By Bambi Panti
I was 14 a plain Jane who had recently discovered masturbation. A girlfriend, Amy showed me how to play with myself and more during a sleep over at her house. She was 15 and we had been friends since I was 10. The sleep over started as it usually did music, food and talk about boys. Amy started getting personal asking me if I ever kissed a boy or let one feel me up. I turn every shade of red when she looked at me and laughed your still a virgin aren’t you? I was quiet but nodded yes; I was still a virgin, hell I hadn’t even seen a boy’s thing yet. She was laughing at me and I started crying. Walking over to me she put her arm around my shoulder and said sorry Bambi, it just I figured you had at lest been felt up. I’ve never had a boyfriend; guys all like pretty girls I said. Your pretty she told me but I knew I was what the boys called plain Jane.
Amy held my head in her hand, looked into my eyes and said I know how to make you feel better Bambi. How I asked? You need a big orgasm she replied. But there are no boys here I answered. Her hand slipped down and cupped my little boob, as she said we don’t need a boy honey. Her hand gently squeezed my boob and her fingers pinched and pulled at my nipple. It felt soooooooo good and I started getting wet between my legs. Amy asked me if she should stop, please don’t stop I begged. It feels so good. With out a word she moved her hands under my pajama top and cupped both of my boobies. I felt a shutter go straight to my little hairless pussy, which was getting very wet. She kept pinching and pulling both nipples as she kissed me, slipping her tongue in my mouth. She tasted so good, and it felt like my body was putty in her hands. Still holding my boobs when she broke our kiss she said now Bambi I’m going to play with your little pussy jucey like I was your boyfriend. Do you play with yourself she asked? No I haven’t mommy said that’s not what good girls do. You poor baby have you ever had an orgasm????? I don’t know I replied. Baby if you had one you’d know it. One hand left my boob and slipped down my belly, under the waistband on my PJ bottoms. Now I’m going to play with and finger your pussy she said as her hand cupped me where I pee. Ooooooh I heard her say as she looked in my eyes, you don’t even have hair yet, how sweet. Spread your legs a little she told me as her finger traced my wet slit, the first finger ever to be there. Her touch made my knees weak and my whole body shuttered as she ran her finger from top to bottom. Kneeling before me her hands held my PJ bottoms then pulled them down below my knees. I could feel her hot breath on my pussy. Its so pretty she said as her hands spread my lips wide, then she licked me down there, where I pee. I thought my legs wouldn’t hold me up, my legs felt like noodles as she continued to kiss and lick me there. Baby I’m going to finger fuck you, pretend I’m a boy and that he’s playing with you. Her finger wiggled and pushed its way up inside me. OOOOOOh I moaned that feels sooooooooooo good Amy. Do it more I yelled she was moving it in and out of me so fast. My juice was running down her hand and my legs. She stopped and told me to lie down on her bed, I did as she instructed. Begging her to keep doing it she said I have something better. She went to her closet and got a rubber thing that looked just like a guy’s penis. At lest she said it did, I had never seen a penis before. It was fat and long. I asked her what she was going to do and she said she was going to fuck me with it, that it was time that I got fucked and since I had no boyfriend she was going to fuck me. But its to big to fit in me I said, as she rubbed the end of it between me spread legs, Spread wide Amy said as she used on hand to spread open my pussy lips and rubbed the rubber penis in my wet crack. Pretend I’m Brian, didn’t you say he was hot. Yes I stammered he’s very hot. Well she said pretend this is Brian’s cock and he’s going to fuck your hot wet pussy with it. With that she started pushing it into me, I felt it opening me up stretch my virgin pussy walls open as it went deeper in me. Beg Brian to fuck you Amy said beg him or I stop. Fuck me Brian fuck me. Harder beg him Bambi tell him you need it. FUCK me Brian I need it stick your thing in me Brian I begged. Amy responded by pushing more and more into me, till she hit bottom then she pulled out only to shove it back in. Over and over she pistoned it in and out. It felt sooooo good. Suddenly like an explosion my body went rigid and I felt soooooo good, then I collapsed as she kept fucking me, the first of May times

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2013-12-26 14:38:30
It's, **I'm **AN 8 yr. old...and **I've **WRITTEN...don't try to critique anyone if you don't realize your own mistakes...

anonymous readerReport

2013-11-29 13:54:19
Hey, Mr. 8 year old, you mean *written*, not wrote. Anyway, to the author, If you want to convey innocence, you shouldn't use "pussy" & "down there where I pee" interchangeable. They're 2 different words. Their literal definitions are the same, but their connotations are not. Food for thought.


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2013-10-21 05:48:02
Uh. It was good. Ish. Try amd make it into paragraphs next time.

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2013-04-16 11:03:01
This is hot! I'd read it over and over.

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2013-02-08 02:24:41
10/10 its cute and has alout of emotion. Damn kids these days have very little imagionation they always want the real thing.

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