A Series based off of my life, but sexed up a bunch
Richie sat in his desk, waiting for 1st block to finish. It was his least favorite class of the day. But 2nd block was when he had his fun. Since it was chorus, it was mainly filled with girls. The bell rang, and he left his 1st block class in a hurry. He walked down the hall, looking at all the girls. He noticed the girl walking in front of him had her skirt tucked into her panties. Even though he would normally tell her, today he felt so horny. So he stared as he walked down the crowded halls. He was almost drooling, her ass was so voluptuous and round. Her white panties stood out so perfectly over her tanned skin. Then he noticed that his dick was started to get hard. So he tried not looking. Only a few seconds passed before he looked at her ass again. Sadly, his class had arrived, and he entered. One of his friends was already there. She walked up and gave him a hug. Her aroma was intoxicating. Her blonde hair flowed as she walked away. Her fine legs glistened with every step.
He walked over to his seat and waited for class to start. The teacher said, " Alright...since I gotta work on the chorus production, you all get to watch a movie! So you can just chill, but if it gets too loud, we'll do book work" Richie decided he'd go out on a limb and ask the teacher if he could play the piano in the rehearsal room. "Hey, Mr. Daniels...can I go play the piano?", he asked. "Sure, why the hell not..." said Mr. Daniels. Richie made his way to the rehearsal room, but his friend Abi came running after him saying, "Wait up for me..." she said.
They hung out in the room, and talked for a few minutes. Then Abi brought up a new topic. "so I heard a rumor about you." she said. "What's that?" Richie asked. "I heard, that..." she said, but then waited for a minute to build suspense, "you want to fuck me." Richie quickly began to sweat, "what? uh, no...that's a lie! uh..who said that? If it was Mike, he's a liar. I never said--" "--well, I want to fuck you" she said. "uh, what?" he stammered. "I said, I want to FUCK you..."she exclaimed as she started to walk over to him. "well, uh, thats--"she kissed him. Richie was hesitant for the first few seconds, but quickly got down to business. Their tongues danced, and they both moaned. Abi took Richie's hand and placed it on her chest, which to him, felt pretty big. "you know--they feel bigger than they look" he said, while taking a breath. His dick started to get hard, and Abi noticed. She brushed up against it and acted like it was an accident. His dick got harder faster. Abi stopped and took off her shirt.
Her perfect breasts sat in her pink lace bra, and she knew Richie liked it. "Have you ever done anything sexual?" she asked. "no...I'm kind of a loser" he replied. "Well, you're about to..." she added. She took off his shirt and gazed. Seeing him like this started to get her turned on. She could feel her pussy slowly getting wet, and she wanted more. "Take off your pants..." she demanded," you're going to get your first handjob. Without hesitation, he took off his pants, and she took off hers. By this time, his dick was extremely hard, and it showed. Abi bit her lip and gave him a devilish grin. "You're going to love this" she said as she slowly pulled down his boxers. His cock sprang out, and Abi stared at him. She was never so turned on by a single guy. She reached for his dick and lightly grabbed it. She slowly caressed it, and savored every second of the experience. They both gazed at each other, and then after a few minutes Richie asked, "So why aren't you naked?" to which Abi replied, " because nothing's gonna happen to me." Then Richie reached around her and unhooked her bra. "You need a turn..." he said. He stared at her boobs. Her perfect tits were firm, and he knew she wanted what he was going to give. He gently pushed her over and pulled down her panties.
She started to blush as he looked at her pussy. He loved the site of her nearly bald pussy, and he wanted to feel it. He slowly put one finger in, and it was warm and wet. She moaned, and started to move to the rhythm he was fingering her at. He slowly moved his head down and slipped his tongue in. He briskly licked the clit, and wnet up and down with his tongue. Abi was really getting into it. She told him, "I want you to fuck me...NOW!" she reached over and grabbed his dick, and she stuck it in her pussy. There was a birst of ectasy for both. Abi felt the painful bliss that all girls feel their first time. Richie felt so powerful and at the peak of manhood. They rocked in perfect tandem. Slowly, they reached the apex of the moment. Both had powerful orgasms. Abi could feel the cum spurting into her vagina, and Richie could feel the pulsations of Abi's pussy. They gradually slowed down. Panting, they decided to start to clean up.
Just as they stood up, Richie and Abi's friend Hailey walked in. She stared at the two, sweaty and naked. Hailey looked at Abi, and the two smiled. They both looked at Richie...


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2008-06-15 22:25:16
great story please do a part 2

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