Characters for this story are:
1. Abbey who is seventeen typical thin brunette with 36 CC cup breasts. 5’11 and 125 pounds.
2. Mark who is fifteen brown hair muscular with 10 inch cock and inch thick. 6’1 and 155 pounds.
3. Karen who is the mother at thirty-eight brunette with 36 CC cup breasts. 5’11 and 145 pounds.
4. Charles who is the father at forty brown hair with eight inch cock and inch wide. 6’3 and 165 pounds.
5. Derrick who is boyfriend of Abbey’s at seventeen red head with eight inch cock. 6 even and 150 pounds.
6. Shirley who is Karen’s mother at seventy brunette with saggy 36 CC cup breasts. 5’9 and 127 pounds.
7. Dan who is Karen’s father at seventy-three gray hair with nine inch cock. 5’10 and 163 pounds.

After supper all of them went to the living room.

“Dad and Mark I want your cocks deep in me” Abbey tugging on their cocks.

“Honey why don’t you take on all three why I get a few things for the orgy” Karen said to her daughter while walking upstairs in a sexy walk.

“Sure thing mom I’ll let you have all three after I’m done with them” Abbey says to her mother while grabbing Derricks cock.

“Derrick I want your cock in my mouth, Mark in my ass and daddy I want your cock in my sweet little pussy” Abbey says while putting all their cocks in position.

“What do you think I’m your slave or something honey” Charles said to his daughter while beginning to fuck her.

“You started it first dad” Abbey says after sucking Derricks cock a few times.

“Ohh Fuck daughter of mine uhhh I’m going to cum uhhh fuck yeah” Charles says Cumming in his daughter’s pussy.

“Don’t uhhh stop fuck daddy please don’t uhhh fuck yes fuck me harder” Abbey moans when her father cums in her.

“Abbey keep sucking I’m uhhh going to cum” Derrick says just when he cums in Abbey’s mouth.
“yum taste delicious in my mouth Derrick” Abbey says while licking off the cum off his cock and her mouth. “Fuck me harder Mark uhhh daddy switch with uhhh Derrick. Fuck Mark faster.”

“Sis I’m going to cum in that fuckin sweet ass of yours oh fuck I’m Cumming” Mark moans as he’s Cumming in his sister’s ass.

“Yes keep cumin Mark don’t stop” Abbey moans then continues sucking her dad’s cock “this is a tasteful cock you have daddy.”

“Oh yeah suck it baby keep sucking your daddies cock uh fuck” Charles says while his daughter sucks on his cock.

“Derrick why don’t you switch with Mark” Abbey catching a breath from sucking her father’s cock “Oh Mark I want that big cock of yours in my pussy.”

“Enjoying all the cocks darling” Karen asks her daughter while she sucking on her fathers cock and getting pounded by Derrick in the ass and Mark in the pussy.

“Sure am mom, but I need a break why don’t you take all of them for me” Abbey catching cum of dad’s on her tongue.

“I don’t know if I can handle all three. Earlier today wore me out why don’t I show you all how your father and I fuck” Karen said while placing a dildo in her ass and handling one to Abbey.

“Dildo? Mom, why don’t you suck my pussy for me while dad fucks you and I’ll suck Derrick and Marks cocks” Karen asks while placing the dildo in her ass and grabbing Derrick and Marks cocks.

“Umm I love to suck some pussy” Karen goes on the floor feeling her daughter’s pussy.
“I’ll take two cocks slaves” Abbey starts sucking on Derrick’s and Mark’s cocks while Charles starts fucking his wives pussy.

“Oh fuck sis this is an amazing blowjob” Mark moans as his and Derricks cock are getting sucked by Abbey.

“What are you talking about Mark this is heaven for all of us” Derrick also moaning at how good Abbey is sucking both of them at the same time.

Abbey catches a breath “No this is treatment at how good my two slaves are good to their master. Uh fuck mom I’m going to cum suck faster for uhhh me.” Karen sucks faster and deeper into her daughter’s pussy then Abbey cums into her mouth almost too much for her to handle cum goes all over her face “Abbey can you stop sucking on their cocks and take care of the rest of cum on my face” Karen says catching a breath

“Charles don’t uh fuck uhhh harder going to uhhh cum.”

“Karen I’m uhhh going to cum!” Charles says while pounding then suddenly cums while Abbey and Karen are making out.

“Mom you’re a good kisser” Abbey replies while going licking on her mother’s chin that has cum on it.

“You’re not bad your self honey but it seems the boys are tired out” Karen kisses her daughter’s forehead while moaning.

“Mom why don’t I suck on your pussy for awhile” Abbey says seductively while teasing her mother’s right tit.

“Please do but take the dildos out of our asses first will you” Karen says while feeling her daughter’s breasts.

“Uhhh darling keep sucking on mommies pussy for me it feels uhhh so good” Karen moaning and grabbing her daughter’s hair while Abbey sucks her mother’s pussy. Abbey continues until both pass out while the boys are already sleeping.
Next morning.

Karen wakes up with her pussy being licked and looks down to see her daughter licking her pussy “Morning horny daughter of mine.”

Abbey catches a quick breath “morning horny mom of mine. Your pussy taste so good.”
Karen looks around and notices the boys are all gone, and asks Abbey “honey where did the boys go?”
“They left before I got up and went downtown to get something for later” Abbey who has cum all over face from last night and this morning looking up once again to her mother.

“Why don’t we continue this in the shower honey?” Karen suggest after she cums again in her daughter mouth.

“Sure thing mom your pussy is irresistible” Abbey says after licking cum off her mouth.

Once both are in the shower Abbey sucks on her mother’s left tit while rubbing her pussy and Karen is sucking her daughter’s right tit and rubbing her pussy.

“I’m going to cum honey don’t stop uhhh fuck don’t stop fuck I’m Cumming” Karen moans as Abbey rubs her pussy faster and harder.

“Uhm your cum is incredible mom like always” Abbey says while going standing up to kiss her mother.
Long deep kiss the two are going. Tasting her own cum Karen is amazed by how a kiss with her daughter is miraculous.

Abbey pull out from the kiss when she begins to feel an orgasm “Mom uh don’t stop uh fuck god your uh good fuck I’m Cumming!”

Karen sticks her fingers out of Abbey’s pussy and sucks her fingers while Abbey leans in and does another long kiss with her mother.

“We taste amazedly good mom” Abbey says while finishing up the cum from her mother’s mouth.

“Let’s finish up before the boys come back” Karen says while washing up Abbey’s breast.

“Mom instead of using soap lets use our tongues instead” as Abbey starts to lick her mothers breasts.

“Woo mommy likes it uhhh don’t stop. It feels like when you sucked my tits when you were a baby honey” Karen moans at Abbey sucking her breasts.

Abbey then moves down to her mother’s pussy while Karen starts to feel her daughter’s breast squeezing her tit’s in her fingers.

“Oh god mom why don’t you just suck on my tit’s if you like them so much” Abbey stands up from sucking on her mother’s pussy while Karen goes forward and sucks on her daughter’s tit’s “Mom don’t stop uhhh please don’t stop it feels so good.”

Karen goes down to Abbey’s pussy and starts to lick it while Abbey stands back of the shower and just sees how her own mother is pleasuring her.

“Uhhh mom don’t stop uhhh I’m going to uhhh cum!” Abbey moans while Karen sucks her daughter’s pussy harder and deeper in with her tongue.

Karen takes a quick breath “I’m sorry honey I’m just addicted to your pussy it taste so good I just can’t resist your sweet pussy.”

“Mom you sound like a sex slave!” Abbey says while in keep in heaven at how good her mom is sucking her pussy then Karen stops and says “I’m a slave to your pussy honey I just can’t resist it. It tastes so good.”

“Mom are you saying you want to be my sex slave” Abbey says while Karen continues sucking her pussy.
Karen takes another breath and says “yes my mistress I am under your control.” Karen goes back to sucking her daughter’s pussy while Abbey just smiles and feels like she is a goddess who controls everybody’s sex life.

“Uhhh mom I’m going to cum don’t stop uhhh your going to uhhh I’m Cumming” Abbey who cums in her mother’s mouth.

Karen finishes up sucking her daughter’s pussy “mistress call me slave or Karen will you.”

“Slave stop I want you to clean us both off and then prepare food for us” Abbey says while pushing her mother back while stepping out.

“As you command mistress” Karen says grabbing a towel to clean both of them. Once Karen finishes cleans both of them she heads down while Abbey goes to her room and makes some calls.

As Karen is making sandwiches the phone rings.”Hello this is Mrs. Dreyk how may I help you.”

“Karen is that you” mystery voice.

“Carla is that you” Karen says on the phone.

“Yeah girl what’s up” Carla says to Karen.

“Well Charles and I have spiced up our sex life for starters” Karen says to Carla.

“Do tell all sister-in-law of mine do tell all” Carla says on the phone to Karen in a seductive and intrigued voice.

“You remember that Jerold and Charles are both of our slaves right” Karen says to Carla.

“Don’t tell me Karen you made your own son a sex slave” Carla says to Karen.

“Well yes and no” Karen says to Carla.

“Abbey too” Carla shocked by what Karen is saying.

“Can I explain Carla” Karen says to Carla in a loud voice on the phone.

“Hey I called you so go right ahead” Carla says to Karen.

“First of all Abbey and I are sharing sex slaves so Mark and Charles are both are slaves. Abbey’s boyfriend
is also being shared between both of us, and I am a sex slave to my own daughter” Karen spilling out her guts to her sister-in-law.

“Well Karen how did you become a sex slave since you do own me as well?” Carla shocked and aroused by what Karen is saying.

“Abbey’s pussy is irresistible I’m like a magnet every time I see it I just can’t resist it” Karen says getting aroused by what she is saying to Carla.

“Sounds like we need to come over and have an incest orgy mistress” Carla says to Karen aroused and horny.

“Come by tomorrow and bring the kids too. I’m getting horny for you especially slave” Karen who is rubbing her pussy in a horny aroused voice to Carla.

“Will do but I must confess some thing that has recently happen to my family” Carla says while rubbing her pussy in a horny aroused voice to Karen.

“Don’t tell me your family is also into incest as well slave” Karen says curious to Carla’s reply.

“Well to tell you the truth I’m also a slave to my twin girls” Carla replies while rubbing her pussy faster on the phone.

“No, Kelly and Maggie own you as well. Don’t tell me you fell for their pussy as well” Karen says shocked by Carla’s answer.

“I must admit yes and Andrew, Charles, Andrew’s girlfriend and their boyfriends are all under their control” Carla says while rubbing her pussy getting to cum while talking to Karen.

“Damn slave our girls own us all of us” Karen says while getting ready to cum as well while talking to Carla.

“Are you going uhhh to cum right now like uhhh I am from all this horny uhhh yes incest orgy things are girls control” Carla says while Cumming and moaning in the phone.

“Yeah slave uhhh I can’t believe how uhhh oh yeah I’m Cumming!” Karen moans in the phone out loud.

“See you tomorrow my mistress and happy Cumming” Carla says to Karen.

“Happy Cumming to you too slave” Karen says while hanging up and calling to Abbey “Mistress Lunch is ready.”

“Coming slave I am starving for some real food” Abbey says coming downstairs after making some calls on the phone in her room.

“Mistress I have some good news for you” Karen says while handing Abbey her sandwich.

“Want is it my horny slave” Abbey says after biting into her sandwich.

“Your Uncle Jerold and his family are coming over tomorrow, and Kelly and Maggie control them, Andrew, his girlfriend and their boyfriends” Karen said to her mistress.

“I can’t wait for the orgy tomorrow” Abbey smiles at the thought then places her plate on the counter and sees her mother’s pussy is wet and says in an aroused horny feeling “ Slave I see your pussy is wet have you been masturbating because of what’s to happen tomorrow.”

“Yes my mistress you see your Uncle Jerold and Aunt Carla are also my slaves that is why I’m so horny about tomorrow” Karen says to Abbey while Abbey starts to feel her pussy.

“Since you’re my slave doesn’t that make Uncle Jerold and Aunt Carla my slaves also” Abbey says while going down to lick her mother’s pussy.

“Yes my mistress you are correct, but right now can you please lick my wet pussy since I am very horny for your tongue” Karen says while her daughter licks her pussy.
The door opens.

Karen looks toward the door and can’t believe it but she sees her parents with her father saying “My, My I can’t believe it my granddaughter is licking my daughter’s pussy.”

“Mom Dad what are you doing here?” Karen says while pushing Abbey out of her pussy. Abbey gets up when she sees her grandparents.

“Well Karen did you make her your slave or did she make you her slave like her cousins. You made us your slaves after all” Grandmother says while both her and the Grandfather take their clothes off.

“Mom. Dad. Why did you come anyways?” Karen says while watching her parents take off their clothes.

“Your husband, son and a boy named Derrick picked us up they should be here soon” Grandfather said to Karen while taking his pants off and revealing an old nine inch semi-erect cock.

“Grandpa and Grandma are your slaves too slave. Doesn’t that make them my slaves also slave?” Abbey says to her mother while watching her grandparents take their clothes off.

“So she does own you which is a good thing. Did you know Abbey that Kelly and Maggie own us as well as you now” Grandmother says while taking her bra off.

“Ah I see your all naked now we can start are orgy” Charles says just walking in with Mark and Derrick following.

“Honey I’m glad your home because we need to talk right now!” Karen says angry at her husband and walking off to their room. Charles follows his wife while Mark and Derrick take their clothes off, and Abbey shows her grandparents to the living room.

“So Grandma how did you become Kelly and Maggie’s slaves anyways” Abbey says while grabbing Grandpa’s cock and playing with it.

“Well honey it all started a few days ago when we went to visit. We had figured it would be just another visit but as soon as we entered we saw Andrew licking Kelly’s pussy and Jerold licking Maggie’s pussy. After a short talk we all ended up in a orgy of course your grandfather and I were tired after a couple of orgasms but the rest of them continued all day while we watched them go at it” Grandma says while stroking Mark and Derrick’s cocks.

“What’s this with you two being slaves to our mother then” Abbey said to her grandmother while stroking faster on her grandfather’s cock.

“You see honey it’s sort of a family tradition that every generation controls their family and friends, but enough about us what up you I hear your going to camp in a couple of months” grandmother says before placing Marks cock in her mouth. Abbey does the same by placing her grandfather’s cock in her mouth. At that moment Karen and Charles step in to the living room and see the scene at hand.

“Mom I see your still as horny as you were when you were younger” Karen says while playing with her husbands cock.

“Honey I told you it’s a family thing. How could I resist sucking on my own grandson’s cock” Grandmother says with Marks cum shooting in her mouth “What about you Karen I see you can’t resist cock either.”

“You got that right mom” Karen says to her mother while heading down to suck on her husbands cock.

“Um Miss when are you going to suck on my cock” Derrick says with his cock being rubbed by the grandmother.

“Oh I almost forgot your cock sonny” The grandmother says to Derrick while she decides to suck on his cock his cum shoots out right away.

“Thank you Miss I feel much better” Derrick says to the grandmother.

“Please just call me Shirley will you sonny” the Grandmother says to Derrick while pulling out and sees her granddaughter still sucking her husbands cock “Abbey your grandfather can’t handle much more.”
Abbey stops sucking her grandfather’s cock and looks toward her grandmother “Sorry grandma his cum taste really good.”

“It’s alright your mouth feels good for an old man like me besides you remind me of your mother when she sucked on my cock for the first time.” Grandfather said while catching a breath from Abbey sucking his cock.

“Do you need a rest grandpa or do you want more?” Abby ask to her grandfather.

“No… I need a rest I guess one orgasm is all I can handle today” the grandfather says to Abbey “besides why don’t you take one of the boys from grandma I don’t think she can handle two anymore.”

“You got that right Dan Mark and Derrick are too much for me I’m going to need a rest, but first Abbey can you lick my pussy I’m in need of relief” Shirley says to her husband and Abbey.
Abbey moves over to her grandmother “Grandma if I lick your pussy you try mine also” Abbey says while leaning in to lick her grandmother’s pussy.

“Uhhh oh yeah sweat child don’t stop uhhh your tongue feels so good I’m going to uhhh cum right now!” Shirley says to Abbey Cumming in to her mouth.

Abbey pulls out with cum all over her mouth and chin “Grandma you have a lot of cum.”

“Sorry honey your grandmother hasn’t cummed that much since Kelly and Maggie licked it a few days ago” Shirley says to Abbey “I suppose it’s my turn to lick your pussy Abbey.”

Shirley lies down on the coach while Abbey get’s on top of her. Shirley leans forward and starts to lick her granddaughter’s sweet little pussy.

“Uhhh grandma that feels so good faster uhhh don’t stop uhhh” Abbey says with her grandmother licking her pussy and Abbey holding on to her grandmother’s legs and goes at her pussy again.

“Uhhh Abbey how can I lick your pussy if you uhhh fuck Abbey don’t stop licking your grandmother’s pussy uhhh don’t fucking stop uhhh oh yeah fuck Abbey I’m Cumming again” Shirley says to Abbey in another orgasm.

Abbey pulls out of her grandmother’s pussy “Sorry Grandma I figured you want a sixty-nine with your own granddaughter.”

“It’s alright can you please stop or I won’t have enough strength to lick your pussy” Shirley says to Abbey

“Why don’t you suck on Mark and Derrick’s cocks while I lick your pussy.”

“Alright Grandma I guess that seems fair enough” Abbey says to her grandmother while grabbing Derrick’s cock and Mark goes to his parents where Karen is still sucking on Charles’s cock.

“Mom why don’t you suck on my cock for a change” Mark offering his cock to his mother and in return Karen takes it with out any hesitation.

“I see Karen your just like your mother you must have two cocks at all times” Dan says to his daughter while sitting on the chair looking at her daughter sucking on her sons cock.

“You’ve got that right Dad she has to have two cocks or another pussy just to satisfy her” Charles says to Dan while stroking his cock watching his wife goes at their sons cock.

Shirley pull out of her granddaughter’s pussy “Your pussy taste even better than I had expected it might even be better than Kelly and Maggie’s pussy’s.”

Abbey pulls her mouth out of Derrick’s cock “thanks grandma you weren’t too bad yourself.”

“I suppose you and Derrick want the coach so I’ll just get up and move to a chair and watch” Shirley says to Abbey while Abbey and Derrick begin to fuck.

“Mom we haven’t fucked yet why don’t I fuck your pussy while dad fucks your ass” Mark says while pulling his cock out of his mother’s mouth.

“Sure thing son besides I’ve been horny for your cock in my pussy since yesterday when I caught you” Karen says while helping her son put his cock in her while Charles puts his cock in her ass slowly. Karen then says “My two boys are going to fill all three of my holes today what did I do to deserve this kind of punishment from my two slaves.”

“Mom shut the fuck up” Mark says then kisses his mother like two passionate lovers. Charles decides to feel his wife’s breast with his hands while licking her neck.

“Fuck Derrick I’m uhhh going to uhhh cum fuck me harder uhhh I can’t uhhh fuck I’m Cumming” Abbey says while Derrick is on top of her fucking her red pussy with cum coming out with her and Derrick’s cum mixed together. Derrick continues to fuck while the two kiss with their tongues intertwined.

“Mark I’m Cumming uhhh fuck Mark you made your own mother cum on your cock” Karen screams out.

“Fuck mom I’m going to cum soon uhhh oh fuck mom I’m going to fuck cum” Mark says to his mother.

“Fuck Charles why can’t you cum uhhh Charles what are uhhh fuck deeper uhhh fuck fast uhhh my god Charles fuck” Karen screams out loud with Charles fucking her faster and harder then Charles cums in his wife’s red beaten ass.

Once the three are done fucking they notice Abbey and Derrick are past out as well as Shirley and Dan then they notice the time is past two in the morning. All three decide to fall asleep on the floor with Karen in between with Mark in her ass and Charles in her pussy.

More to cum.

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