Kentucky Family 2

As you will recall I was worried about the possibility that I might get Mary Lou pregnant. I also knew she wasn’t going to take no for an answer, however I worried for nothing because Mary Lou took care of that. At dinner that night Mary Lou asked Mom how young could a girl get pregnant. My Dad said, “We don’t talk of such things at the dinner table but Mom said, “Now Dad a girl need s to know such things so as soon as dinner is over I’ll explain it.

Right after dinner Mom went into her bedroom and brought out a book as big as our family bible. Mom read a lot and sent away for books all the time. Any way as she opened up the book she said, “A women can’t have a baby until she develops the ability to produce an egg.” Mary Lou asked her how she did that. Mom pointed to a picture and explained the different parts of a woman’s sex organs. She showed us where the egg started in the ovary and once every month it traveled down the fallopian tube to the uterus. Then she told us if the egg is not fertilized from a male sperm the egg dies and the body produces blood to wash the egg out. This happens about every 28 day, and the egg usually is ready to be fertilized on or after the 15th day.

Then she pointed to the pussy hole and explained that the skin on each side of the hole was called a vulva or labia and the hole was called a vagina in technical language but most people called it a pussy or cunt. Then she showed us where the cervix and the uterus were. She told us that when a man puts his penis up into a woman’s vagina around the 15Th to the 28Th day of her cycle and shoots his sperm into her she will get pregnant. She looked at me and winked. I grinned from ear to ear knowing my Mom was pregnant by me. That is all the sex education Mary Lou and I ever got.

Since it was summer and didn’t get dark until almost eight o’clock I told Mom I wanted to go down to our swimming hole on the river. Mom told me it was Ok but be sure and be home by dark. “Can I go, oh Mom it’s so hot I want to go to?” cried Mary Lou. “Well Ok, but Josh you watch her good, that old river can be treacherous.” Sure Mom I said.

I grabbed a couple of towels and we ran down to the swimming hole. I laid the towels down on the ground behind a big bush that would hide us from prying eyes. We were really excited, I already had a hard on as we hurriedly took off our clothes. I pulled her to me and kissed her as my cock went between her legs. We laid down on the towels and she whispered as I began to suck on her little titties, “Oh Josh lick my pussy first I want to feel like I did last night but I kept sucking and licking her titties as I shoved a finger up her tight pussy and began to finger fuck her.

I kept it up for about ten minutes before I slid down and began to lick her smooth little pussy. I slid my tongue up and down her slit or vulva as Mom showed me how to do and then plunged it as deep as I could into her vagina. I tickled her clit with my tongue and began to suck on her tiny little knob. I put a finger in her cunt and finger fucked her as I ate, licked and sucked her now wet little pussy. Her Ass was jumping all over the place once she started cumming. I was afraid my teeth might hurt her as I sucked so I forced her thighs down and I could feel her pelvis rear each time she came. I ate her little pussy for a ½ hour and then I slid up and kissed her.

She reached down and pulled her pussy lips apart so I could get the head of my dick in. It wouldn’t go in. I tried and I tried but she was to tight. Finally I said maybe if you suck on my dick you can get it wet enough to go in. She hesitated but I think she was so hot she would do anything to get my dick inside her. She bent down and put my cock in her mouth and began to suck and roll her tongue around it to get it good and wet. That’s all it took and I shot a load of cum into her mouth. She choked and spit it out and yelled at me as she pounded my chest.

I told her I was sorry I just couldn’t stop myself. She had spit some of my cum onto my leg so she took her fingers and scooped it up rubbing it on her pussy lips. I hadn’t lost my hard on so I placed the tip at her entrance and pushed. Only about a half inch penetrated her. I pushed harder as she pushed her butt up and I went in until I hit something. I later found out it was called a hymen. I pushed again and she screamed “OH JOSHE YOUR HURTING ME.” I stopped. Her breathing was very fast and tears were cumming down her face. I started to pull out but she grabbed me and said, “NO JOSH keep going I want you to fuck me.”

I lifted her knees up and grabbed her Ass as I pushed down hard. I heard something snap and then I plunged my cock all the way inside her. I looked up and could see she was biting her lip. I stopped for a moment and just laid there before I began to slide my cock in and out of her. She grabbed me around the shoulders and whispered in my ear, “Oh yes Josh fuck me, fuck me.” I increased my tempo and began to slid in and out of her, faster and faster. She wrapped her legs around my Ass and began to slam her pelvis up into my cock as it went in and out. “OHHHHH GOD JOSH DON’T STOP IT FEELS SO GOOD, YESSSSSS, OH SHIT.” And she reared her Ass up and began to shake as she came. For and eleven year old almost twelve, as I think back, to cum like she did was remarkable. She later told me she came six times that time.

I continued to fuck her and she began to whimper and sob. I asked her if she was alright? She told me she was fine she just couldn’t help herself she liked it so much it made her cry. I felt myself getting ready and I started slamming my cock down into her cunt as hard as I could. I grabbed her Ass and felt my sperm shoot into her hot little pussy. We laid there for awhile with my cock still inside her, and then I began to get hard again and I fucked her again. This time I lasted about fifteen minutes and she came twice more.

We fell asleep for awhile and then we went for a swim. The cold water felt good and Mary Lou washed her pussy which had blood all over it as well as her lip where she bit it. We got home just before dark and Mary Lou went to her room and I went to bed about an hour later. About two in the morning Mary Lou snuck into my room and I fucked her doggy style twice before she went back to her bed.

I was pretty tired and Mom had a little trouble getting me up. At breakfast Mary Lou turn a little red every time I looked at her but as Dad and I got ready to leave she mouthed, thank you. While working in the field I saw my Uncle Ted heading to the house so I knew Mom was going to be occupied and I needn’t worry about having to fuck her that day. I remember I felt a little jealous.

It became a little hard that summer because Mom wanted me to fuck her almost every day at lunch and Mary Lou wanted me to fuck her anytime we were alone which was two or three times a day. I lost about eight pounds. Mary Lou and I did most of our fucking in the loft of out barn. I love fucking Mom her pussy is the hottest oven my cock has ever been in. To lie on her slowly easing my cock in and out of her while sucking milk out of her tits is about the most satisfying thing imaginable. Some times it is so tranquil laying on top of her until I cum because then I would begin to fist fuck her and I become a mad man. I pump her pussy like a piston and I almost always made her have a “G” spot climax. She shoots cum water all over me the sheets and herself. I have seen her shoot water out of her pussy at least 3 feet.

Now Marry Lou is completely different. Her pussy is bald and I love to eat it. I have sucked, licked, and tongued her hole as much as an hour at a time. She goes crazy and her Ass will buck like my face is riding a bucking horse. She has become a little whore and wants it all the time. Her Pussy is so tight and she is learning to use her vagina muscles to squeeze and milk my cock when I cum. She wakes up in the middle of the night and is horny and comes to my room and fucks me so I told her she had to suck my cock or I wouldn’t fuck her. It only took ten days and now she sucks my cock all the time and likes to swallow my sperm.

We almost got caught the 3rd day. Mary Lou was so horny and when Dad sent me to the barn to get a strap for the harness that broke on our plow horse. When she saw me enter the barn she ran to the barn and wrestled me down and pulled my cock out of my pants and sat down on it. She didn’t ahave any underwear on as usual and her cotton dress covered my cock area. A few minutes later Peggy Sue walked into the barn and asked us what we were doing. Mary Lou was quick, she said, “Oh I’m tickling Josh because he swatted me.” Peggy Sue ran over and started tickling me too completely unaware that my cock was up inside Mary Lou’s pussy.

I couldn’t believe what Mary Lou did next she pulled her sister in front of her and held her with one hand while pretending to tickle me with the other and started rocking back and fourth pushing my cock in and out of her hot wet pussy. When she came she shuddered and let out a little moan. Peggy Sue looked around and said, “Am I hurting you?” She grinned and said, “No, not at all.” Just then I shot a load up into her belly and she came again making another moaning sound. Before Perry Sue could say anything she rolled off me and penned down Peggy Sue so that I had time to put my cock back in my pants.

When she stood up her dress had a big wet spot right in the middle of it. She turned away from her sister and ran out of the barn calling her sister. I got the strap and went out to the field. My Dad asked me what took so long and I told him Mary Lou and Peggy Sue ganged up on me in the barn and wanted to tickle me so I let them for a little while. As always my Dad grunted and told me that as the oldest I was expected to pull my weight around the farm. The rest of the summer I fucked, sucked, tongued and fisted my Mother and Sister. I enjoyed watching Mary Lou’s tits grow and the bit of fuzz that began to form around her Pussy.

In the fall there was a lot of excitement because a Mormon family bought the farm at the far end of the Valley. It was the largest and probably the best farm in the Holler. What caused all the excitement was the fact he had three wives and twelve daughters. The wives we found out later were only 29, 32 and 39. Two of the oldest girls were the same age as Mary Lou. The rest were spaced down to the two babies who were one and two years old. The Man was named Jeremiah and was 59 years old. That winter he worked building a small church. A bunch of fellow Mormons came from another area and helped him build it. They pitched tents to house them all. Seemed like each man had anywhere from two to five wives and there was close to forty children running around.

The Mormons dressed kind of funny, the men all wore black suites with vests and ties, and the women wore long dress’s down to there ankles and buttoned around their necks.
I got to talk to a couple of the girls when the men brought their family to town to buy supplies. They were very shy. The women folk were very shy also but were polite and would talk to you if you asked them something. I was really enamored with Jeremiah’s youngest wife. She was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. Big blue eyes with very large tits that she couldn’t hide under her dress and a nice round Ass. Over the years I never saw a woman that I wanted to fuck more.

Momma’s belly was getting bigger and bigger and she told me she was due in February. She also started letting me fuck her in the Ass more and more. I liked fucking her there because she was tighter. In December Dad went to town and Uncle Ted came over, seems like he always knew when Dad wasn’t going to be home real soon. The girls were in their rooms and as I walked by Mom said come here Josh. She was sitting on Uncle Ted’s cock with her big belly sticking out and she told me as she bent over to fuck her in the Ass.

Uncle Ted was grinning and said do it Josh. I dropped my pants and underwear and to my surprise I slipped inside her Ass very easily. She had already greased her Ass or maybe Uncle Ted had already dumped a load in her. When I stuck my cock inside her anal hole I could feel my Uncles huge cock sliding in and out of her. It was weird but exciting. I tried timing my thrust to his. As he pulled out I pushed in and visa versa. We fucked Mom for ¾ of an hour before each of us came. Of course I came first.

We were thankful for a mild winter. By February Moms belly and tits were enormous. She had all the kids sucking her breast to get the milk out. On February the 18Th I was pleasantly surprised when she delivered twins, a Boy and a Girl. They weighed 7lbs for the boy and 8lbs 4ounces for the girl. Every one celebrated and congratulated my Dad. My Dad got drunk and passed out. Mom quietly asked me to name them. I called the boy Adam and the girl Eve because they were my first. I celebrated by taking Mary Lou out to the barn and I fucked her for over two hours. Just as I was about to shoot another load into Mary Lou’s belly I looked over and Peggy Sue was watching us. As startled as I was it didn’t stop me from cumming. Mary Lou moaned as she felt my cum hit the inside of her pussy walls.

I shook Mary Lou and motioned with my head to the loft ladder. She yelled at Peggy Sue, “Why are you spying on us, come here.” Peggy Sue started crying but came on up to the loft. She suddenly stopped crying and put her hands on her hips and said, “Don’t yell at me because I just saw you fucking Josh.” “Calm down, calm down Peggy Sue, would you like Josh to fuck you too?” She looked at my cock now hanging limply between my legs and I told her that she was too young. Peggy Sue said, “Would it hurt?” I said yes but Mary Lou said only at first then it feels real good. “Maybe” Peggy Sue said.
Then Mary Lou said if you really want to have fun let Josh lick your Pee hole. It really feels good. “Well Ok” said Peggy Sue.

I said only if you promise never to tell any one I did or what you saw just now. Not even if you get mad at one of us. She hesitated for what seemed like a long time but was only maybe a minute before she said, I promise. I reached over and pulled her panties down and laid her down on the straw. I got between her legs and I flattened my tongue and licked her little pussy from bottom to the top. I tasted a faint bit of pee before I began to lick her tiny little hole. I remembered that Marry Lou was going to be 13 next month so that mean Peggy Sue was ten. She really had a tight little pee hole, when I tried to push my tongue into her little vagina it was really hard. At first I could only get the tip of my tongue in about a half inch. I realized she was holding herself rigged and was squeezing her little hole tight.

I told her to relax it wasn’t going to hurt. She relaxed a little and I was able to get my tongue about an inch inside her tiny lips. I tickled the top of her vagina where her clit was or would be. She giggled and really relaxed spreading her knees which let my tongue go deep inside her little hole. As I tongue fucked her she kept giggling and laughing say OH JOSH, YOUR GIVING ME GOOSE BUMPS. I began to lick her clit area and suck it. Mary Lou leaned down and began kissing her. I soon had a hard on and Mary Lou stopped kissing Peggy Sue and began sucking my cock while Peggy Sue watched and giggled. I licked and sucked on her little clit area for ¾ of and hour before I came in Mary Lou’s mouth.

For the next two months I fucked Mary Lou and ate Peggy Sue’s pussy. I started finger fucking Peggy Sue the second month. Mom wasn’t letting anyone fuck her but at the end of April I came in from the field at lunch and Mom was lying in bed nursing the twins. I crawled on top of her and kissed my kids. Mom’s legs were apart so I slid down and began eating Moms pussy. I figured that she just might need a little attention. I licked her clit and made her cum. When I buried my face into her cunt my whole face went in. I licked and sucked her clit for awhile than I fisted her. Mom was moaning and saying, “Oh Josh you always know what I need.” I then inserted my cock which had grown to about six and a half inches and fucked her. Mom was so out of it from the fisting she didn’t realize I was fucking her. I raised her legs up and shoved my cock deep and I could feel her open cervix with the tip of my cock so I shoved my cock about an inch into it and shot a load of hot cum straight inside her cervix.

We laid like that for a few minutes as we came down from the high. Suddenly Mom said, “OH SHIT, OH DAM IT Josh I shouldn’t have let you fuck me, I’m right at the prime time of my cycle to get pregnant. I grinned and pushed my softening cock down deep and whispered, good I’d like to give you a hundred kids. “Oh Josh don’t you know that if your father ever found out any of these kids were yours he would kill me and maybe you too. Well I won’t tell him if you won’t and I spanked her on the ass as I got up. I told her I wanted to fuck her every day for the next week before she let Dad fuck her so that I could be sure the kid or kids would be mine. (It turned out that I got to fuck her for ten days before Dad fucked her.)

Just before I left to go outside I said doesn’t Dad ever get horny during these times when you won't let him fuck you? “No my Sister takes care of that. She has had my permission to fuck your Dad ever since her husband was killed. Both your Uncle and your Dad fuck her all the time.”

As I walked back out to the field with a jug of water I thought, wow maybe I could fuck her too. She lookes alot like Mom but but four years younger and a little smaller. She only has two kids and her tits don't sag. I began to make plans how to see her.
Continued, all rights reserved to the Author.


2014-04-03 22:10:16
"Kentucky Family - Part 2" - Joshua, Unnamed Mom, Mary Lou and Peggy Sue - (Son (17), Mother (33), Sister (1) and Sister (10)

Joshua's mother has his twin son and daughter, Adam and Eve; severa weeks later Josh resumes fucking his mother again! His mother gives every sign that she wnts to have more babies by her oldest child.

Simultaneously, Josh's twelve year old sister Mary Lou has insisted Josh began sexual relations with her, full foreplay and consummated deep-cum fucking. They're caught by the ten year old sister Peggy Sue and she now wants to get in on the action!
Josh's harem of his mother and two sisters, and his lust for a new, twenty-nine old, Mormon third-wife appers in the valley is growing!

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