For all fans of Naruto or anyone who is a fan of anime
Are story begins at the heart of the leaf village where a blonde hyperactive teen boy is sleeping in his apartment named Naruto Uzumaki.

Buzz, buzz the alarm goes off Naruto’s hand stops it and then goes back to sleep but only for a short moment when a knock at his window wakes him up. Naruto slowing wakes up stretching his arms and then rubbing his eyes to see Sakura at his window and freaks out and pulls his sheets to cover himself.

“What time is it?” Naruto says to Sakura.

“Lady Tsunade wants us” Sakura says to Naruto.

“Can’t it wait” Naruto says going back to sleep.

“She says it’s urgent “Sakura says to Naruto.

“Alright give me five more minutes” Naruto says getting up “can I get some privacy Sakura”

“Uh oh sure see you there Naruto” Sakura says then leaves.
Naruto takes a shower then grabs his clothes and head outs. As soon as he opens the door though another familiar face is standing in front of him.

“Oy Naruto Tsunade wants to see you” Shikamaru says.

“I know Sakura woke me up. Want do you want anyways Shikamaru” Naruto says suspiciously to Shikamaru.

“Well I came here to tell you that Neji wants to talk to you after you’re done talking to Lady Tsunade” Shikamaru says to Naruto coolly scratching the back of his neck.

“Oh well if that’s all then thanks Shikamaru” Naruto says running past waving his hand good-bye to Shikamaru.

“That Naruto I sure don’t know how he does it with all that energy” Shikamaru says to himself then walks off.
Tsunade is checking off paper work after sending Sakura to fetch Naruto when she hears for the first time as a Hokage total silence.

“Well this is unusual I suppose I could…” Tsunade says going to pull out the bottom shelf when she stops herself “no Sakura could come back at any moment, but I guess I could since today seems to be a quiet day” Tsunade pulls the shelf open and grabs her favorite pink dildo that vibrates with a simple jutsu. “Well with Shizune on a mission for a few days and Sakura…” Tsunade is cut short when Sakura opens the door with Tsunade placing her vibrator on her lap. “Ah Sakura where’s Naruto?”

“He’s coming Lady Tsunade” Sakura says confidently while her inside self is cursing and screaming “If he doesn’t come here soon I’m going to pulverize him.”
Tsunade who was about to speak to Sakura is interrupted with Naruto slamming the doors wide open puffing and mumbling then straightens up as soon as he sees Sakura then looks forward and sees Tsunade sitting at her desk.

“Now since your both here I suppose I should let you know I’m going to send you both on a mission…” Tsunade says before Naruto starts screaming and jumping around about another mission.

“NARUTO!” Tsunade stands up screaming at Naruto forgetting the dildo which rolls over to Naruto’s feet. Naruto stops and look down and before he grabs it Tsunade leaps over and snatches it standing right above Naruto. Naruto looks up and sees Tsunade in a neutral mood. Naruto steps back standing up while Sakura is rolling her eyes to the scene but doesn’t know want the pink item was but before she could ask Tsunade speaks to the two of them.

“Now you two will be going on a vacation to a small town thirty miles west of here where I want you two to take a break from your training and no Jutsu will be allowed.”

“Waaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnttttttt?” Naruto and Sakura both say stunned by want Lady Tsunade had said.

“Stop your bickering you both deserve a little break from want you two have done in the last month besides Naruto I was told by Jiraiya himself this morning before I sent him on his next mission that both of you need a break” Tsunade says to the both of them before they could say another thing. Sakura and Naruto both bowed and then walked out.

As soon as the two had left Tsunade decided to relieve all the pressure that she has been meaning to relieve for quite some time.
As soon as Sakura and Naruto left Neji was standing there. “Naruto I need to speak to you now.”

“Yeah sure Neji. Sakura you don’t mind” Naruto says to Sakura.

“See you in two hours Naruto” Sakura says then vanishes.

“Well Naruto it’s about Hinata. I know I shouldn’t be saying it to you but it seems this is the perfect time to let you know since I haven’t been able to get any sleep for the last two days and Hinata told me to tell you” Neji says to Naruto in a neutral voice.

“Yeah well want is it then Neji” Naruto says to Neji in his normal whatever it is can’t be important voice.

“Well Naruto I hate to be the one to say this but Hinata has had a crush on you since the academy days and recently…”

“Hinata has had a want on me…” Naruto dumbstruck by want Neji had said.

“Well Naruto she has had a crush on you since the Academy days that is why she is always shy around you” Neji says to Naruto.

“Wow Hinata…” Naruto says in a happy voice then is interrupted by Neji once again.

“For the last two nights she has been moaning more and more your name. I spoke to her earlier and she told me to let you know about her feelings and she hopes that you will accept her offer. If you do you I will let her know and you two can talk about it after you mission” Neji says to Naruto who is still in a shocked mood by what is Neji is saying.

After a silent moment Naruto agrees to want Neji says and Neji vanishes with Naruto walking down the steps back to his place.

As soon as Naruto got back into his apartment Kakashi is standing in front of him.

“I can’t get any privacy now” Naruto says still shocked by Neji’s words with Kakashi in front of him.

“Naruto I over heard that Sakura and you are going on a vacation so our training will be stopped for a week Yamato will also be around to make sure that none of the Akatsuki are after you but he will be undercover so you won’t see him while in the mean time I have a mission of my own” Kakashi says to Naruto.

Naruto who shakes off his stunned mood and come back to reality and smiles to Kakashi “I know sensei don’t worry the vacation is only a week that means we need to do double the training next week.”

“Right Naruto, well I better head off and let you pack for the week” Kakashi says and then disappears leaving Naruto packing.
Half an hour later Naruto heads out with Sakura.

“Naruto I see your still in that shocked mood by what Neji said to you earlier” Sakura says while their walking.

“How do you know what Neji said” Naruto says to Sakura.

“Well I found out when Hinata told me about her feeling about you” Sakura says hoping that Naruto would cheer up soon so it can be a pleasant week.

“Sakura does every body know about this” Naruto who is kicking a rock on the road still shocked by what Neji had said.

“Yes Naruto, but the thing is we didn’t know when you were going to find out nor how until Hinata finally got the courage to tell Neji” Sakura says looking at Naruto in his state.

“Heh well we both have a week together before I see Hinata so who knows. Things will be different when we get back that’s for sure Sakura” Naruto says in a short happy face before going back to kicking a rock on the road.

“Sakura smiles back to Naruto with that comment and the two head off.

By night fall they arrive at their destination and realize at the reception that they can only get a room with one bed and of course they take since the two were tired from what all that has occurred today.
The next morning Sakura wakes up seeing right in front of her Naruto drooling on his pillow. Instead of punching though knowing that this week is a week of relaxation and Naruto has had it rough lately so she decides to get up and take a shower while Naruto sleeps.
As soon as Sakura started the water Naruto woke up feeling hungry and confused where he was until he remembered that he was on vacation with Sakura. “Huh Sakura… where…” Naruto noticed that Sakura isn’t around and then hears the shower and figures she must be in there. Naruto at this time also has a hard-on and decides to rub his cock. Naruto after a few moments into rubbing his cock didn’t realize that Sakura had stopped the water until he saw her beautiful naked body and then he began rubbing it even faster until he cummed right on to her tit’s that were only two feet away.

Sakura was in the shower thinking about what the thing that Lady Tsunade had but decided to forget about it, and she began her morning ritual of rubbing virgin pussy hoping that one day Sasuke would come back to the village and fulfill her fantasies of him fucking her and filling her pussy with his cum. At that moment she cummed and then she washed her self quickly and then got out forgetting her towel that was on the chair next to the bed stand so she decided to get it. As Sakura stepped out she sees Naruto rubbing his cock in front of her while she is naked and the towel is on the other side of the bed. With out notice

Naruto’s cum shoots into the air landing on her tit’s while she is all wet, so the cum runs down her body. About to blow a casket Sakura with her inner voice agreeing of killing but instead she asks Naruto “What are you doing Naruto?” in as calm a voice as she possibly can be.

“I… uh… Sakura I ca…can explain…You see when I rub my cock white stuff shoots out and well it feels um good. So Sakura will you please not hurt me” Naruto who is frightened covering his body while still looking at Sakura’s naked body.

“You should know that white stuff is cum and yes it does feel good” Sakura says taking some of Naruto’s cum in her mouth and licking her fingers at how good Naruto taste. “You know Naruto I can take care of that cum of yours if and only if you can get me to cum first” Sakura says in a seductive voice moving closer to Naruto who is starting to let his guard down revealing his cock to her.

Sakura starts rubbing Naruto’s cock a few times then lies down in front of Naruto with her pussy and her shaved pink pubic hair that is in the shape of a blossom. Naruto decides hesitantly at first rubbing her pussy then soon starts rubbing it with two fingers in and out of her wet pussy.

“Lick my pussy Naruto will you pretty please” Sakura says in a voice a lover would make begging to have her pussy licked. Naruto slowly moves in and licks at it a few times flicking her clit with his tongue then begins sucking on with no stop while Sakura seems to be in ecstasy moaning at the amount of pleasure she was receiving from Naruto sucking on her pussy.

“Oh yes fuck Naruto fuck me with that cock of yours will you I need it in me right now break me so I won’t be a virgin no longer!” Sakura moans but Naruto continues to suck on her pussy ignoring her right now.

“Naruto fuck me with your cock! Your cock Naruto, fuck me with it NOW!” Sakura screams and Naruto stops and looks up at her.

“I’m still a virgin too and don’t I need something to protect me from diseases anyhow?” Naruto says while looking at how sexy Sakura is all wet and naked.

“Not now Naruto were both virgins and I need you in now” Sakura says rubbing her breasts together looking at Naruto. Naruto then decides to stick his cock in her pussy slowly since Sakura was screaming at how good it was feeling. As soon as Naruto got his cock fully in her pussy he began fucking her while she laid in front of him screaming bloody murder. After both had cummed a few times Naruto pulled out and Sakura sat up and began sucking on Naruto’s cock that had her cum and his cum all over his shaft.

After their first time in having sex with each other they decide to eat breakfast together naked.

“Sakura I don’t think we can do this when we get back” Naruto says to Sakura as he feeds her a piece of toast.

“Yes we can Naruto, Hinata and I decided along time ago that it would be a threesome between the three of us until either Hinata or myself got pregnant” Sakura says feeding Naruto some cereal.

“What if I got you both pregnant then what?” Naruto says taking down the cereal that Sakura gave him.

“Well whoever said they were pregnant second would have to get rid of it and the other one would become your wife forever” Sakura says before drinking some juice.

“Forever eh” Naruto says “that’s along time I guess I better not get either one of you pregnant until later on right Sakura.”

“Right Naruto, I suppose so, and as soon as were done eating we need to take a shower and then start shopping” Sakura says to Naruto before eating another piece of toast that Naruto offered her. As soon as Sakura ate the piece she leaned in and kissed Naruto on the lips softly and then rushed to the bathroom with Naruto quickly following her with neither one realizing that they were being watched this whole time.

Naruto and Sakura both didn’t know it, but Yamato was in the room watching the two the whole time and couldn’t believe what has conspired between the two and wish that Sakura would do what she had done with Naruto to him. He watches the two eat together in peace then could not see them while they were in the shower so he decided to masturbate quickly as the scent of sex was still in the air even though the windows were open and a nice breeze was coming in. “Oh gawd yes Sakura I want to fuck that pussy of yours and lick that sweet pussy of yours oh yes Sakura let me fuck you” Yamato then cummed on the floor then quickly used a wood jutsu technique to remove it. As soon as he did that the door of the bathroom opened up again and Yamato went back into the wall to watch the two get dressed and leave with each other kissing several times in the process. “Well I suppose I better keep an eye on these two lovebirds and maybe Sakura will suck my cock before this week is over.”

Naruto and Sakura are walking around when they stop at a restaurant and go in to get a quick meal.

“A beautiful couple you two must be” a waitress says to Naruto and Sakura who are holding hands while they walk over to a table.

“Uh were not…” Naruto says before being interrupted by Sakura.

“Thank you miss” Sakura says squeezing Naruto’s hand telling him to knock it off.

“So how long have you been going out” the waitress says to Sakura while pulling out her notepad and a pencil.

“Oh I’d say for three months now” Sakura says gleefully to the waitress while Naruto drops his jaw at what Sakura says before being kicked in the knee by Sakura. Naruto is jumping around while Sakura and the waitress continue talking.

“Oh I almost forgot what do you both want our special today is orange chicken ramen with a hint of parsley” waitress says looking at her notepad blushing at Naruto.

“We’ll take it and can you make sure it’s a large bowl so the two of us can eat out of the same bowl” Sakura says to the waitress.

“Certainly it will be ready in five minutes” the waitress says then walks off while Sakura turns to Naruto.

“Can you at least play along and when she comes back I want you to kiss me on the lips” Sakura says to Naruto.

“Alright Sakura but when we get back to the hotel I expect a blowjob” Naruto says putting his hands on his chest and looking the other way while Sakura rubs her head.

“Hey Naruto it’s time you kiss me she’s coming back” Sakura says to Naruto who leans in with Sakura grabbing the back of his neck and making sure their tongues connect while the waitress looks at the two while holding the bowl of ramen.

“Oh you two are so sweet you two remind me of my boyfriend and me” the waitress says while Sakura and Naruto are groping each other on the table with Sakura on top and Naruto trying to breathe while feeling Sakura’s ass.

Sakura stops for a second then gets up and takes off her gown revealing her bra and panties.“Okay Naruto now its time to spice things up” Sakura says pulling Naruto’s pants down revealing his cock customers around at this time were looking at what was going on. The waitress placed the food down at a table near by and started feeling herself while watching what was going on in front of her “mine if I join in” the waitress says in a meek voice toward Sakura and Naruto.

“Sure thing Mrs., why you don’t let Naruto here lick your pussy while I give him a blowjob” Sakura said without looking back with a devilish smile toward Naruto.

Naruto at this time was about to faint at Sakura’s words with all the people around staring at them in total silence and the waitress taking her panties off coming toward him.

“So Naruto are you ready to handle two women?” Sakura says stroking Naruto’s cock before sucking on it while the waitress at the moment Naruto was going to respond sat on his face. Naruto couldn’t breathe so he could do the only thing possible at that time and that was licking the waitress’s pussy while Sakura gave him a blowjob.

“Oh yes suck faster uh fuck yeah keep lickin my pussy” the waitress’s says moaning as Naruto flicks her clit with his tongue and then digs his tongue in deeper only because Sakura was giving him an orgasm.

“Uh fuck yes Naruto your cum taste marvelous in my mouth. Now I want you cock in me” Sakura says licking off the cum on her lips that Naruto shot and then she took her bra and panties off not noticing that others were looking at the scene and jumped right on to Naruto’s cock bouncing up and down while the waitress begins kissing and feeling Sakura’s body.

“Oh your body is so beautiful. You don’t mind if we switch in a few minutes do you” the waitress says squeezing Sakura’s tits in her fingers while Sakura begins taking the waitress’s dress off.

“Sure no problem let me cum a few times on Naruto’s cock then we can switch” Sakura says taking the waitress’s dress off revealing no bra and she too was naked while Naruto was in ecstasy sucking on her pussy while fucking Sakura’s ass. “Uh yes Naruto fuck me faster will you I’m uh cumming fuck that’s right keep going” Sakura screams at her first orgasm in this threesome.

While the three are characters are fucking one of the customers there in disguise is Yamato who has a hard-on seeing Sakura’s naked form. “Damn I so want to fuck you Sakura if only you weren’t doing this in public” Yamato thought to himself “Well at least the other customers are in shock of what’s going on maybe I begin a…No wait I can’t I’ll blow my cover, so I guess I’ll look at this threesome I front of me like everyone else.”

Two tables away from Yamato was a lovely lady from the Sand village in disguise named Temari. Now Temari couldn’t believe that she was seeing leaf village ninja nor could she believe that they were fucking in a public place for that matter. Her mission at this time was to find a person that could help her bring back Gaara’s one-tailed Shukaku with out ever having to fight the Akatsuki. At this time though she couldn’t resist noticing the guy two tables away from her that had a hard-on at the sight of this scene nor could she resist her horny thoughts at what was going on she was most surprised that no one in the restaurant had made a move nor had any one come in. matter a fact she was surprised the cooks weren’t out here watching this so she used a clone to see what the cooks were doing and another to make sure that no one came in while she began feeling her pussy. Trying not to make a noise which would probably would go unnoticed but she tried to hold it in as much as possible while her cum began spilling on to the chair and the floor. She realized by the clone that she sent in to the kitchen was getting fucked by the men that were cooking so she couldn’t resist being so horny. Watching leaf ninja fuck in front of her while her clone is getting fucked as well and staring at the man two tables away. “Oh fuck if my clone can fuck some men why can’t I fuck this guy maybe it will get rid of the pressure in this room” Temari says to herself while standing up and walking toward this guy.

Yamato was still staring at Sakura’s body when he sensed a presence around him. He turned around to see a lovely lady in a short red skirt and a red v-shirt where you could see the sides of her breasts with perfect curves she walked toward him.

“How may I help you miss” Yamato said to the lovely lady.

“Mr. what’s with bulge in your pants… oh wait I know it’s from those three over there isn’t” Temari said to Yamato “How about you take your pants off and show me that cock of yours and I’ll fulfill your wildness dreams.”

Yamato sensed that she was a ninja and asked while keeping his eyes on her suckling breasts “Why don’t you reveal your true identity miss”

“…and yourself?” Temari replies “I know the two lovers over there are leaf village ninja but I sure don’t know about you.”

“How do you know that were leaf ninja?” Yamato says to Temari.

“Well for starters that’s Naruto and Sakura so you must be a leaf ninja also” Temari says back to Yamato

“While I am Temari of the Sand village the older sister of Gaara.”

“Well Temari your right I am a leaf ninja” Yamato says to Temari “My name is Yamato I am here to make sure that the Akatsuki don’t show up.”

“It seems that you’re a pervert looking at Sakura like you were” Temari says to Yamato “and do they know that you’re here watching them perv?”

“No they don’t their mission is a vacation while I make sure their safe from the Akatsuki” now Yamato was getting a little irritated by Temari but couldn’t help that his cock as bulging and wanting to be free so it could fuck her but he wanted Sakura. Yamato thought to himself “I want Sakura but this sand ninja is damn hot should I listen to my heart who wants Sakura or should I listen to my cock and take this sand ninja. Fuck Sakura or Temari uh fuck I can’t decide… huh wants’ this wonderful feeling” Yamato looks down and sees Temari sucking his cock with her tongue slashing his cock and rubbing one hand on the base of the shaft and the other squeezing his balls. Yamato couldn’t believe it but he was in heaven he had never received this good of a blowjob in his entire life and so all he could do was put his hand on the back of Temari’s head while she sucked his cock. At this time the other customers saw what was going on and they all decided to fuck as well.

When Naruto, Sakura, and the waitress finish fucking they see that everyone is going at it around them and so the three get dressed with the waitress going back to the kitchen while Naruto and Sakura decide to leave when they leave right in front of them is Temari guarding the door in front of a crowd of people.

“Temari what are you doing here?” Sakura says to Temari.

“Huh… Oh hey what’s up guys I was guarding the area when…um I came in and saw that everyone was fucking so I decided to guard the area so no one can enter you see.” Temari says before vanishing revealing that all she was a clone and the real one were probably inside. Neither Naruto nor Sakura really wanted to go back in so they decide to stand guard with a hundred or so angry customers wanting in then a police officer got over to the two through the crowd.

“So you two are the distraction is that it?” the policeman says to Naruto and Sakura waiting for an answer.
Sakura leans into the police officer’s ear and whisper’s want is going on and the police officer decided to help them making sure that no one was going in.

“Alright folks there’s some ninja inside fighting and it’s a total wreck right now” the police officer yells to the crowd and soon the crowd broke up and the police officer also left with Naruto and Sakura standing watch while guarding the restaurant that had a bunch of horny people inside.

“You know Sakura we still haven’t eaten a thing” Naruto says to Sakura.

“I know but that sure was fun wasn’t it” Sakura says to Naruto grabbing his hand “why don’t you get some food for the two of us while I stand guard here.” Naruto then kisses her and then vanishes to get some food.

“I wonder why Temari is here it seems strange that she would be around” Sakura says to herself “Could she be in the restaurant fucking with out Naruto and I noticing.” While Sakura is waiting for Naruto she looks around the area watching the people around her go on their merry life like they always do then she notices a pregnant women and couldn’t help but stare at her while every one around was trying to help her.

“Sakura, Sakura hello I got some food” Naruto says waving his hand in front of her face while holding some sandwiches in the other hand.

“Oh hey Naruto I’m sorry I was looking at the woman over there I guess I got distracted” Sakura coming to her senses.

Naruto hands her a sandwich then says “So Sakura you know we can’t do this sex stuff in public you know it’s not right and well we should be careful about doing it you know.”

“Your right we shouldn’t be doing it in public and from now on we won’t do it in public instead we’ll do it in the morning and at night. When we get back to the village though Hinata and I are going to wear you out remember that Naruto” Sakura says then smiles and then leans in and kisses Naruto.

A few hours later after every one is outside of the restaurant Naruto and Sakura decide to go to relax at the hotel’s sauna’s with Naruto going to the male side and Sakura going to the female side the two take a few hours to relax. A man walks over to Naruto asking if he could join in his area and Naruto allows him. This man however unknown to Naruto is Yamato in disguise.

“So boy I assume that your girlfriend is on the other side?” the man says to Naruto.

“Yeah” Naruto replies feeling uncomfortable with this stranger talking to him.

“Oh I’m sorry I didn’t introduce myself. Names Sankuru and you?” the man asks Naruto.

“Naruto Uzumaki” Naruto says to the man.

“Ah so Naruto it is what’s your girlfriends name?” the man says to Naruto.

“What’s to you?” Naruto says.

“Nothing just asking since you mentioned your girl was on the other…” the man says before getting interrupted.

“Sakura that’s her name” Naruto says “You got a girl over there too.”

“Ah yes I do and her name is Tara for your information” the man says to Naruto. The two continue talking for awhile until someone screams on the other side.

“Sakura is that you?” Temari says wearing a whit towel walking over to where Sakura was relaxing.

“Temari what’s up?” Sakura says happy to see a familiar face.

“Oh not much other than what happened earlier” Temari says to Sakura while taking her towel off and stepping in to the hot pool next to Sakura with a white two-piece with the sand village symbol on her bottom part.

“Yeah I guess Naruto and I got carried away sorry about that” Sakura says to Temari.

“Oh it’s alright besides I found someone interesting while there” Temari says.

“Ooh what’s his name and tell all” Sakura says to Temari feeling Temari’s left breasts.

“You wouldn’t believe me if I told but it seems that you know him” Temari says feeling Sakura’s right arm.

“Oh and who may this be?” Sakura says feeling Temari’s breasts with both hands now.
Temari leans in to Sakura’s ear and says “ Yamato.”

“Yamato” Sakura says letting go of Temari.

“Yeah I guess he’s here to make sure the Akatsuki don’t interfere with Naruto and your sexual vacation” Temari says to Sakura.

“YAMATO!” Sakura screams with all the other ladies around her except for Temari running away and some guys on the other side also ran out with birds flying away.

“Relax Sakura you shouldn’t be so worked up” Temari tries to calm Sakura down but fails when Sakura fumes her anger leaving to the locker room with Temari following with caution.

“Sakura seems angry about Yamato” Naruto says getting out but before he can Yamato reveals himself in front of Naruto.

“Sorry Naruto I had to trick you” Yamato says to Naruto “I guess we both need to hurry up and talk to Sakura.”

“Right” Naruto says then the two head to the locker room.

I’m going to kill Yamato!” Sakura says stomping into the locker room and punching walls with weak but strong enough to make a significant dent in the walls.

“SAKURA! We need to talk” Temari says smacking Sakura in the face to stop her.
Sakura stops and comes to her senses and sees Temari in front of her and then both sit down. “I’m sorry Temari I didn’t know Yamato was around it’s not your fault it’s…”

“It’s alright Sakura, Yamato and I found each other while you were having sex I didn’t know that he was until he revealed he was a leaf ninja. That’s when I caught him and we were both horny so we ended up hooking up. Besides I’m here for my own mission everything else is coincidental” Temari says to Sakura while both are dripping wet sitting in the ladies locker room.

“Oh I’m so sorry Temari I didn’t mean to go so angry but how are we going to make Yamato pay?” Sakura says to Temari.

“Well if you must know before we hooked up he said that he really liked you so perhaps all four of us can get together and satisfy both boys” Temari says.

“Yeah let’s do it tonight we’ll first all meet up at this restaurant I saw earlier today that Naruto and I were going to go tonight. It’s the little red one a couple blocks north of here then we’ll fuck them afterwards” Sakura says in a seductive voice to Temari.

“Alright but you forgot I’m sure the two already know about us so as soon as were out of here we’ll see the two” Temari says placing her hands on Sakura’s shoulder’s.

“Oh I guess we could have sex with them then eat out” Sakura says when Temari leans in kissing her on the lips “What was that for?”

“Oh Sakura why don’t we have some fun now while the boys wait besides the first plan will still work” Temari says then goes back to kissing Sakura.

Sakura goes down and licks Temari’s breasts while Temari begins feeling her own pussy and Sakura’s.

“Oh yes Sakura lick my pussy for me will you” Temari says while Sakura goes even further down kissing and licking Temari’s stomach and down to licking the outside of Temari’s pussy that was shaved bare.

“Your pussy tastes so good Temari” Sakura says then goes deeper in Temari’s pussy with her tongue.

“Sakura why don’t I lick your pussy for you while you continue sucking on my pussy” Temari says after her first orgasm. Then Sakura turns her body around while Temari lies on the bench and begins shoving her fingers in and out of Sakura’s ass and pussy. After a few minutes Temari begins licking Sakura’s pussy while fingering her ass while Sakura is doing the same to Temari.

“Oh God yes fuck Temari don’t stop” Sakura says after her first orgasm.

A hard consecutive knock at the door a few feet from them stopped the two for a moment and they decided to get dressed. When the two left the locker room they saw Naruto and Yamato standing there.

“Well now that were all here what’s next?” Yamato says to the group.

“Why don’t we go out I’m going to need your help tomorrow” Temari replies to Yamato’s question. The four walk out and head to the restaurant.

At the restaurant the four sit down at a table and order their meals.

“Let’s make sure what happened earlier doesn’t happen now” Naruto says to the group.

“Why are you scared Naruto?” Sakura says leaning in to Naruto feeling his hard-on under the table.

“Uh no it’s…” Naruto says feeling uncomfortable now but then gets interrupted by Yamato.

“We should eat now for later on” Yamato says to the group.

“Oh come on that’s bullshit Yamato and you know it” Temari says leaning in feeling his hard-on under the table as well.

“Boys where is your sense of adventure?” Sakura says in seductive voice to Naruto and Yamato. Both boys are sweating now nervous more than ever while Sakura and Temari are rubbing their cocks under the table.

“Here we are now” a waiter says standing next to them with Sakura and Temari standing up while Naruto and Yamato couldn’t believe how lucky they were.

“I suppose we’ll eat now but after I think both Sakura and I will want some raw cock” Temari says beginning to eat. Total silence the rest of the meal with Naruto and Yamato nervous the whole time what was to happen?

After the meal the four go to Sakura and Naruto’s room.

“So now that were all alone I think it’s time we have some fun” Sakura says shoving Naruto to the wall unzipping his pants and grabbing his cock while Temari does the same to Yamato.

“Now girls can’t we relax for a moment” Naruto says while Sakura rubs his cock then she goes down and begins sucking on his cock.

“Naruto your right we all need to relax and enjoy some cock” Temari says before putting Yamato’s cock in her mouth.

“Sakura please stop, stop will you” Naruto says placing his hand behind Sakura’s head while Sakura continues to suck him off “please don’t uh damn don’t stop.”

“Temari why don’t I fuck Sakura while you take Naruto for a change” Yamato says while cumming in Temari’s mouth.

“I suppose but why don’t you make a clone instead so you can fuck her and me at the same time” Temari says.

“Naruto why don’t you also make a clone so we can fuck them both together” Yamato says to Naruto while making a clone of himself.

“Right sensei” Naruto says making a clone of himself walking behind Temari while Yamato fucks her in the front. Sakura pulls off of Naruto’s cock and allows Naruto to fuck her pussy while Yamato fucks her ass.

“Oh fuck this feels so good with both our boys fucking us at the same time in a sandwich” Sakura says while being fucked by Naruto and Yamato to Temari.

“I know why don’t we make clones of ourselves so we can satisfy ourselves while they continue to fuck us” Temari says to Sakura while being fucked by Naruto and Yamato. Both Sakura and Temari make clones of themselves and decided to go into a sixty-nine like they had earlier.

“Oh god Temari you feel so good and with all this pleasure were getting from the boys it feels like were getting multiple orgasms all at the same time” Sakura says rubbing Temari’s pussy while Temari sucks on her pussy.

“I know what you mean Sakura it feels so good” Temari says after spitting on Sakura’s pussy and rubbing it.

“Hey girls why don’t we make more clones so you can give us both blowjobs while we suck on your pussies as well” Naruto says.

“What a great idea Naruto we’ll all truly be satisfied” Sakura says while everyone makes clones with the following happening: Yamato and Sakura in a sixty-nine, Yamato and Temari in a sixty-nine, Naruto and Sakura in a sixty-nine, Naruto and Temari in a sixty-nine, Sakura and Temari in a sixty-nine, Temari being sandwiched fucked by Naruto and Yamato, and Sakura being sandwiched fucked by Naruto and Yamato all going on at the same time. For a few hours this went on until everyone got tired and they all lost their clones and went to sleep.

Next morning Sakura and Temari wake up next to each other while Naruto has his semi-erect cock in Sakura’s pussy while on Temari’s side Yamato is the same.

“Boys sure felt good last night” Temari says to Sakura.

“Sure do but I don’t think I can do what we did last night for a while though with my body being sore all over” Sakura says to Temari.

“I know what you mean Sakura I guess we should wake the boys up so we can go and meet the guy I’m suppose to meet” Temari says while waking up Yamato and Sakura does the same to Naruto.

“What’s going on” Naruto says sitting up with his now fully-erect cock.

“Well we need to get up and help Temari with her mission” Sakura says lying down next Temari.

“Oh… what about our morning fuck Sakura?” Naruto asks.

“I don’t think me or Temari can do anything for awhile that is sexual” Sakura says to Naruto.

“Temari what does this guy look like so we can help” Yamato says interrupting Naruto from anything more.

“Well the guy will have green robes carry a stick but that’s all I know” Temari says.

‘I guess we all need to get ready and then head out” Yamato says getting up with his fully- erect cock standing out.

“Right why don’t you and Temari take a shower first then Naruto and I will go so Temari can get prepared right away” Sakura says to the group.

After all of them had their showers and had some food to eat they headed out looking for this mystery guy with green robes and a stick. Around mid-day Temari finally met up with the guy with Naruto, Yamato and Sakura in hiding watching them.

“So you got what I want” Temari says to the mystery guy.

“Sure so long as you held up your part of the bargain by giving me my bag of chakra enhanced sand” the mystery man says when Temari gives him the bag the mystery man gives her a scroll.

“What’s this?” Temari says looking at the scroll seeing a map.

“Oh that’s a map of where you can find what you seek” the mystery mans points out to Temari.

“If I found out that your tricking me I will make sure that you receive a punishment worse than death” Temari says to the mystery man before he vanishes in front of her. Naruto, Sakura, and Yamato reveal themselves next to Temari.

“So now what” Yamato says to Temari.

“Well I need to go to this location to find the beast that Gaara lost” Temari says pointing to a spot on the map.

“Couldn’t you let someone else do it Temari” Naruto says out loud.

“Are you saying that because you want some pussy?” Temari says looking to Naruto in a seductive voice.

“Uh… of… course not… well maybe…but. Heh… I don’t know” Naruto says scratching his head confused.

“I’d say he wants pussy with his hard-on” Sakura says looking at Naruto’s hard-on. Naruto is embarrassed and tries to hide it but every one laughs.

“Alright so who are you going to send on this part of the mission anyways” Yamato says to Temari in a serious voice.

“Well I guess I could send some other elite sand ninja to go fetch it. While the rest of the week I suppose I could hang out with you three” Temari says putting the scroll in a bag “So Naruto are you ready for some pussy or do you want me to give you a blowjob?”

“Both” Naruto says sheepishly toward Temari.

“Oh I think Sakura and I can fulfill that for you. Yamato you don’t mind if we give you clones to take care of your needs” Temari says leaning into Yamato holding the outside of his pants that were holding a semi-erect cock in them.

A bird flies above signally Yamato to go to the village. “I’m sorry but I need to head back to the village” Yamato says to the group and then vanishes.

“Well I guess Naruto your going to have the two of us all to yourself” Sakura says in a seductive voice while leaning in to Naruto and Temari who is behind Naruto feeling his body as well.

“Wow this must be my lucky day” Naruto says.

“Well why don’t we go back to the hotel so we can have some private time all alone” Temari says in Naruto’s ear in a seductive voice.

“Sure” Naruto says and then the three ran straight to the hotel.

Back at the Leaf village Yamato is at Lady Tsunade’s office with Kakashi, Jiraiya, Kurenai, Asuma, and Shizune.

“Yamato how is Naruto and Sakura’s vacation going” Kakashi says to Yamato.

“What Naruto and Sakura are on vacation?” Shizune freaks out “Lady Tsunade how could you?”

“Shizune!” Lady Tsunade yells standing up to Shizune “I sent the two on vacation because they needed a break. I sent Yamato to watch over but now I seem to need him for another mission, and why the god damn are you here anyways Shizune shouldn’t you be on that mission I sent you on!”

“You did I’m a clone to give you a report on the mission Lady Tsunade” Shizune says afraid now.

“One moment Shizune, Yamato how are Sakura and Naruto?” Lady Tsunade says looking at Yamato now.

“It seems that no Akatsuki were around and the sand ninja Temari was around for some mission she was on” Yamato says in a steady voice to Tsunade.

“Good, Kakashi you will take over Yamato’s duties. Yamato I need you to head to the Tea country leader for he will give you something I’m in need of. Kurenai Asuma I need your teams to search for Akatsuki near Bear country, and Jiraiya will you please go on Shizune’s mission it seems they can’t handle the Akatsuki over there. Now go” Lady Tsunade says with everyone heading out and as soon as everyone leaves she begins relieve herself with her pink dildo.

Hotel room:

“Hey girls why don’t I go to my sexy jutsu so we can have some lesbian fun” Naruto says to Temari and Sakura who are playing with his cock.

“Wonderful idea Naruto then we can play with each other’s pussies” Sakura says playing with Temari’s breast. Then Naruto goes into his sexy jutsu and reveals a naked blonde girl with ponytails.

“I’ve never seen this jutsu it looks so delicious” Temari says looking at Naruto’s sexy jutsu technique. Sakura puts her fingers in Naruto’s pussy while Naruto places his fingers in Temari’s pussy and Temari places her fingers in Sakura’s pussy while they all sit on the bed.

“Oh yes this feels so good” Sakura says feeling Naruto’s breasts with Temari helping her while Naruto is feeling both of their breasts.

“Say why don’t we all kiss together” Naruto suggests and all three lean in and play each other’s tongues and kissing each other while feeling each other all over for a few hours they continue playing with each other when Kakashi arrives in town and notices from a tree in the distances what is going on and couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

“Oh man is this a dream because I’m seeing all three playing with each other naked in their room” Kakashi says to himself realizing that he has a hard-on watching what is going and couldn’t believe how lucky Yamato was watching all of this “Well I suppose I should get a better look and when their dressed I’ll talk to them all.” Kakashi got into the room without anyone knowing he was in there and around 7:00 the three decided to get dressed and head out to eat and that is where Kakashi decided to meet up with them there.

Naruto, Sakura, and Temari head out after a wonderful afternoon to eat when as soon as they got to the restaurant Kakashi was standing outside waiting for them.

“What’s up guys” Kakashi says to the three.

“Kakashi why are you here” Sakura says to Kakashi.

“Well Yamato had another mission so I decided to look over you two but it seems that Temari is here so I guess I could leave” Kakashi says then looks over to the three who are in a huddle talking.

“Alright Kakashi you can watch over us but we have something were sure your going to love later” Sakura says to Kakashi.

“Ya your going to love it Kakashi and since you’re here you can pay for our meal” Naruto says to Kakashi.

“Yeah sure can’t wait to see want you have for me” Kakashi says before realizing what Naruto had said and the three were already sitting down in the restaurant waiting for Kakashi. Kakashi couldn’t believe he was tricked by Naruto once again into buying them meals.

After the meal all four decide to head to Naruto and Sakura’s room.

“Alright Kakashi hide those eyes will you so we can show you your surprise” Sakura says to Kakashi who has his eyes closed.

“Alright Kakashi you can open your eyes” Naruto says and when Kakashi does he sees all three naked
and Naruto in his sexy jutsu. Kakashi gets a nose bleed and couldn’t believe what he saw when his jaw dropped at how beautiful all three were.

“Oh my goodness look at those suckling breasts and the perfect bodies you all have. I must… no wait I need to be a responsible adult in this situation… but I can’t with all three of you looking so beautiful” Kakashi says feeling Sakura’s body.

“There is one thing before you can have these two” Naruto who goes back to his normal state saying to Kakashi.

“Any thing” Kakashi says in a seductive voice toward Sakura while feeling her pussy.

“You must show us what is under that mask Kakashi” Sakura says.

“Didn’t I already show you two before” Kakashi says sticking his fingers in and out of Sakura’s pussy.

“We want to see your face and no mask this time” Naruto says to Kakashi.

“Oh very well I suppose I could but only for a short second and that’s all you’ll get” Kakashi says taking his mask off when a power shortage happens throughout the city and as soon as the light came back on Kakashi had his mask back on.

“Too bad there was a power shortage, oh well” Kakashi says taking his cock out and pushing it into Sakura. Naruto, Sakura, and Temari couldn’t believe what happened with their jaws dropped and Kakashi fucking Sakura now.

“Naruto are you going to fuck me with your cock or you going to your sexy jutsu” Temari says lying on the bed while Kakashi is all over Sakura on the floor.

“Oh I want to fill all of your holes tonight at the same time Naruto says making a couple clones and tackling Temari on the bed.

“Oh yes Naruto cum all over me will you” Temari who now is sucking on Naruto’s cock while he fucks her pussy and her ass all at the same time.

“Oh yes I’m going to cum all you Temari” Naruto says filling all of Temari’s holes with his hot sticky cum.

“Fuck Kakashi you have as much spirit as Naruto when it comes to fucking” Sakura says catching a breath while Kakashi is feeling her body while fucking her pussy.

“Oh you think so Sakura then I guess you love it” Kakashi says to Sakura pulling his cock out of her wet sticky pussy and placing his cock in her ass hole.

All four of them continue fucking for a couple of hours when everyone is passed out.

More to cum.

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