This story occurs one week later
“Oh Naruto” Hinata says flirting with Naruto to have him come over to the bed where she was lying. Naruto stood there exhausted by how much sex he has had with all the girls in the village in this one week.

“Naruto” Sakura says pushing Naruto in the room “We are hungry for some cock!”

“I’m sorry I feel so…” Naruto collapse onto the floor. When he collapsed he was standing at the gates of the nine-tailed beast watching a droplet fall in front of him and then two eyes appeared in front of him saying his name. “Huh… what am I doing here” Naruto says with the two eyes in front of him.

“Naruto say the word and I will give you my energy so that will allow you to continue having sex” nine-tailed beast speak with a vicious voice to Naruto.

“Fuck you” Naruto responds with his head down talking to the beast.

“What!” the nine-tailed beast asks.

“You heard me beast fuck you!” Naruto yells to the beast.

“I have a power of lust even you can not deny. It will not harm a single person it will only spice things up in your sex life” the nine-tailed beast laughs.

“Liar” Naruto screams.

“Oh you don’t know me little one. One percent of my energy is all that it will take for you to fuck for one straight week non-stop” nine-tail beast licks his lips at Naruto who is standing there.

“If I agree it will not harm a single one of my friends” Naruto screams.

Nine-tailed beast pauses then speaks “It will not harm one friend of yours Naruto.”

“Then lend me your power” Naruto screams with a bright light happening. Naruto awakens feeling an erection larger than he has ever had before.

“Naruto are you alright” Sakura says to Naruto. Now Naruto at this time was completely naked with Hinata giving him a blowjob which explains why he has an erection. Naruto looks to Hinata then looks to Sakura noticing that all three of them were naked then he remembered what he agreed to and he felt much better than when he was.

“Sakura can I lick your pussy” Naruto says hoping she would say yes, and sure enough Sakura jumped right on the bed and placed her pussy right over his mouth while Hinata continued to give him a blowjob. Naruto stopped for a moment of licking Sakura’s wet pussy “Hinata can you get on my cock.”

“Uh sure Naruto” Hinata was a bit hesitate but soon jumped on and was riding his cock “Oh Naruto don’t stop cumming in me” Naruto was giving flowing a constant flow of cum that didn’t seem to stop in to Hinata “Naruto you don’t mind if I place your cock in my ass I think my pussy is full” Naruto continued licking Sakura’s pussy ignoring what Hinata was doing. In no time Hinata’s ass was filled with Naruto’s cum and Hinata had to stop with Naruto still busy eating out Sakura.

“Damn Naruto my pussy is all dried up now” Sakura says with Naruto stopping looking up at Sakura.

“What did you say Sakura?” Naruto says dumbfounded by what Sakura said.

“Poor Hinata is past out maybe now I can have your cock all to myself” Sakura says with lust in her eyes kissing Naruto before she places his cock in her pussy with lying on Naruto on the bed. As soon as Naruto’s cock was in a constant flow of cum went in Sakura “Fuck Naruto I didn’t think you had this much god damn cum in you. I think my ass is going to be filled now you don’t mind do you Naruto” Sakura then moves Naruto’s cock out of her pussy and then slowly placing his cock in her ass as soon as it was in a constant flow of cum went straight in Sakura’s ass. “Naruto I didn’t know you needed to cum this badly” Sakura says taking his cock out of her ass “Now Naruto you should no I can only handle so much cum in mouth so whatever’s left better be a small amount.” Sakura goes down even further until she reaches Naruto’s cock where she placed his cock in her mouth and within seconds Sakura had cum flowing out of her mouth.

“I guess you can’t handle that much cum” Naruto says unsatisfied with Hinata and Sakura filled in all three holes lying on the floor “Well I suppose I’ll need to find someone else if I’m going to be satisfied.” Naruto gets dressed and walks out of Sakura’s room. “Maybe Ino will want some of my cock; with Choji all depressed and Shikamaru is with Asuma tracking down Akatsuki” Naruto thought to himself rushing over to Ino’s place.

“My pussy needs a cock in it. Sai just isn’t enough to satisfy me anymore. Goddamn why does Sakura and Hinata have too have Naruto more than anyone else I only had him once and that wasn’t even enough time for me to get one fucking orgasm.” Ino talks to herself walking around her room with a dildo in her ass and another in her pussy both on vibrate when she notices in her window Naruto sitting there.

“Naruto!” Ino screams and Naruto falls off landing on the ground knocking down some barrels of fruit at a vendor near by. He then gets back up to Ino’s window but was in a flash pulled in lying on Ino’s bed with Ino taking his pants off with her jumping on him before he could blink.

“Oh god yes Naruto that feels so good keep cumming oh…fuck yes…uhhh” Ino moans as Naruto fills Ino’s pussy with his constant flow of cum going in her pussy. “Oh Naruto I didn’t know you were saving this much for me I’m going to need to put this in my ass” Ino says placing Naruto’s cock in her ass and well you get the picture with in a few moments Ino is filled in all three holes with Naruto leaving for Tenten’s place hoping that Neji hadn’t taken care of all her needs already.

“Neji… I am sick and tired you are not satisfying me like you did a week ago not even poor Lee is able to keep up with my pussy. I’m horny as hell and I need a cock in me that can fill me right now!” Tenten who is normally quite peaceful now is well to Neji and Lee gone crazy.

“Tenten perhaps you should relax I think you have had way too much even Gai is afraid of being near you. Lee and I are both exhausted why you don’t take a break” Neji says catching his breath with Lee while the two are lying on the floor with Tenten on her bed still rubbing her pussy when there is a knock on the door.

“Come in!” Tenten yells angrily while still rubbing her pussy and Naruto steps in. “Alright another cock for me to have” Tenten goes back to her peaceful self and rushes over to Naruto and instantly takes Naruto’s cock out of his pants and begins sucking on it and Naruto’s cock was fully erect. Instantly Tenten got up and shoved him on her bed.

“Ah Tenten maybe you should…” Naruto is interrupted when Tenten jumps on his cock and in no time Tenten’s pussy is filled so she places his cock in her ass and instantly her ass is filled up then she decides to give him a blowjob for satisfy her. In no time she is on the floor with Naruto’s cum flowing out of all three holes of hers.

“Thank you Naruto maybe she will finally stop the urge” Neji says grabbing Naruto’s leg as Naruto was leaving.

“Heh…No problem Neji any time really” Naruto says running out and deciding that his only option now is Lady Tsunade.

Naruto opens the door to Tsunade’s office pulling his pants down revealing his erect cock to her hoping she would do want everyone else seemed to be doing when he showed his cock but instead he sees her being fucked by Jiraiya, Kakashi, and Shizune who has her pussy being sucked on with a line of male Jonin and Chunin awaiting her needs and every single one has no pants on.

“Grandma Tsunade!”Naruto yells with everyone looking at Naruto with dead silence.

“What did you say Naruto!” Tsunade screams with everyone covering their ears with Jiraiya, Kakashi, and Shizune getting off and also covering their ears.

“Grandma Tsu…” Naruto is interrupted as Tsunade pounds him all the way back into the Stone Mountain that had the five Hokages faces. “Damn that Grandma…” Naruto says getting up when another punch right in the guts hits him with him coughing up some blood by the surprise.

“You call me that one more time and you will die” Tsunade says in Naruto’s ear with him gulping his own spit and slowly getting up.

Naruto slowly stands up and says “Grandma Tsunade.” Naruto knew what was going to happen next and he knew how to prevent it. Tsunade hits him only to find a substitute of a wooden log appearing in front of her.

“NARUTO!” Tsunade screams.

“What is it Grandma Tsunade” Naruto says standing behind her. Well at least two thousand of him are standing behind her.

“Oh Naruto your going to get it now” Tsunade says hitting her fist on the ground which made the ground fall apart in front of her which sent all the Naruto’s to vanish in a cloud of smoke. Before it all left Naruto came charging in with his rasengan. “So you want to play do you Naruto” Tsunade says cracking her neck and stops Naruto before his rasengan could hit her but it was only a clone. She felt someone grab her from the ground and decided to punch Naruto down there but to no avail it was only another clone then a circle of about ten Naruto’s rushed her from all sides only thing was that Tsunade stopped every single one by punching the ground once again only to find out that everyone one was a clone. “Damn it Naruto I don’t have time for this!” Tsunade screams with several more Naruto clones coming at her as she continued she seemed to be getting tired fighting and getting even more horny and that’s when she noticed that she was stark naked fighting Naruto with many people all around the area watching she decided that it was time she put a disguise to hide the fact that she was how she was. As soon as she did Naruto yelled right behind her one thousand years of death and many people laughed but as soon as he said that Tsunade flew several feet away losing her disguise and tired she decided to finish this with one more move. “Oh Naruto instead of fighting me why don’t you come over here and lick my sweet pussy” Tsunade says flirting with Naruto.

“No problem Lady Tsunade” Naruto runs over and before he could place his tongue on her sweet pussy she nails him sending several miles away and then she gets up and then goes straight up to her office where everyone has no pants on with all their jaws dropped by what happened.

“Want are you all looking at get back to work and I want some one to fix that damn wall” Tsunade says working on papers while she is still naked like nothing happened and everyone leaves with a few people taking care of the hole. “I should have let Naruto lick my pussy, but the only problem was there were way too many people watching so she couldn’t do it” Tsunade thought to herself but shrugged it off and with in a few minutes Naruto walked in with Tsunade and only Tsunade in her office. “So Naruto I see you haven’t had enough” Tsunade says continuing to work with Naruto catching his breath at the door.

“I just came here so I could fuck you…” Naruto says before collapsing to the floor but before he could Tsunade stopped him and placed him on her desk taking all of his clothes off where she decided to play with cock while he was knocked out…

Sorry the start of this story sounded like a child wrote it but I have been busy lately and couldn’t think of any thing. This was all done in a few hours so please excuse any mistakes that I made. Next one will be way better and thank you for reading my stories so far. – Fuck Bro

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