Characters for this story are:
1. Abbey who is seventeen typical thin brunette with 36 CC cup breasts. 5’11 and 125 pounds.
2. Mark who is fifteen brown hair muscular with 10 inch cock and inch thick. 6’1 and 155 pounds.
3. Karen who is the mother at thirty-eight brunette with 36 CC cup breasts. 5’11 and 145 pounds.
4. Charles who is the father at forty brown hair with eight inch cock and inch wide. 6’3 and 165 pounds.
5. Derrick who is boyfriend of Abbey’s at seventeen red head with eight inch cock. 6 even and 150 pounds.
6. Shirley who is Karen’s mother at seventy brunette with saggy 36 CC cup breasts. 5’9 and 127 pounds.
7. Dan who is Karen’s father at seventy-three gray hair with nine inch cock. 5’10 and 163 pounds.
8. Carla Charles’s younger sister at thirty-two blonde with 34 c cup breasts. 6 even and 128 pounds.
9. Jerold who is thirty-three blonde with eight inch cock and inch thick. 6’1 and 200 pounds.
10. Andrew son of Carla and Jerold at the age if sixteen blonde with a ten inch cock. 6’4 and 168 pounds.
11. Kelly and Maggie are twins and are Carla and Jerold’s daughters both at eighteen blondes with 36 CC cup breasts. Kelly is 6’2 and 110 pounds. Maggie is 6’3 and 113 pounds.
12. Rose Andrew’s girlfriend at sixteen red-head with 34 c cup breasts. 5’9 and 105 pounds.
13. Matt Kelly’s boyfriend at the age of twenty-one with ten inch cock and inch thick. 6’7 and 220 pounds.
14. Justin Maggie’s boyfriend at the age of twenty-one with eleven inch cock and inch thick. 6’5 and 225 pounds.
15. Jon father of Derrick’s age is forty-five with a six inch cock. 5’7 and 165 pounds.
16. Lindsey mother of Derrick’s age is thirty-eight with 38 DD cup breasts. 5’7 and 135 pounds.
New Character’s for this story are:
1. Mrs. Chang is a Chinese nurse who is twenty-five with 38 DD cup breasts. 5’7 and 130 pounds.
2. Doctor Karl is thirty-nine with an eight inch cock and inch thick. 6’2 and 175 pounds.

Everyone (except Karen) woke up seeing Abbey making breakfast all grabbing a plate and eating with no one talking until Mark broke out during mid-breakfast saying “ After were all done why don’t we all go upstairs not to wake up my mom so we can take shower’s and continue fucking since it is Sunday after all.” No one said a thing but as soon as they all finished they went up with Karen sleeping on the floor.

“How many can your shower fit” Carla asks Charles.

“Well it can fit maybe four of us at a time” Charles responds.

“Excellent Kelly, Justin, Matt and I will go first so that way as soon as were out the orgy can begin” Maggie says heading into the bathroom with Kelly, Justin and Matt right behind her with no one arguing but instead sitting down and waiting for the four of them to get out. Five minutes later the four head out with Maggie making out with Matt and Kelly making out with Justin.

“Who’s next” Charles says anonymously to everyone else.

“I suppose Dan and I should since we need to head out since we need to visit some friends later today” Shirley says getting up with Dan following.

“Alright ma but at least allow Mark and Abbey to take a shower with you since it will go faster” Jerold says to Shirley while Mark and Abbey follow their grandparents to the bathroom. As soon as the four of them were out Mark and Abbey were making out while Shirley and Dan said their goodbyes and went down to get dressed and left with Karen still sleeping on the floor.

“It seems it’s the seven of us that remain so who’s next” Carla says to the group that isn’t making out and fucking.

“We should also be going we have a family reunion to go to later today” Jon says to the group then looks to Derrick “It’s your choice son whether you want to come with us or continue fucking.”

“I’ll come if we can convince the whole family to fuck by the end of the week” Derrick says to his father. Jon just smiles and nods while heading off to the bathroom with Lindsey.

“I’ll take a shower with you three since so far their have been two guys and two of us taking a shower together” Rose offers and Derrick waves her in while Andrew just sits allowing it.

“But their will be three guys for the next shower” Carla says.

“Not if Karen wakes up soon that is. If she does I’ll take a shower alone” Charles replies.

“No I’ll take a shower alone so that way you can fuck your wife after your done with the shower instead of waiting, and if she doesn’t wake up soon their will be three guys and my mom in the shower with Aunt Karen taking a shower last” Andrew says in a defensive mood.

“Alright Andrew I suppose that will work” Charles says to his nephew Andrew.
Jon, Lindsey, Derrick and Rose leave the shower with Jon, Lindsey, and Derrick saying their goodbyes and heading down getting dressed and leaving with Karen still sleeping. At that same time Andrew, Charles, Carla, and Jerold all went into the bathroom and as they were going to turn the water on a scream that sounded familiar was right outside. Charles flung the door open only to see Karen standing their watching everyone in one big orgy all on top of each other in the hallway.

“Charles what is this all about” Karen says with her hands on her hips.

“Eh… Andrew it seems my wife is here” Charles says to Andrew the back to Karen “Well we were taking showers and well… Did you have breakfast?”

“No I haven’t had breakfast yet” Karen says while Andrew leaves the bathroom.

“Honey why don’t you get something to eat first then you can take a shower with me or even your nephew if you want?”

“Alright I’ll get something to eat but when I’m done I want Andrew in the shower with me. After all I haven’t had Andrew’s cock yet” Karen says while heading down to get breakfast. Charles, Jerold, and Carla decide to get a shower together while Andrew sits watching the orgy right in front of him.

As Karen is getting breakfast she slips on the floor while a couple of pans hit her head and knocking her out. Of course no one can hear her. As soon as Jerold and Carla step out they are making out with Charles stepping out seeing that Karen still isn’t around and decides to head down while Andrew gets ready in the bathroom and everyone else piled together in the hallway making out and fucking. As soon as Charles is down stairs he sees Karen on the floor knocked out and rushes over to pour a cup of water over her face. Karen wakes up seeing a guy who looks vaguely familiar naked but can’t put it together and asks “Who are you? Who am I? Am I in heaven?” Charles just nods in confusion and dismay.

“Um… I’m Charles your husband and your name is Karen. No you are not in heaven you just got a concussion it seems… How about you stay here for a moment I’ll be right back so both of us will have clothes on to go to the hospital” Charles who is in shock and rushes upstairs to inform everyone of what just happened.

As soon as Charles got upstairs he sees everyone in the hallway except of course Andrew who seems to be taking a shower waiting for his wife. Charles whistles and then yells “All of you need to stop right now!”
Everyone stops and looks toward Charles. “Ok it seems that Karen just lost her memory and I’m sending her to the hospital now I need you all to stop and clean this house up and then come to the hospital, also Abbey and Mark I want you two to come with me and your mother” Charles try’s to explain with one breath and then head’s to his room and grabs some clothes.

“Ahhhhh!” Karen screams when she is upstairs and sees everyone naked.
Charles rushes out with Karen’s clothes in his hands seeing Karen who is naked screaming at everyone else who is naked and Charles rushes over to her handing her clothes to her while calming her down and leading her into their bedroom. “It’s alright honey” Charles calming her down.

“What’s going on around here” Karen says to Charles while putting her clothes on scared and in shock.

“Honey I know you might not understand with your amnesia and everything that you have just seen but it’s all going to be perfectly fine don’t worry we are going to get…”Charles says to Karen when she interrupts.

“We who’s we” Karen says putting her panties on.

“Well everyone you just saw outside naked that are going to help you try to remember but right now we should get you to a hospital. As Karen finishes getting dressed they leave their room and head down stairs seeing everyone dressing and Karen nearly faints but continues walking down and out the door with
Charles right behind her.

“Alright Dad were ready to go” Abbey says pulling the car out with Mark in the front with her.

“Who are they…?” Karen says to Charles.

“They are our kids Abbey and Mark and they are coming with us to the hospital while everyone else is going to clean the place up and then meet us over there” Charles responds to his wife wishing he was fucking her today instead of doing this but as soon as the four of them got to the hospital Charles leads Karen in and talks to some nurse and then she leads them to a room and tells them a doctor will see them shortly. Mark and Abbey come in a few minutes later only to leave when the doctor shows up doing tests for Karen. Charles, Mark, and Abbey are waiting in the corridor to find out when they hear moaning with in Karen’s room.

Charles looks in only to see the doctor fucking his wife while a nurse is getting her pussy licked by his wife and making out with the doctor. Instead of getting angry he heads in with Abbey and Mark following locking the door and joining in. Charles asks the doctor if his wife memory is fine. Doctor says “I’m sorry Mr. Dreyk she doesn’t remember anything but as soon as I accidently dropped my board to get up my pants hit her face and as I tried to apologized she took my cock out of my pants and began sucking on it. I don’t understand why your wife would do such a thing but damn she gives really good blowjob.”

“Yeah we have been having some incest lately and I guess it seems to be triggering a sexual sensation” Charles says taking his clothes off while Abbey and Mark also take their clothes off.

“Uh Mr. Dreyk Doctor Karl and I fuck all the time maybe we can join your family sometime for an orgy” the nurse responds while Karen licks her pussy.

“Can you take the rest of today off” Charles says as he puts his cock in the nurse’s ass while Abbey and Mark are in a 69 position on the floor sucking on each other.

“Well actually we can take the rest of the week off since the rest of the week me and Mrs. Chang were going to take some vacation time off and fuck” Doctor Karl says while Cumming in Karen’s pussy.

“Excellent let me make a call and we can fuck at our house the rest of the week. My brother and his family are also around for today” Charles says pulling his cock out of Mrs. Chang’s ass and going to his pants and calling Jerold to let them know.

“Oh Mr. Dreyk your wife should have all of her memory back or at least most of it by the end of the week as we continue fucking” Mrs. Chang says while Cumming in Karen’s mouth. Mark and Abbey are still in a 69 position on the floor.

“Hey Jerold can you all stay over their and get some space ready for another orgy. Karen is still doesn’t have her memory completely back and also some guest are coming over to join the orgy” Charles says on the phone to Jerold and goes back to fucking Mrs. Chang’s ass.

“Uh fuck Mr. Dreyk your cock feels so good in my ass uhhh Mrs. Dreyk your going to make me cum again uhhh yes fuck don’t stop licking my pussy” Mrs. Chang moans but stops when Karl locks tongues with her and Charles licks her neck while feeling her erect tit’s in his finger’s. Karl then goes down and begins licking her tit’s while Charles locks tongue with Mrs. Chang and let’s go of her breasts while feeling stomach.

“Fuck Abbey your pussy taste so good. Doctor Karl why don’t you fuck my sister while I fuck my mother and my dad can fuck Mrs. Chang” Mark says catching a breath while Abbey sucks some cum of his on his cock.

“Alright mister I’ll give your sister a check-up she’ll never forget” Karl says pulling his cock off Karen and heading toward Abbey. Abbey and Mark stand up while Charles and Mrs. Chang make-out on top of Karen who is catching the cum of theirs in her mouth. Mark places his cock in his mother’s pussy and begins to fuck her when she heads up she is stuck licking Charles’s cock and Mrs. Chang’s pussy while they continue to fuck and make-out.

“Oh Doctor why I don’t give you a blowjob while my mother sucks on my pussy for me” Abbey says in a flirting way toward Doctor Karl. Doctor Karl is mesmerized by Abbey’s naked body and follows her on to the patient table where she begins sucking his cock while Karen licks her pussy.

“Oh god Mark your going to fuck your own mother and make uhhh her cum fuck that feels so good” Karen cums then goes back to licking Abbey’s pussy when she instantly remembers everything “Uh Doctor I remember everything.”

“That’s good Karen your memory came back quicker than I thought it would fuck Abbey your mouth on my cock is so amazing that I need to check on that pussy of yours” Karl says while pulling his cock out of Abbey’s mouth and shoving it in her pussy while Karen starts to lick Abbey’s ass while Charles and Mrs. Chang‘s cum drops on Karen’s breasts and Mark continues to fuck his mother.

“You know what instead of staying here all day why don’t we go to our place” Mark says after Cumming in his mother.

“Let’s cum first then we can go alright boy” Karl says then he cums in Abbey’s pussy.
“Fuck Mrs. Chang I’m going to cum” Charles says

“Uh Mr. Dreyk why don’t we cum together” Mrs. Chang moans as both of them cum.

“Alright Mark I think we’ve all cummed now we can get ready” Charles says pulling his cock out of Mrs. Chang. Doctor Karl pulls his cock out as well while he kisses Abbey on the lips. Mark pulls his cock out while Karen lays there while everyone gets off to put their clothes on. A few minutes later everyone leaves the room with Doctor Karl and Mrs. Chang check out Charles, Karen, Abbey, and Mark wait for them then head home.

As all of them walk in to the house they see everyone in one huge pile in the living room fucking.

“Were home” Charles yells while taking his clothes off. Every one else is behind him also taking their clothes off.

“Uh oh Rose fuck Maggie thanks I’m Cumming! Charles welcome back uh Rose keep sucking my cock will you. Who’s with you…?” Jerold moans as Rose sucks on his cock and Maggie is licking his balls.

“This is Doctor Karl and Mrs. Chang we meant them at the hospital” Charles says with Abbey rubbing his cock. Mrs. Chang is on the kitchen floor getting fucked in the pussy by Mark while Doctor Karl fucks her ass and Karen is getting her pussy licked by her. Mark and Karen begin making-out

“Uh dad why don’t we join orgy in the living room” Abbey says rubbing his cock.

“I will always follow my horny mistress anywhere…” Charles says before getting interrupted by Abbey pulling him into the orgy in the living room.

“Oh fuck Mrs. Chang I’m going to cum” Karen moans as Mrs. Chang licks her cum.

“Oh fuck Mark I’m going to cum uh Doctor Karl fuck yes” Mrs. Chang moans as she cums while Mark and Doctor Karl continue to fuck her. Mark sucks on his mother’s tits.
“Yeah oh fuck yes Mark suck on your mother’s tit’s it feels so good uh yes” Karen says while Mark sucks on her tits like a baby sucking on a mother’s tit’s while Mrs. Chang licks her pussy.
“Oh that’s it fuck I’m going to uh cum Mrs. Chang” Doctor Karl says as he cums in Mrs. Chang’s ass with his cum oozing out of her ass.

“Mom why don’t you switch with Mrs. Chang here so I can fuck you for a moment” Mark says pulling his cock out of Mrs. Chang’s cum filled pussy.

“Fuck mom I know you want my cock but can’t you give me break. Go over to someone else who has a cock I want to fuck Aunt Karen” Andrew says pulling out of the orgy with his mother pulling on his leg. Soon Carla pulls off seeing Matt’s cock and licking on his balls. Andrew heads over to the orgy in the kitchen.

“Hey Cousin Mark let me fuck Aunt Karen for a moment” Andrew says while Mark had just put his cock in to his mother.

“Sure Andrew I don’t see why not I’ll just let Mrs. Chang suck on my cock for a moment I’m sure she would love to taste her cum and mine together” Mark pulls his cock out while going over to Mrs. Chang who is getting her pussy sucked on by Karen. Andrew puts his cock in his Aunt’s pussy while Doctor Karl is fucking her ass.

“Uh Andrew your cock feels so good fuck faster uh oh god ah yeah that’s right fuck Andrew fuck!” Karen moans as Andrew is fucking her pussy then she cums a few moments later when she is licking Mrs. Chang’s pussy. Mrs. Chang is sucking on Mark’s cock like a baby sucking on a bottle.

“Oh Mark your cock tastes so good I can’t get enough of your beautiful cock. It’s even better than Doctor Karl’s cock and so much bigger too” Mrs. Chang says catching a breath when Mark shoots his cum over her mouth.

“Mrs. Chang you’re not serious are you that his cock is better than mine?” Doctor Karl says when he cums in Karen’s ass looking to Mrs. Chang.

“I’m sorry Doctor Karl but his cock is the biggest cock I’ve ever seen in my life” Mrs. Chang says to Doctor Karl then going back to sucking on Mark’s cock.

“Mrs. Chang you haven’t seen the cocks in the living room Justin has an eleven inch and Matt has a twelve inch cock” Andrew says while Cumming in Karen’s pussy.

“Oh and what do you have?” Mrs. Chang replies to Andrew’s answer.

“I have a ten inch cock but Mark here is half an inch thicker than I am” Andrew says while continuing to fuck Karen.

“Uh fuck we need to change position’s I want uh Marks cock and your cock in me” Mrs. Chang says while Karen licks up cum from her pussy.

As soon as they all were changing positions Matt and Kelly walk in “Hey you all horny sluts can we join the party in here” Matt says while Kelly rubs his cock.

“You must be Matt” Mrs. Chang says walking toward him and putting his cock in her pussy while Kelly sucks her right tit. Andrew decides to go behind her and fuck her ass while Karen licks her lift tit and Mark fucks his mother from behind driving his cock in her pussy. Doctor Karl decides to go over and begins licking Kelly’s neck and feeling her breasts then fucks her also from behind driving his cock in her pussy.

“Uh yes tear me apart uh fuck don’t stop uh fuck ah yes faster! Faster! Harder!” Mrs. Chang says while getting fucked by Matt’s ten inch cock and Andrew’s ten inch cock.

“Oh god Mr. your cock feels so good in my pussy but can you fuck my ass it’s still cum-free” Kelly says to Doctor Karl then goes back to Mrs. Chang’s neck and begins kissing it until she reaches Mrs. Chang’s and Karen’s lips where all three meet licking each other’s tongues and groping each other’s mouth’s while all three are getting fucked.

“Uh my knees feel so weak but it feels so good fuck” Mrs. Chang screams as she gets several orgasms in a row with her cum dripping on the floor from Matt and Andrew fucking her while Karen and Kelly are making out and licking her from the breasts to her lips.

“Oh fuck Mark don’t stop you making your mother cum oh ah yes fuck I’m Cumming” Karen moans as Mark cums in her pussy. All of them continued to fuck in this position until Mrs. Chang passes out with multiple orgasms and being over-excited. Karen and Kelly decide to make out while Mark fuck Karen’s ass while Andrew fucks her pussy. Doctor Karl continues to fill Kelly’s ass with his cum while Matt fucks her cum-filled pussy with even more cum for a few more minutes until Karen and Kelly both pass out next to Mrs. Chang on the kitchen floor the three lay down. Mark, Andrew, Doctor Karl, and Matt go into the living room only to see Charles and Justin both exhausted from fucking while Carla, Abbey, Rose and Maggie are all over Jerold.

“Hey girls there’s four more cocks for you fucking horny sluts” Andrew says while rubbing his cock. Mark goes over to Abbey and fucks her cum-filled pussy. Doctor Karl goes to Carla and begins to fuck her cum-filled ass. Rose goes to Matt’s cock and begins sucking on it with full force while she is filled and drenched of cum all over her body. Andrew and Maggie begin making out while Jerold falls down on the floor when Andrew and Maggie are right on top of him making out feeling each other. Jerold dives right up and begins sucking on his daughter’s pussy while Maggie moans as her father is sucking her cum drenched pussy.

“Who may this be that is fucking me” Carla says while her ass is getting pounded while Doctor Karl feels her breasts in his hands.

“Ah it is Doctor Karl at your service but you may call my just Karl if you want” Karl responds to Carla’s question.

“Oh fuck daddy don’t stop uh fuck I can’t uh yes fuck!” Maggie yells as her father makes her cum once more while Andrew sucks on her tits and Mark continues to fuck her pussy

“Your cock is drenched with cum yet I can’t get enough” Rose says catching a breath while going back to sucking on Matt’s cock then catches another breath “fuck Matt your cock taste better than Andrew’s cock.

“What Rose what did you say?” Andrew says stopping his sister and looking over to where Rose and Matt are.

“Um Andrew I’m sorry it’s that his cock just taste better than yours that’s all. I still love you it’s just his cock it’s…” Rose says while Matt sucks on her tits.

“Forget it Andrew she still loves you jut not your cock as much as Matt’s because Matt has a larger cock than yours that’s all” Maggie says playfully to Andrew while kissing his chest and flicking his tits with her tongue.

Andrew then sticks his cock up Maggie’s pussy and begins fucking her while Jerold decides to move over to where Karl and Carla are making out, and sticks his cock in his wife’s mouth that is spilling cum from her mouth while Karl is fucking her ass.

Matt goes over to Maggie where she begins suck his cock while getting fucked by Andrew. Rose decides to go over and start to lick Karen’s cum drenched pussy and ass. Karen is still past out during this whole scenario.

“Uh fuck bro keep going I can’t stop I’m Cumming!” Abbey screams as Mark fucks her pussy

“Oh Karl you are amazing and Jerold my love your uh fuck don’t stop I’m uh fuck” Carla says with multiple orgasms and passes out from exhaustion of all the orgasms that she has gotten.

“Well it seems she is done and it also looks Rose is past out from sucking up all cum from Karen’s pussy” Jerold says to Karl.

“How about Abbey over there it seems she needs more cum in her” Karl says to Jerold. Both head over to where Mark and Abbey are making out.

“Hey Abbey how about you suck on my cock while Mark continues fucking you” Jerold says to his niece. Karl sticks his cock in her ass fucks her cum-filled ass.

“Uh fuck Abbey I’m going to last longer than you and I’ll make damn sure of it” Maggie says to Abbey moaning when Andrew cums in her pussy for another orgasm. Maggie then goes back to sucking on Matt’s cock.

“You want to uh bet on that Maggie” Abbey says catching a breath from sucking on her Uncle Jerold’s cock.

“Maggie then catches a breath and tells Matt to fuck her in the ass then looks to Abbey and says “Last one to fall will be Queen over all these horny slaves”

“Well Maggie it’s a deal” Abbey says when she goes for back-to-back orgasms from Mark and Karl fucking her then she goes back to sucking on her uncle’s cock.

“Uh fuck sis I’m cummed out” Andrew says pulling his cock out and falling to floor and passing out.

“Ok Matt I want you to fuck me doggy style as hard as you can” Maggie says bracing for Matt to fuck her doggy style.

“It seems I just can’t produce any more cum Abbey I’m too tired” Karl says taking his cock out of her ass and falling on to a chair behind him.
Abbey pulls her mouth out of her uncle’s cock and says “Uncle Jerold why don’t you fuck my ass for the time being.”

“I’m sorry Abbey but I’m worn out from this orgy let your brother continue fucking you” Jerold says moving over to a chair and passing out.

“Abbey I’m going to win fuck Matt fuck me harder your mistress wants your cock deep in her now fuck me!” Maggie says while Matt continues fucking her doggy style.

“Oh fuck I’m going to cum uh yeah that’s it fuck yeah” Matt says fucking Maggie as hard as he can.

“That’s it Matt keep it going. Fuck me!” Maggie moans as Matt fucks her as hard as he can.

“Uh fuck sis I don’t think I can go any more” Mark says taking his cock out of his sister’s pussy and moving to the coach and collapsing.

“Well Maggie it seems there’s two of us and only one cock” Abbey says moving over to Maggie and Matt.

“Um I’m sorry my mistress but it seems I’m all cummed out” Matt says pulling his cock out of Maggie and falling to the floor and collapsing.

“Well Abbey how about a 69 to determine who will become the queen” Maggie says going on to the floor with Abbey going down on her licking her pussy while Maggie licks Abbey’s pussy.

“Uh I will win” Maggie says putting her finger’s in Abbey’s pussy while sucking on Abbey’s ass and pussy.

“No you will not” Abbey says spitting on Maggie’s pussy and then rubbing it a few times then going back to suck on it.

“Uh fuck Abbey you’re going to make me cum!” Maggie moans as her fingers are fucking Abbey’s pussy.

“Yeah take that Maggie you are going to lose” Abbey says rubbing Maggie’s pussy and licking it at rapid pace that not even Maggie can’t match. Maggie though takes her fingers out and sucks on them and then buries her face in Abbey’s pussy sucking it with all her might.

“Fuck yeah that’s it make me cum oh yeah ah fuck yeah” Abbey moans as soon as Maggie sucks on her pussy with her tongue. Abbey then goes back sucking on Maggie’s pussy while Maggie continues to suck on Abbey’s pussy each going faster and deeper every second.

“Oh fuck yeah that’s it I can’t take it any longer Queen Abbey” Maggie who pulls out when Abbey makes her have another orgasm and goes in to shock and passes out while Abbey continues to suck on Maggie’s pussy for a few more minutes then also passes out.

More to cum.


Characters for this story are:
1. Abbey who is seventeen typical thin brunette with 36 CC cup breasts. 5’11 and 125 pounds.
2. Mark who is fifteen brown hair muscular with 10 inch cock and inch thick. 6’1 and 155 pounds.
3. Karen who is the mother at thirty-eight brunette with 36 CC cup breasts. 5’11 and 145 pounds.
4. Charles who is the father at forty brown hair with eight inch cock and inch wide. 6’3 and 165 pounds.
5. Carla Charles’s younger sister at thirty-two blonde with 34 c cup breasts. 6 even and 128 pounds.
6. Jerold who is thirty-three blonde with eight inch cock and inch thick. 6’1 and 200 pounds.
7. Andrew son of Carla and Jerold at the age if sixteen blonde with a ten inch cock. 6’4 and 168 pounds.
8. Kelly and Maggie are twins and are Carla and Jerold’s daughters both at eighteen blondes with 36 CC cup breasts. Kelly is 6’2 and 110 pounds. Maggie is 6’3 and 113 pounds.
9. Rose Andrew’s girlfriend at sixteen red-head with 34 c cup breasts. 5’9 and 105 pounds.
10. Matt Kelly’s boyfriend at the age of twenty-one with ten inch cock and inch thick. 6’7 and 220 pounds.
11. Justin Maggie’s boyfriend at the age of twenty-one with eleven inch cock and inch thick. 6’5 and 225 pounds.
12. Mrs. Allie Chang is a Chinese nurse who is twenty-five with 38 DD cup breasts. 5’7 and 130 pounds.
13. Doctor Karl is thirty-nine with an eight inch cock and inch thick. 6’2 and 175 pounds.
New Character’s for this story:
1. Jaunae is Dan’s nurse is twenty-three with 38 DD cup breasts. 5’8 and 147 pounds.
2. Jack is Jaunae’s uncle who is forty-five with a thirteen inch and an inch and half thick cock. 6’5 and 210 pounds.
3. Theresa is Jaunae’s aunt who is forty-two with 38 DD cup breasts. 6 even and 137 pounds
4. Tara is Jaunae’s younger cousin at fourteen with 34 c cup breasts. 5’5 and 115 pounds.
5. Venus is Jaunae’s eldest cousin at twenty- five with 38 DD cup breasts. 6’1 and 140 pounds.
6. Anne Clit colleague of Doctor Karl’s who thirty with 36 CC cup breasts. 6’2 and 135 pounds.
7. R.J. is Mark’s friend who is fifteen with a nine inch cock. 6 even and 123 pounds.

Next morning.

Everyone wakes up seeing that Abbey and Maggie are in a 69 position sleeping in the same way as they were last night.

“Well it seems those two won’t be awake for a few more hours” Karl says getting himself a cup of coffee while still naked.

“It seems like it… Oh look at the time Charles we need to get ready if were going to get to work on time. Jerold and Carla are you two going to stay or do you have to go to work your selves?” Karen says looking at the time and then looking to Jerold and Carla.

“Well both of us took today off since we figured this would happen. We’ll probably leave when Maggie wakes up though” Carla says to Karen who is already going up the stairs with Charles right behind.

“Well we all need to take shower’s soon I suppose” Andrew says after taking a bite of toast.

“You’re probably right son but at least we don’t have to rush it like yesterday” Jerold says to his son then takes a sip of coffee.

“How about you two” Mark says to Mrs. Chang and Karl.

“Well you don’t mind if we stay for the week I mean we really don’t need to worry about clothes so we should be alright if your parents will allow that is” Karl replies to Mark’s question then everyone laughs.
Ten minutes later Karen and Charles head down with everyone still down stairs eating breakfast.

“Charles you don’t mind if Mrs. Chang and I stay the week. Do you?” Karl asks Charles who is heading out the door with Karen already out the door starting the car.

“Yeah sure we wouldn’t mind just as long as you two leave some cum for Karen and I everyday” Charles says rushing out the door.

“No problem here with that” Mrs. Chang says grabbing Karl’s cock.

“Uh Mrs. Chang will you please hold up” Karl says while Mrs. Chang is rubbing his cock to an erect position.

“Please Karl call me Allie will you” Mrs. Chang says while pumping Karl’s erect cock.

“Ok Allie can you stop before I uh too late I’m Cumming” Karl says when he cums over Allie’s hand and on the floor.

“Karl I see you can’t seem to contain yourself” Allie says going down to lick up Karl’s cum off her hand and his cock.

“Uh fuck Jerold I can’t take it I’m too horny too I want you to fuck me right here right now” Carla says to husband while putting his cock in her pussy.

“Honey, I didn’t know you were this horny” Jerold says fucking Carla.

“Andrew. Mark. I want you two fuck me also I’m too horny to just see this” Rose says pulling on Andrew and Marks cocks which both instantly became erect. Andrew went in front and Mark from behind.

“Kelly I want to fuck you too” Matt says putting his cock deep in her dried cummed pussy and began fucking her.

“Oh Matt I want you to fuck me too don’t uh yeah fuck me harder yeah that’s right” Kelly moans as Matt fuck her pussy.

“I can’t take it either fuck Kelly I want to fuck you too” Justin says shoving his cock in her ass.

“Oh yeah Justin that’s right don’t stop you feel so good in me” Kelly moans as Justin fucks her in the ass while groping her neck while Matt fucks her pussy and locks lips with her.

“Oh yeah Allie I want to fuck you right now” Karl pulls Allie off his cock and lifts her up only to shove his cock in her dried cum pussy.

“Oh I see not going to invite us two to join the morning fuckfest is that it” Abbey says with Maggie right next to her standing watching everyone fucking in the kitchen, but no one notices them and continues to fuck.

Both Abbey and Maggie see that no one is listening so they began making out and feeling each other.

Soon both of them were eating each other’s pussies like they had last night. A few minutes where everyone is into it the phone rings.

“Oh fuck Rose wait one moment. Hey everybody stop will you!” Mark pulls his cock out of Rose’s ass and grabs the phone while everyone is in complete silence. “Hello this is Mark Dreyk of the Dreyk family how may I help you?”

“Hey kiddo how’s the fucking going” Shirley says on the phone.

“Oh hey grandma it’s been wild. What’s up?” Mark asks Shirley.

“It seems we won’t be able to come back until Friday night at the earliest with Dan’s bad back” Shirley says on the phone.

“Well hope to see you two back and hope to Grandpa gets well” Mark says on the phone.

“One moment Mark your grandfather seems to want me for something” Shirley says on the phone. Few minutes later she was back on “Okay Mark it seems we won’t see you all for a couple of weeks your grandfather’s nurse is over here and just told me that.”

“So how is the nurse” Mark says on the phone.

“Oh she’s alright and has worn your grandpa and I out so she is simply amazing to have around here to fuck” Shirley says on the phone.

“I bet why don’t you bring her over for the rest of us to fuck her” Mark says on the phone.

“We wish we could but you see as soon as Grandpa’s back is better she will be able to head back to her home country” Shirley says on the phone.

“Oh where’s that?” Mark says on the phone.

“I believe she said South Africa” Shirley says on the phone.

“So she’s black?” Mark says on the phone.

“I know she is and yet as soon as she sees a cock she becomes a horny slut” Shirley says on the phone.

“Wow grandma does she have any family that live in the states” Mark says on the phone.

“She does and can you believe they all fuck each other. I invited them to come over, and they should be here within the hour” Shirley says on the phone.

“You should all come over here today. Grandpa can just watch and the rest of you can come here” Mark says on the phone.

“One moment Mark I’ll see if it’s okay” Shirley says on the phone then a few moments later she says “We will be there around two is that alright.”

“Sure we’ll be ready around that time for another orgy party” Mark says on the phone.

“Alright we’ll see you then bye” Shirley says on the phone.

“Bye grandma” Mark says on the phone.

“Well it seems were going to have another orgy today around two today so we better get ready” Mark says to everyone who is still in the same position as they were when the phone rang.

“You know how many people are coming over?” Abbey says lifting her head up asking Mark.

“No but it shouldn’t be too many” Mark says to Abbey.

“Well I guess were going to need some food” Karl says to everyone.

“Yeah, alright can everyone pitch in Abbey and I will get some food at the store. Everyone will need to get the place cleaned up. The first thing though is Abbey and I will take showers first then the rest of you can take showers” Mark says to everyone.

“Oh, I almost forgot Kelly you remember when we talked to Abbey the other day on the phone?” Maggie says with Abbey on top of her.

“Sure do why do you ask?” Kelly says to Maggie.

“Well Abbey and I made a bet last night after you past out and it seems that she is the Queen” Maggie says to Kelly.

“Queen?” Matt says out loud.

“Well since Kelly, Abbey and I own all of you except for Karl and Allie we decided to have one of us to rule us all instead of three controlling all of you” Maggie says to everyone.

“So we are all slaves of Queen Abbey” Andrew says confused.

“Yes, I am your queen from now on slave” Abbey says getting up.

“Well alright Queen Abbey it is” Jerold says out loud.

“Hey I want to be a slave” Allie says.

“Alright you are now my slave Allie” Queen Abbey says to Allie.

“How about me too” Karl says.

“Sure Slave” Queen Abbey says to Karl.

“So now were all you slaves it seems Queen Abbey” Carla says.

“Yep sure looks like it” Queen Abbey says to her Aunt Carla.

“Alright we should be going right now Abbey” Mark says heading to the stairs.

“It’s Queen Abbey too you Mark” Queen Abbey says Mark while walking to Mark.

“Alright Queen Abbey we should be going” Mark says walking up the stairs with Abbey following. Half
another in the shower Abbey and Mark head out to go to the grocery store. While every one else is taking shower’s and getting the place set up for another orgy. An hour and a half later Abbey and Mark are back with food and see that everyone else is eating lunch.

“Alright in two hours the orgy will begin is everything ready here?” Mark says to everyone who now all have clothes on.

“Everything is cleaned up and ready why don’t you two have lunch while we wait” Jerold says to Mark.

As everyone is eating Justin says “Is our lives going to be controlled by sex from now on?”

Everyone stops and looks around in total silence until Mark breaks the silence “It sure does seem like that sex has been running our lives. I mean every time one of us sees one naked we presumably just go crazy for sex.”

“Well, I guess we do need to control our sex lives after all” Matt says to everyone.

“Yeah, but how can we if were going to have another orgy in an hour from now” Rose says to everyone.

“I got it how about after today we all only get together once a week from now on” Jerold says to everyone.

“I think that’s a great idea Uncle Jerold and I think that will help us build up our strength for all this sex craze we all have” Abbey says to her uncle.

“Alright then it’s settled once a week we all get together and have sex but what if after this orgy today we can’t stop and just continue being sex addicts and we can’t control it every time we see someone naked” Karl says to everyone.

“Well I don’t know, but hopefully that doesn’t happen. If it does then we will be sex addicts until we can break the cycle” Mark says to Karl.

“Alright were just going to hope we don’t become sex addicts, and we can control our fucking after our orgy in an hour” Matt says.

“A colleague of mine can help get rid of our little problem” Karl says to everyone.

“Oh yeah, when can this colleague of yours come by” Mark says intrigued by Karl’s statement.

“Well she can come by tomorrow at the earliest if you want I can call her right now to make sure” Karl says to Mark.

“You do that will you” Mark says while Karl walks out of the kitchen to make the call.

“Well now we don’t have to worry about becoming sex addicts it seems” Matt says anonymously.
Karl walks back in “Alright she’ll be here tomorrow around two”

“That’s good” Mark says

All continue to talk about other things until there is a knock at the door. Abbey goes and opens to the door to let in her grandparents, the nurse and her relatives. Every one introduces each other and then the nurse and her relatives introduce themselves.

“Well I’m Jaunae Dan’s nurse and I’m twenty-three” Jaunae says to everyone “This is my uncle Jack he’s forty-five, my aunt Theresa who’s forty- two, my younger cousin Tara who’s fourteen, and my eldest cousin who I consider a sister Venus who’s twenty-five” Jaunae says to everyone.

“Well where all here I suppose we can start the orgy” Mark chimes in while everyone starts to take their clothes off.

“Well I’ll just sit down and watch” Dan says with his clothes still on sitting down on the nearest chair carefully.

“Ooh Jack you have such a large cock” Allie says in a seductive smile licking her lips at the sight of Jack’s large cock. Rose, Abbey, Maggie, Carla, and Kelly also stare at Jack’s cock.

“Ladies there’s enough of me for all of you” Jack says rubbing his cock to full erection.

“Wow look at those huge tits” Matt says to Mark pointing at Theresa, Jaunae, and Venus’s breasts.

“Well boys are you going to fuck us or are we going to just…” Theresa says when Matt jumps on her and begins fucking her and making out with her and Jerold goes behind her and fucks her ass. Jaunae is caught with Andrew fucking her. Venus is caught with Mark fucking her. Tara is surprised to have Karl jump all over her and fuck her pussy while Justin fucks her ass. While all the females are all over Jack. This continues for few hours when the door opens.

“What is going on around here” Karen who steps in to the house with Charles right behind her taking his clothes off.

Everyone stops and looks to the door.

“Um well you see mom we were just having an orgy” Abbey says with her pussy being sucked on by Jack.
“What did I say about guest Mrs. Abbey Day Dreyk?” Karen says furious with her daughter in a seductive way.

“Um we thought that…” Abbey says then gets interrupted by her mother.

“We thought is that the best you can say starting an orgy with out our permission. What were you thinking? No wait I tell you what you should of done was not start an orgy with our consent and…who’s that man that’s sucking your pussy?” Karen says looking seductively at Jack’s cock.

“This is Jack mom he’s Jaunae’s uncle” Abbey says to Karen.

“Well who’s Jaunae” Karen says taking her clothes off with Charles right behind her naked getting his cock fully erect.

“I’m Jaunae I’m Dan’s nurse for his bad back and you see we all decided to have an orgy today” Jaunae says to Karen.

“Oh Jack do you still have enough energy to fuck me” Karen says while Maggie is pulling herself out of Jack’s cock.

“Sure do Mrs.” Jack says to Karen and like lighting Karen’s pussy was on Jack’s cock while Charles gets his cock sucked on be Abbey while Abbey’s pussy is being sucked by Jack. Maggie and Kelly are getting there pussies fucked by Jacks finger’s. Shirley is getting her pussy sucked on by Kelly and Carla is getting pussy sucked on by Maggie. Everyone else continues to fuck for a couple more hours when everyone decides to get some food in them and then the rest of the night they continued fucking.

Next morning.

“Oh fuck what happened yesterday” Karen says waking up with a black semi-erect cock in her pussy.

“Karen we need to go to work” Charles says while pulling her up from Jack’s cock which instantly became awake and fully erect and fucking into Karen’s pussy. As Charles tried pulling her up Karen fell back working the cock that was in her.

“Honey why don’t we call for a sick day it seems that pussy doesn’t want to leave” Karen says getting fucked by Jack while Jack is sleeping with Maggie’s pussy in his mouth Abbey and Kelly’s pussies have Jack’s fingers in them.

Karen moans as Jack fucks her and soon everyone is awake including Jack who is licking and fucking. Everyone else is also fucking with no one wanting to stop.

“Alright Karen let me call the office to let them know” Charles says taking his clothes off calling the office. Within a few minutes Karen is sucking Charles’s cock with no stop from anyone. It seemed everyone was possessed or something but by two the doorbell rang and everyone was still fucking.

“Justin pulled out of Jaunae’s ass to get the door stark naked pulling the door open a woman stands at the door.

“Hello miss do you want to fuck too” Justin says going to kiss the woman on the lips when she smacks him. “Oh the hard to get type” Justin rubs his face from the smack while the woman walks in and looks around then blows a loud whistle where every freezes where they are.

“Ah Doctor Anne Clit it seems the time sure passes quickly when fucking” Karl says pulling his cock out of Vanessa’s pussy.

“That’s alright Doctor Karl this will not go on the record for you and it seems Nurse Allie Chang as well. You called to get rid of this sex addiction that all of you have. It seems that it’s pretty extreme” Anne says to Karl and then to everyone else.

“Hey who told you that you can come into our house and…?” Charles says to Anne before getting interrupted by Mark.

“Dad when you and Mom were at work yesterday all of decided to get some help in controlling our sex addiction” Mark says to Charles.

“We don’t have a sex addiction” Karen says while going back to fucking Jack but Jack doesn’t continue then Karen stops after a few times and says “Alright I guess we do have a sex addiction but we can’t just stop it feels so good.”

“Well Mrs. That is why I am here so that you can enjoy life with a control of your sex lives” Anne says.
“Wait your name is Anne Clit like clit as in…” Andrew says with his cock in Theresa’s ass but get interrupted by Anne.

“Yes, Clit like the outside of the vagina or slang for pussy I know…I know” Anne says to Andrew.

“Alright Anne we might as well as begin curing all of us from this sex addiction” Allie says to Anne.

“I’ll need you all to line up in a straight line first and while you do that I need to go to my car to get something” Anne says to everyone then goes back to her car. As soon as she leaves the house everyone goes back to fucking. Few minutes later Anne walks back in only to see everyone is fucking so she whistles once again but this time no one is listening just fucking each other’s brains out. Mark notices her so he pulls his cock out of Venus’s mouth and by the time he pulls it out his cum shoots on to Anne’s left cheek. Anne wipes it off with one finger and then licks Mark’s cum. As she does she feels a sensation she has never felt before and in a flash she rips her clothes off and begins sucking on Mark’s cock like a vacuum.

“Uh Doctor I thought you were here to stop are addiction not make you addicted as well” Mark says while Anne sucks his cock.

Anne catches a breath and then says “Your cum is best cum I have ever tasted in my entire life” Anne then goes back to sucking on Mark’s cock.

The day continues with everyone fucking and eating food to gain strength until around 10 at night when Anne and Mark both go into the kitchen to get some food.

“So Anne if you can’t fight this addiction then how are the rest of us suppose to fight it” Mark says to Anne while getting some food out of the refrigerator for the two of them.

“Well I don’t know but damn your cock is amazing Mark” Anne says in a flirty way to Mark.

“Thanks Anne, but you know we really need to stop this addiction of ours” Mark says making sandwiches for the two of them.

“I have never in my career seen this large of a case” Anne says going over to Mark and playing with his cock.

“Well what if I helped you cure this addiction” Mark says while Anne starts sucking his cock.

“Oh that’s alright your already helping with your cock” Anne says catching a breath then goes back to sucking Mark’s cock.

“You know you should really stop and gain some energy for that” Mark says as Anne continues sucking his cock.

Anne finally pulls out but not after Mark cums in her mouth and then says “Well if you really want to spoil all the fun we’re all having then find someone that is hypnotist” Anne then bites into her sandwich in a seductive way in front of Mark.

“Hey I’ve got a friend who does that type of stuff he’ll be glad to help since he is somewhat gay. So he won’t want to be part of this” Mark says kissing Anne then goes and calls his friend R.J. while Anne just sits their eating her sandwich then once she’s finished she joins the orgy in the living room.

Mark finishes his call with R.J. then moves himself carefully through the living room and get’s to the stairs and then runs up stairs to take a shower and the get some clothes on. An hour later the doorbell rings and Mark heads down moving around in the living room that every one is still fucking. Mark opens the door and welcomes in R.J. once the two walk in the living room R.J. sees the orgy and has a bulge in his pants when he sees all the breasts and pussies getting fucked.

“You know what Mark I…I think that I may just be straight” R.J. says taking his clothes off and begins fucking Anne’s ass.

“Well there goes the whole plan” Mark says to himself “ Well if you can’t beat them join them that’s what they always say after all” Mark takes his clothes off and goes back into the orgy fucking Anne’s pussy and making out with her and then sucking on her tits.

“Uh fuck Mark your friend and you feel so good in me”

“Thanks Anne but you see I realized that if you can’t beat them join them” Mark says while fucking her pussy the rest of the night.

Next morning.

“All right Karen we really need to go to work” Charles says to Karen pulling her up from the floor.

“Oh alright I suppose we can go to work today” Karen says to Charles.

“Hey Daddy can I suck on your cock for a moment” Abbey says to Charles.

“Oh I suppose but can you do it quickly” Charles says while Abbey starts sucking it like a vacuum.

“Oh fuck Abbey don’t stop uh fuck yeah that feels so good” Charles says to Abbey as he cums in her mouth. Abbey keeps sucking after the first time while Charles looks to his wife and says “Well I guess we’re going to need another day off.” Karen heads off and calls to take another sick day.

“Oh Jerold we need to go or I’ll be fired” Carla says to Jerold as he is eating her pussy.

“Alright honey we’ll go” Jerold sees Abbey sucking Charles then Jerold and Carla head up to take a shower.

“Mommy where are you and dad going” Maggie says with Andrew fucking her pussy.

“Your father and I have to go to work today or mommy is going to get fired sweeting” Carla says to Maggie.

“At least suck on my cock will you mom” Andrew says to his mother.

“I’m sorry honey but we really need to go” Carla says to her son.
Andrew and Maggie do the puppy face to their mother.

“Alright really quick Andrew then I need to go to work” Carla says and Andrew puts his cock in her mouth. She sucks on it until Andrew cums in her mouth and then pulls out remembering she had to go to work and heads up to take a shower with Jerold and then the two leave. Around the time the two leave Jack and Theresa wake up and realize they need to go to work and head out with Jaunae and Venus sleeping.

“Daddy can I suck on your cock before you go” Tara says to Jack.

“Sure honey and when your sister and cousin wake up tell them well pick them up after work will you” Jack says putting his cock into his daughter’s mouth she just nods and sucks. Once Tara is done Jack and Theresa leave.

“Honey it seems that we need to leave or we’ll both be fired” Karen says while Charles is now fucking Abbey’s pussy doggy style.

“Alright honey let me cum in Abbey then we will go” Charles cums in Abbey and then gets ready to leave. Once Charles and Karen are gone everyone is awake and decide to eat some food then go back to fucking.

The parents leave for the day then when they get back they join their kids and Karl, Anne, and Allie in fucking everyday until Sunday when Derrick, Jon, Lindsey all come back and join the party in fucking. It wasn’t until the day before Abbey had to go to camp for two months.

Next morning.

While Karen, Mark, and Charles get Abbey prepared for camp the next day the rest of everyone else takes a break until the Dreyk’s get back from dropping off Abbey.

“Well tomorrow is the day your going to camp hopefully you can contain yourself since we won’t” Charles says to his daughter while she packs.

“Thanks dad I’ll try to contain myself but first can I suck your cock before we leave tomorrow” Abbey says to her father.

“Sure honey” Charles says as he takes his pants off and allows Abbey to suck his cock for a few moments when Mark steps in to Abbey’s room to see Abbey sucking their father’s cock.

“Well do I get a blowjob Queen Abbey” Mark says to Abbey who then nods as she takes her father’s cock out of her mouth and begins sucking Mark’s cock.

“Abbey I hope your done packing since I…” Karen walks into the room seeing Abbey sucking Marks cock then says “Let’s all fuck as a family will we” Karen takes her clothes off getting fucked in the pussy by
Charles while Charles sucks on Abbey’s pussy. Abbey sucks Mark’s cock and Mark and Karen are making out feeling each other. The rest of the day the four fuck in Abbey’s bedroom.

Next morning.

“Alright we all need to take a shower and then we are off” Charles says getting up with Abbey sucking his cock and Karen licking his balls while Mark is fucking Abbey’s pussy from behind for half an hour no one was getting up but finally got up and all took a shower together and then ate breakfast and the family left to drop Abbey off at camp.

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best fuck stories series i ever read

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I couldn't remember who was who, but i really got off on all the fucking and sucking. Just wishing I could have been part of the group. I think I could get addicted to fucking and suckling just like them. I'm sooowet and horny now.

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Story line is totally disjointed. This makes the story very hard to read. Also I know it is a group orgy, but 21 people trying to each have their say gets very confusing as to who is doing what to whom and when.

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nice story.

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Although I can’t understand most of what the previous commenter wrote I think I agree with him.

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