Read this shorty ditty while you play with a pussy or tittie
I Like Ladies

Be they short or tall, ladies are sexy sweet
If they’re the kind of woman who likes to eat
When I whip out of my pants my swollen hard meat
If they suck and slurp and think it’s a delectable treat

The ones who’ll eagerly lie on their back
Who’ll request I join their wild, carnal pack
And wantonly give me a sweet pussy snack
Then naughtily request for me to attack

I’ll sink my hard, meaty cock into her cunt so deep
I have many unspoken pledges and promises to keep
We scream as hers and my orgasms spew and leap
Satisfied at last, a hot cunt rocks me gently to sleep

In my dreams an eager, wet pussy begs and calls
My hungry cock cries and the juices stir inside my balls
I awaken with my manhood inside her hallowed halls
We two kiss and fuck and cum as nighttime falls

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2012-10-05 11:10:05
Ozzie Girls do you want a daddy to fuck you and love you contact me now

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2012-07-27 09:56:37
Finallly got around to reading this. Not too shaggy. Used to write a bit of free verse myself, though more in the Japanese style of 'Basho'.Nuff said.

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2011-07-05 00:14:37
TYVM you've slvoed all my problems

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2011-04-03 06:23:45
I sure hope you are lying about being 59, because I would much rather believe that a 12yo wrote this crap.


2010-10-01 00:17:59
Oh man, what can I say? It was an affront to my sensibilities. Stick with the prose.

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