Characters for this story are:
1. Abbey who is seventeen typical thin brunette with 36 CC cup breasts. 5’11 and 125 pounds.
2. Mark who is fifteen brown hair muscular with 10 inch cock and inch thick. 6’1 and 155 pounds.
3. Karen who is the mother at thirty-eight brunette with 36 CC cup breasts. 5’11 and 145 pounds.
4. Charles who is the father at forty brown hair with eight inch cock and inch wide. 6’3 and 165 pounds.
5. Derrick who is boyfriend of Abbey’s at seventeen red head with eight inch cock. 6 even and 150 pounds.
6. Shirley who is Karen’s mother at seventy brunette with saggy 36 CC cup breasts. 5’9 and 127 pounds.
7. Dan who is Karen’s father at seventy-three gray hair with nine inch cock. 5’10 and 163 pounds.
8. Carla Charles’s younger sister at thirty-two blonde with 34 c cup breasts. 6 even and 128 pounds.
9. Jerold who is thirty-three blonde with eight inch cock and inch thick. 6’1 and 200 pounds.
10. Andrew son of Carla and Jerold at the age if sixteen blonde with a ten inch cock. 6’4 and 168 pounds.
11. Kelly and Maggie are twins and are Carla and Jerold’s daughters both at eighteen blondes with 36 CC cup breasts. Kelly is 6’2 and 110 pounds. Maggie is 6’3 and 113 pounds.
12. Rose Andrew’s girlfriend at sixteen red-head with 34 c cup breasts. 5’9 and 105 pounds.
13. Matt Kelly’s boyfriend at the age of twenty-one with twelve inch cock and inch thick. 6’7 and 220 pounds.
14. Justin Maggie’s boyfriend at the age of twenty-one with eleven inch cock and inch thick. 6’5 and 225 pounds.
15. Jon father of Derrick’s age is forty-five with a six inch cock. 5’7 and 165 pounds.
16. Lindsey mother of Derrick’s age is thirty-eight with 38 DD cup breasts. 5’7 and 135 pounds.


Karen wakes up seeing her husband in front of her feeling content until she notices she’s naked with her parents sleeping on the chairs and Marks behind her. The strangest thing was she had both her husbands cock in hr and Marks cock in her also so she couldn’t move without waking them both up with their semi-erect cocks in her she moves down on them the feels or think she feels Marks cock move upward in her. Karen looks to Mark and sees him still asleep then feels Charles fucking her in front so she goes back to him and sees him asleep. Karen decides to slowly take out Charles’s cock but when she does Mark fucks her. Karen continues to remove Charles’s cock from her slowly but once again Mark fucks her, but she ignores him and removes Charles’s cock from her then looks back to Mark and sees that he’s asleep. She decides to play with him by moving his cock further into her. Charles though begins to suck on Karen’s tit’s and Karen moans softly then finally says “Boys I know your both awake why don’t you two just fuck me and get it over with.”

“Ok mom you caught us but all we were trying to do was fuck you this special morning” Mark says to his mother and then begins to kiss her neck.

“Honey stop uhhh I uhhh fuck Mark you know uhhh how to oh fuck uhhh Charles don’t uhhh stop fuck yes!” Karen moans loud enough waking up her parents, Abbey, and Derrick.

“Mom you’re already fucking this early in the day can’t you save some for later at least” Abbey says while getting up from fucking Derrick last night.

“Sorry honey it was these two who had started it” Karen said while Mark continues to fuck her in the ass and Charles sucks on her pussy.

“What are you talking about mom you made the first move” Mark accusing his mother while continuing to fuck her from behind.

“You’re right Mark I sorry I’m a horny mother but I can’t help it you feel so good” Karen says while getting fucked by Mark in the ass and Charles is sucking her pussy “Uhhh Charles uhhh fuck I’m uhhh cum!” Karen moans again while Cumming in her husband’s mouth.

Charles licks the rest of Karen’s cum and says “honey you taste damn good in the morning.”

“Thanks your not bad yourself this morning uhhh fuck Mark can uhhh fuck harder uhhh oh yeah that’s it honey cum in your mommy’s ass don’t stop uhhh fuck” Karen moans while Mark cums in her.

Charles gets up to see everyone else is eating breakfast with dry cum all over them. Charles grabs a bowl and pours some cereal and eats while Mark and Karen continue to fuck.

“Hey you two lovers how about some food instead of sex right now” Shirley yells to Karen and Mark who stop and realize that every one is eating breakfast so they stop and get some breakfast.

“You two have any energy or for that matter cum today” Derrick says jokingly to Karen and Mark.

“Derrick why don’t you take a break today and visit your parents for me will you” Abbey says while the rest
of the family ignores them and eats breakfast.

“Say instead of leaving why don’t I bring my parents their sort of into fucking other couples I don’t see any reason why not to invite them over for the orgy” Derrick offers to the family as an idea.

“Your parents are into fucking other couples Derrick?” Charles says curiously.
“Yes Mr. Dreyk they do” Derrick responds.

“I don’t see why we don’t invite them. I mean we all fuck each other what could two more do” Mark says after biting into a piece of toast.

“Well Derrick why don’t you call them it could only make the orgy more exciting today” Karen says to Derrick after drinking some coffee.

“I call right now they’ll be pleased to have some sexual excitement” Derrick says while walking off to make the call.

“Where’s the shower Karen me and Dan need to wash off the dry cum from yesterday” Shirley says to Karen.

“It’s upstairs to the right two doors down” Karen says to Shirley.

“Mark and Abbey why don’t you two buy groceries for everyone after you take a shower that is” Charles says to Mark and Abbey.

“It seems they’ll be happy to meet you two of course I didn’t tell them anything about today just that you two would like to see them” Derrick says walking in grabbing an orange.

“That’s good Derrick by the way what are your parents names again?” Karen says to Derrick.

“Jon and Lindsey” Derrick replies.

Shirley and Dan came back in naked as usual with Shirley saying “Who’s the next couple to go?”

“Mark and Derrick it’s our turn to take a shower” Abbey says while teasing their cocks.

“I want my cock in your pussy my mistress” Mark says to Abbey while following her with Abbey tugging his cock forward.

“I also want my cock in your pussy my mistress” Derrick says to Abbey with her tugging his cock.

“I want both of your cocks in me but you have to remember we need to preserve that cum of ours for later. Ok” Abbey says to the both of them.

“Oh Derrick what time are your parents coming by anyways” Charles asks while Derrick is following Abbey upstairs.

“In a couple of hours why” Derrick says while being pulled up by his cock from Abbey.

“Just wanted to know” Charles says to Derrick “thanks Derrick.”

“I suppose Dan and I will need to get dressed it will be a horny day soon” Shirley says while picking up clothes of hers and Dan’s.

“I suppose you’re right we should have out clothes on when Derrick’s parents come” Charles says to Shirley.

“Karen why don’t your parents come over” Shirley asks Karen.

“My parents are traveling the world for their retirement” Karen replies.

“Oh that’s what we should do when Dan here retires that is” Shirley answers.

“Shirley I told you I’ll retire when they know longer need me” Dan says.

“Yes I know but even I retired before you and plus we are financially set for life” Shirley says to Dan.

“Alright honey I’ll tell…” Dan stops when he is interrupted.

“Mom Dad shower is all yours. Mark and I are going to the store now” Abbey says walking down with a short skirt and a shirt that barely covers her breasts. Mark who has khaki shorts and a whit under shirt on, and Derrick who is wearing jeans and a t-shirt.

“Honey do you have to go out like that” Charles says while staring at Abbey’s breasts.

“I see you like my breast more than I do daddy” Abbey says while looking at her father’s semi-erect cock.

“I see you have the same problem like your father neither one of you can stop staring at each other’s bodies hmm” Karen says with her arms on her sides looking between the two.

Abbey shakes off what she was doing “I’m sorry mom but dad’s cock looks so good right about now.”

“Honey I know and you can have it as soon as you get back from the store and the orgy will begin I promise. Alright mistress.”

I want those tit’s of yours just as much as you want my cock, however your mother is right Mark and you need to go get some food for us all” Charles says to his daughter while squeezing her boob’s and Abbey giving him a hand job.

“You two are just as bad as Karen and Mark were earlier” Shirley shouts to all of them while getting dressed. Mark then pulls Abbey away with Karen pulling her husband away. After a few minutes Abbey and Mark leave leaving everyone else at the house.

“Well it’s time to take a shower eh Charles” Karen says pulling her husbands cock.

“I suppose it is honey” Charles says following his wife up the stairs. After an hour and half the two head down and see that the living room is cleared and the kitchen is clean.

“I see you’ve all been busy” Karen says with a short skirt and a t-shirt that doesn’t cover her bellybutton, and Charles who is in basketball shorts and a white under shirt.

“Hello my mistress I am horny and want to fuck you right now” Derrick says staring at Karen.

“Thank you Derrick but your going to have to wait until your parents are here” Karen says going over to Derrick and putting her hand in his pants and squeezing his already hard cock.

“I know my mistress and I can’t wait” Derrick says then kisses Karen on the lips while taking her hand out of his pants. The door bell then rings.

“It seems our guests are here Derrick why don’t you let them in after all they are your parents” Charles says to Derrick while Karen and Derrick stop their kiss. Derrick goes to the door and opens it to invite his parents in.

“Derrick you haven’t been fucking their girl have you” Lindsey says to her son. Lindsey is wearing pink tight shorts and a yellow light under shirt while Jon is wearing khaki shorts and a light blue t-shirt.

“Uh mom I want you to meet Mr. and Mrs. Dreyk’s and also Mr. Dreyk’s parents as well” Derrick says to his mother while leading them into the living room.

“Hello Mr. and Mrs. Dreyk it’s good to see you two at last I’m Jon and this is my wife Lindsey. Is there something our son did that you wanted us to know that was this important” Jon says to Charles and Karen while all four shake hands.

“Well it’s more what we have all been doing and you might just enjoy it as much as we all do” Charles says to Jon.

“Oh what may that be” Jon says curiously while all of them sit down.

“Well I don’t know how to say this, but we here that you two fuck other couples and well we like to…” Charles says then interrupted by Lindsey “Derrick how dare you reveal are secret to these kind people.”

“Mr. Dreyk I understand that my son and my wife have told you that Lindsey and I fuck other couples but it’s not like …” Jon stops talking when he sees Karen spreading her legs and allowing him a perfect view of her pussy.”

Lindsey gives a quick little shove to her husband while smiling and then sees Charles’s bulging cock in his pants and stares at it.

“Mom Dad you two are showing some inappropriate behavior to our hosts” Derrick says to his parents while they continue to stare.

“Derrick we are terribly sorry but we must confess to you that your father and I not only fuck other couples both of us are also sex addicts” Lindsey says with her tongue licking her lips at Charles’s cock “Also Derrick your father and I are about to do something you should probably not be looking at” Lindsey charges at Charles’s pants taking his fully-erect cock in her mouth. Jon also goes forward toward Karen licking her pussy.

“Fuck mom and dad both of you are sex addicts” Derrick takes his clothes off as well as everyone else.

“Derrick why are…”Lindsey says before sucking on his cock.

“Uhhh fuck mom I didn’t uhhh know you were into incest uhhh too fuck yes mom don’t stop” Derrick moans at his mother sucking his cock.

Lindsey then pulls out to catch a breath “Fuck Derrick your uhhh own mother is sucking your cock I uhhh bet you love it so much that uhhh your own mother is sucking uhhh fuck Charles don’t stop fucking me” Lindsey continues sucking her sons cock while Charles fucks her from behind in the pussy while Jon fucks Karen’s pussy and making out. Shirley and Dan start to feel each other while making out.

“Uhhh fuck Karen your pussy feels so uhhh good I’m uh going to uh cum” Jon yells out loud Cumming in her pussy while continuing fuck her.

“Uhhh Jon don’t stop uh going to cum too” Karen says to Jon then cums. The two continue to fuck.

“Mom instead of giving a blowjob why don’t you fuck me while Charles fucks you in the ass” Derrick says when his mother pulls off from sucking his cock.

“Lindsey uhhh fuck I’m going to cum fuck” Charles cums in her pussy.

“Uhhh fuck Charles that feels so good, but it seems my son wants in me too so why don’t you fuck my ass” Lindsey says moaning as Charles pulls out of her pussy while Derrick puts his cock in her while Charles puts his cock in her ass. Shirley and Dan continue to make out when the door opens.

“The incest orgy can begin” Abbey yells while walking in with bags of food in her hands she stops when she sees that everyone is already fucking. Mark comes in second seeing his sister standing right in front of the door staring at what he couldn’t even believe that everyone was fucking before they stepped in.

“Hey Abbey you said the orgy is now right” Uncle Jerold says walking in right behind Mark.

“Yeah sure just let me…” Abbey says moving slowly toward the counter to put the groceries down but gets interrupted when Uncle Jerold moves in front of Mark and grabs Abbey’s left boob and sucking on her tit.

“Uhhh Uncle Jerold fuck please let uhhh me put the groceries on the counter before uhhh fuck please stop” Abbey says moaning while walking toward the counter with bags of groceries in both of her hands while Uncle Jerold continues to suck on her tit.

“Jerold what did I tell you let the kids put the groceries on the counter before you start attacking them” Carla says walking in seeing Mark’s bulging cock in his pants. She takes his cock out of his pants and starts to suck on it while Mark try’s to move with his aunt sucking his cock and his pants down on the floor.

“Uh Aunt Carla let me put the groceries on the counter will uhhh you fuck Aunt Carla please stop” Mark says to his Aunt Carla. Mark and Abbey after a few shrugs got the groceries on the counter when Cousin Andrew and Rose step in making out with each other taking their clothes off.

“Ok Uncle Jerold fuck your niece” Abbey moans as Uncle Jerold pulls his cock out begins to fuck her pussy.

“Aunt Carla instead of giving me a blowjob why uhhh don’t I fuck your pussy” Mark says pulling Aunt Carla’s head off of his cock and pulling her pants down and fucking her pussy.

“I see no one can wait for us four to come in” Kelly says with her hand in Matt’s pants while Matt is groping her neck with Maggie and Justin making out right behind them.

“Kelly why don’t you just shut the fuck up and fuck your slave boyfriend you know uhhh your pussy is what we all want any how” Maggie says while Justin pulls her short white shorts off sucking her pussy.

“Fuck Justin I know my pussy taste good but can you at least get in the door before some neighbor sees us” Maggie says taking her pink t-shirt off while feeling her breast with Justin also feeling them and sucking her pussy.

“I see your all here sorry we started without all of you but fuck Jon your uhhh fuck I’m going to cum again uhhh fuck yeah” Karen moans when she notices that every one is here fucking from the door to the living room.

“Oh Matt don’t stop uhhh fuck I’m uhhh going uhhh cum” Kelly moans out loud when she cums on Matt’s cock and soon after Matt cums in her.

“Dan uhhh fuck that’s right keep rubbing my pussy uhhh fuck I’m Cumming” Shirley moans out loud while rubbing Dan’s cock and Dan rubs her pussy “Dan lick my cum up with your tongue and then kiss me” Shirley orders to Dan. Dan obeys and does even more after licking her cum up. He then licks cum on her breasts and kisses her with the remaining cum in her mouth.

“Dan why don’t I jack you off then we will let everyone else do their thing” Shirley says ending the kiss and begins rubbing Dan’s cock again.

“Uh mom I’m going to cum in your pussy” Derrick says pounding his mother’s ass while Charles fucks her pussy.

“Derrick uhhh don’t stop that feels so fucking good that I want you to continue fucking me. Charles why don’t you fuck someone else I want my son all alone.” Lindsey says before kissing Charles on the lips. Charles decides to go over to his brother and daughter fucking in the kitchen.

“Jerold why don’t I fuck my daughter’s pussy and you fuck her from behind” Charles says with Jerold fucking Abbey.

“Yeah sure I mean it only makes since that you’re her father” Jerold says taking his cock out and moving behind with Charles moving his cock in Abbey’s pussy and licking her tit’s while Jerold licks her neck leaving Abbey in heaven with her father and uncle fucking her.

“Uhhh Dad damn uhhh fuck you and Uncle Jerold feel amazing in me uhhh god don’t stop fucking me yes uh fuck I’m going to cum!” Abbey moans when Cumming while Charles and Jerold continue to fuck her.

“Fuck Andrew I uhhh am going to fucking cum uhhh don’t stop uhhh it feels so good” Rose moans as she begins to cum while Andrew continues fucking her pussy.

“Damn Rose you really can cum. Oh Andrew I want your cock in my mouth” Maggie says while getting fucked by Justin.

“Uh Rose I want that pussy of yours fuck Matt can you fuck my ass for the moment or better yet why don’t you fuck my mom I think she needs two cocks in her” Kelly says while Matt takes his cock out of her pussy and moves behind Carla and puts his cock in her ass while she continues to fuck Mark. Rose moves over to Kelly who instantly starts licking her pussy while Andrew goes to her sister Maggie who begins sucking his cock while Justin moves behind fucking her dogging style.

“Uh Matt your cock feels so good don’t stop pounding my ass fuck yes damn Mark I feel like your sister who’s getting fucked by your father and Jerold” Carla says while getting pounded by both Mark and Matt.

“Uh Jon why don’t we move to the kitchen it seems to be the hotspot” Karen says while getting fucked by Jon.

“Or we could continue like my wife and my son are doing” Jon offers and Karen kisses him on the lips and they begin to make out next to Lindsey and Derrick on the floor. Shirley and Dan are past out on the coach with Dan’s cum dripping off his cock on to Shirley’s hand.

“Kelly why don’t we all get together if you know what I mean” Maggie offers after taking a breath from giving Andrew a blowjob.

“Sure Maggie. Andrew how about you lick Rose’s pussy while she sucks my pussy and Justin I want to suck your cock for awhile” Kelly says with everyone getting into position.

“Uhhh Aunt Carla fuck Dad and Uncle Jerold don’t stop but can Aunt Carla and I at least make out while you continue to fuck me” Abbey says while Jerold and Charles continue to fuck while moving her over to where Mark and Matt are fucking Carla. Abbey and Carla begin to lock lips and their tongues begin to feel each other’s mouths. Abbey begins to feel her Aunt Carla’s left breast with her right hand and vise versa for Carla feeling Abbey’s breasts.

“Uhhh Andrew don’t stop I’m uhhh going to cum!” Rose screams while her pussy is licked by Andrew.

“Andrew uhhh faster your cock fuck yes I’m Cumming” Maggie screams soon after Rose cums with Andrew fucking and licking pussy.

“Rose keep licking that pussy I need to cum oh god yes fuck yes uhhh damn Rose I’m Cumming” Kelly says taking a breath from sucking Justin’s cock while Justin cums right then on Kelly’s face “Fuck Justin couldn’t you at least give a warning before your hot sticking delicious cum shoots on to my face” Kelly begins to lick the cum off her face then goes back to sucking on his cock.

Karen, Jon, Lindsey, and Derrick are all past out by the time Andrew cummed in Maggie leaving the living room entirely past out and the kitchen is still fucking in the same position for another half hour before all of them are past out.

Next morning.

Karen wakes up seeing no one around but hears sounds from upstairs and decides to head up. When she gets upstairs she sees...

More to cum.

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