It seems I messed up in the last part it was Teuchi who owns Ichiraku Ramen Bar while there is no character named Ichiraku. Ayame is Teuchi’s daughter. Also Nishi and Matsu supposedly replace Ayame in the Shippuden episodes while Ayame is on a trip. I will still though have Ayame in the story for Choji.

“Uh… fuck what time is it” Naruto says slowly waking his tired eyes to the alarm clock next to the bed where Temari is still sleeping after last night. “It’s 1:00!” Naruto gets up screaming rushing to get dressed thinking that he was late but before he could get his pants on he noticed Sakura and Kakashi were on the floor, and everything flooded back to what happened last night.

“Naruto what are you shouting about now” Sakura says waking her eyes up with Kakashi sleeping next to her.

“Sakura I thought that…um I…I was just going to get some food you want anything Sakura” Naruto stubbles for words to say to Sakura.

“Yeah why don’t you get some food for all of us I’m sure were all hungry after last night” Sakura says when Kakashi moves closer to her with his semi-erect cock now at her pussies entrance.

Naruto was getting dressed when he heard from behind him Temari speak “Hey Naruto before you go can you lick my pussy for me.” Naruto immediately went straight to her pussy and licked her dry-cummed pussy that had her and his cum from last night all over it. Naruto then went to get some food with Temari going back to sleep. Sakura though couldn’t get back to sleep with her pussy as wet as it was with Kakashi’s cock at the entrance so she decided to slide her pussy up and down on Kakashi’s cock while trying not to wake him up.

Naruto gets back with food a few minutes later with Sakura and Kakashi fucking on the floor while Temari is in the shower with the door wide open. “Alright time to eat everyone” Naruto says taking the food over to the table. Sakura and Kakashi stop and get up while Temari steps out of the bathroom wet walking over for some food.

After they all ate Temari was heading back to the shower luring Naruto when Sakura interrupts “Hey Temari why don’t you take Kakashi I need to talk to Naruto.”

“No problem Sakura. Kakashi how about you help me in here” Temari enticing Kakashi with her rubbing her pussy and while playing with her breasts.

“So Sakura what’s up?” Naruto says to Sakura.

“Naruto…when we get back things will never be the same” Sakura has her head down in speaking in a sad voice.

“I know Sakura” Naruto says trying to cheer up Sakura.

“No you don’t Naruto!” Sakura cry’s out loud to Naruto with tears on her face “You see Naruto before you and I began fucking I had sex with Lady Tsunade, Ino, Hinata, Kurenai, and Asuma…”

“It’s alright Sakura I don’t care who you had sex with or who you didn’t all I care about now is that when we get back Hinata and…” Naruto hugs Sakura and says before getting interrupted.

“I’m a whore” Sakura says to Naruto in a low voice. The room gets cold and silent even the birds outside stopped singing.

Sakura pulls off of Naruto who is completely frozen. “Well Sakura…” Naruto says gulping and sweating at what Sakura just said and then spoke again “how can I help your situation?”

Sakura was stunned what Naruto said with dead silence again when Sakura speaks “I suppose we could head back even though Lady Tsunade would probably hate us leaving so soon.”

“What are we going to say to Kakashi and Temari” Naruto says to Sakura.

“I suppose we should leave before they get out, but it would be wrong to leave the two” Sakura says to Naruto.

“Why don’t we just stay and perhaps have less sex” Naruto struggles to smile at Sakura.

“Yeah I suppose we could do that. Thanks Naruto” Sakura hugs him and then smiles while removing her tears. Kakashi and Temari come out of the shower.

“You two ready or are you going to just stand there” Kakashi says while playing with Temari’s breasts. Sakura and Naruto go in and take their shower together with no sexual feeling from either of them they clean each other up and then get out to see Kakashi and Temari on the bed playing with each other.

Sakura and Naruto who are both in a sad mood decide to head out.

The two walk for a half an hour before Naruto finally speaks “Why don’t we get a quick bite and talk this over.”

“I’m not hungry” Sakura continues to walk in a depressed mood through the busy streets.

Naruto loses Sakura for a moment with the busy crowd and then catches up to her “Sakura snap out of it will you!” Naruto shakes Sakura when everyone around stares at them.

“Sorry Naruto I need some time alone. I’ll see you later” Sakura says in a depressed voice walking away with Naruto staring at her walking on in a gloomy state.

“Wow I haven’t seen Sakura like this since Sasuke left” Naruto thought to himself while walking away through the crowd “Kakashi he might know what to do.”

Naruto ran back to hotel room and when he got in he saw several Kakashi and Temari clones fucking each other while the real Temari was giving Kakashi a blowjob in the farthest corner.

“Hey Kakashi” Naruto screams out while still depressed about Sakura.

“What is it Naruto” Kakashi says while all the clones vanish leaving Kakashi and Temari are in the corner of the room looking at Naruto.

“Can I talk to you alone about something” Naruto says with his head down depressed to Kakashi. Kakashi stands up with Temari grabbing her clothes and leaving the room.

“I presume Sakura told you about what she is in the village” Kakashi says to Naruto on a serious note.

“Yeah how do you know” Naruto asks Kakashi.

“Well…um… I heard rumors and well…” Kakashi stumbles for words not wanting to tell Naruto that Sakura had once given him a blowjob when on a mission in the land of mist those many years ago when they were battling Zabuza.

“So what am I suppose to do Kakashi” Naruto says still depressed toward Kakashi.

“Well I suppose she’ll get over it but if it would make you feel better why don’t you try to cheer her up. Temari and I will be in here the rest of the day so if you need anything at all you know where you can find me” Kakashi says cheering up Naruto but to no success Naruto leaves with Temari entering with Kakashi all over her.

“Naruto, Oh Naruto once were back Hinata and I will be all over you with every other female ninja also wanting you” Sakura thought to herself walking around the town when she sees a girl about her age with boys all over her at this small store. “Boys will be boys why are they attracted to this one girl anyways since a girl wants only one that can truly love her and not any one else. I wonder if it is the same where girls will be girls and Naruto seems to be the center of attention. Perhaps I should stop being a whore like Ino had once told me when I was with her and Lady Tsunade was having lesbian sex a couple years ago. I should find Naruto and get this all fixed out” Sakura decides to run to the hotel room thinking that he should be there.

“Sakura where are you” Naruto says to himself then decides to make his clones “Kage Bunshin No Jutsu!” a couple thousand clones come out and spread across the entire town hoping to find Sakura but to no avail after half an hour so he decides to remove the clones and head back to the hotel room thinking that maybe she went back there.

“Oh Kakashi why can’t you be younger” Temari says tugging on Kakashi’s cock.

“Like this” Kakashi makes himself younger with a jutsu.

“It’s not the same when it’s a jutsu but it does make sex even better” Temari says with a seductive voice grabbing hold of Kakashi’s cock and begins sucking on it as soon as she does the door opens.

Sakura gets to the hotel seeing that the main stairway to her room is out so she decides to take the other stairway running to the room “Naruto I’m sorry I shouldn’t have done anything and this week would have been another week with no sex.” Sakura reaches the room and opens it to reveal…

“Sakura I’m coming. When this week is over we will be together with Hinata and nobody is going to get in the way” Naruto says jumping from house to house until he reaches the hotel and gets to the door of the hotel room and opens it to reveal…


A maid walks in to see Temari giving Kakashi a blowjob “Oh I’m so sorry I should have knocked” the maid walked out blushing when a force behind her knocked her down.

“Naruto are you in here” Sakura opening the door to see a young girl giving an old man a blowjob that looked similar to Temari and Kakashi but weren’t “Oh I’m sorry wrong room” Sakura then runs heading for the right door hearing noises not far away.

“Sakura I’m so sorry I didn’t mean to knock you down” Naruto standing up noticing that it wasn’t Sakura but a maid with Temari and Kakashi froze watching the scene in front of them.

“Oh it’s alright I was just leaving” the maid said getting up blushing as she ran out when another force hits her knocking her out.

“Naruto I’m so sorry I should of never of started this whole mess” Sakura says hugging Naruto.

“It’s alright Sakura but we should really help this maid” Naruto says patting Sakura on the back glad that Sakura was with him right now.

“Oh, right I suppose I should help, Naruto can you get some ice. Kakashi can you get my first aid pack and Temari I need you to help me get her up” Sakura says aiding the maid on the floor with her medical jutsu.

“What happened, what’s going on, why are there so many people around me” the maid says coming around.

“Everyone back away give her some room” Sakura says backing away everyone then looking at the maid
“Your alright you just got a concussion.”

“Oh thank you very much I should be going my boss probably wants me” the maid slowly gets up and then leaves thanking them all.

“Naruto we need to talk right now” Sakura had serious face turning to Naruto.

“Before you two do go I have some serious things to say that affect all of us” Kakashi says to the group in a cheerful voice. “First thing is Temari before I got here I received an urgent message that Kankuro has tracked down something important that is important for Gaara and it seems that he is in need of your assistance in the land of waves.”

“Thanks Kakashi” Temari grabs her giant fan and walks off talking to herself “Kankuro you better have a good reason for this and it sure better not be another blowjob either.”

Kakashi looks at Naruto and Sakura “Alright we all know that Sakura is a whore and she is now trying to contain herself, however you two are ninja don’t show your emotion’s no matter what unless of course it revolves around sex. If you two have any problems talk about them in private but right now it seems Lady Tsunade is in need of Sakura’s assistance on something with Shizune on a mission right now. Naruto I know about Hinata but I have direct orders from Lady Tsunade that you will be training as soon as you enter Konoha. That means you can talk to Hinata tomorrow night.” Kakashi, Naruto, and Sakura pack silently and then head back to Konoha ending the week early and on a depressing side.

Back in Konoha things have been anything but quiet with ninja’s completing missions and starting new ones. Of course when the news came out early this morning that Sakura and Naruto would be home by mid-afternoon Hinata became even more nervous. Hinata was sitting in the front of her house watching Neji and Tenten practicing when Ino walked over.

“Ino! It’s so good to see you” Hinata says excited to see Ino.

“Hey what’s up guys” Ino says to everyone in a depressed mood.

“What’s wrong Ino you don’t seem to be same as you normally are” Neji sensed something different about Ino.

“Oh it’s nothing really” Ino tried to make an excuse but broke loose “Okay it’s Sai it seems that he doesn’t have any feelings about the two of us and…”Ino begins to cry “Well I think that he’s gay.”

“What are you sure Ino” Tenten who is concerned about Ino goes over and hugs her.

“Yeah it’s he doesn’t have any feeling and his cock doesn’t erect as fast as when we first had sex” Ino began crying even more when Hinata came over and also hugged Ino to help her friend cope over the situation.

“Thanks guys you’re the best. With Shikamaru gone for a couple more days, Choji is with Ayame, and Asuma is busy helping Kurenai right now” Ino continues crying with Hinata and Tenten trying to comfort her when she sees Neji standing there “Hey Neji maybe you can talk to Sai and find out if he is gay.

“Sure thing Ino, Tenten I’ll see you later for more practice, and take care Hinata” Neji says then vanishes.

“Now that Neji’s gone and with Naruto and Sakura coming back later on Tenten are you ready?” Ino says clearing her tears up and acting more like herself.

“Yeah I sure am Ino, Hinata it’s time we give you a lesbian experience before Naruto and Sakura come back” Tenten says in a seductive voice pushing Hinata in to the house.

“Huh…what are you two talking about” Hinata scared what Ino and Tenten are talking about is pushed into her room where Ino and Tenten take their clothes off.

“Oh come on Hinata we all know that you’re a bi-sexual like the rest of us girls” Ino says in a seductive voice leaning into Hinata while Tenten begins rubbing her own pussy.

“Yeah but what if Neji come back and discovers what’s going on or even my father” Hinata scared by Ino and Tenten.

“Relax Neji already knows that were all bi and besides I heard from Neji that your father is busy today guarding the village” Tenten goes over pulling Hinata’s pants off while Ino kisses Hinata while feeling her bare breasts.

“Uh please stop Tenten Ino please stop” Hinata screams but is soon overwhelmed by the pleasure she was receiving.

“Hey Tenten how about you suck my pussy while I suck on Hinata’s pussy” Ino says kissing Hinata once more before heading downward slowly in a seductive way toward Hinata’s pussy while Tenten fucks Ino’s pussy with three fingers.

“Oh Gawd yes don’t stop Ino” Hinata screams as Ino licks Hinata’s cum soaked pussy.

“Oh fuck Tenten can’t you just put your damn fist in my pussy I’m extremely horny right now I don’t need three fingers” Ino shouts to Tenten while she continues to play with Hinata’s pussy “Oh fuck Tenten that’s right keep going that feels so good god damn don’t stop yes.” A door opens with none of them noticing until they hear.

“Well it looks like you three are having fun.” Hiashi announces to the three.

“Father?” Hinata saw her father and was embarrassed and tried to hide her naked self but couldn’t move.

“So is this what happens when I’m not around. Tenten do you do this with Lee and Neji, or you Ino do you do this with Shikamaru and Choji, and my own daughter Hinata Hyuga do you do this with Neji, Shino, and Kiba” Hiashi says in a harsh stern voice to the three naked girls that are in front of him.

“Hiashi didn’t you fuck Sakura the other month?” Ino asks Hiashi with a smile on her face.

“How would you find out… no wait Ino are you blackmailing me?” Hiashi fires back but with a weaker force
and Hinata noticed that her father had weakened his tone yet no one else seemed to notice.

“Sakura told me soon after you fucked her” Ino says in a seductive voice noticing now that Hiashi was growing more nervous and she noticed that he had a growing hard-on.

“So what do you want Ino” Hiashi realizing he was going to lose a fight to three girls and one was his daughter.

“Perhaps we can relieve your hard-on Hiashi” Tenten says staring at his hard-on sticking out of his robes.

“Only Ino and Tenten can do this since Hinata is my daughter” Hiashi says nervous on what the next words they would say to him.

“No Hiashi I think Hinata wants to suck your cock first I mean she needs to practice on someone this morning before Naruto comes home” Ino says with a seductive voice grabbing Hinata and sending her over to her father while Tenten goes to Hiashi taking off his robes.

“So you think you can handle three beautiful girls on your own Hiashi” Tenten speaks those words in Hiashi’s ear.

“Ino this is incest I can’t do this to my own father” Hinata scared with her father’s cock sticking out in front of her.

“I bet you two haven’t even done with your fathers have you” Hiashi says to Ino and Tenten.

“Actually we have and with our mothers as well” Ino says seductively to Hiashi pushing Hinata closer to her father’s cock while Tenten pushes Hiashi closer to Hinata’s mouth.

Hiashi says looking at his daughter asks her “Hinata do you want to do this?”

“No but it seems I have no other options right now father” Hinata says then sucks her father’s cock while Ino kisses Hiashi on the lips while Tenten is feeling his body going all the way down and sucking on his balls.

“Oh don’t stop girls this feels so good” Hiashi moans with pleasure as all three continue for a couple more hours until Ino pressures Hinata to get fucked b her father.

“I don’t know Ino?” Hinata responds to Ino.

“Oh come on you already gave him a blowjob you might as well as go all the way Hinata” Ino says to Hinata.

“Come on Hinata you’ll love it and wait until you do it with your mother” Tenten seductively says in Hinata’s ear.

“Alright, Father I want you to put your cock in my pussy” Hinata pleads to her father and of course he does slowly at first and then goes faster.

“Oh father please don’t stop uh yes fuck me father” Hinata moans in ecstasy as her father fucks her sweet pussy while Ino and Tenten have their own fun on the floor. Ino and Tenten are in a 69 position licking
each others pussies.

“Oh Hinata I haven’t had sex quite like this since we gave birth to your and sister and you” Hiashi says continuing to fuck his daughter.

“Uh… how is Hanabi doing in her training?” Hinata asks her father.

“Well since you two haven’t seen each other for what two-three months I’d say the last I heard from her was last week and she was on a mission in the land of lightning doing exception like always but not as good as you are right now Hinata” Hiashi answers Hinata’s question.

“So when does Hanabi come home?” Hinata asks her father while he continues to fuck her while she is on his lap.

“I believe she said next week why do you ask Hinata? Is it because you want our family to have sex together” Hiashi says to Hinata.

“Well yes father I have been thinking that” Hinata states then moans out load as she begins to cum with her father’s cock still in her “Uh fuck father I’m going to cum please uh fuck YES!!!”

“Damn Hinata do you want everyone in Konoha to find out what were doing” Ino says on the floor with Tenten who is sucking on her pussy.

“Sorry Ino I couldn’t help it” Hinata blushes feeling blame then kisses her father on the lips for a few minutes. Ino and Tenten continue their position on the floor in a 69 with Hinata and Hiashi on the bed for another hour then they all pass out.

Neji as soon as he left rushed to find Sai to fix this dilemma but as he was looking he encountered Lee.

“Neji what’s up” Lee acknowledges Neji’s presences.

“Not much Lee it seems know that Ino thinks that Sai is gay so I need to find him and hopefully fix this problem” Neji says catching his breath

“I believe I saw him at Ichiraku’s ramen shop with some old guy” Lee says to Neji.

“Thanks Lee” Neji runs off waving good-bye to Lee. Neji gets to Ichiraku’s when he hears moans in the back so he goes into the back to see Ayame on the floor with Choji’s cock in her pussy, Sai’s cock in her mouth, and some old guy’s cock in her ass while Teuchi and it seems like his wife fucking in the corner.

“What is going on around here” Neji says coolly with every one stopping looking in his direction.

“Oy Neji how’s Tenten” Choji has a huge grin on his face.

“Fine Choji, and Sai Ino seems concerned about you” Neji says in a stern face unfortunately his cock on the other hand was having a hard time with Ayame naked in front of him.

“Thanks Neji, but I can not see her anymore since every time I do she wants to have sex with me” Sai says with a fake smile.

“Then want are you doing here” Neji replies.

“Well you see Danzo and I were having some ramen earlier when Choji came and soon after we were all like this” Sai gives another fake smile to Neji.

“Neji you want to join” Ayame is speaking “I would love to have a fresh cock right now and besides Danzo hear seems tired.

“She’s all yours Neji. I need a rest right now” Danzo says stepping back to sit down.

“I will only do it if Sai goes back to Ino” Neji says even though it seems his cock didn’t care one way or another.

“Very well Neji I will go back to her later today” Sai says placing his cock back into Ayame’s mouth while Choji goes back to fucking her pussy. Teuchi and his wife collapse around this time and watch the four continue for another hour or two when everyone is passed out.

“God damn my pussy is wet and I’m horny as hell with Sakura coming back in a few hours I don’t know how much I can handle” Lady Tsunade says to herself then some papers come in and she continues checking each one off while her mind and her pussy were aching for Sakura’s touch. “Fuck I need some one now…wait I’ll just make a clone of myself so I can satisfy myself. I haven’t done that lately” Tsunade had a huge grin on her face then made a clone of herself. In no time the clone Tsunade was licking the real one’s pussy on the desk. “Oh fuck yeah that’s right I should do this more often oh fuck yes fuck suck well” Tsunade moaned as the clone pleased her. For several more hours the clone pleased Tsunade every way possible until it disappeared and Tsunade lied on her desk naked when the door opened.

“Hey Naruto, Sakura, and Kakashi we heard you were all coming back early but we thought you’d be back in a couple more hours” one of the guards that were watching the entrance into Konoha.

“Yeah we had to leave early and plus we decided to skip the meal until we got back” Kakashi scratches the back of his head talking to the guards.

“Glad to see you’re all back not much has changed since you left” the other guard says to the group.

“How’s Hinata” Naruto asks with a hopeful face toward the guards.

“Hinata is quieter than normal if that’s possible” the first guard tells Naruto.

“Well that will change you can believe it” Naruto smiles walking into the city proudly with Sakura and Kakashi following behind. Soon Naruto, Kakashi, and Sakura were at Ichiraku’s ramen shop but it was quiet so Naruto rang the bell a few times then Teuchi came out with a huge pot of ramen.

“Oh hey theirs my favorite customer Naruto Uzumaki” Teuchi smiles handing out the three their bowls with Naruto having the largest bowl “Dig in you three missed a lot in the few days you were gone.”

“Oh what has been going on Teuchi” Naruto says after slurping up some ramen.
Teuchi laughs at Naruto then says “Well for starters Choji and Ayame are together, that Neji and Tenten are together, Asuma and Kurenai have made it public that they are going out with Kurenai being pregnant, and well is there anything else oh Ino and that one kid that is in your group what’s his name again?”

“Sai” Sakura says.

“Yeah those two are going out now. That Danzo guy is starting to agree with our Hokage Tsunade” Teuchi finishes off what he was talking about.

“Wow we really have missed a lot” Kakashi says while his bowl seems to be untouched.

“I suppose I should see Hinata now” Naruto slowly leaves but Kakashi grabs him.

“Not so fast Naruto you agreed that we were to train as soon as we got back” Kakashi says pulling Naruto back with Naruto kicking and swinging. Teuchi and Sakura laugh when Choji and Ayame come out to see what was going on.

“Choji and Ayame we heard that you two are going out” Sakura says to the two.

“Yeah we sure are and it’s been great ever since” Choji says with Ayame snuggling up to him.

“We heard that you two were coming home today but not this early” Ayame says.

“Yeah I guess Tsunade wanted me right away” Sakura says “I should be going Tsunade doesn’t like to wait you know” Sakura then vanishes.

“Naruto it’s time to go and train” Kakashi says to Naruto who is on his fifth bowl.

“Alright Kakashi but afterwards I really need to see Hinata” Naruto says with everyone saying their good-byes.

Sakura opened the door to Lady Tsunade’s office where she saw in front of her Tsunade lying on her desk like she was expecting Sakura to take her clothes off and make love with her right away. “Lady Tsunade what are you doing what if someone sees you like this” Sakura says walking slowly while taking her clothes off knowing that she should stop being a whore but how could she disagree with the Hokage.
“Sakura I tried to satisfy myself earlier but you’re the only one that can do it so much better that I can” Tsunade says with a pleading look on her face to Sakura.

“How could I resist you Lady Tsunade after all you are the Hokage” Sakura says taking her bra off showing her self as completely naked in front of Tsunade then kisses her on the lips with their tongues in each other’s mouth’s playing while Sakura plays with Tsunade’s soft yet erect breasts.

“Thank you Sakura for getting here early” Tsunade says with Sakura sucking on her breasts slowly with her tongue playing with her tits.

“You should know that I must satisfy Naruto starting tomorrow with Hinata” Sakura says then continues playing with Tsunade’s breasts.

“Perhaps you should invite him over here tomorrow so all three of us can satisfy him after all he does have the energy for all three of us” Tsunade says to Sakura.

“I could I resist my master’s wish. It will be done Lady Tsunade” Sakura says then goes down to Tsunade’s pussy and begins licking her clit then goes further in with her tongue exploring the pussy in front of her. Sakura the rest of the day satisfied Tsunade’s every sexual wish then Tsunade pleased Sakura for awhile then the two pass out with the sun setting.

As soon as Naruto was done with his training he ran straight to Hinata’s place. A few minutes later he got to her place where she and her father were sitting outside talking.

“Hey Hinata” Naruto yells as he’s running to her.

“Naruto so glad to see you” Hinata waves to him.

“I was wondering you know if we could talk alone about you know” Naruto says scratching the back of head to Hinata.

“Sure thing Naruto” Hinata says with the two of them entering her room.

“Wow so this is your room” Naruto looks around for the first seeing Hinata’s room that has a chair in one corner and bed right near the window with a small closet on the other side but other than that it was a perfectly clean room.

“Sorry I had Neji tell you but I couldn’t tell you at that time since I heard that you and Sakura were going on a mission” Hinata stubbles for words looking down shyly to Naruto.

“That’s alright Hinata I don’t mind. Sakura said that it would be us three until I gave a child to one of you” Naruto sadly says looking at Hinata.

“That’s true, but there is more…” Hinata looks to Naruto with tears in her eyes.
“I don’t care what they are so long as I have you Hinata” Naruto says with both of their eyes looking at each other contently for several minutes the two stare at each other.

“Oh Naruto I…I love you more than anything too” Hinata says hugging Naruto crying on the back of his shirt.

“I love you too Hinata I love you too” Naruto says holding Hinata for several minutes.

Hinata pulls off then the two look at each other then they kiss once then look at each other then kiss again.

Taking each others clothes off lying on the bed making out like time had stopped for them both.

Passionately playing with each other like they were not two beings but one person in erotic positions all night long they playing with each other with great care. Each had taste each other’s cum, and Naruto had his cock in all of Hinata’s holes while they continued all night until the sun was coming up and that is when they went to sleep resting until mid-afternoon with no disturbance from the outside world.

Next story will be much shorter with Naruto finding out a few secrets in Konoha…

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