Big brother's little sis is not such a baby anymore
JackassTales…Tale # 28…Readers: Years ago, girls could get a doll which drank water from a bottle and then ‘peed’ on demand. The doll was called ‘Betsy Wetsy’. [If any of you ladies remember having such a doll, drop me a line] Using the doll’s name as my inspiration, I composed this tale. Just like some of my other writings, this story took me places I hadn’t intended to go and ended up being a bit longer than I intended. This is a fictional fantasy, so forgive me if the language and circumstances seem to be a little over the top. Thanks for reading.

Babysitting Betsy Wetsy

As soon as I walked into the front door my mother’s house I knew my little sister was in trouble. She was stoically standing in a corner with her head pressed tightly against the wall. But, for the life of me, I couldn’t understand why the 12-year-old girl was standing there naked.

Covering her exposed ass with her hands, Betsy twisted her head just enough to look at me with pleading, puppy-dog eyes which seemed to be silently begging, “Please help me.”

Mom didn’t spank her kids. She didn’t lay a hand on her children when they misbehaved. No, this mother believed in a stricter punishment for childhood transgressions. Humiliation was her tool. Verbal berating and corner-standing was her usual penalty method.

I well remembered Mom’s sharp tongue and humiliating lessons from my own days as a youth living in this house. I was often in trouble. I didn’t escape the wrath of her ire until I left for dorm living at the local university.

Even now, at 22 and a college senior living on my own, I knew better than to incite Mom’s wrath by questioning her methods. But today, my curiosity compelled me to ask, “Hey Mom, what’s Betsy Wetsy done now?”

“Don’t you dare baby that child like you usually do, Danny!” Mom ordered. “She’s been a ‘bad’ girl and I won’t stand for it if you try to comfort her. But, I will tell you what she’s done and I’ll tell you in front of her so she’ll feel her shame. I caught her ‘playing with herself’ in the bathtub!”

A grin began forming on my face, but I quickly suppressed it. For a modern-day woman, my mom was the most prudish, most sexually repressed mother I’d ever met. I had learned early in my youth to ‘play with myself’ behind closed and locked doors whenever she was around.

“I won’t let this girl get started down the hell-bent road to the devil,” Mom continued. “I refuse to let masturbation get a foothold in this house! Now Danny, I should be back from my church club meeting and luncheon early this afternoon.”

Turning, Mom headed for the door, stopped, and said, “Danny, I’m glad you had some time off from your studies and could come over on such short notice to baby-sit Betsy. Your Aunt Bonnie was supposed to have come, but she hasn’t called to say she can make it. Now, you pay attention to me. Don’t you ‘baby’ your sister! She’s to stand in the corner for two hours. She’s to get no breakfast. Fix something to eat for yourself, but Betsy is to get nothing. Understand?”

“Of course I understand, Mom,” I answered with a pretend indignity. “I swear Mom I didn’t think Betsy was old enough to do something so disgracefully bad as to ‘play with herself’! I’ll make sure she never forgets what you’ve tried to teach her this day!”

I locked the door behind Mom and saw her driving away. When I turned back to the room, I heard sniffling and soft crying. Unsure of what to do, I took a seat in the overstuffed lounge chair that had been my dad’s favorite before he left Mom.

I couldn’t stand the soft crying. Betsy had taken one of her hands off her ass and was wiping her eyes. She looked around at me with shy, blushing, tear-stained eyes. Her pleading, doe-eyed innocence was breaking my heart.

“Hey, Betsy Wetsy, please don’t cry,” I implored. “Girl, I won’t tell Mom if you want to run and put some clothes on. She didn’t tell me to make sure you stayed naked.”

Betsy just shook her head and said, “No Danny, I can’t put clothes on because Mom wants to shame me. And, and you think I’m ‘bad’ too. I heard you say so to Mom. I’ll just stand here and take my punishment for my crime.”

The girl turned her eyes back to the corner and covered her face with both hands. I slumped back in the chair and tried to decide how to handle this situation. While my mind was thinking, my eyes were wandering and looking at my sister’s fully-exposed, preteen ass. For a child of 12, Betsy had a shapely, nice-figured ass with a seductive crack running down to the top of short, slim legs.

Oh hell, I’m not supposed to look at my little sister’s ass! But, I was looking. I was not supposed to have a stirring inside my jeans, either. But, I was stirring aplenty.

Shaking my head to dispel evil thoughts, I said, “Girlie-girl sister, I don’t think you are a ‘bad’ girl. I just said that to appease Mom. Hell, all kids play with themselves! It’s as natural as scratching an itch. You just had the misfortune to get caught by a prude.”

“Really Danny, you don’t think I’m ‘bad’?” Betsy timidly asked. “Mom says only wicked kids play with themselves. I bet you didn’t when you were my age, did you?”

With sincerity in my voice, I answered, “Girl, you can bet your pretty little ass I did! I played with myself all the time. I still do. Hey honey, come sit in my lap like you used to when you were little and I’ll tell you about it.”

Hesitantly, Betsy move out of her cornered confinement. Covering her chest and middle with her hands, she ran and plopped her behind in my lap. She wiggled around until her chest was against me and her legs were lying across mine. She ran her arms around my chest and cuddled against me.

Unconsciously, one of my hands grabbed a leg just above and under her knee to steady her so she wouldn’t fall off my lap. My other hand settled in the small of her back and pulled her nude body close. My cheek lay against her curly, bath-wet hair. My nose savored the fresh-washed feminine scent of her. My lips gave her wet head a loving, brotherly kiss. Betsy snuggled deeper into the comforting cocoon of my arms.

“Hey Betsy Wetsy, don’t you pee on me,” I teased. My little sister and I began giggling with the remembrance of how I’d given her the nickname. One day, when she was a baby, she had cuddled in my lap with no diaper on and had peed all over me.

Betsy tickled my ribs and spoke with a giggly voice, “Okay, I won’t pee on you… I hope. But Danny, did you really play with yourself when you were young? Do you really think it’s not ‘bad’? Sometimes, I don’t even know if I’m doing it right.”

“I told you so, didn’t I?” I answered. “Your big brother wouldn’t lie to you, would he? Girlie girl, I’ve got an idea. Since Mom interrupted your playtime, why don’t you go ahead and finish it right now. I can watch and tell you if you’re doing it right. What good are big brothers if they can’t help their little sisters out with problems like this?”

Looking up at me shyly, Betsy said, “I want to do it, but… But Danny, I would have to let you see my…my ‘pee-pee’ as I used to call it. I’d have to let you see my pussy. Wouldn’t that make me ‘bad’?”

“Oh honey, that wouldn’t make you ‘bad’ at all,” I answered. “I’ve seen pussies before and I’ve played with them, too. I think pussies and titties are the greatest playthings a guy can have in this world!”

Smiling brightly, Betsy asked, “You do? Would you want to play with mine, Danny? You know what? If you played with me, it wouldn’t be like the wicked ‘masturbation’ Mom is so much against!”

“Why, you’re absolutely right, Betsy Wetsy!” I proclaimed. “I always did say you were a smart little girl. I like how your devious mind works. Now, if you’re sure you want to, just lay back and let me see what you have for me to play with.”

Blushing demurely, Betsy took a deep breath, closed her eyes, and leaned back. The cushiony armchair was so wide her lower legs and feet lay on one flat, padded chair arm and her head and shoulders lay on the other. In between, on my lap, were the forbidden feminine delights my sister was willingly offering to her brother.

I didn’t take this wondrous offering lightly. I knew it took a lot of courage for my sexually curious sister to expose herself like this. So, instead of just grabbing and groping, I began by playing with her visually. Small and young, yes she was, but her feminine body was seductively arousing. I wondered if she could feel my erection growing stiffer inside my pants.

My hands gently played on her belly. Warm, quivering flesh awakened. My eyes saw petite tits adorning her chest. I’d guess their size to be no bigger than a flattened-out regulation baseball. My fingers moved to tenderly massage the beautiful ball-shaped boobs. Rosy pink nipples, slightly smaller than a dime, stiffened as my thumbs swept lightly over the nubile nubs.

Back to her belly my wandering hands roamed. Bypassing the ‘good stuff’, my hands explored the warm smoothness of her thighs, legs, and feet. Betsy giggled as I played with her ticklish feet.

A magnetic force brought my hands back up to the thighs where I spread them as wide as I dared without dropping the girl on the floor. A puffed pussy mound was begging my hands for their touch. Not one to deny such a request, I captured the mound and played.

Thin, short, sparsely scattered pubic hairs indicated this girl’s body was right on the verge of bursting into womanhood. My probing fingers found only a small amount of vaginal moisture. The puffy mound swelled to accept the manual manipulations of my hands.

Spreading the split mound, my fingers found a small clit. As sizes go, my sister’s clit was tiny in comparison to that of a grown woman’s, yet the petite protrusion was standing up proud and erect. My cock jumped with excitement. Wetting two of my fingers in my mouth, I moisturized the tender, dry clitoral bud. Betsy sucked in her breath and softly sighed.

My slippery fingers explored the barely-wet opening to the girl’s vaginal opening. The tight little hole squeezed the probing intruders. Betsy wiggled and squirmed. When I dug in too deep, the girl winced in pain. I had touched my sister’s unbroken hymen.

“I’m sorry Honey, I didn’t mean to hurt you,” I said apologetically. “Damn, Betsy Wetsy, you have a really nice feminine body! You have nice tits, nice legs, and a fabulously erotic pussy!”

Opening her tightly-closed eyes, Betsy smiled and asked, “Do you really think I have a nice body, Danny? I’ve always been afraid of boys because I think I’m too short and skinny and shy. That’s why I just stick with playing with myself. But, Danny its lots more fun when you play with me! I ‘have’ been doing it wrong because I never even thought of getting my fingers wet first!”

Using my strong arms, I sat Betsy back up in my lap, hugged her, and said, “See, I told you big brothers are good for something! But girl, I think maybe its time I stopped touching you like this. While you are most certainly seductively sexy, you are after all just a child.”

“I am not!” Betsy protested. “I’m girl enough to ‘turn you on’! Do you think I don’t feel the hardness inside your jeans pressing against my skin? Danny, isn’t that your…your penis getting hard? I guess guys prefer the word ‘cock’, don’t they? Danny, what are they like? I mean, what does a cock look like and feel like to a girl? You said you have played with pussies, but has any girl ever played with your cock? Can…can I do it?”

Feeling embarrassed by her boldness, Betsy buried her head against my chest. Again, she snuggled into my comforting embrace. “Besides, Danny,” she said timidly. “Didn’t Mom explicitly order you to not ‘baby’ me? I think you ought to treat me like any other girl that turns you on! Don’t you think so, too?”

Instead of answering, I ran the fingers of one hand through her damp, bath-wet hair and lifted her chin up until her face was turned up toward mine. Leaning over slightly, I stuck out my slippery wet tongue and tenderly traced the outline of her luscious little lips. I kissed the tempting female child.

Feminine sensuality immediately awakened. Betsy’s mouth opened and her lips kissed mine. Her sweet, seductive, honey-tipped tongue touched mine. My sister and I spent the next several minutes kissing and tongue-fucking each others mouths.

“Good god, Betsy!” I managed to finally get out. “You sure don’t kiss like a little girl! Now, don’t you be telling me you never kissed a boy before! Damn girl, you’re too good at it!”

This child stared at me with prepubescent, doe-eyed innocence and asserted, “Oh Danny, please don’t think I have kissed other guys! I swear I’ve never been kissed before, but I sure like the way you do it. If you like my kisses then I guess our kissing skills are in our genes. I wonder what else we’re good at that we can do together. Speaking of ‘jeans’, Danny, would you mind if I put my hand inside yours?”

Pushing the passion-fired girl away from me, I slipped my pullover shirt off my chest and up over my head. My fingers unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans, but then I stopped. I pulled the nude, preteen girl against my naked chest. I desperately wanted to remove my pants, but I knew if I let this girl’s hands get a hold on my cock, I’d be so far into this forbidden seduction I’d be unable to control what happened.

As if reading my mind, Betsy’s soft hand touched my chest and slowly worked its way downward. Before I could give my permission, the hand slipped under the waistband of my briefs where it briefly played in my pubic hairs. Short, slim fingers encircled my throbbing erection.

“Oh Danny!” she whispered with wonder. “Oh, your cock feels nice! Will you…will you let me see it and will you teach me to play with it? I want to make you feel the nice feelings I had when you were playing with my pussy. Please Danny, can I do it, will you help me?”

Unable to resist the tempting, pleading voice, I became my sister’s sex-ed teacher. I instructed her to jump out of my lap and pull off my shoes and socks. After I’d pulled off my pants and underwear, I told her to kneel between my legs.

Before I could get out another word of instruction, Betsy’s awestruck voice exclaimed, “Oh my god! Danny, why I never imagined it would look so pretty and be so big! I hope you’re going to let me do whatever I want to with it. Can I? Hey look, my fingers won’t even go all the way around it!”

Looking down, I saw ten skinny fingers attempting to encircle my muscular manhood. The girl was right, her fingertips didn’t touch. “Betsy Wetsy doll,” I said. “You have my full permission to do whatever you want to with my cock! Just be careful girl, I don’t want to shoot a load of ‘cum’ all over the place.”

“What’s that, what’s ‘cum’?” Betsy asked curiously. “I don’t know what that means. But Danny, don’t worry, I will be careful and I promise not to hurt you and make you ‘cum’ all over the place!

Shaking my head at the na? innocence of the girl, I laid back in the easy chair and let the playful, sexually-curious child play. I’d already discovered she was a natural-born kisser, so I wondered if she could figure out how to play with a cock.

I didn’t have to wonder long. Two hands and ten fingers flew in a furious flurry of frenzied play. Not one inch of my erect shaft escaped her manual molestations. Good god, the devilish child seemed like she couldn’t get enough of the cock flesh in her hands!

Betsy’s massaging hands and fingers alternated between a slow, tender seduction of the throbbing maleness and a quick, vicious assault on the erection. While she might be gently juggling my balls with one hand, the fingers of the other might be brutally pulling my pubic hairs.

I was beginning to think this young sister of mine might be going a little ‘cock-crazy’. She was certainly having all the symptoms and signs of this sexual malady which strikes some females when they reach an age of feminine awakening.

Just when I thought the child might have had enough, I heard her inquisitive voice say, “Danny, I think I’d like to kiss your cock, okay?”

It must have been a rhetorical question because Betsy didn’t await an answer. Her soft, sensual lips went ahead and began kissing the pulsating erection.

What Betsy lacked in cock-kissing experience, she made up for in enthusiasm. Her warm, eager lips kissed energetically. My thighs, belly, balls, and shaft came under the impatient lip-attack of her mouth.

Out came her tongue to join her lips as an ally in her cock-capturing offensive. The tip of her tantalizing tongue accidentally came into contact with the dry flesh of my cockhead. Curious at first, she tenderly tested the skin. Satisfied it would be okay, she went ahead and licked all around the swollen ball.

At last, she found a bit of moisture. Betsy’s exploring tongue tried to test the depth of my pee hole. Here she unintentionally tasted the salty tartness of leaking precum. Although puzzled by the taste, the girl continued her cock-kissing investigation.

Unexplainably, Betsy’s mouth started watering with oral anticipation. Her hot, wet saliva began running from her mouth onto the cockhead in her mouth. The slippery lubricant drew the throbbing, elongated erection deeper into her awaiting oral cavity.

Pulling back, my sister looked questionably into my eyes. Her unspoken mind seemed to be asking, “Is it okay if I try to suck it?” My smiling face and my nodding head were giving an emphatic, “Yes!”

Resuming the task she’d undertaken, Betsy’s lips again surrounded the penile plaything she was becoming so infatuated with. Unsure of the proper mechanics of penis sucking, the girl let feminine instinct and Mother Nature be her guide.

Betsy’s mouth was so small she had to open it as wide as she could to accept the swollen shaft she was so eager to suck. With the aid of slippery saliva, her tight oral cavity finally closed around several pulsating inches of meaty flesh.

After several awkward missteps, she found a rhythm which worked best for her. Her head bobbed up and down slowly while her lips squeezed and sucked. Her licking tongue concentrated on the bulging cockhead where it was tasting my thickening precum.

Young, na?, and inexperienced my sister might be, but this girl child was learning quickly from her ‘on-the-job’ training. Entwining my fingers in her uncombed hair, I hung on for the enjoyable ride.

Betsy’s feminine nudity, her cock-hungry excitement, and her energized sucking enthusiasm was bringing me to the brink of orgasm. My testicle sack was boiling up a brew of hot, creamy cock-soup. I knew I couldn’t hold the bubbling liquids in much longer.

“Goddamn, Betsy!” I exclaimed as I viciously pulled on her hair and forced her mouth to release my agonizingly stimulated erection. “God girl, I’m going to cum and I can’t do it in your mouth!”

Betsy’s stricken face turned white with fear. Her quivering voice apologized, “Oh Danny, I’m sorry I’ve hurt you! I know I promised to be careful and not make you ‘cum all over the place’, but I just couldn’t control myself. What can I do to make it ‘all better’?”

The naively innocent girl had misunderstood me. “Betsy Wetsy,” I explained. “You are not ‘hurting’ me. Goodness girl, it’s just the opposite! It feels unbelievably good!”

Confused by the contradictory messages she was hearing, Betsy sat back with a baffled look in her eyes. Without giving her a chance to voice a question, I said, “Honey, I’m going to stretch out here long-ways in this chair and I’m going to teach you how to pump my meat. Girl, I now ‘want’ you to make me ‘cum all over the place’!”

Stretching out on my back in the wide, comfortable chair, I guided Betsy’s hand to my drumbeating, blood-engorged erection and instructed her in what to do. She took the manual manipulations with an eagerness to please. My sister was as good at handjob giving as she was at cocksucking and kissing. She pumped furiously while I tried to hang on to my sanity.

Leaning closer for a better look at what she was doing, Betsy’s eyes saw a spurt of milky, white cream just a second before her face felt the force of my cock’s pressurized eruption. Surprised, she slowed her hand strokes. “Goddamn Sis!” I exclaimed heatedly. “Don’t stop now! I’m cumming and the orgasms feel so good!”

Betsy resumed her pounding pumping, but she attempted to pull her body back a little. She was too late. Additional streams of steaming liquid cum hit her chin and her neck. In seconds, her small, dangly breasts became coated with the slippery, sticky, cummy cock goo.

My sweet sister Betsy Wetsy was giving me the best handjob orgasms I’d ever had in my life. I lay back and let the heavenly bliss consume me mind, body, and soul.

Betsy didn’t stop beating my meat until the shaft stopped gushing cum. I lay still and tried to get my breathing to resume. I was quiet for so long, the girl asked, “Danny, what do I do now?”

“Sweetheart, you kiss me,” I answered. “Kiss me, but don’t wake me up from this fantastic dream I’m having! Betsy Wetsy my dear, after you kiss me I’m going to eat your pussy like you’ve never been eaten before and I’m going to give you the best pussy-sucking orgasms you’ll ever have in your life!”

Betsy kissed me. Her cum-stained lips melted into mine. Pulling the child into my arms, I stood, carried her into the bathroom, and sat her naked ass on the long, mirrored vanity table. Using a warm, wet washcloth, I washed the cummy mess from her luscious little feminine body.

While washing her breasts, I marveled at beauty of the titillating baubles adorning my sister’s chest. They might be small, but I couldn’t recall seeing any pair of tits which were so perfectly shaped. God help me, I loved these baby doll boobs!

Curiosity compelled me taste them. Soft tittie flesh hardened as my lips merrily played, kissed, and sucked. The feminine mounds became my oral playground. Silky smooth skin warmed inside my mouth. Pubescent nubs of nipples stood out proud and inviting.

As I was playing with her tits, I heard Betsy’s whisper, “Danny, what did you mean about ‘eating’ my pussy? How can a guy ‘eat’ a piece of a girl’s body? And Danny, what are ‘pussy orgasms’?”

“Baby Sis,” I answered. “You are very immature, aren’t you? What you did to my cock with your mouth was ‘eating’. If you can eat my meat, then I guess I can eat yours. And Honey, ‘pussy orgasms’ are that really, really good feeling you get right before you stop playing with your pussy. You have them all the time, don’t you?”

Betsy gave a one word answer. “No,” she said. After thinking for a second, she continued, “Danny, the only ‘good’ feeling I get is when I squeeze and play with my pussy. I don’t think I’ve ever had an ‘orgasm’.”

“Lay back and let your big brother rectify that situation,” I said. “Girl, I didn’t know you were so sexually deprived. Betsy Wetsy, don’t let Mom stop you from exploring your body. Haven’t you heard the song with the lyrics ‘girls just wanna have fun’?”

Betsy giggled then she lay back on the wide table and awaited her pussy- eating, orgasm fate. My hand immediately cupped her pussy and began playing. God, the innocence of this virginal flesh was driving me crazy!

While I fondled and groped the swelling feminine mound, I teasingly said, “Sis, I believe I can understand how a junkie can get hooked on drugs. Here I am playing with the most beautiful little pussy in this world. Why, Betsy Wetsy, I’m already addicted to your ‘crack’!”

With the wild enthusiasm of a junkie seeking a fix, my pussy-addicted mouth descended towards the pulsating feminine drug between my sister’s legs. I wasn’t prepared for the out-of-control, lust-obsessed assault I was making. Betsy wasn’t prepared either.

The hypnotically mesmerizing, nearly-bald pussy mound was all puffed out proud and full. Thin curls of pubescent pubic hairs did little to cover the erotically stimulating feminine flesh. Betsy’s little girl pussy had a tantalizing slit running down the center of its splendidly shaped mound. The tight slit concealed any hint of the clitoral jewel which I knew was hidden within its folds. I desperately wanted to see her clit again.

Betsy must have been reading my mind. The child took her fingers and spread her pussy folds wide. The girl’s tiny clitoral protrusion jutted out stiffly. Right below the clit were small, pink, wing-shaped inner pussy lips which led my eyes to a vaginal hole.

This girl was proudly displaying the fruits of her feminine loins to her horny big brother. Temptation was overpowering me. God, my mouth, my lips, and my tongue were begging me to let them eat my sister’s pussy! My cock was pleading to be allowed inside the enticing little vaginal hole!

I wanted some of this tender young pussy in my drooling mouth. Pushing Betsy’s fingers aside, I leaning over and wantonly kissed the soft flesh of her inviting female mound. I kissed and licked every delectable inch of the bare flesh from her thighs to her pussy lips.

Spreading the swollen pussy lips open, I captured the clitoral jewel between my lips. I licked and sucked this rigid little girlie-girl treasure. Betsy’s preteen clit stiffened in an effort to accept my vicious oral assault. My tongue flicked and licked feverously. I explored with the spit-wet slippery wetness of my tongue and mouth.

Cupping my tongue to stiffen it, I plunged it into the hot-pink opening to Betsy’s vaginal hole. My little girl sister was wet, but without the benefit of full-blown puberty, there wasn’t all that much feminine moisture. I licked and lapped all the wetness I could get. Betsy was whimpering and sighing.

My stiffened tongue probed into the girl’s pussy hole until it hit upon a barrier. I was touching this child’s virginal hymen. I tickled and tested the firmness of this obstacle, but it didn’t break. I pushed against it forcibly and heard the girl’s whining protests. Betsy cried, “Oh Danny that hurts!”

“God Sis, I’m sorry,” I repentantly said. “I’m sorry if I’m too rough, but Honey I love your pussy so much, I think I’m going a little cunt-crazy! I’ll slow down, but please don’t ask me to stop.”

Betsy answered quickly, “Oh no, no I don’t want you to stop! The ‘good’ feelings are worth the little bit of pain. I didn’t know that getting my pussy ‘eaten’ would feel so wonderful. Oh Danny, you’re a really good pussy eater! You can eat me all you want.”

So, I went back and had another helping of sweet hot virginal pussy. I tongue-fucked Betsy’s little pussy with a euphoric, horny delight. My cock was pulsating with excitement and pleading for a chance to get inside the tight, young vaginal hole.

The sweet taste and smell of this feminine treat had me on the brink of insanity. I just couldn’t get my face close enough to satisfy my oral lusts. I grabbed Betsy’s slim, skinny legs and threw her feet up over my shoulders and wrapped them around my neck. Putting my hands under her ass, I lifted her featherweight female body up to meet my mouth.

Now, that’s just what I needed! With my head wrapped in a sandwich of soft, warm thigh buns, I ate my sister’s pussy with the greedy hunger of a pussy-starved man. Betsy’s whimpering moans let me know I was coming close to giving her the orgasm she needed.

My flicking, licking tongue was probing hard against her hymen when I heard Betsy’s first orgasmic squeal. Her young female body began to spasm and buck up against my face. Her legs tightened around my neck. Hot blood running through vaginal veins was burning my tongue.

“Danny…oh god, Danny, I can’t breath!” Betsy wailed. “Is this an ‘orgasm’ I’m feeling? Oh my god, here it comes again! This must be what you meant about ‘cumming’! Eat me Danny, oh eat me good!”

I kept on eating my sweet sister’s pussy and she kept on squealing as more orgasms swept throughout her body. I’d promised Betsy I’d give her the best pussy-eating orgasms she’d ever have in her life, so I was trying with all my might to deliver on the pledge.

After several more minutes of uncontrollable spasms, Betsy’s body relaxed and she felt like a limp rag doll in my arms. Gently removing her legs from my neck, I picked the nude child up and cradled her in a loving embrace.

From the corner of my eye, I glanced towards the commode. I really needed to pee. The lid was up, so I carried Betsy and sat on the seat. The girl cuddled against my chest and waited for her breathing to return to normal.

“Danny,” Betsy whispered. “That was so amazing! I’ll love you forever for it. When can we do this again? I don’t mean right now, because I really need to pee. Will you get up and let me pee?”

A mischievous thought jumped into my head. “No, I won’t get up,” I said. “You turn around and sit in my lap facing me. Miss Betsy Wetsy, you peed on me accidentally once, but now I want you to pee on me on purpose. Don’t worry Honey, it will be okay.”

Nervously, Betsy turned around to face me in my lap. I put my hands on her ass and pulled her so close her tits were pressed tightly against my chest. Her pussy was sitting on top of my cock. “Now, girlie girl,” I ordered. “Start peeing!”

Giving in to nature’s call, the girl hesitantly started peeing and I did, too. I swear this sister of mine must have a fever because her free-flowing pee felt a lot hotter than 98.6 degrees. The steaming hot liquid drenching my pubic hairs, my cock, and my balls felt like I was basking in the sweltering warmth of a 120 degree sauna. Our twin streams of amber fluid splashed into the commode water beneath us.

Betsy Wetsy was peeing on me and I loved it, I did! The cock sucking, which had drained my testicle sack dry and left me soft and limp, was now a memory to be cherished for all time. My pussy sucking and my sister’s blistering pee had now restored my manly shaft to its fully-erect, steel-hard glory.

“Hey, Betsy Wetsy babe,” I whispered. “Let’s take a quick bath and then go eat some breakfast. I’ve already had my pussy dessert, now I need some food! A guy can’t live by eating pussy alone although I hope to get yours in my mouth again sometimes soon.”

Betsy giggled merrily then became somber and said seriously, “I don’t want to get you into trouble, Danny. Mom told you not to let me have any breakfast.”

“Girlie girl,” I said. “We’ve been breaking some of Mom’s strict rules which are lots more serious than breakfast eating disobedience. Hell, I’m not going to worry about it and neither should you!”

Betsy and I bathed each others nude bodies in a tubful of hot water. We wrestled, tickled, and teased. We groped, fondled, and kissed. When we stepped out of the tub, we toweled each other dry. My sister seemed to be especially interested in drying my cock. She knelt on her knees and vigorously rubbed my shaft, my balls, and my pubic hairs.

“Hey Danny there’s something I’d like to do!” Betsy suddenly said. She scooted on her knees over to the vanity table, scrounged around inside a drawer, and pulled out a long bright-pink ribbon. She scooted back in front of me, wrapped the ribbon around my stiffened erection, and tied it in a delicate bow.

She leaned over, kissed my throbbing shaft, smiled and said, “My, my, that’s a beautiful sight. Danny, I love putting pretty ribbons on all my dolls and teddy bears and my favorite playthings. I’m going to put this gorgeous cock of yours on the very top of my list of favorite things to play with!”

I suppose I was honored to have my cock on this list of dolls and bears and toys. But, I felt a little ridiculous standing there in the middle of the bathroom floor with a pink bow ribbon decorating my erect manhood.

Despite the awkwardness I was feeling, I was surprisingly turned on and horny as hell. “God, Betsy Wetsy!” I unexpectedly exclaimed. “Girl, I need to get my cock inside a pussy and fuck it like crazy! For ‘two cents’ I’d even fuck my little baby doll, girlie girl sister!”

Right then something happened which was so unbelievable and unimaginable it was almost incomprehensible! Two shiny copper pennies hit the floor, rattled around noisily, and came to rest at my feet. A low voice spoke insistently, “Now, go ahead and fuck her, Danny!”

Startled, Betsy and I looked towards the voice. There in the opened bathroom doorway stood Mom’s sister Bonnie. With one hand, the woman was returning the rest of her handful of coins to the pocket of her jeans. Her other hand was buried deep inside the waistband of her pants. My little sister and I both knew that Aunt Bonnie was ‘playing with herself’.

At 32, Mom’s younger sister was only ten years older than me. Aunt Bonnie’s body was slim and petite. While she wouldn’t win any beauty contests, she was undeniably attractive and sexy. More than a few times, I’d beat my meat while fantasizing about her.

“I’m serious, Danny,” Aunt Bonnie persisted. “You might as well go ahead and fuck her. Hell, you’ve done everything else! I thought I was supposed to come over and baby-sit Betsy, but it seems like you’ve got other plans for her. When you didn’t answer the door, I used my key to get in. I’ve been standing here a while. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything as seductively erotic as watching you two playing around together. Danny, I know you want to fuck your sister…don’t you? And Betsy, I know that’s what you want, too…isn’t it?”

At first, neither Betsy nor I answered. I was so weak in the knees from shock I had dropped to the floor beside my sister. The girl’s arms wrapped around my chest and she buried her head against my head in bashful embarrassment.

In spite of her shame, Betsy spoke timidly, “Aunt Bonnie, even if we ‘did’ want to, we couldn’t…we couldn’t…‘fuck’. Have you seen the size of Danny’s cock? Why it’s so big it would tear my little pussy hole apart!”

“Dear child,” Aunt Bonnie said consolingly. “You’ve got a lot to learn about your own feminine body. Let me tell you something about pussies; they are elastic like a rubber band. A pussy will stretch to let a big cock like Danny’s in. Honey, jump back up there and sit on the commode. I’ll talk you and your brother through this. Danny, you scoot over and kneel in front of her.”

Surprisingly, Betsy followed Aunt Bonnie’s instructions. So did I. Mom’s sister grabbed a jar of Vaseline from the vanity and knelt on the floor beside us. Taking several fingers full of the slippery grease, she applied a liberal amount inside Betsy’s pussy. She saw the girl wince as her fingers went too deep. “Virgin,” she said. “I thought so. Honey, the cock will probably hurt you a little, but in the end, it will be well worth a bit of pain.”

Turning to me, she grabbed my elongated shaft and gave it a thick coating of lubricant. The touch of my aunt’s hand was setting my flesh on fire. Winking at Betsy, Aunt Bonnie said, “Girl child, you’re right about one thing for sure. Your brother Danny has a big cock! And, this pretty pink ribbon you’ve put on it enhances its size and shape. Now girl, its time for you to spread your pussy lips wide.”

Guiding my erection, Aunt Bonnie placed it against my sister’s virginal opening. “Not too fast and rough, now Danny,” she said. “Let me do most of the work. Let’s rub your cockhead up and down the sweet little clit for a few minutes. Isn’t that nice?”

“Yes!” Betsy and I proclaimed in unison. We giggled because we were both feeling good. Aunt Bonnie was rubbing my slippery shaft all over my sister’s pussy. Through the coating of grease, I could feel Betsy’s vaginal mound swell with the stiffness of racing blood.

Aunt Bonnie’s hand guided my cockhead to a place where my pee hole was kissing Betsy’s pee hole. I could hardly believe it hadn’t been long since my little sister was peeing on me out of this very same hole. There was something about our pee holes kissing that was making both my cock and her pussy beg to be joined together in a forbidden carnal union.

“Now, let’s try a little bit of penetration.” Aunt Bonnie said. “Let’s go slowly now, Danny. You’ve got a sweet, tender cherry to burst. Cherry picking has a delicate artistry to it. If you do it correctly, you’ll have a lover for life in your hands!”

Speaking of cherries, Aunt Bonnie had guided my cockhead to a position in between Betsy’s pussy folds where my head and her cherry met in a tentative gentle kiss. My cockshaft was easing it way inside this girl’s warm vaginal home.

The fact that Betsy’s pussy lacked an abundance of natural feminine moisture mattered little now because the thick lubricant Aunt Bonnie had coated our loins with was working just fine.

“Just pull back a little Danny and then go back in.” Aunt Bonnie instructed. “That’s it. Do it like that a few times and see how it works. Pump your big cock in and out ever so gently. Stretch your sister’s tight little pussy with your swollen meat.”

I didn’t really need Aunt Bonnie’s lessons in how to fuck a girl, but I was certainly appreciative of the fact she was helping Betsy get through this sometimes traumatic event. I was also aware that my aunt’s hands and my sister’s pussy were combining to make my cock’s heartbeat throb with a stimulating intensity it had never known.

I think Betsy was feeling what I was feeling, too. Her trembling voice confirmed it, “Aunt Bonnie, I think I’m beginning to cum. Oh my god, it feels so good! Can I let go of my pussy lips now?”

“Yes child, let go and hang on to your pretty little ass.” Aunt Bonnie said. “Its cherry picking time Danny. Wait until her first orgasmic squeal then ‘go for it’!”

Betsy squealed with one orgasm. I waited for another. It came suddenly and I ‘went for it’. My swollen, rigid rod plunged in and pierced my sister’s virginal veil. I expected a painful yelp, yet the girl was so lost in the middle of another orgasm she hardly even acknowledged the tearing away of her innocence.

I penetrated farther into Betsy’s unbelievably tight little hole. Aunt Bonnie was right about the stretchy elasticity of a young pussy. I wasn’t expecting to find much depth and I didn’t, but the hot vaginal cavity was plenty deep enough for my cock to fuck it. I was fucking my sweet Betsy Wetsy and loving it like a pussy addict loves getting his much-needed ‘cunt-fix’!

Hearing the sound of a zipper, I glanced around to see Aunt Bonnie pulling her jeans down. Through a neatly-trimmed bush of curly brown hair, I saw a pulsating pussy mound and an erect, quivering clit. The woman took my hand, stuck my fingers in the Vaseline jar, and guided them to her cunt.

Drippy wet feminine moisture met my probing fingers. Deep, deep into a steamy sweltering abyss they plunged. Aunt Bonnie’s hips were gyrating wildly in an attempt to get the full depth of my fingers inside her.

I needed no help from my aunt in the fine arts and mechanics of finger-fucking a full grown woman. I was well-practiced in this skill. My fingers burrowed in deep and danced around enthusiastically. I dug and pulled and tugged energetically. I pushed in and out feverishly.

My slippery, lubricated cock was sliding in and out of my sister’s young pussy. My fingers were merrily playing inside my aunt’s mature cunt. Good god, how could this get any better?

In answer to my rhetorical question, Aunt Bonnie slumped against my naked shoulder and huskily whispered in my ear, “Oh Danny, I’ve dreamed about fucking you ever since you were a young teenager! Please say you will fuck me some time soon! Oh god Danny, I’m so hot and horny from watching you and Betsy, I’m cumming already! Please keep on fucking me with your magic fingers!”

“I’m cumming, too Danny!” Betsy announced. “Oh Danny, how could anything in this world feel this good? Please keep on fucking me with your wonderful cock!”

If the two females were cumming, then I supposed it was okay if I started cumming, too. A ravenous hunger for carnal release swept throughout my loins. My swollen, blood-engorged cock summoned forth seminal fluids.

Gurgling, bubbling fire shot from my elongated shaft. Liquefied orgasmic fire entered my sister’s little pussy. After Betsy’s cocksucking and handjob had drained me dry, I couldn’t believe my body could have had time to replenish its seminal storage tanks. Apparently, I was wrong.

Betsy’s vaginal hole was so small it couldn’t hold the bulk of both my meat and my milky cum. As my orgasms peaked, squishy squashy male milk spurted and squirted out of Betsy Wetsy’s pussy. A messy mixture of cum, virginal blood, and liquefied lubricant covered our pubic areas and dripped steadily into the commode water beneath us. The girl seemed not to notice the messy overflow because she was having the time of her life. Hell, I was, too!

Aunt Bonnie’s body convulsed and her climaxing cunt filled my hand with feminine cum. Her pussy muscles clamped onto my probing fingers, pulled them in deeper, and begged them to continue playing their stimulating games.

Two pussies and a cock spasmed uncontrollably as orgasms joined our bodies in the bonds of forbidden lust and love. The animalistic, carnal sounds of grunts and groans, screams and squeals, and moans and sighs reverberated around the bathroom walls of my mother’s house.

The fires of our orgasms flamed high, burned hot, and then slowly died. Aunt Bonnie stripped off her clothes. Surprisingly, neither she Betsy nor I felt the least bit of remorseful shame or repentance for what we’d done. Our three sticky, slimy, cum-covered bodies bathed together in a warm, water-filled tub.

For a while, neither of us spoke. We played and kissed. We washed each other clean. After we toweled each other dry, Betsy finally removed the soaked ribbon from my cock. She reached into the vanity drawer again, found another piece of pink silk, and once again decorated my cock with a delicately-tied bow. Not to be outdone, Aunt Bonnie pulled the inch-wide red ribbon from her ponytail and let her shoulder-length hair fall free. Her crimson bow became another ornament tied around my shaft.

Sitting back to view their decorative handiwork, the two females smiled at each other. Aunt Bonnie winked at her niece and said, “Betsy girl, I helped you to get fucked by your brother. Honey, the next time I come over, will you help me to get fucked by my nephew?”

“Oh yes, Aunt Bonnie, I will!” Betsy answered sincerely. “But, Aunt Bonnie is it okay if Danny keeps on fucking me in the meantime?”

With a wide grin on her face, Aunt Bonnie answered, “Baby, you go ahead and get all of your brother’s cock you can handle! Danny, is this okay with you?”

“Yes ma’am it certainly is okay!” I enthusiastically replied. And, I meant it.

With two sets of feminine hands adjusting the ribbons on my hardening erection, I was already devising plans to make myself available for babysitting Betsy Wetsy as often as I could. If Aunt Bonnie wanted to join in then she was certainly welcome.

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