What happens when military meets masochism?
"On your face!"

Her brightly-dyed purple hair swung loosely around her naked and slightly freckled shoulders as she held her naked body in push-up position. Her tight shoulder muscles strained slightly, and he looked down over her, grinning with enthusiasm.


"One, Sir!"

He continued to count and her voice grew weak as she hit the fortieth pushup. Her arms finally gave out, and she collapsed onto her stomach on the floor. His foot pressed firmly on the back of her head, mashing her cheek into the cold floor.

“On your feet, Slut.” The weary woman quickly stood up, placing her arms straight down to her sides in a very convincing military attention stance. He circled her, spanked her ass hard, and then grabbed her by the hair and pulled her onto her hands and knees.

She shivered violently at his rough treatment, and began to plead with him, but only felt his cock thrust into her gaping mouth. She attempted to retract her head from his hard shaft, but he quickly placed both hands on her head and shoved in deeper, causing her to gag loudly. Tears welled up in her eyes and he finally pulled out from her throat. She encased her lips on his flesh and sucked hard, keeping a strong pace that left her struggling to get enough air. His hips bucked and his head rolled back as he closed in towards climax. She felt his body tense as he pulled out of her mouth and grasped his cock, stroking out a strong cum across her hair and face.

He looked down and their eyes met. His was in devious satisfaction-- hers in shame. She lowered her head to avoid his look, but the man knelt over and gripped her chin, holding her head up so that he could see the mess of his cum slowly sliding down.

“What do you say, you filthy whore?”

“Thank you, Sir.”

A few weeks ago Valentine had been living in the comfort of her family. She had quit her job to move in with a man she barely knew-- but the allure of what he offered was what brought her there.

From the first time she had met him she had been dazed by his friendly nature and his incredibly strong looks. He introduced himself as Xavier Wallen. She found herself dangerously in love him, and he at least tolerated her company. Xavier spoke to her shortly after their second meeting about her coming to where his base was so that he could properly train her for her soon-to-be military service. Valentine remembered his smile as he ran his hands up the back of her shirt. Her submissive nature and fantasies craved a man like him, and her body ached to be bended to his will. She almost instantly agreed on the decision and within a few weeks found herself pulling a car loaded with all of her belongings into the town surrounding the base he was stationed at.

He had made arrangements for her, and as such he had a small two-bedroom apartment nestled away that she found with some difficulty. The location was out of the way and in the secluded part of the city, in which she instinctually knew why he had chosen such a place. As Val unpacked she noticed a note on a large, low lying wooden table.

-- Welcome to your new home. Make yourself comfortable, and feel free to call me when you get settled. I’ll be home at 18:00. See to it you are not wearing anything. Wouldn’t want to tear any clothes you like…yet. --

It was barely four, and Val waited quietly on the back porch for his arrival. She had covered her bare, ivory skin in sunscreen and took out a towel to lay curled up in a lounging chair with a book. Her boredom set in and she checked the time; it was a half-hour before six.

She didn’t hear him coming a few minutes later, but she instantly felt his hot breath tickling her neck. His hands massaged and worked her soft, pink nipples. She arched her back, turning her head to look at his stern face. Wallen came around to the front of the chair and slipped his hand up her leg and finally into her small patch of neatly trimmed pubic hair. He played with the bright red hairs before grabbing and pulling hard on them. Valentine jerked up in shock, and he responded by plunging his tongue into her mouth. His facial hair grinded painfully into Val’s lips, but she resisted retracting from their mouth-to-mouth wrestling match.

She felt his stiffening cock through the thick material of his uniform. He still hadn’t removed it, seeing as he had just got home. Wallen rubbed his lower body against her hip; she ran her hands down his chest and to the belt-buckle. She unhinged the thing then moved towards the zipper. Val hesitated. Wallen responded by pressing his face harder into hers, making her hands suddenly unzip his pants and pull them, along with his underwear, past his knees. His erection was large and thick; an untamed mess of auburn pubic hair surrounded its reddened form. She felt his hands slide under her thighs as he lifted them towards her chest. He pinned her in that position while he sat with his legs hanging of each side of the lounge-chair.

He rammed into her hard, without warning. She tensed up as his penis penetrated her still-tight cunt. Wallen didn’t bother with giving her time to adjust to his violent intrusion as he thrust hard and fast into her. She raked her nails down his shoulders in agony, letting out loud and pained moans. This seemed to arouse him further, making him push her legs harder into her and allowing him to penetrate deep into her. She gritted her teeth as he pumped. Xavier licked his lips and kissed down her neck, biting at the collar. She finally gave into him and a rush of masochistic pleasure flooded her senses.

He climaxed hard, ejaculating as he pushed as hard into her as he could. She had only begun to enjoy the scene as he came. They were breathing hard-- he looked at her in a daze before biting and sucking on her breasts. She squirmed beneath his much larger form, unable to move him from his onslaught of her body. She tried to rub out her growing frustration, but his hands reached there first, grasping her clit between his fingers. She bucked hard, and begged him to stop, but he only laughed and continued to pinch at it.

Valentine plowed her palm into his chin to try and push him off, now becoming desperate to stop him. She had barely experienced such intensity, and was feeling more pain out of his actions than she had expected. Her pussy felt unusually open, and definitely far sorer than it had ever been.

“Did you want to stop, ‘trainee?’ Is this too hard for you to bear?” His anger was frighteningly real, as was the glare he was giving her. She couldn’t stop tears that were forming in her eyes, and she turned her head away as to hide them. Wallen stood up and observed her suddenly limp body. Val could feel his stare breaking her apart, and as he turned around she reached out an arm desperately.

“I don’t want to stop. I don’t know how I feel about this, that’s all.”

He didn’t bother looking back. He simply pulled up his pants and opened the slider door into the house. She watched hopelessly as he walked out. She crossed her hands over her shoulders and curled onto her side. Angry, hot tears leaked down her chin. She finally managed to stand up, picking up her towel and book and heading in.

Valentine could hear the shower running. She followed the noise into a large bedroom that she assumed they would be staying in. It was a white-walled, middle class looking room, but the bed had black sheets and high posts at each corner. She noticed immediately that there was a heavy metal ring through the wood of each post. The bathroom was off to the side, and it, too, was large with a bath tub and a showering stall. Val curiously wandered in and saw the form of him through the steam in the stall.

“Come on in, the water’s fine. Oh, bring me that mirror on the counter.” His impolite request struck her slightly, but she fetched the circular mirror and slid open the stall door. His hand wrapped around her waist and pulled her in roughly.

He pushed her up against the back of the stall, running his soapy hands down her, to her crotch. He kneeled down and began to slide her legs apart, kissing and licking at her slit. She was shocked at his change of attitude, but simply allowed him to pleasure her. The heat of the shower, and the firm, smooth tongue gliding across Val’s inner lips made her lose herself to him. He lapped at her ass and pussy hard, and she felt herself getting close to an orgasm. He groped her soft ass, caressing her whole erogenous region. Val couldn’t hold off her climax, and when her body became rigid he forced his tongue into her asshole until Valentine became limp.

Wallen stood back up and slipped his mouth around hers. She could taste where he had been, but the embarrassment couldn’t override the wave of nirvana she was in. He took the soap bar, letting them take turns washing each other over. Finally the water was turned off and they toweled off.

He faced her and rubbed her cheek tenderly, but Wallen’s expression was serious. She looked up at him and knew what he was going to say. After all, he hadn’t offered her a vanilla relationship.

“What you just got in there will be a rarity, if ever it happens again. You’ve barely managed to stand the beginnings of what it means to be in this type of relationship. I’ll let you decide: Pack up and leave; I might call you for a drink sometime, but we won’t waste time with each other struggling over your ‘feelings,’ or submit; all of your freedom is from here until basic revoked by me.”

Valentine had easily accepted the latter choice earlier before she truly understood what it meant to belong to him. She wasn’t going to give up; she couldn’t stand to see the disappointment in his eyes. Her head told her to run, but her heart demanded her first decision.

“Tear me down, build me up. I don’t know half of what it means to do this, but I’ll try for you.”

He smiled wickedly. She returned his smile weakly, and he picked her up to place her on the edge of the bed. Wallen shuffled his masculine, naked frame to a closet and pulled out a dusty box in the back. He placed the box on the bed, and opened the lid, pulling out a black, thick leather collar. It had a locking clasp by the buckle, along with a heavy steel padlock that was lying in the bottom. There was a nametag on a loop labeled, “Slut.”

Val became instantly wet at the thought of being lead around the house on all fours. He lifted it up, and she pulled her wet hair out of the way. He slid it on, and buckled it in the back then slid the padlock through the locking mechanism. She heard the snapping of it being pressed shut and felt his hands withdraw. It was heavy. Wallen placed the keys to the padlock on the chain around his neck.

“You will address me only as ‘Sir’ or I’ll make sure you’re reprimanded for it. From here on you don’t do so much as breath without my permission, understand?”

She nodded her head and let out a quiet, “Sir, yes sir.”

Wallen smiled and patted her on the head. “Good, Slut-- Which, by the way, is your new name. That or trainee. I’m getting hungry, and that means you are to follow me wherever I go on your knees, like a dog. When I eat you will sit by my chair, or do whatever else I can think of.”

She nodded again. “Yes, sir.”

Wallen moved toward the door and Valentine crawled awkwardly after him. He paused for her to catch up.

“It’s nice to have a helping hole or three. We’ll have lots to do before you go.”

She couldn’t hide her wide grin. She trailed behind him in humiliating happiness.


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im anxious to read a sequel to this please let me know when you have.

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um it was an awsome story but did ya have to jump right into what happens next?

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