For all fans of Naruto or anyone who is a fan of anime
This story is about Konoha the moment Naruto and Sakura left for vacation. No Naruto, Sakura, Kakashi, or Temari until the next story. The other characters begin fucking this time. Sorry if you were hoping to see what the rest of the week of Naruto and Sakura vacation would be but it will be out soon. The next story will be much better this is only a filler.

“Hinata!” a voice says behind Hinata who was dreaming about Naruto while he left with Sakura on there vacation. Hinata turns around to see Shino, Kiba, and Akamaru standing 10 feet behind her waving her to come over. Hinata walks over to them.

“Where is Kurenai” Hinata says sheepishly to them.

“Well that’s why we came to get you it seems she needs to talk to you about something” Kiba states to Hinata.

“I sense that you’re more nervous than you normally are after watching Naruto leave on his vacation” Shino says to Hinata.

Hinata stands their a bit embarrassed toward them.

“Hinata…now come on in a week you’ll have Naruto all to yourself that’s is Sakura doesn’t knock him out completely by the end of the week” Kiba says beginning to laugh then Hinata slaps him “ Ow Hinata I’m sorry…I didn’t mean it”

“Hinata why don’t you see Kurenai now while I talk to Kiba” Shino says to Hinata.

“Your right Shino I suppose so, well bye guys” Hinata says running off to Kurenai’s house.

“With no one in the office today and Sakura and Naruto on their vacation this place is quiet” Tsunade says taking her favorite pink dildo out and rubbing her pussy. “The one thing I miss right about now is Shizune sucking on my pussy while I lick Sakura’s sweet innocent pussy. I guess I’m going to need to bring in the only other female I can at least satisfy my urges and that is Ino” Tsunade who is now sticking the dildo in and out of her pussy while calling in a guard that is usually standing guard when the palace isn’t busy right out die the door and ordering him to get Ino.

Shikamaru and Ino are sitting at Ichiraku’s ramen shop while watching Choji eat his sixteenth bowl of ramen.

“You know Choji you ought to go on a diet. I can I understand you’ve thinned out over the years but Choji it doesn’t get the ladies” Ino says to Choji while he continues to go to the next bowl.

“Ino I am on a diet I’m eating three meals now instead of five what more do you want”
Choji says going through another bowl of ramen.

“Ayame maybe you can help with Choji’s eating habit” Ino says to Ayame who is stirring the ramen as much as she can while serving it to Choji.

“Ino maybe your right perhaps I could… no wait I sure can help Choji’s little problem” Ayame says turning around talking to the three “Choji why don’t you come here tomorrow I know the perfect thing that will get you at a healthy weight…how about it Choji.”

Choji puts down his final bowl and looks toward Ino and Shikamaru then looks to Ayame and says “It
won’t work but I suppose I’ll have to prove it to you all.”

An ANBU comes in “Ino, Lady Tsunade wants you” the ANBU leaves quickly and then Ino leaves saying good-bye to Shikamaru, Choji, Ayame, and Ichiraku who just came out to bring more noodles.

Hinata knocks at Kurenai’s front door for a few moments’ but no one opens the door and as she begins to leave Kurenai opens the door seeing Hinata walk away “Hinata thank goodness you’re here.”

Hinata stops and turns around to see Kurenai at the door “Oh hello Kurenai Kiba and Shino said you wanted to see me” Hinata says sheepishly looking toward the ground.

“Yes I did and I need to talk to you about Naruto and some other things” Kurenai says “why don’t you come in” Kurenai waving in Hinata who walks in.

“Why do we need to talk about Naruto, sensei” Hinata asks while sitting down at one of seats at the kitchen table while Kurenai walks around.

“Well ever since you revealed your little secret I’ve been thinking that perhaps we should talk about some things you know… girl talk” Kurenai says sitting down in front of Hinata.

“Oh sensei I don’t know if I can satisfy Naruto” Hinata says shyly toward Kurenai.

“Hinata why don’t Asuma and I help you with that problem right now” Kurenai says to Hinata.

“Asuma’s here” Hinata says shocked and a bit nervous.

“Did some one say my name” Asuma says walking out of the bathroom naked with a towel covering his private part. Hinata blushes when she sees him.

“Hinata… uh so glad to see you… I didn’t expect you to be here” Asuma says embarrassed holding onto his towel.

“Asuma I invited her so she could receive some help if you know what I mean” Kurenai says pointy toward his erect cock that was sticking out.

Asuma looks down and covers his cock quickly looking a little embarrassed “Sorry about that Hinata.”

“It’s alright Asuma, Hinata why don’t you join the two of us for some fun so we can help you with your problems toward Naruto” Kurenai says standing up with her eyes filled with lust walking toward Hinata then feeling her breasts that were covered by her shirt.

“I suppose I could join but isn’t wrong since your pregnant sensei” Hinata says.

“Of course not Hinata there are no problems with me having some fun and besides none of us are going to say anything to any one right Hinata” Kurenai says going down talking face to face toward Hinata while Asuma took his towel off revealing his naked body.

Kurenai then kisses Hinata on the lips quickly and stops to smile in front of Hinata then the next thing that happens shocks Kurenai and Asuma when Hinata kisses back. Kurenai and Hinata continue kissing while both take their clothes off while Asuma sits back rubbing his cock watching the lesbian scene in front of him.

“Oh Hinata your so beautiful” Kurenai steps back to see Hinata’s body with no clothes.
“You think so sensei” Hinata says to Kurenai. Kurenai nods then kisses here again with their tongues touching this time.

“What do you think about me Hinata how do I look” Kurenai says to Hinata.

“Well you look beautiful also I suppose but what about Asuma he seems all alone” Hinata says to Kurenai.

“Oh I guess I’m a wanted man now” Asuma says standing up walking behind Hinata cupping her breasts while Kurenai begins sucking on Hinata’s tits while feeling her pussy.

“Uh Asuma that feels so good” Hinata moans.

“Now Hinata are you ready for Asuma’s cock or do you want me have it first” Kurenai says to Hinata while rubbing her pussy.

“Well…I … um” Hinata says before being interrupted by Asuma.

“Why don’t you show her how to give a blowjob Kurenai so she’ll get comfortable” Asuma suggests.

“That’s a great idea Asuma, Hinata why don’t I show you how to give a blowjob then I’ll let you do it” Kurenai says to Hinata who nods warily. Kurenai then goes down on the floor and begins sucking Asuma’s cock while squeezing his balls.

“Oh yes Kurenai don’t stop… oh god yes” Asuma moans feeling Kurenai giving him another one of her amazing blowjobs. After a few moments Kurenai gives the cock to Hinata who was a little hesitant but then began rubbing it and slowly licking the head of his cock. A few minutes later as Hinata got use to sucking on Asuma’s cock while Kurenai was licking his balls Asuma shoots some hot sticky cum in Hinatas’ mouth.

Hinata pulls out with cum all over her mouth and chin Kurenai the licks some off and begins kissing
Hinata with Asuma’s cum in both of their mouths. “Kurenai can I have Asuma’s cock in me first if that’s alright with you” Hinata says after pulling away from Kurenai.

“Sure thing Hinata I think that can be arranged” Kurenai says.

“Why don’t we all go into the bedroom for that fun” Asuma suggests standing above the two then Hinata and Kurenai laugh getting up and heading to the bedroom with Asuma.

Hinata and Kurenai lay on the bed next to each other with Asuma standing at the bed stand getting ready to penetrate Hinata’s pussy that has a small dark brown mound of hair near it.

“Alright Asuma be careful I haven’t been fucked in the pussy for about two weeks” Hinata says.

“Who did you fuck before” Kurenai says to Hinata questioning what she had just said.

“Well Shino and Neji both fuck on occasion when were practicing and you’re not around sensei” Hinata says to the two of them.

“Oh so you have had your practice on those two have you” Kurenai says to Hinata’s statement.

“Yeah I guess so but you two are so much better at it” Hinata says smiley.

“Well thank you Hinata for opening up” Asuma says to Hinata “So are you ready?”

“Yes Asuma I’m ready for your big cock” Hinata says with Kurenai licking her tits and Asuma slowly driving his cock into Hinata’s pussy.

“Oh yes Asuma that feels so good… uh fuck please keep going” Hinata who is horny with Kurenai and Asuma helping her.

“Hinata why don’t you suck my pussy” Kurenai says to Hinata while placing her body over Hinata’s face.
Hinata begins licking it while Asuma continues to fuck her. They continue fucking for a couple more hours and then pass out.

“You wanted to see me Lady Tsunade” Ino says walking in seeing Tsunade on her desk naked with a dildo in her pussy.

“Yes Ino I need your help it seems I need your assistance right now” Tsunade says looking to Ino while she continues fucking herself with the dildo.

“How may I help” Ino says with lust in her eyes since she hasn’t had sex with Tsunade since Shizune’s last mission and that was with Sakura.

“Yeah can you get in a 69 position with me I’m a bit horny today you see” Tsunade says to Ino with Ino taking her clothes off and taking her bandages off with a quick tug and suddenly she was naked on top of Tsunade in a 69 position.

“Oh so is this what you mean Lady Tsunade” Ino says playing with the dildo to Tsunade.
“Yeah that’s right Ino now if only I had a real cock then things would be all good” Tsunade says playing with Inos’ pussy.

“What about the two guards outside” Ino suggests.

“I suppose I could call those two in” Tsunade says then yells for the guards to come in. As soon as the guards came in their jaws dropped at the sight that was in front of them. “Boys why don’t you two fuck the two of us for a while” Tsunade says rubbing her hand over Ino’s ass.

“Alright some fun” one of the guards says while the two take their clothes off. Ino gets off and whispers something to Tsunade.

“Ino here gave me an idea why don’t you two make a few clones so both of us will have three cocks. One in our pussies, another in our asses and the third in our mouths” Tsunade suggests and the two guards make a couple clones and then began fucking the two of them the rest of the night.

Next morning Hinata wakes up with Asuma and Kurenai not in the room, so Hinata gets up and walks out of the bedroom and sees the two eating breakfast with no clothes on.

“Good morning Hinata” Kurenai says looking toward her with a warm smile.

“Morning sensei and Asuma” Hinata says in a low yet cheery voice.

“So I see you woke up like the two of us” Asuma says looking at Hinata.

“Huh…what … oh you mean naked… so silly of me” Hinata stutters at what Asuma says before Asuma points to her and then she laughs.

“You know Hinata you have such a beautiful smile” Kurenai says to Hinata while the two sit down to eat with Asuma.

“Thank you sensei” Hinata says.

“So Hinata what do you have planned today” Asuma says leaning in to Hinata who is drinking some tea.

“Well I was going to practice with Shino and Kiba” Hinata says to Asuma.

“Oh are you three going to fuck today” Asuma says right back.

“Well I don’t know perhaps we will, why do you say that Asuma” Hinata says getting a bit timid.

“Why don’t the two of us come with you besides I want to see their cocks” Kurenai says to Hinata after biting into a piece of toast.

“I suppose you two could join” Hinata says a little hesitant about the issue.

“Excellent, then it’s settled” Asuma says dropping his cup of tea on the table.

“What about Shikamaru, Choji, and Ino” Kurenai says to Asuma.

“Don’t worry those three have a day off” Asuma replies.

At the Hokage Palace Ino, Tsunade and the two guards are waking up after an amazing night of sex.

“Lady Tsunade was that all you needed” Ino says.

“Yes Ino your business here is done you and the guards may go. I need to clean up anyhow” Tsunade says standing up from the wooden floor and heading to her private bathroom.

“Well now that Lady Tsunade is taken care of I can see how Choji is doing at Ichiraku’s ramen shop” Ino thought to herself as she left the palace.

In a forest right out side of the village Neji, Tenten, and Lee are training.

“Lee what are you doing now” Tenten says to Lee who is kicking at a boulder.

“I’m training Tenten what else does it look like” Lee replies.

“It looks like you being stupid as usual with your pity training” Neji says to Lee then back to Tenten “Tenten why don’t we go back to training I want you to give me a barrage of weapons in every direction”

Lee stops and is about to punch Neji when Tenten stops him “Hey Tenten why do you always get in the way.”

“Its because you two shouldn’t be fighting were a team we have been a team for a few years can’t we act like civil people” Tenten says to the two of them.

“Tenten’s right we shouldn’t act like this and I’m sorry Lee” Neji says “Now lets get back to practice.”

“I’m sorry too Neji” Lee says “I’m going to prove it by training harder than you Neji.”

“Lee that’s” Tenten is interrupted.

“No Tenten I’m going to train harder so I can beat Neji one of these days” Lee says.

“That’s preposterous Lee you’ll never be able to reach my level no matter how much taijutsu you have” Neji sneers toward Lee.

“Oh yes I will one of these days the it will happen just like Naruto beat you that one time” Lee retaliates.

“Boys! Can you two stop your both acting like little children” Tenten screams at the two but neither one listened and they continue bickering. Neji and Lee soon start fighting and Tenten decides to move between the two as soon as she does Neji hits her side with a gentle fist that hits her side and then at that exact second Lee also hits her lower left leg knocking Tenten out.

“Now what do we do” Lee says to Neji.

“Well I’ll have to see the damage that was done to her and perhaps try to fix it” Neji says.

“I didn’t know you have medical jutsu” Lee says to Neji.

“A small amount incase of these emergencies I do” Neji replies while looking at Tenten’s body seeing all the damage “All clear it seems she’s just knocked out by the force we gave her Lee why don’t you get a medic ninja while I watch over her.” Lee left to get a medical ninja when Tenten woke up.

“What happened” Tenten says adjusting her eyesight seeing Neji.

“You got hit by Lee and I all you have is some damaged bones nothing serious” Neji replies lifting Tenten up a little bit off the ground.

“Thanks Neji… I think well you know how we train together and we work so well together I was thinking that we should go to the next level” Tenten says breathing slowly.

“What are you talking about Tenten” Neji questions Tenten as she moves closer to Neji.

“Neji… I … love you” Tenten says with only an inch between the two.

“I…I understand Tenten but what if Lee finds out” Neji says.

“Forget Lee Neji I love you” Tenten says to Neji then they kiss.

“Neji! Tenten! Were back” Lee says before seeing in front of him his two teammates kissing and stops as the medical ninja’s rush over to Tenten and Neji.

Neji gets up looking to Lee in a straight face while the medical ninja take care of Tenten. Lee and Neji have a long silent moment while the medical ninja take Tenten to the hospital.

“What were you and Tenten doing just now” Lee shouts in anger to Neji.

“Don’t make such a big fuss she kissed me and that’s all there is to it” Neji says in a calm voice.

“I can’t believe it you two are in love aren’t you” Lee says in resentment to Neji as he begins running to Neji.

Neji blocks Lee’s move with a quick swift “You shouldn’t be so worked up Lee besides aren’t you in love with Sakura not Tenten”

“That doesn’t concern you…” Lee says before he could hit Neji from behind someone blocked his move and Neji’s pushing Lee back several feet away.

“That’s enough from both of you” Gai says in a mild voice “I’ve taught you both better you shouldn’t be fighting after the same girl since there are plenty in the sea for both of you” Gai then covers his eyes with his sleeves when crying.

“Gai sensei are you crying” Lee says standing up.

“No I’m not crying I am proud that all my students have someone that they are in love with” Gai says proudly.

“I’ve got to go and see Hinata right now” Neji says while Lee and Gai go into a chant.

Ino is walking over to Choji when Sai greets her “Good morning…beautiful Ino.”

“Oh hi Sai what are you doing walking around this morning” Ino says in a sweet seductive voice getting right up to Sai who has a neutral face.

“I’m just walking around seeing the village” Sai says impartially to Ino.

“Why don’t you come with me and see Choji…hmmm Sai” Ino says wanting to kiss him and just fuck the shit out of Sai.

“I suppose I could” Sai says smiling “What are friends for, right.” Ino takes his arm and runs to Ichiraku’s ramen shop with full force.

“Today Shino I’m going to have Hinata suck my cock and Akamaru’s” Kiba says to Shino while they wait for Hinata in the woods.

“Kiba couldn’t you at least give her some time off” Shino says coolly.

“What do you mean Shino? You know neither one of us has fucked anyone but Hinata plus as soon as Naruto comes back we won’t have anyone to fuck” Kiba says with Akamaru barking with agreement.

“I understand where you’re coming from Kiba but couldn’t we find someone in our clans” Shino says.

“Yeah I suppose we should be looking within our own clans” Kiba says before seeing Hinata, Kurenai, and Asuma walking to them “Good morning sensei, Asuma and Hinata.”

“I guess you won’t be having a blowjob today” Shino says in Kiba’s ear.

“Morning Kiba, Akamaru and Shino” Hinata says pleased to see them as Hinata runs over to them while Kurenai and Asuma continue to walk over.

“Guess what guys you remember the other day when we fucked well Kurenai and Asuma want to join in” Hinata says to the three happily.

“Are you nuts Hinata! Are you sure that we should be inviting more people in” Kiba says freaking out “I mean it was our little secret after all.”

“Relax Kiba you can’t get Kurenai pregnant again and besides your wish will happen now” Shino says dully to Kiba.

“Hinata told us that you two fucked her awhile ago is that true” Kurenai says to the Kiba and Shino.

“Yeah that’s right Akamaru also joined in” Kiba says when Akamaru barks.

“Well should we be doing this in the forest or should we go somewhere more private” Asuma chuckles to the group.

“I’ll take care of that Asuma” Kurenai says placing a genjutsu around the area while everyone is taking their clothes off.

“Time to get this over with” Kiba says taking his shirt off.

“Say everyone why don’t we make some clones so were all able to fuck each other” Asuma suggests pulling down his pants.

“That’s a great idea Asuma” Kurenai says revealing her naked body with a three month stretched stomach.

“Sensei can you give me a blowjob” Kiba says rubbing his cock to Kurenai.

“Sure thing Kiba you have a beautiful cock after all” Kurenai says walking over sucking on his cock while another one of his clones goes behind her and begins fucking her from behind.

“Kiba I didn’t know you wanted our sensei that much” Shino says with a clone of Kurenai going over to him playing with his cock.

“Ha I see you also want our sensei” Kiba laughs when he sees a clone of Kurenai having her pussy fucked from behind from Shino while she sucks on a clone of Asuma’s cock.

“Hinata do you want to be fucked also” a clone of Kiba says walking toward her with her nodding Kiba immediately placed his cock in her pussy while Asuma placed his cock in her ass and began feeling her breasts. They all continued fucking for a few hours.

Ino and Sai got over to Ichiraku’s ramen shop when they hear moans from the back room.

“Oh fuck Ayame I’m cumming” Choji who is fucking Ayame while the two are on the floor in the back with Ino’s jaw dropped and Sai with a neutral expression on his face looking through a book for this situation.

“Choji! What are you doing!” Ino screams and the two stop with Ichiraku leaving the restroom naked with a semi-erect cock in one of his hands.

“Ino I was helping him with his problem” Ayame says getting up.

“By having sex with him!” Ino says confused and angry and a growing sensation of being horny with the scene in front of her was making her.

“Well you said it yourself that I should find a beautiful girl” Choji standing up with an erect cock in front of Ino.

“Has everyone gone crazy!” Ino says with a little less anger and her horny side kicking in.

“Ino I’m sure they didn’t mean it” Sai says placing his hand on Ino’s shoulder.

Ino turns to Sai with a seductive smile “Oh Sai you should know I’m in love with you.” Sai begins flipping pages in his book for an answer and then finds one.

“I love you too Ino” Sai says with a smile. As soon as he said that Ino kissed him and she began taking his clothes off with Sai having no chance of moving. Everyone’s mouth dropped at what they were seeing.

“Choji why don’t we continue fucking with Ichiraku fucking my ass” Ayame suggests turning to Choji.

“Sure it seems Ino is really into it over there” Choji says to Ayame placing his cock back into her cock and Ichiraku placing his now fully erect cock in her ass placing her into a sandwich as Ino makes out with Sai.

Ino takes Sai’s boxers off to see a large cock that wasn’t even semi-erect and she began sucking on it with Sai confused by what everyone is doing when he notices that he has a erect cock in Ino’s mouth with a sensation he had never felt before where he wanted to explode in her mouth but didn’t know if he should but soon he exploded with a constant flow of cum going into Ino’s mouth.

“Oh Sai your cum taste so good” Ino says slurping up the cum while rubbing Sai’s cock “Fuck me Sai I need your cock in me now. Sai now was lost with Ino placing his cock in her pussy slowly while he watched not moving.

“What am I supposed to do Ino” Sai says to Ino.

“Follow my moves will you Sai I’ll show you” Ino says moving up and down on Sai’s cock while Choji and Ichiraku continuing to fuck Ayame for half an hour when the customers began yelling outside.

“I guess we should go Sai and Choji” Ino says getting dressed.
Ayame holds on to Choji’s cock and then whispers into Choji’s ear with him smiling then he says “ Ino I’m sorry but I’m going to stay I’m sure Sai will be enough for you today”

“Alright Choji see you later then” Ino says smiling leaving with Sai’s arm in her hand. The two leave only to find Shikamaru outside walking around.

“Oy Shikamaru so glad to see you” Ino says smiling to Shikamaru.

“What’s up Ino, Sai” Shikamaru says to the both of them “Ino aren’t you holding on to Sai’s arm a little too hard.”

“Of course not silly Sai doesn’t mind” Ino says in high spirit looking from Shikamaru to Sai “I’m not hurting you am I Sai” Sai was about to say yes when Ino interrupted him “Of course not Shikamaru you heard him. Say why don’t we all go to my place and have some fun…heh Shikamaru.”

“Sorry Ino got some work to do that’s directly from Tsunade herself. I’ll be back before Naruto and Sakura get back.” Shikamaru replies to Ino.

“Alright then bye Shikamaru” Ino runs with Sai trailing her with his arm gripped tight by her.

“A peaceful day where every thing is running smoothly a few papers here and there but another slow day in Konoha” Tsunade said to herself “God damn it it’s too peaceful why did I take this job any way.” Tsunade pulls out her pink dildo and begins rubbing it along her pussy for awhile. Then the door opens.

“Alright Sai now that were here we can began” Ino opening the door into her room of the family home showing a clean room with only one messy area and that was the small dresser with a mirror that had pictures all over it with everything from bra’s tossed to bandages and to some random ninja equipment.

“So what are we going to do now?” Sai says with his same old face dull and neutral hoping that what happened earlier would be the end of it but he was wrong when he saw Ino take her clothes off and all her bandages to reveal a beautiful naked body that had a shaved bald pussy.

“Silly were going to continue fucking until I’m satisfied since Shikamaru and Choji are busy and I have no idea where Asuma is it’s only us two right now” Ino says in a seductive voice taking Sai’s pants off with him making no movement to stop her.

“What is this called again?” Sai says to Ino in a straight face.

“Don’t tell me you where never taught about sex?” Ino says and Sai nods “Well for starters now that you’re no longer a virgin thanks to me earlier the two of us can have sex whenever we have free time all you have to do is ask and I’ll agree because I love sex. Next thing you should probably remember is that you can only do it with the opposite sex. I on the other hand because I’m a female I can do it with either male or female. I prefer females unless of course I have the urge have cock like today. One more thing never have sex with Sakura unless of course I tell you since she is one horny slut that will have sex with anyone. She’s probably having sex with Naruto now” Ino laughs at that last comment not knowing that she is having sex with Naruto right now with Temari and Yamato.

“What is a virgin” Sai says before Ino jumps on him and she begins making out with him for several hours this happens.

Door opens with Tsunade hiding her dildo on her lap waiting to see who it is only to see Lee.

“Lee how may I help you” Tsunade says.

“Oh Lady Tsunade I am in need of your help it’s about Tenten and…” Lee gets interrupted by Tsunade.

“Tenten should be out of the hospital right about now” Tsunade replies.

“Thank you Lady Tsunade but that is not the reason I am here it is about Neji and Tenten seem to have a relationship that is not team related but more a love relationship…” Lee is interrupted again.

“Did you ask Gai since he is your sensei about this issue” Tsunade replies hoping to not have to talk about sex right now with her being horny and all from last night.

“I did but he is only pleased about it and wants me to go to you about anything else that relates to this issue and also…” Lee is once more interrupted.

“I see Gai sent you and all but unfortunately I can’t help you but I can say that you should ask them about the issue.”

“Oh thank you Lady Tsunade” Lee bows then turns to leave but then turns back to ask one more thing “I was wondering if perhaps since you know Sakura more than I do if perhaps…” Lee is interrupted once again but not by Lady Tsunade but by Iruka who walks in.

“Good day Lee, Tsunade I have the reports from the academy that you wanted” Iruka gave Lady Tsunade some files about the incoming students that would be part of the school for the next quarter.

“Thank you Iruka I’ll make sure to have these done by the end of the day” Tsunade says to Iruka.

“Alright be back later Lady Tsunade” Iruka says then looks back to Lee and says to him “So Lee how have you been?”

“Not very good Iruka sensei it seems I’m having some relationship problems right now” Lee says in a depressing voice.

“Oh maybe I can help why don’t we go get some ramen and talk about it” Iruka says to Lee then looks to Tsunade “You don’t mind if I help him with his problem do you Lady Tsunade?”

“Not at all after all you did help him when he was at the academy I don’t see why not” Tsunade replies

“Besides I need to get all this paper work done with.”

“Right Lady Tsunade well Lee how about it” Iruka says and Lee agrees with the two leaving Lady Tsunade to her work.

“So Lee what is troubling you” Iruka says walking down the palace with Lee.

“Well it’s about Tenten and Neji I guess they have a serious relationship and I guess I’m jealous since Sakura hasn’t asked me since Naruto had left for his training with Jiraiya” Lee says to Iruka.

“You shouldn’t worry about Neji and Tenten you should be glad the two are finally going out they sure do seem to fit and besides Sakura I’m sure will ask you all you need to do is be yourself” Iruka replies hoping to cheer up Lee “Say why don’t we get some ramen I hear Choji is helping today at Ichiraku’s ramen shop instead of eating.”

“Wow that’s a first time for him Iruka sensei” Lee says feeling much better while the two walk off to Ichiraku’s.

“Tenten how are you” Neji says with Tenten walking out of the hospital.

“I was expecting Lee to show but it seems he came here to see me” Tenten says to Neji.

“That is not like him at all but I’m sure he has a reason” Neji says looking at Tenten even more intently now that they were dating now.

“Yeah your probably right Neji” Tenten replies “Say you remember Iruka sensei had token us to have ramen when we were younger.”

“Sure do but those days have passed now why do you ask” Neji says to Tenten curious.

“Well I’m getting a bit hungry and you know how hospital food is” Tenten says.

“Right” Neji says with both laughing when Tenten kisses him on the lips. “What was that for Tenten” Neji asks Tenten.

“Nothing just happy that’s all. We should go to Ichiraku’s I haven’t had ramen in a month and I could use some right about now” Tenten says to Neji before they kiss again.

Neji and Tenten continue talking for awhile when they see Iruka and Lee walking. “Lee, Iruka sensei so glad too see you both” Tenten says waving her hand to them both.

“I see Lee was telling the truth about you two it sure is a good thing that you two are finally going out it was only a matter of time after all right Lee” Iruka says to the group.

Lee smiles and replies to Iruka’s statement “It sure is. Tenten how are you after this morning I’m…” Lee is interrupted.

“It’s no problem really Lee I’m fine Lee thank you besides what are you two doing” Tenten says to Lee’s statement.

“Oh we were going to have some ramen do you want to join” Iruka says.

“That’s so funny because Neji and I were going to have some ramen also” Tenten laughs at Iruka’s statement.

“Well are we going in or not” Neji says holding the curtain into Ichiraku’s “After all it seems Lee is already in here and all.”

“I suppose so after you Tenten” Iruka says to Tenten.

“Why thank you Iruka sensei” Tenten responds walking in sitting down next to Lee and Neji while Iruka is on the other side of Lee.

“Hey guys what’s up” Choji says serving their bowls of ramen.

“Choji I heard that your working here today” Tenten says happily while breaking her chopsticks to eat.

“Yeah Ino wanted me to lose some weight but I told her that it will never work and now I found someone that relates to me” Choji says happily.

“Do you mean that your in love Choji” Neji questions Choji.

“Yeah we sure are” Ayame hugs Choji from behind “He is an incredible cook and sure is fun to be with all around.”

“Wow that’s great to hear because Neji and I are also officially boyfriend and girlfriend.” Lee couldn’t believe Tenten had said it so confidently with his jaw dropped with ramen falling out back into the bowl while Neji is gives a quick smirk at it before Tenten kissed him.

“Aw you two are so beautiful together” Ayame says admiring Tenten and Neji kissing and then unexpectedly Choji kissed her with Lee walking off even more depressed with Iruka distracted by the two young couples.

“Oh thank you Kiba” Hinata says licking up cum that was on her face “I don’t think I can handle any more what about you sensei.”

Kurenai looks to Hinata after taking Shino’s cock out of her mouth “I’m full too Hinata any more and I might lose the genjutsu.”

“We don’t want that to happen” Asuma says while shooting the last of his cum on Hinata’s breasts.

“I suppose so Akamaru looks like he’s past out” Kiba says then everyone laughs seeing Akamaru has cum all over his mouth and most of his fury body.

Hinata’s stomach grumbles with everyone laughing for a few minutes.

“I suppose we should all get something to eat” Shino says to the group.

“Why don’t we go to Ichiraku’s like old times” Hinata says licking up the last of cum on her face.

“Let’s get cleaned up first Hinata” Kurenai says grabbing her clothes “Then we can go and eat something after this I think we all need some food to eat after all.” They all got dressed then Kurenai lifted the genjutsu to show that it was mid-afternoon. All of them went to Kurenai’s place to get cleaned up and after wards they left and went out to Ichiraku’s ramen shop only to find Iruka, Tenten, and Neji leaving Ichiraku’s.

“Hey what’s up guys” Tenten says in a happy voice to the group.

“Oy Tenten, Neji” Kiba says looking at the two holding hands “Are you together or something?”

“Yeah we just hooked up earlier today” Tenten says to the group “Hey have you guys seen Lee lately it seems he vanished awhile ago.”

“No we’ve been training all day” Hinata says.

“So I assume that you two are finally going to feel comfortable revealing your little secret” Iruka says noticing Asuma and Kurenai are holding hands “Asuma and Kurenai is it true?”

“Yes I guess it’s officially out there now Iruka” Asuma says to Iruka then kisses Kurenai. At that same time Neji leans over and kisses Tenten also.

“Well this is just great now there are two couples while Shino and I have nobody” Kiba says then Akamaru barks “Alright I’ve got Akamaru but I mean I have no girl that’s all.”

“You shouldn’t worry you’ll find someone” Iruka says to Kiba “I told that to Lee earlier and he’s not upset about it.”

“I can’t wait until Naruto gets back so that way I’ll have someone I can hold on to like Kurenai and Asuma and also Tenten and Neji” Hinata says to the group.

“Yeah lucky you lets get some food right now this love in the air is making me sick” Kiba says to Hinata and to everyone else.

“Oh Kiba you should know Choji’s in there and guess what?” Tenten says with Neji hugging her from behind.

“Thanks Tenten this bites right now, Shino you wanna to go somewhere else or are in with them” Kiba says walking away.

“Actually Kiba I think I’m going to stay maybe later” Shino says going into Ichiraku’s.

“Fine Shino I’m heading home to get some food. I’ll see you later” Kiba says walling with Akamaru following him.

“Kiba don’t leave…” Hinata says but then is distracted when Asuma and Kurenai head in and Neji, Tenten, and Iruka leave their separate ways. Shino, Hinata, Asuma, and Kurenai stayed and talked to Choji and Ayame for awhile.

Next day Tsunade calls in Asuma, Kurenai, Yamato, Kakashi, and Jiraiya with Shizune also entering.

Part 3 coming out soon with Naruto and Sakura finishing up their week and also Konoha gets much more exciting with more secrets coming out into the air.

For the ones who didn’t think Temari is Gaara’s older brother check Wikipedia. Gaara is the youngest with Kankuro the middle child and Temari the oldest. All are children of the fourth Kazakage.

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