One dayin Iraq, a brand new Lt, arrives in the outpost in the middle of the desert. He quickly develops a reputation as a know it all.

After a while, the Lt begins to get, lonely for companionship, so not wanting to look foolish in front of his men, he calls his Sgt aside and asks him "what do the men do for entertainment around here?"

The Sgt shrugs and says "well there is a town 40 miles north, another town about 45 miles to the west, another to the southeast

The Lt looks a bit short tempered and stops the Sgt "Sgt, I mean how do the men get...ENTERTAINMENT.

The Sgt gets a sly look and winks "we have a Camel out back"

The Lt looks a bit sick "A Camel? I don't think I am THAT desperate." and stalks off.

About a month later, The Lt is really feeling the need, so he returns to the Sgt and says "o.k. Show me how this Camel...

The Sgt grins and takes the Lt out back "now you just put your hand on her neck" The Sgt demonstrait and the Camel kneels right down.

Not wanting to lose his nerve the Lt looks at the Sgt and says "I can take it from here Sgt, Dismissed"

"but SIR" the Sgt protests

"I SAID Dismissed Sgt!"

So the Sgt salutes and leaves. He waits about 20 min, and doesn't see the Lt, so he decides to have a look, and sure enough there is the Lt bent over humping the Camel.

The Sgt begins to laugh loudly and the red faced Lt snarls "what are you LAUGHING at! didn't you say ALL the men USE this Camel!?

The Sgt wipes tears from his eyes grinning and says "Yes sir..they RIDE it into the town!

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kiss your left hand 2. Say the name of the person u like 3. Close your hand 4. Say the name of a weekday5. Say your name 6. Open your hand 7. Paste this in 15 comments and on the day you picked your love will tell you they like you and ask you out if you don't do it within an hour of reading this you will have 1 year bad luck

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What a joy to find such clear thikning. Thanks for posting!


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mr.reader. it is on the sex jokes page you just didn't realize what you searched was a part of the joke

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