In High School part 1, i retold my sexual experiences during my high school years. I met Jessica, after about a month of being in 1 class, we ended up having sex in the janitors closet. Jessica was extremely hot. Way out of my league. Even today, I consider myself blessed. After our little session ended in the Janitor's closet and shot a load of cum into Jessica's mouth, she told me to come there again tomorrow. What really got me happy (If i wasn't very happy already) was that she said she'd bring a friend over. So here's Part Two of High School fun.

After me and Jessica returned to our classes, my mind was anywhere but in class. Sexual fantasies were flying through my head. I remembered how Jessica sucked on my cock. I remembered how I slid my cock into her warm and wet pussy. I remembered how good it felt. After I came home, I rushed to the bathroom and masturbated, remembering all the hot things we did. It didn't take very long for me to come and I wasn't surprised either. The rest of the day i just spent thinking about how good it's going to feel tomorrow.

As I was on the way to my first period, I saw Jessica in the hallway. As usual, my eyes would wander over to her tits and her nice ass. When she finally noticed me, she came over and kissed me on the lips. It was a quick smooch, but I was very surprised. So was everyone else around us. That's when i realized my cock was starting to stand. "He" really seemed to like Jessica. As we both entered our first period, we talked for a while about Non-Sexual stuff before the teacher arrived. It seemed normal for a second, until she finally interrupted my speech on how much I hated our math teacher with a soft whisper: I want your cock inside of me again. I did too, and so did my cock, since it was already standing, without me realizing it. The rest of the day progressed normally until during math class I went to the bathroom. I kind of felt nervous, since Jessica wasn’t in class that period. As I was about to enter the bathroom, I heard a familiar voice:


It was Jessica.

"Why aren't you in class?" I asked

"Didn't feel like going, come" She said

"Where?" I asked

She walked right by me into the guy's bathroom. I kept thinking "What the hell?". I followed her into one of the toilets. I knew what was coming next. Class was no longer a priority. She quickly unzipped my pants and pulled my dick out. Without any hesitation she put it inside her mouth. Wow, it felt amazing. This time her hands were on my waist, and only her mouth was in contact with my cock. She licked it and wrapped her lips around the head of my penis. I felt like it was going to fall off, but fuck it felt good. Her warm saliva coated my cock and after about a minute, I was ready to cum. She must have felt my balls tighten, since she pulled my cock out of her mouth and started jerking it off with her hand. Then suddenly, I squirted a wave of warm cum all over her face.

"Where'd you learn to do a blow job like that?" I asked

"Isn't it obvious?" She responded

"Anyways, we'll continue during lunch, do you know Melissa Garvey?" She asked

"Yeah I do" I answered with my heart pumping

Melissa Fucking Garvey? SHIT! I've been trying to get into Melissa's pants my entire 10th grade year. She had looks, and beyond average breasts. She wasn't fat or anything, just had huge juggs. Sophomore year, we were good friends, but it was obvious she wasn't interested in a more complex relationship.

"Did you tell her it was me?" I asked on my way back to class

"Yeah, she seemed really happy" Said Jessica

YES!!!! This day could not get better. With my cock still warm and feeling good, I kissed Jessica and returned to class. The rest of the school day progressed normally. Me not paying attention to my teacher, thinking about fucking Jessica.. The usual mainly. After me and Jessica left 6th period we quickly walked to the Janitor's closet on the third floor. When we came across the empty staircase she squeezed my the area where my cock was with her hand and giggled. When we arrived on the third floor closet we waited. As the crowd began thinning, i saw a familiar face. There was Melissa. I saw her big boobs shake as she was walking. As she finally approached me and Jessica she didn't say anything at first. She kissed Jessica on the lips (Hot) and then turned to me.

"Hi" was all she said

After everyone left we opened the door, turned on the light, and locked ourselves in. They started taking their clothes off, stripping to just bras and panties (Melissa wasn't wearing a bra, and i don't know why Jessica was)

"So, who's going first?" I asked, trying to sound like I'm in control

"I am" Answered Melissa with an enthusiastic, happy tone

This totally surprised me, but i didn't care, i was happy. She approached me, kneeled down and took both her breasts. Next thing i know, my cock was between them and the head of it was inside her mouth. It felt great. As the warm head of my cock was being sucked, my cock was being cushioned between 2 soft yet strong boobs. I started going with the rhythm, pushing my cock up and down. I felt intense pleasure as i did it. In the background I noticed Jessica. She wasn't wasting any time, as she was fingering herself, and moaning with pleasure. The sight of her, combined with the pleasure of my cock being squeezed by 2 huge tits made me ejaculate. I shot a load of cum all over Melissa's tits and some into her mouth. She finally let go of my cock and said:

"Why didn't we do this last year?"

I was in too much pleasure to say anything so i just responded by moving my shoulders. I saw Jessica stand up and say "My turn" and as she approached me, my cock was up again, knowing that it wasn't nearly the time to quit.

"Lie down" Said Jessica

I did, obeying like a slave. The floor felt a little cold, but i got used to it. As Jessica stood over me, she quickly sat down on my cock. She put her hands on my stomach and started riding my cock, up and down. The bitch had an amazing pussy that i will never forget. Every time she came down she squeezed my cock with her muscles. As she came up, it felt like my cock's head was going to go with her. I was on the verge of coming again. My cock was wet and sticky. Her pussy was wet and sticky. At that point, i couldn't take it anymore so i took my both hands and grabbed her nice ass. She gave a naughty little giggle as i did and within seconds, cum was leaking out of her pussy, over my dick. She yelled pretty loudly out of pleasure, but i don't think anyone heard us. As she lifted herself off my cock i felt another jolt of pleasure and a little bit of cum squirted out.

As Jessica stood up i saw Melissa coming. She followed Jessica's steps and sat down on my cock. Next thing that happened was - nothing. My cock was buried deep within her pussy and she wasn't doing anything. What surprised me even more was that she and Jessica started talking. Talking about all sorts of things - food, school and sex.

"What the fuck?" I asked

"We're taking a break" Was their answer

My worries were over though, because Melissa squeezed my cock with her muscles every few seconds or so. I was still getting a good feeling. She sat on my cock for nearly ten minutes until we finally heard the bell ring.

"Fuck" Was all i could say

"We don't need to go, missing one class won't do anything" Said Melissa

"Yeah" Added Jessica

I was glad they made that decision. I was in too much pleasure to give a shit about class. As Melissa stood up from my cock Jessica came over, sat on my chest, put her hands around my head and we started kissing. Her mouth and body was very warm. She was really horny. Behind her, i saw Melissa doing another tit fuck. I found my waist going up and down because i couldn't resist the good feeling i was getting. My cock was wet form Jessica's and Melissa's pussies so it slid very easily. With my tongue inside the extremely hot Jessica, we exchanged saliva. I finally shot another load of cum over Melissa. This was the last one for the day. Everyone was tired and had to "Digest" all of the pleasure that went through them that day.

These sexual meetings continued for weeks. It was probably one of the best times I've had in my life. I stopped showing to class after lunch. It was all great, until one day - we got caught.

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