“Yo bro open up will you, I’m going to be late for cheerleading practice if you don’t open this damn door” Avril screamed pounding the bathroom door as her older brother Mark was in the bathroom masturbating. Now Avril is the typical 16 year old brunette cheerleader that has the average type of a healthy thin body.

“What is that ruckus up there young lady!” Mary said downstairs busy with a client on the phone shouting to Avril. Mary is 38 and is the mother that puts work over family. She hasn’t had sex in about a year since she is normally busy.

“Sorry, mom it just Mark is in the bathroom and I am going to be late for cheerleading practice…” Avril says to her mother.

“Stop your whining I’m on the phone Avril” Mary says then going back to her client.
“AAHHH it isn’t fair. I hate this family!” Avril pounded her head on the bathroom door.
Mark opens the door with Avril falling down in front of him “Damn that sure did feel good.” Mark is 18 and the older brother of Avril and he plays basketball.

“You did that on purpose” Avril said getting up rubbing her forehead “Now I’m going to be late for practice.”

“Don’t blame me for your problems it isn’t my fault your late for practice” Mark says walking to his bedroom laughing.

Avril closes the door and decides to take a quick shower as soon as she started it though cold water came out. “Wonderful this is going to be one of those days” Avril said stopping the water. She decided leave before something else. As soon as she got out of the bathroom her brother Mark barges right past her heading to the bathroom with a raging hard-on.

Avril went down stairs and before she picked up her keys her mother says “Sorry honey your father noticed
a leak earlier and said you’re going to have to ask Mark for a ride.” Joe is 42 and is the father who has taken early retirement because he was in the armed forces and he received a large sum of money that his parents gave him before they died ten years ago.

“What about your car mom?” Avril responds.

“Sorry honey I need to go to work later and your dad’s truck is having some problems this morning” Mary tells her daughter before going back to client on the phone and walking away.

“Just great, how can this day get any worse” Avril walks up to the bathroom where her brother was still masturbating.

Mark opens the door “Now what do you want sis.”

“I need you to drive me to the school” Avril says.

“Twenty bucks” Mark responds with his hands in his pants playing with his cock toward Avril.

“Here” Avril gives the money to Mark then heading down with an ill face at how disgusting her brother was with his hands in his pants.

As soon as they were on the road Mark turns on the radio when a full blast of hard metal music comes blaring in the car. Avril places her hand on her ears while Mark is rocking out and it was like that all the way to the school.

As Avril got into the gym most of the girls were stretching and talking with the coach looking at their tight bodies.

“Hey coach sorry I’m late my brother had to drop me off” Avril said walking to the locker room.

“Hurry up Avril we’ll wait for you” Coach Jon had said to Avril then going back to looking at all of his girl’s bodies.

As Avril got back out nothing much had changed except for Coach Jon’s bulge in his pants.

“Alright girls time for some stretching before we get started” Jon said with all the girls lining up doing their routine stretches while Jon looks at their bodies Avril notices him walking behind her. As she got up Jon was walking past she decided to touch the bulge in his pants by accident. When she did it Jon bulge moved slightly down revealing a huge cock with in his own pants and of course he couldn’t just fix since every girl was looking at what happened with some giggles going around Jon looked back at Avril “Avril can I talk to you in my office right now.”

“Sure coach” Avril was trying hard to not laugh as he said that as she followed him to his office she gave a few signs to the others making as she and the girls made fun of their coach and his bulge.

“Alright Avril this is the third time you have embarrassed me, and you know what that means I need to cut you from the squad” Jon said not looking at Avril while fixing his pants.

“What just because you have a hard-on every time we have practice” Avril angrily said defending herself.

“Well perhaps if it wasn’t for you always trying to embarrass me you wouldn’t be off the squad” Jon responded.

“Come on coach I’ll doing anything to stay on the squad just give me a second chance will you” Avril begged Jon with a puppy face.

“You should know that won’t work here Avril I’m terribly sorry but there is nothing that can change my mind” Jon said writing something down on a piece of paper.

“What about a blowjob coach I know you want that. You can’t say no to that I already know your cock wants it” Avril says in a seductive voice looking at his bulge that was in front of her.

“If I allow you to give me a blowjob you promise me that you will not tell any one else and I will allow you to stay on the team” Jon said looking down at Avril.

“Whatever you say coach” Avril takes out Jon’s cock “Damn coach you have the biggest cock I have ever seen” Avril began licking it and sucking on the head.

“That’s good maybe you’ll behave from now on then” Jon said as Avril continued to suck on his cock.
As Avril was sucking on Jon’s cock the other girls decided to see what was going as they sneaked closer to what was going on they saw Avril sucking on the coaches cock. They all decided they were going to catch them in the act. As soon as they opened the door Jon saw them and jumped back while Avril’s mouth was like a vacuum refusing to leave his cock as she continued to suck him off. One of the girls Ariel who was in the front of the girls said in a seductive voice feeling her breasts “Avril, when do the rest of us get a piece of coaches’ cock.”

Avril looked back shocked and took Jon’s cock out of her mouth and then she looked at Jon’s face “I guess the secrets out coach are you still going to kick me off the squad?”

“No Avril but it seems I’m sure going to be busy for awhile” Jon says taking his shirt off “Alright girls who is next in line?” All the girls took their clothes off in response with them all jumping on him with Avril in the mix. Jon for the next couple of hours had licked more pussies and had his cock sucked on and fucked by more girls any time in his life not including college.

Once it was over Avril had gotten a ride from her best friend Carla back home only to find that no one was home or at least that’s what it seemed like. As Avril and Carla got up stairs they could hear Mark masturbating once again in the bathroom.

“How many times does your brother masturbate a day” Carla asks Avril.
“I would say somewhere between ten and twelve times a day” Avril says.

“Wow I wonder what his cock looks like if he masturbates that many times” Carla responds.

“Who knows but I do know that he is constantly watching porn so if he ever saw a naked women he probably would drop to his knees” Avril says walking into her bedroom.

“We should flash him” Carla says with a seductive voice.

“Yeah right Carla he’d probably pass out or run to the bathroom to masturbate” Avril laughing at Carla’s remark.

“Yeah but that would make even better” Carla says.

“I don’t know what if we caught by my parents” Avril responds a little bit nervous about the idea.

“Your parents won’t catch us I mean neither one is here any ways so I don’t see how you could get caught” Carla says trying to convince Avril.

“Alright let’s do it but just this once okay” Avril says to her best friend’s comment. The two sneaked out of the room and could hear Mark still masturbating in the bathroom so they decided to wait until he was out which didn’t take long.

As soon as Mark was out he was confronted by his sister and her best friend. “So now what do you two want” Mark says and as soon as he said that the two flash him revealing their bare chest with neither one having a bra on.

A voice near the steps shouts “Mrs. Avril Lori Daniels and Mrs. Carla Johnson what the hell are you two doing.” All three look to see who it was only to find out that it was their mother.
“Mom it isn’t what you think it is” Avril freaking out that her own mother had caught her and her best friend flashing Mark.

“Avril you are grounded for a week and Carla I want you to leave now I’ll be calling your parents soon about what you have done” Mary screams with Avril begging not to be grounded with Carla leaving and Mark heading back into the bathroom masturbating even more now that he has seen the real thing for the first time in his petty life.

Dinner time was quite with no one talking to each other but everyone knowing what happened until Joe got up to take his plate to the sink that is when Avril throws peas at Mark which in return Mark throws mash potatoes but missed when Mary stepped in and got hit by the mash potatoes when she screams “I want you two to stop right now!” After she spoke of course Avril tossed her cup of tea on her mother’s head. Mary screamed for both of them to leave immediately leaving her covered with food and drinks while Avril and Mark go to their rooms.


Next morning was Sunday with Avril grounded for the week she also lost her computer, cell phone, and mp3 player while Mark only lost his play station for one week while also getting grounded for the week. What made this week even worse however was that it was spring break making it even worse while there friend were out shopping and fucking others they had to stay inside and with their father in the house all the time there was no way either one could leave.

“Man this sucks balls” Avril says lying on the coach with her brother in the bathroom masturbating and Joe mowing the lawn “With no one stopping me from calling my friends I suppose I should call Carla to find out what type of punishment she received.” Avril got on the phone and called Carla right away “Hey Carla so how much punishment did you get?”

“A week and I lost my computer and the right to drive for a month” Carla says in the phone.

“Wow I lost my computer, mp3, cell phone and my car is still broken so I can’t leave” Avril responds.

“Yeah I guess the only thing to do this week is to play with our selves.” Carla says on the phone rubbing her as she says it.

“I should do that in front of Mark so that way he’ll masturbate even more” Avril laughed on the phone with Carla also laughing about that idea.

“I don’t see why you don’t Avril maybe he’ll lick your pussy or even masturbate even more…” Carla laughed then her parents hung up the phone ending the conversation.

Avril went upstairs knocking on the bathroom door when her brother stepped out he saw her with her pants down rubbing herself and then he slammed the door masturbating once again. Avril waited a few minutes before knocking again and when Mark opened the door he saw to his surprise Avril was stark naked rubbing her pussy and rubbing her breasts while flirting with him. Mark went straight to the toilet forgetting to shut the door allowing Avril to walk in to see him masturbating with his back in front of her she could only see that he had a large cock but couldn’t tell how large until she walked right next to him where she saw that he had an eight inch cock with his balls hanging low bouncing up and down while he has his eyes closed masturbating.

Avril had an idea she knew it was wrong but has gone this far, so she might as well as go all the way. She went down and started to suck on her brother’s cock which caused an awkward moment when Mark looked down to see his sister giving him a blowjob he decided to play with the idea moaning as Avril continued to suck on his cock “Fuck sis that feels so good don’t stop will you.”

Avril continued sucking on his cock then she sucked on his balls while rubbing his cock then she stopped and says “Fuck me bro.” Mark didn’t need to be told twice with

Avril turning around holding on to the toilet while her brother placed his cock in her pussy slowly at first and then quickly got going with Mark fucking his own sister from behind this was one fantasy Mark had though on occasion but didn’t think it would ever happen. Avril was moaning louder each time Mark fucked her. This was one thing she never thought of doing with her own brother but was glad that she was, and with in the last twenty-four hours she has fucked two guys her coach and her own brother.

“Fuck my ass bro, fuck my ass, fuck my ass bro!” Avril moaned until Mark took his cock and placed it into her ass where he had always though would be the most disgusting places to fuck a girl actually felt really well, however once he took his wet sticky cock out of her ass a turd was on the tip of his cock “Holy fuck sis I need your help your turd is on my cock” Mark freaks out.

“Would you not worry bro I’ll take it off you don’t have to freak out gosh Mark I thought you were the older sibling” Avril said grabbing some toilet paper and taking the turd off his cock and throwing it in the garbage “besides Mark it makes me even hornier when you talk dirty like that.”

“Oh you like dirty do you sis” Mark says with a seductive smile.

“Yeah I do bro, so what are you going to do about it huh…” Avril grabs his cock rubbing it speaking in a seductive voice and then she locks lips with him while slowly positioning his cock in her pussy.

“Um sis now that were doing this you don’t mind if we do this again sometime” Mark says.

“Well I don’t see why we can’t do this all the time bro” Avril smiled as she moved up and down on his cock.

“What if our parents find out what we are doing?” Mark says worried.

“Don’t worry about them they’ll never find out” Avril says while bouncing on Mark’s cock.

“So when you flashed me yesterday you wanted mom to catch you” Mark responds.

“Alright fine I’ll figure out something so that way we can continue this pleasure, but right now neither one is here so lets make the most of this time together” Avril replies “I want you to suck my pussy right now.”

“No way, I will not eat my own cum” Mark says disgusted.

“I don’t see why I have too eat both us but you can’t eat your own damn cum” Avril counters.

“It’s disgusting for a guy to eat his own cum that’s why” Mark retorts.

“So you haven’t ever wondered what you tasted like bro” Avril asks.

“Well…that isn’t completely true” Mark stutters as Avril looks at him stopping to wait for his answer “Alright fine you want the answer I have once tasted myself and well it tasted alright but I always wanted to taste a female’s cum…” Avril took his cock out of her pussy and in no time Mark was licking her pussy with his tongue tasting both of their cum. Soon he was digging in to her pussy with his tongue all over slurping up cum while separating her pussy with his fingers as she moaned.

“Fuck bro don’t stop that feels so good uh lick that cum yeah you love cum don’t you, don’t you.” Avril moans as Mark sucks on her pussy with his tongue diving further into her pussy.

Mark stopped for a moment catching a breath “Fuck sis this is better than masturbating everyday.”

“Now maybe you’ll respect your sister even more and allow her to not be late for cheerleading practice again” Avril moans as Mark starts licking her ass.

“Anything you say sis anything you say” Mark mumbles as he digs his face into her ass as he continues to eat her.

Avril knew right then and there that she had control of her older brother and could have him anytime she wanted, but the only problem now was her parents.

More to Cum????????????????????????????????

Any ideas what I should do for the sequel would be greatly appreciated.

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if the reat of your stories are as bad as this one is you should delete them and break your computer so you can't embarress yourself any more by posting again

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I loved this story and i sequel would be perfect :)

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I second that poster's comments and add that no kid will continue masturbating non-stop like a pathetic worm because his little sister flashes him right after he finishes masturbating. Again and again? It's like she was the older sibling and he was the weak kid. Any 18 yo basketball player should have plenty of girls chasing all over him, unless he is a homo. Pretty awful writing, but at least you tried. I'll give you 6/10 for effort.

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