hugo. But I have
to get along now."

"Ah, got a date, have we?" he leered.

"No," said Julia turning to Derek. "But we have one tomorrow,
don't we Derek?" He nodded emphatically while his father
scowled. "So don't be late will you? We've got lots of things
to do..."

She turned to go. As she passed Hawthorn she smelt the beer on
his breath. "Let me see you out," he said as he opened the
door to the hall. "I'll manage fine," said Julia, suspecting
that he was finally going to make a pass at her in the
darkened hallway. Ignoring her refusal he followed her into
the hall closing the living-room door behind him. As she stood
waiting for him to open the front door she felt his hand touch
then grope over her buttocks. She let him feel her and,
encouraged, he moved closer.

"If you ever need a hand when Henry's not there, I'm willing
to come," he whispered throatily. He arched his hips gently.
He had a hardon - a big one - and Julia felt it nudge her hip
as she half turned round towards him. She deliberately leaned
against it, resisting a sudden urge to feel it with her hand.

"Mmmm... You're making it hard for me, Hugo," she laughed
teasingly. "I like men with big muscles who come when I want
them to." She hadn't moved away and his hand was still on her
buttock. He tugged her against his cock which was now fully
erect. Julia's breath quickened as she wriggled slowly against
it as if to escape.

"Hot little cock-teasing slut!" Hawthorn whispered hoarsely.
"I know how you fuck about when Henry's at work, how Hank
Johnson used to slip across the road every day and shag the
shit out of you. Just give me the chance to stick this in you
and I'll give you a fuck you won't forget." He ground his
stiff cock against her belly. In spite of herself it aroused
her beyond the point of caution. She gave a breathless laugh
and reached down to touch it.

"Show me it!" she taunted as his trembling hands pawed her
slender body, sliding her gauzy dress around on the smoothness
of her slip. Her breathing became hot and shallow. "If you
take it out I'll jerk you off," she panted.

He thought she was still teasing him and he shivered with lust
and frustration. "Bitch! You know I can't here. Come outside
round the back and do it." But to his surprise Julia was
serious and he broke out in a sweat as her slender fingers
ripped down his zipper and burrowed inside his trousers.

"No, here," she panted, now turned on tremendously by the
situation. "I want to do it here... while she's in there." She
nodded at the living-room door.

His thick cock was out in her little hand now, erect, hot and
pulsing. Expertly she slid back his foreskin with one hand and
licked the palm of the other.

"Uhh... big hot dick!" she breathed in genuine admiration,
watching his face as she smoothed her moist palm back and
forth round the flared ridge of his glans.

"Jesus!" he gasped, his face growing purple as she
simultaneously pumped her left hand up and down his rigid,
rippling meat while she skilfully massaged his slippery
swollen knob under her palm and between her forked knuckles.
It would normally have taken fifteen to twenty minutes to jerk
off a man of his age with a cock this size. But Julia was a
pastmaster in the art of masturbation and knew she could do it
in less than ten. She also knew from long experience that the
faster she did it the thicker and whiter his spunk would be
when it came, and that turned her on even more.

She continued to use both hands on him, twisting and pumping
the thick rippling muscle relentlessly while she watched his
face intently, eyes gleaming lasciviously in the shadows.

For five minutes the only sounds in the darkened hall were of
heavy irregular breathing, the rhythmic squelch of Hawthorn's
penis, the soft rasping of Julia's stockings and the
occasional scrape of her high heel on the floor as her slim
legs rubbed together in her growing excitement.

In a few more moments her slender wrist began to ache but she
could tell from the convulsive muscular spasms that it
would not be long now before she made him ejaculate. In the
shadows she could see the sweat gleaming now on his brow as he
grunted and strained, trying to fuck in her fist.

"Come on... squirt!" she hissed between clenched teeth,
trembling with excitement in the knowledge that his wife could
come into the hall at any minute and catch them. "Give...
it... to me!... Uhhh-hh... God!... Shoot!... Shoot your

Suddenly Julia froze as Hawthorn's wife called from the
living-room, "Hugo, do you want this coffee?"

"God, don't stop!" he gasped. "I'm... I'm nearly there..."

With a whimper of excitement Julia sank down till her face was
level with his cock. "Do it then!" she panted urgently.
"Squirt it in my mouth..." Eagerly she stuffed the rigid,
wildly jerking meat between her teeth, dropping her jaw as far
as she could to accommodate it.

"Oh, my God!" he groaned feeling her tongue flicker urgently
on the underside of his knob.

Julia queried his progress, gurgling incoherently. "Mmm?
Mmmmmpphhff?" He answered by clutching at her head. With a
shuddering groan began to squirt his load into her mouth.
Still pumping her hand on him, Julia gurgled in triumph as she
gulped at the thick warm slime flooding her mouth, coating her
tongue and sliding round her teeth.

"Hugo, what are you doing?" Mrs. Hawthorn called impatiently.

"I... I'm coming, dear," Hawthorn called in a cracked voice.

Julia, trying not to laugh, began to choke as she continued to
gulp at the thick spunk clogging her throat. As soon as he was
finished she stood up wiping her mouth with the back of her
hand. Hastily he tucked away his half-erect penis and he had
just done up his zipper when the door opened. In a flash of
inspiration Julia pulled his head down on to her shoulder.

Mrs. Hawthorn gasped when she saw the bodies entangled in the
shadows. Coolly Julia said "I'm afraid he's had a bit of a turn,
Betsy. I think he must have had too much at the pub. I thought
he was going to pass out for a minute but I massaged his heart
and I think he's all right now."

Mrs. Hawthorn pulled her husband round to face her. In the
light from the living-room he looked terrible. He was still
panting and trembling. His face was as white as a sheet and
masked in cold sweat.

"Good God, Henry! You look awful! We have to get you into
bed." She turned to the living-room. "Derek!" she called.
"Your father's ill. Come and help me get him upstairs."

Derek appeared in the doorway and looked curiously at Julia.
She gave a helpless little shrug of her shoulders. "I'll be
off then. I hope he'll be better in the morning."

She tried desperately not to laugh outright as Mrs. Hawthorn
thanked her effusively. "Thank you so much, Julia. I don't
know what I'd have done if you hadn't been here. I'm just
hopeless in these situations."

"I'll bet you are," thought Julia. "Bet your husband's never
come like that in YOUR mouth!"

It was still light when Julia stepped into the street again and
far too early to go home. The danger of being discovered in
such thrilling unexpected encounters always heightened her excitement,
sometimes to fever pitch, and although she had tried to appear
calm in front of Hugo and his wife, the craving itch of her
cunt and the gnawing of irrepressible hunger deep down in her belly
made it imperative that she find another cock soon to satisfy her lust...
any cock would do, so great was her need.

She looked left and right but the street was deserted. Her first instinct was
to go left and head for the woods near the school. If she could not
pick up someone there she could at least masturbate. But then
she remembered that Henry usually went there with the dog. So
she turned right and headed for the park, the side gate of which
was always open. Henry might go there too, but it was less
likely - he did not approve of the fornicating couples, voyeurs
and prostitutes who frequented the park at night. "If I hang
around the gate," she thought. "I can pretend I'm a hooker..."

Suddenly a figure turned the corner ahead of her and her heart
leapt with excitement. It was Frank Williams and she knew her
problem was over. Frank and his pretty young wife Fiona had come
to live further down the avenue only a month or so before and as
soon as Julia saw him she had fallen for him. He was slim, fairhaired
and blue-eyed and in his early thirties, and every night he passed their
house walking the most beautiful long-haired pedigree Pyr?an dog
she had ever seen... so big and beautiful that, if it had been there
when she'd first left the Hawthorns' house, she would have let it fuck
her... had not his master appeared.

Julia had soon worked out what time Frank passed her house each
night, always looking in briefly through the big picture window where
she stood in her slip every morning, after Henry had gone to work,
smoking and watching young boys pass on their way to school. He
did that because he had seen her too and was thrilled by her looks
(although he did not yet know of her reputation).

Determined to meet him, Julia one night went out earlier than usual
with Spot, her short-haired black and white mongrel. She timed it to
perfection and shortly after she was far enough from the house not to
be seen, Frank came up behind her. "You're Mrs. Calder, aren't you?"
he said. Julia gave him her most winning smile and said "Yes" while
her hot caramel eyes looked into his and silently said "Fuck me if you
want!" From then on he was lost...

They had walked together to the end of the avenue, then turned into
the deserted road leading to the school. There he tentatively slipped
his arm round her waist. Not only did she not object but she slipped
her arm around his as well, gently pulling him in behind the high
hedge that bordered the road. In a moment they were kissing hotly
like teenage schoolkids. Feeling his erection against her lower belly,
Julia suddenly withdrew her tongue from his mouth and gently
pushed him away. They were both still holding the dogs. Frank's was
called Boss and was much the older, but sweet and patient as Spot
frisked around him. Julia laughed softly. "They seem to like each
other," she said. "What a pity Spot isn't a girl! We could have
watched them fucking while we did it ourselves!"

It was then that Frank first realised what a hot and shameless slut Julia
really was and it made him as horny as hell. He took Spot from her
and tied both dogs up to a little tree. When he turned again to her she
was smiling the little smile all women would have recognised as the
"Gotcha!" smile. This time when he pulled her into his embrace her
mouth was open and waiting for his tongue and, as he kissed her, her
hand fell down immediately into his crotch, unzipping his trousers.
He pulled his mouth away briefly while she extracted his cock,
nuzzling her throat under her soft perfumed hair. "Oh God!" he
panted. "You're so beautiful... I want to fuck you!"

"I know, darling," she whispered softly, while she stroked his erection
with an expertise he had never encountered before. "But we don't
have time..." Whereupon she slid down slowly onto her knees on the
grass and took his cock in her mouth. "Oh sweet Jesus!" he thought
as she brought him to his climax. "Fiona is good, but this is fucking
fabulous!" Suddenly she had pulled his hot spasming cock from the
warm butter of her mouth and was rubbing it over her face while she
fingered herself furiously under her skirt. As she well knew, he could
control himself no longer and his spunk spurted over her eyes, nose
and mouth as she mewled in a squirming gasping orgasm...

For one reason or another, they had not been able to see each other
alone since. But all this flashed through Julia's mind as she ran
diagonally across the deserted avenue to stop him before he reached
her house - something else had flashed through her mind as well when
she had glanced briefly at her window and seen the light of the
television flickering in the sitting-room.

Halfway across the road the heelstrap of her white high-heeled sandal
slipped off. She did not stop to hitch it up again but continued, half-
running, half-hopping, her slender heel scraping on the ground, to
where Frank stood waiting for her with a broad smile of pleasure.

"Julia, how wonderful!" he exclaimed running his eyes over her pretty
dress and stockinged legs. "You look absolutely fabulous! What
have you been up to dressed like that?... Are you going to walk the

"God, what simpletons men are!" Julia thought. "Instead of saying
'I'd like to fuck you and squirt my come on that dress!' he says 'Are
you going to walk the dog?'"

"No darling, it's Henry's turn tonight!" she said breathlessly. His eyes
denoted his disappointment. "Listen..." she continued urgently, "I
need to fuck... you understand... f.u.c.k - fuck, fuck, FUCK!!!"

He looked at her in astonishment. "You mean... ?... When then?

Julia nearly shouted at him in frustration "Now!... Can't you see?" she

She was looking up at him with hot urgent eyes. They were hooded
and molten with unashamed lust, slightly puffed up, with dark half-
rings under them. Fiona always squinted slightly when she was hot,
but this was something different. He had never seen such hot spunk-
hungry eyes before and his cock stiffened like a tentpole in his
trousers at the sight. "Sure!" he said. "But where?"

Julia sighed with relief. At least she knew now it was going to happen!
"Just stay right there," she breathed, "and when I wave to say the
coast is clear come after me and sneak quietly round the corner... but
DON'T go near the window 'cause Henry might see you!"

"Okay," said Frank, still a little puzzled, but in for anything if he could
just get his cock into this lovely bitch's hot hole. She went off ahead
of him and at her house she tiptoed round the corner out of sight.
Suddenly her head appeared again and she waved him on, her finger
against her pretty mouth in a shushing gesture.

When he too crept round the corner she was standing at the door of
the Calders' big double garage which was slightly ajar. She
summoned him with a crooked finger and, as he went up the path as
quietly as possible, she disappeared, leaving the door half open for

It was dim inside and he felt her brush past him and close the door
silently. Now it seemed totally dark... Suddenly she was against him,
clinging to him like a hungry leech, pushing him against the wall,
panting and writhing against his erection. He clutched her buttocks
sliding her soft gauzy dress up and down over the smoothness of her
slip. He felt her hot breath on his cheek and bending his head he
searched for her mouth in the dark with his.

When he found it she did not kiss him but began to lick him, like
Boss sometimes did to Fiona... over his lips, his nose, his cheeks,
panting and moaning as she did so. No woman had ever done this to
him before - and nothing had ever aroused him so much. And all the
the time she was tearing at his trousers trying to open his zipper
which had stuck. "Oh fuck!" he thought. "I'm going to come in my
pants if she can't get them open!" But suddenly she broke free and
while he unbuckled his belt and wriggled to get his trousers down he
heard her open a door of the big sleek car he had glimpsed when he

"Here, Frank!" he heard her whisper urgently. By now his eyes were
growing accustomed to the gloom and dimly he saw the vague
shimmer of her pink dress beside the open door of the car. With his
trousers finally round his knees he shuffled towards her. She clutched
his arm with both hands. "In here... and shut the door!" she panted.
"Do it to me in here... in his car!"

He climbed in and pulled the door shut, half falling on top of her as
she lay squirming and panting on the back seat. Her cool slim
stockinged legs hooked round his back as he searched for her mouth
while his hand groped blindly up under the dress and silky slip she
had already pulled up almost to her waist. This time she did kiss him
- a wild wanton kiss in which her tongue squirmed like a thick dying
fish in his mouth. "Mmghh... fuggmeee" she mumbled between
gasping snatches of breath.

Desperately he tried to push his fingers in her cunt, but there was
something there already, like a thin slimy piece of silk rope. Suddenly
he realised it was her knickers and cursing he hooked his finger under
them and dragged them down onto her upper thighs. She wailed then
sobbed as he freed himself from the slithering clutch of her legs and
pulled them down all the way until they were dangling round one of her
high heels.

By now he felt as if the hot spunk boiling in his balls would explode
any moment. Her hands reached out in the dark and clutched his
shirt, almost tearing it as she dragged him down between the legs she
had now splayed wide open to receive him.

He no longer bothered about licking her cunt or poking her with his
fingers - she was so hot she would probably have had an orgasm as
soon as he did. Instead he squirmed up between her thighs, cock in
one hand. He had no trouble in finding her cunt in the dark. As soon
as he felt the wet heat of it against his hand he ran his throbbing
erection up into her. She gave a little squeal, biting on the back of her
hand to stifle a scream, while her whole body began to thrash to and
fro under him in a frenzy of lust. He began to shag her steadily, his
cock sliding easily and swiftly to and fro between the soft puffy lips
of her slippery hole, which alternately gaped and sucked on his rigid
meat like a wet hungry mouth.

She was gasping now, clinging tightly round his neck as his forceful
thrusts knocked the breath from her and slid her to and fro on the
smooth leather. As he continued to fuck her, her panting grew harsher
and faster, her moaning louder as the tension in her slender quivering
body built up continuously. Although he felt little in the squelching
swamp of her fuck juice, it made it easier for him to prevent himself
from coming before she did.

Soon she began to hiss and chant a stream of hoarse obscenities,
seeming to have forgotten where they were and the need to keep
quiet. "Do it... harder... deeper.... wan' your ... uhhh... big stiff dick...
deeeep... in my hot cunt," she wailed deliriously. "Wan' a... uhh...
hard...dirty fuck..!"
"Jeesus!" he breathed and sliding his hand under her buttocks he
stuck his middle finger into her asshole. As it slid in easily past her
sphincter to the knuckle he recognised she had had it in there often
before. She yelped approval, writhing voluptuously as he abused her,
his cock now spasming and twitching uncontrollably inside her.

"Oh God... going... going to... cumm, Julia!!! The knowledge seemed
to excite her to the ultimate brink of orgasm. "Oh.. uhh... uhh..." she
panted as he rammed his cock deep into her and held it there
twitching violently.

"Give it meee... with your... hot cummm!!!" she
squeaked, her body arching up, taut and quivering, her cunt gaping
and hollow like a cave. "Ohh... fuck!!" he groaned as his spunk
squirted into her again and again... and again...

Just as he did so the door into the back garden was thrown open with
a bang and the garage was suddenly flooded with light. "Holy fuck!"
Frank hissed falling down on Julia and covering her mouth
desperately with both hands... But he was too late. She was already in
the throes of a massive orgasm, her cunt dilating and squirting a flood
of hot fuck juice round his wilting cock, on to his thighs and over the
leather upholstery. He pressed his hands down tighter on her mouth,
just in time to stifle a scream as she convulsed and gushed again.

"Mmmmrrrggghhh..." she gurgled under the gag and finally collapsed
under him, writhing and shuddering as yet another spasm seized her...

Suddenly the light went out and the door banged shut again. It
seemed that Julia hadn't even noticed the interruption. But she had.
She lay back panting and squirming languidly as she fingered her now
empty but greasy cunt.

"Who the hell was that!?" Frank queried. "It was Henry, darling," she
replied coolly. "He's going out with Spot now - and I forgot that the
leash is always kept on a hook inside the garage door..."

"Holy fuck! I nearly died of fright" She laughed softly. "I thought I
would die coming! Wasn't it just so absolutely thrilling - you squirting
your spunk in me like that in his car while he actually stood there not
five yards away!! God, I've never been so excited!!"

His spunk had run out of her cunt now on to the black car seat.
"Oooo isn't it lovely?!" she crooned. "But we have to get cleaned up
now before he comes back!"

"I have to dash, Julia," Frank said. "I still have to take Boss out!"
She took him to the door that had opened so suddenly. "Go out
through the garden then, darling. There's a gate into the little lane that
goes past your house.

Half an hour later Frank left his own house with Boss on the leash.
He went up the avenue again past Julia's house presuming, from what
she had told him once about her husband disapproving of the
prostitutes in the park, that Henry would have gone the other way to
the woods. He was only 10 or so yards away from the end of the
avenue when who should come round the corner but Henry Calder.

"Oh shit!" Frank thought, intending to walk past him. But as soon as
Spot saw Boss he began springing on his leash while Boss's big
heavy tail swished from side to side in pleasure at this encounter with
little friend.

The two men stopped as the dogs sniffed at each other. "They seem
to like each other," Frank said lamely, recalling Julia's words. He was
not anxious to converse with the man whose wife he had just fucked.
Henry too was anxious to be gone. He had been away much longer
than normal and didn't want questions asked at home. He tugged
impatiently at Spot who was unwilling to leave and during their little
skirmish something red, light and flimsy fell from his pocket and
landed silently on the pavement. Still occupied with his unruly dog
Henry did not notice it and Frank wheeled Boss round over it and
said "Sit!" which, as always, he did immediately. Henry finally moved
off tugging Spot behind him. Boss remained sitting while Frank
stooped, pretending to talk to him, but actually squinting sideways
down the avenue. As soon as Henry had turned into the path up to
his house Boss stood up and Frank picked up what Henry had lost.

It was a pair of pretty little red lace knickers - still warm... and wet.
"Well, well, well!" he mused. "I bet he's been in the park after all!" He
stuffed the knickers into his own pocket and walked on with Boss.
"Wow!" he thought. "Maybe Julia's husband has a secret life as well!"

END (Part 1)


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