I was puffing from the exertion and excitement of two matings with the seals in less than fifteen minutes,
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Ever since my trip to sea world I had been fascinated by sea lions. And elephant seals. So when the opportunity arrived to visit a sea lion colonies and watch these engrossing animals in there natural state I was excited.

My parents had rented an old fishing shack on the south coast and the colonies of seals were several miles off shore on a rocky Island that was only accessible in the calmest of weather. When we arrived a series of low pressure troughs had recently passed through the southern part of the continent and had resulted in some seriously bad weather. Fortunately the seas had abated and the tourist boat was able to take people to the Island.

The unfortunate aspect, we were informed, was that the conditions had delayed the arrival of many seals this season. These seals had been dispersed along the coast while seeking shelter from the storms. On that news I had prepared myself for disappointment.

The converted fishing trawler slowed then reversed engines allowing the boar to gently ride carefully into a small inlet on the sheltered north face of the island not much wider than the boat itself. Iron spikes embedded in the rocks and rusting badly were the the points for tying up the boat. A flimsy gang plank was slid onto a rock platform and with the help of a crew member the tourist party disembarked. A narrow but well worn path wound through the rocks of the small barren island to the seal sanctuary on the other side. The walk took about fifteen minutes but long before we arrived the noise of the seals welcomed us.

Finally we arrived at the viewing platform and to my utter surprise the beach was littered with hundreds of seals. Some of the females had pupped and the pups roamed around the [SPAM] of females that were overseen by the much larger bulls.
Cameras, video and still clicked and flashed as the excited group of mainly middle aged tourists captured the moment. The tourist boat skipper came up to me as I strained to view the activities on the beach.

“If you go down that track a little way there is another platform that very few people use, its closer to the beach and you can film without being jostled.”

I thanked him and walked the fifty meters down a difficult path that would deter all but the most adventurous tourist and found myself just above a huge bull sea lion. I could almost touch the animal and I focused my camera on him but it was difficult to get a true sence of his bulk as he lorded over his domain of nine or ten ladies.

As I watched, excited to be so close to the animals I adored the bull heaved his bulk into motion and intercepted a young cow as she moved from the water to bask in the warmth of the beach. He lay himself down beside the much smaller cow and flopped a flipper over her. The cow instantly arched her back and turned partially on her side lifting her hind flippers into the air. From were I stood I could see the young cows vulva and it looked swollen though I had no reference to gage that by, just intuition.

The bull curled the lower part of his body around behind the female and it was then I noticed the thick red erection appear from a concealed sheath on his underbelly. My hart was pounding as I held my breath, I was going to see two sea lions mating right there in front of me.

I expected the bulls penis to be bigger than it was. It was thick but only about four or five inches long. The bull moved his abdomen close to the females vagina and prodded gently searching. As he searched forward he got his bright red member over instead of under her flipper and as he pressed forward he missed his target but the forward thrust resulted in his penis extending to almost twelve inches I thought. I got wet instantly at the sight of his magnificent appendage.

On missing his target the penis retracted and the female obligingly lifted her flippers higher and the bull lined himself op with her vagina and pressed forward again. This time I could only imagine the bulls penis had extend into the smaller females body and I trembled at the vision. As the bull gently thrust into the female she lifted her head twice her mouth wide open in what I imagined was pleasure. Several minutes of gentle thrusting by the bull stooped and he lay still inside the female that he held with his powerful flipper. Finished the Bull withdrew from his mate slowly and his penis retracted back into his body. I was flushed with excitement and I new this was something I would dream about for weeks to come.

As we left the Island I stared into the sea dreaming of something I knew would never happen.
The following day my father had arranged a two day fishing excursion with a charter operator from the small town where we had embarked on the trip to the seal colonie. The town was about nine miles from the old fishing shack we had rented and there was no other building between us and the town. In the other direction it was almost twenty miles to the nearest habitation so we were pretty isolated.

Mum and I decided we would spend some time on the little beach in the cove below the hut. The day was warm but not hot and the headlands sheltered the beach from the coolish breeze flowing in from the Antarctic ocean. We had been on the beach with only the pounding of the surf and the cry of gulls and turns to indicate life existed at all in this isolated corner of the world. I decided that with no one except my mother to see I would take my bikini off and try for an all over tan.

“Elizabeth! What are you doing? What if someone comes down here unexpectedly?”

“Mum,” I indicated the wide expanse that surrounded us,”Like who. Come on take your bathers of too and enjoy the sunshine.”

She ignored me for a while but after flashing several glances in my direction she got naked.”

I had dozed off in the warmth of the liberating environment and began to dream. I dreampt I was being sniffed all over by the big bull seal that had screwed the female on the beach yesterday. I was part of his harem and I was in season. This was so real I could even feel the light flicks of his whiskers on my inner thighs and I grew very wet and runny. I could even smell fish and damp fur. Then the sniffing stopped and the beach rocked I opened my eyes and saw that my mother was also asleep. The fish smell was no dream though I could still smell it then a hot breath on the back of my neck made me turn toward the sea. Blocking my view was a mountain of seal fur. On my side now with my head slightly back I was looking into the face of what was obviously a Bull sea lion.

Slowly my thoughts cleared and I looked down along the bulk of furred flesh that blocked my view. I could see the red protrusion of the bulls growing penis and I new then that I had not been dreaming but some how the bull had arrived on the beach without me hearing him and now he wanted to mate me.

His front flipper fell across my breast and shoulder and he drew himself close to me. My hart pounded and I grew faint. A wild sea lion was wanting to have sex with me. This very event had started as a fantasy and grown into what I believed to be an imposable dream in the last two years. The sea lion bulk moved closer I felt the warm body envelop me as our bodies were in full contact and I began to panic. Although this very event had been my ultimate fantasy I was worried. I had seen yesterday the extent of the sea lions penis and I new he was just too big. I tried to wriggle free and the seal barked. My mother woke.

I herd her call but with my back toward her I couldn't see her.

“Elizabeth, Elizabeth whats happening I'll get him off.” she assured me with no real Idea how she could do it.

Her cries helped to galvanized my mind. “No mum, no, If he rolls on me I'll be crushed, don't do anything I'll be OK just stay close.”

Now that I was thinking clearly I decided that I was going to let the seal take me, I relay wanted that and even in that split second of time I realised I was not going to be left wondering about, what might have been. I could feel the pressure of his warm penis pressing against my groin and I lifted my left leg and rested it on the sea lions flank, my right leg was partly pinned under the blubbery animals body. This was all happening so quickly.

I felt the pressure of his shaft against my groin and expected him to enter me right then but he slid along my wet vaginal slit and across my behind. I herd my mother gasp and felt the penis contract as the bull cupped his lower body a little further around me.

“Elizabeth its so big, it just speared out, Oh my god he'll hurt you, get away from him.” her voice had an edge of panic on it.

“Mum,” I replied with as much control as I could muster at that moment with my hart racing and my breathing coming in short expectant gasps. “I'll be OK, I know he's big.” I answered as reassuringly as I could.

My groin ached and I could feel my own copious wetness flowing as the seals penis again engaged with my groin. I could feel the blubbery body against me shaking, or was it me, no the ripples of movement from the upper body of the sealine were making his body wobble like jelly. The Sea Lion was now concentrating all his effort on the business end as he searched for what he new was there.

The stubby erection was finally firmly against my warm opening and I could feel myself parting to accommodate his entry. I new I would be soon no longer a virgin. I dug my left leg firmly into the seals body for grip. His flipper in turm pressed more firmly about me, we were locked together in a tight embrace.

“ he's going in,” I herd my mothers gasping commentary but I didn't, couldnt reply.

The rippled of movement suddenly became a thrust and I felt the invading flesh driving deeply. It reached the end of my sheath, pressing pushing I thaught he was going to drive through my vaginal walls into my stomach. I screamed, I didn't want to but it hurt, hurt a lot. Then just as quickly the initial pain subsided and I turned the scream into sobs then sighs as I felt my lover begin to hump gently in an effort to stretch me further to accommodate all of his substantial shaft.

Was this my dream, my fantasy, I don't remember feeling this sort of discomfort in my dreams. The thicker end of the seals shaft had been embedded almost completely inside my hot dripping sheath and as the discomfort diminished I felt a growing warmth in my groin.

My body began to vibrate uncontrollably then I felt an electric charge course through my entire body followed by several successive crashes as my groin tightened on the glorious invading pink flesh. I screamed once again, this time with lust. lifted my entire body off the sand, except my behind which was firmly pinned by the seal.

By the time my orgasm had subsided the thrusting seal shaft had stopped moving and I felt a warm flood oozing into my stretched sheath. Moments later I felt the seals shaft retracting and with and audible plop he vacated me. I felt empty and open. The sea lion dropped his flipper to his side releasing me and I slid from his grasp breathing hard and sidled across the small space to my mother. As she hugged me I looked back at the young sea lion bull. I guessed it was both our first times and I just new I had to have him again. It took some time for me to console my mother and I finally pushed her away and looked her in the face.

“How are you baby girl did he hurt you.” she murmured through tears

“Mum I'm not a baby I'm twenty. And yes it did hurt some, but it was exciting and wonderful.”

“You don’t mean that, I saw that wild animal stick that ugly thing inside you and I herd you cry and moan.”

“I said it hurt at first but just being possessed by that powerful creature and feeling so full with his sex was a wonderful feeling, I had an orgasm while he was doing me mum and I'm not ashamed to admit it was excruciatingly great. I want to be with him again.”

“You, You, you hussy...” I saw my mothers eyes become wide and fixed somewhere behind me. I turned and there was the young bull heading my way again and I turned to face him. He moved slowly but deliberately, I wanted him again, I wanted him to fill the empty void he had left so bad.

I was a little tender inside, it was a dull ache probably caused by the driving penis tip. When I touched myself to check for any damage my hand came away sticky, at first I thought it might be blood but it was a cloudy whitish substance that could only be the leaking sea lion semen. I looked past the young bull heading my way and saw several more sea lions at the edge of the surf but they all appeared to be cows and I felt a pang of jealousy in knowing I was going to have to share this powerful stud bull with them.

By the time he reached me I was already laying on my side. Inviting my lover to me and from the red protruding penis there was no mistake he was ready as well. I lifted my leg high as he sidled up to me to show him my sex and he needed no other invitation. With surprising speed he was against me. Several probes and misses proceeded his eventual entry. The feel of his penis sliding over my naked flesh was erotic and I couldn't wait for it to slide deep into me. When it did I felt the power of my beast lover. gently he probed after several demanding thrust to seat himself then he was firing his seed deep into my body.”

I heard my mother call my name but it seemed a long way off. A shadow moved across my face, I vaguely thought it was a cloud. My ears were ringing with lust and my eyes were almost shut as I felt the first surge of semen flood deep inside me then Bang the young bull fell from me still firing his semen as he departed.

There standing above us was a huge old man bull. He had challenged the young bull for my services, for a brief moment the youngster reared up showing defiance. But he had time to way up the situation and as his species often do he decided I was not worth the pain of a hiding and scampered off some distance.

I watched the events from my position in the sand with shock and surprise. My leg and pubic hair were covered in tendrils of slimy sea lion cum. And I didn't know what would happen next.

I soon found out. The big bull satisfied he had dispatched the young bull turned and came over to me sniffing me all over. When I realised that I was going to be taken by the big bull I decided that I should assume the position for mating, I rolled onto my side just in time to see the big flipper coming down on me to drag me toward the bulky suitor.

I lifted my leg as high as I could and the Old bull moved his body placing his swollen sheath in line with my leaking slit. I had time to see the bulls sheath with his slug like penis sliding out before I was drawn against the bulk. I dug my heel in to his side as he began to probe. I could felt the ripple of his arching body as he pressed forward. Like the youngster he missed the first time and I herd my mother gasp. She was just behind me.

“Darling this ones bigger and thicker you'll never take him he'll damage you.” she hissed in whispered tones

“Mum shut up I'm scared enough, All his weight is on my right leg I'm going nowhere and there’s nothing I can do about it.” I was surprised I could make such a long speech when I was about to be taken by this monstrous sea lion, he was probably a 1000lb in weight compared to my frail 140lb. The stubby, thick, partial erection had now repositioned and the bull was again pressing into my groin seeking my vagina and I held my breath.

My hart pounded and tears started to run down my cheek. I felt disloyal to the young bull. I was his and now I was about to be taken by this older, stronger, heavier and more experienced animal. I felt the thick sea lion penis finally arrive on target and press at my opening. I bent my free leg as much as I could to take the beast. I was now spread wide waiting, enduring the pressure of his thickness at my almost virgin hole. The powerful tail muscles rippling under my foot.

The sea lions body arch and press forward, his penis shaft extended and sank into me. I gasped and began to breath rapidly in time with my thumping heart. The experience of this old campaigner showed through as he worked each thrust deep but not so deep as to heart me. It seemed like forever but it was only a minute or two maybe a little more I really didn't know or care. The thick end of his penis was wedged just inside my vagina and the any slight movement rubbed at my sensitive sheath portal. The I felt it start to build a warm heat in my belly signaled the beginnings of another orgasm. Again the clasping clawing contractions as my orgasm flowed over me and I began to thrash and scream, pounding the bull with my free fist as he continued the gentle thrusts oblivious to my blinding passion.

The adrenalin rush was so grate I was able to jerk my right leg clear of the bulls heaving bulk. I immediately clasped my legs together tightly and arched my back away from the bull so only our bellies were in contact allowing my vibrating orgasm to canter on the stimulating shaft planted firmly inside me. Now I was trapping the invading flesh in a vice like grip with my groin muscles.

This action must have bothered him because he bent down and whacked me with his head as he attempted to bight me. I’m not sure if it was from lust or pain that he did that because at that very moment he exploded inside me. The young bulls seed had flooded my insides earlier. However, this bulls discharge sprayed with force against the walls of my clasping sheath. I felt six or seven powerful discharges before the pressure of his penis head, that had been pushing the back of my sheath, eased as he tried to slide from me. For several seconds his penis was wedged, in my tight young hole. The bull dragged me for a yard or so before one last heave of his powerful hindquarters separated us with a wet sounding pop.

I was puffing from the exertion and excitement of two matings with the seals in less than fifteen minutes, probably only ten. I sat head bowed and knees raised. My belly was on fire. My hand went to my now aching, leaking vagina. The outer lips were swollen and distended I was open and squishy. My formally tight hole was now gaping open and my groin ached. Sea lion bull semen was dribbling from me in a steady stream, I cupped my hand under the dribble and lifted a palm full to my face so I could get a better look at it. It was cloudy white and felt slimy and sticky, It didn't have an odour to speak of. I went to rub my hand in the sand to remove it from my palm but for some unexplainable reason I rubbed my hands across my breast covering them in seal goo. I gasped, my nipples wear hard and sensitive and my body glowed pink.

I didn't feel my mothers hand come about my shoulders but her soothing words penetrated my foggy brain as I slowly came down from the greatest high I had had in my short life.

“I'm sorry for saying the things I said,” she whispered, “let's go to the shack and clean you up. Can you stand?” I nodded and rose unsteadily to my feet. Together we walked naked and slowly to the holiday shack. Just before we got there I stopped and turned to my mother.

“Mom I really wanted that to happen, I have dreamt of being taken by a sea lion for a long time and I wouldn't change what happened on the beach for the world. I'm happy, She patted my shoulder and we continued our slow progress to the shack.”

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