Another nextdooor niece seduces her reluctant uncle
Naughty and Nice Nextdoor Niece (Two), by JackassTales...Tale # 23…This story is a follow-up to a tale I told nearly a year ago on this site. Readers don’t have to read the first part first. I believe this story can stand on its own. This month marks my 1st anniversary as a writer on this site. I’ve enjoyed all the helpful critiques I’ve received (of course, I love all the good reviews best). Please feel free to critique and comment on this story. If you’d like to read part one of N&NNN (or any of my other tales) then click on the JackassTales name above. I’ve had a good time this past year thanks in large part to XNXX, its writers, and especially its readers.

Naughty and Nice Nextdoor Niece (Two)

I stepped out of the steaming shower and rubbed myself briskly with a bath towel. I hated using the showers at the gym. So, after my workout, I came home to get cleaned up. I had a glimpse of myself in the full length bathroom mirror. Looking back at me was a guy who had just turned 40. A voice in my head silently said, “Hell, you’re still in pretty good shape!”

I was giving some serious thought to pumping my meat. My cock was only at half staff now, but it wouldn’t take much to bring it to life. I had a date later and I was expecting to get some pussy. I’d never had much trouble getting all the pussy I wanted. I knew I had enough manly virility to pump away now and still be able to recover enough for some serious pussy business later.

Before I could finish my thought, I heard a knocking at my backdoor. I wrapped the bath towel around my waist and went to see who it was. I guess I ought to have at least put on my pants, but I didn’t.

I opened the door. An energetic, breezy whirlwind of a girl dashed inside. Words spilled from the girl’s mouth, “Uncle Jake, you’d better close the door quick. There’s a storm coming. Mom made Meggie and me get out of the pool.”

In the space of a few seconds, my mind processed what it was seeing. My sister Beth and her two girls lived next door to me. This was the youngest girl, Jenny. I’d been to this girl’s 12th birthday party last month. My niece was standing in my kitchen wearing nothing but a hot-pink, string bikini.

Curse my wicked soul to Hell, but my cock sprang to full erection as soon my eyes saw her! Young, yes she was, but damn, she had a curvaceous preteen feminine body! Whoever it was that said “pretty things come in small packages” must have been picturing this girl.

Jenny’s stringy-wet brown hair was hanging down her back. Her wet bikini was plastered to her body. The girl laid a book on the kitchen table. She turned to me and said, “Mom told me to bring this cookbook over to you.”

Without taking my eyes off the girl, I said, “Thank you, Jenny. If there’s a storm coming, maybe you better run back home.”

The girl quickly replied, “Oh no, Uncle Jake it’s not here yet. Can I stay a little while? There’s something I’d like to talk to you about.”

My eyes noticed that her eyes were staring at my towel. I looked down and saw my horny erection tenting the thick cloth covering my loins. Oh shit! What must the girl be thinking? I answered the question she’d asked, “Sure Jenny, you can stay. But, let me go put some clothes on. Ok? I’ll be right back.”

As I turned away, Jenny’s head came up and her voice frantically implored, “Oh no, Uncle Jake please don’t go and put clothes on! I mean…I mean… Well, that’s what I want to talk to you about!”

Startled, I stopped in my tracks and turn back to face the girl. With a puzzling tone in my voice, I asked, “What do you mean? Why don’t you want me to get dressed?”

Jenny’s head bowed slightly. With a soft, demure voice she answered shyly, “Well… Well, Uncle Jake, I want to talk to you about… about… sex!”

I wouldn’t have been more surprised if this young girl had hit me in the head with a two-by-four. Why, I was just her old bachelor uncle. Girls are supposed to talk about sex with their mothers. I’ll just tell her so, “Jenny, you’d better have ‘the talk’ with your mother. I know Beth would talk to you candidly.”

Jenny giggled. She laughed. Emboldened with merriment, she said, “Oh Uncle Jake, Mom and I have already had ‘the talk’. I don’t want to talk the talk. I want to walk the walk. I want to…to ‘have sex’. My sister told me to talk to you about it. Meggie says that you have a special way with ‘teaching’ young girls!”

Hell, things were happening that shouldn’t be happening. Forbidden words were spoken. I was wondering about what I was supposed to say in a situation like this. My eyes betrayed me and I looked more closely at the bikini-clad girl. The pink top half was filled with small, prepubescent mounds. The bottom was one of those skimpy coverings with bows tied at the sides. Those bow ribbons seem to be begging, “Untie me, untie me.”

Damn my wicked soul to hell, I was mentally untying the thin bows! My mind was already pulling the bikini off the young lady. I shook my head to rid my mind of these evil, sinful thoughts. I stared at my niece and questioned, “Meggie told you to talk to me? Why would she do that?”

A demure smile lit the girl’s face. She answered boldly, “Meggie and I don’t keep secrets from each other. She told me that you…that she was a virgin like me yesterday morning, but she wasn’t after you…after you played with her. She said you made her feel so good with your hands and your mouth. And, she said you made her really feel good with the thing between your legs. Can I see it, Uncle Jake? Meggie said it’s the prettiest thing in this world!”

Oh shit Meggie why did you have to tell our little secret! Well, I better set her young sister straight. My words came sternly, “Listen here little girl, you don’t need to do everything your sister does. Just because she seduced me doesn’t mean you have to. Besides, what I did with Meggie was a mistake. I’ll never do that again with a young girl! Now Jenny, you grow up a little more and then we’ll talk again. When you’re a little older you’ll have boys begging to get into your pants!”

Jenny spoke insistently, “But Uncle Jake, I don’t want to wait! I want to do something now. I want to do it with you! I’m only two years younger than Meggie. All the boys we know are clumsy imbeciles. Meggie told me what to do if you get stubborn. She said you like pussies with no hair. Well, my pussy is as bare as the day I was born. I’ll show you!”

Before I could voice any objections, the girl slipped out of her bikini top and then untied the bikini panty bows. She let the pink garments fall to the floor. In a flash she hopped up onto my kitchen table. She leaned back on her arms and spread her legs. She whispered seductively, “How’s this, Uncle Jake? Is my pussy bare enough for you? Will you touch it and do things to it like you did with Meggie’s?”

Goddamnit, why do these little girls insist upon growing up so fast? She really needs to wait a few years for sex. I’ll tell her so. Yes I will. I’ll tell her just that. But, I’ll go ahead and have a quick look at her naked young body first.

I took two steps toward her and allowed my eyes to roam. Jenny was telling the truth about her pussy being bare. Why, there wasn’t a hair on her body anywhere but her head! The girl was young for a fact, but she had all the right feminine parts in all the right places.

There on her chest were two luscious little breasts just begging for a hand to cup them. Hell, the tits were so small that they’d probably fit in a teacup with room to spare! Tiny tits or not, they were perfectly shaped, petite body ornamentations. God, they were beautiful baby doll boobs!

And, speaking of beautiful body ornaments, the area between her outstretched legs was decorated with a hypnotically mesmerizing, bare-nude pussy mound all puffed out proud and full. The little girl pussy had a tantalizing slit running down the center of its splendidly shaped mound. The tight slit concealed any hint of a clitoral jewel which might be hidden within its folds. My mind silently said, “I bet this girl has a pretty little clit!”

Jenny must have been reading my mind. The wanton little wench took her fingers and spread her pussy folds wide. Goddamnit I was right! The girl’s tiny clitoral protrusion jutted out stiffly. Right below the clit were small, pink, wing-shaped inner pussy lips which led my eyes to a vaginal hole.

This girl was proudly displaying the fruits of her feminine loins to her ‘old’ bachelor uncle. Temptation nearly overpowered me. God, my mouth, my lips, and my tongue were begging me to let them eat my niece’s pussy! My cock was pleading to be allowed inside the enticing, exotically stimulating little vaginal hole!

I nearly reached out to take hold of the feminine treasure offered to me, but my mind rebelled and I heatedly said, “Shit Jenny, I can’t do this to my little girl niece! I can’t fuck you! I’m going to get dressed. You get your sweet ass off the table and take it home!”

I turned and took two steps toward the hallway door. Jenny jumped off the table, but she didn’t go. Her preteen voice shouted angrily, “No! My ‘sweet ass’ and I are not leaving! Uncle Jake, you ‘are’ going to fuck me! I’ll rape you if I have to, but I’m going to get fucked!”

Ignoring the girl, I continued walking down the hallway. Unperturbed by my denial, Jenny ran to follow me. I’d reached the door to my bedroom when the wicked, determined little vixen grabbed the back of my towel and ripped it off my body.

Instinctively I turned and grabbed the towel back. Jenny let go too easily. What was she up to? The impish little sex fiend grabbed my cock with a two-handed hold and held on with all her might. She spoke irately, “Damnit Uncle Jake, don’t ignore me! Please, at least let me play with this thing for a few minutes. Meggie said it was beautiful and god she was right! She told me how to play with it and suck it. Will you let me?”

Hell, I was tempted to give in. But, I couldn’t compound yesterday’s niece-fucking mistake by fucking another innocent niece today! I summoned strength and said, “No girl you can’t. If I let you start something, I wouldn’t be able to stop. Please Jenny, let go of my cock and go home.”

Stubbornly determined to have her way, Jenny jerked on my cock and screamed, “If you don’t fuck me, I’ll tell Mom that you fucked Meggie! She will slap your ‘little-girl’ fucking ass in jail!”

Despite the temperamental anger of this girl’s threat, I smiled and then laughed. I looked at her triumphantly and said, “Ok little tattletale, you go ahead and tell your mom! I’m sure my sister will understand.”

Dejected, Jenny pouted and said, “Oh yeah, I forgot. Meggie said that you fucked Mom yesterday, too. I heard them talking about how much fun they had. Oh Uncle Jake, I want to have fun, too! Can’t you do it for me?”

I loved my young niece. She was usually a very sweet girl. This sexual aggressiveness was uncharacteristic of her easygoing nature. And truthfully, I’d like nothing better than to fuck the sweet innocence out of her. But, I had made too many ‘fucking’ mistakes yesterday. I couldn’t make one today. I said, “I’m sorry honey, I just can’t do it.”

Jenny let go of my cock with one hand and began slapping my chest with the other. She shrieked angrily, “Damn you, damn you, damn you Uncle Jake! I want you to fuck me! If I was stronger than you, I ‘would’ rape you!”

Suddenly, Jenny’s rage subsided. Her face lit with a smile. A thought had popped into her mind. This time, it was she who spoke triumphantly, “Uncle Jake, does Dad know you fucked Meggie? Does he know you fucked Mom?”

Unspeaking, I stared at my threatening young niece. I knew Jenny was smart. She was a straight A student in school. Beauty and brains, this girl had it all. But, surely she wouldn’t tell…would she? I said, “You listen here little miss, you’d better mind your own damn business!”

Jenny angrily retorted, “This is my damn business! I want to get fucked! Mister, if you don’t fuck me then I’ll tell Dad what you did! He will get his shotgun and shoot your niece-fucking, sister-fucking, wife-fucking ass full of buckshot!”

Goddamn me to hell, the girl had me! I knew she was not making an idle threat. She was stubborn enough to do it if she didn’t get what she wanted. She was also correct in saying what she did about her father. That man would take a shotgun to my ass and I wouldn’t blame him one damn bit!

Jenny let go of my cock and stepped back. She brushed past me and entered my bedroom. The naked, preteen girl sat on the edge of my bed and demanded, “Uncle Jake, get your ass and your big beautiful cock over here and fuck me!”

Reluctantly, I approached the bed and dropped to my knees between Jenny’s opened legs. I had to try to dissuade her at least once more. I said, “Are you sure about this, Jenny? This is not the right way to get fucked. You are using blackmail to ‘rape’ me. You will be making me have ‘statutory rape’ with you.”

Jenny’s stubborn head shook side to side as she chanted, “I don’t care, I don’t care, I don’t care! I want you to fuck me like you fucked Meggie and Mom! I want you to make me feel the pleasures you made them feel.”

Finally, I accepted the fact that I was going to have to fuck this girl. Well hell, if I ‘have to’ do it, then I may as well enjoy it! I pushed Jenny back onto the bed and said, “Hang onto your sweet ass little girl because here I come!”

First of all, I wanted some of that tender young pussy I’d been drooling over when Jenny was lying on the kitchen table. I kissed the soft flesh of her nude pussy mound. I kissed and licked every delectable inch of the bare flesh from her thighs to her pussy lips.

Next, I spread the swollen pussy lips and captured the clitoral jewel between my lips. I licked and sucked the rigid little girlie-girl treasure. Jenny’s preteen clit stiffened in an effort to accept my vicious oral assault. My tongue flicked and licked feverously. I explored with the spit-wet slippery wetness of my tongue and mouth.

I cupped my tongue to stiffen it and plunged it into the hot-pink opening to Jenny’s vaginal hole. My little girl niece had not yet reached the full age of puberty so her young female body did not yet produce very much feminine moisture. I licked and lapped all the wetness I could get. Jenny was whimpering and sighing.

My stiffened tongue probed into the girl’s pussy hole until it hit upon a barrier. I was touching Jenny’s virginal hymen. I tickled and tested the firmness of this obstacle, but it didn’t break. I pushed against it forcibly and heard the girl’s whining protests. Jenny said, “That hurts.”

I pulled my mouth away from the girl’s pussy, looked at her, and said, “That hurts, hell! Jenny, you just wait until I get my big cock in that little hole and burst it through your hymen! That’s when you can say ‘it hurts’. So, do you want me to stop now?”

Jenny answered quickly, “Oh no, no, no, no, no don’t stop! The good-good feelings are worth the little bit of pain. I didn’t know that getting my pussy eaten would feel so wonderful. Oh Uncle Jake, you’re a really good pussy-eater! You can eat me all you want.”

So, I went back and had another helping of sweet hot virginal pussy. I tongue-fucked Jenny’s little pussy with a euphoric, horny delight. My cock was pulsating with excitement just knowing that soon it would have a chance to be inside the tight, young vaginal tunnel.

After temporarily satisfying my pussy lust, I kissed Jenny’s Venus mound and kissed my way up her belly to her tits. I sat her up a little and attacked the girl’s tender young breasts with my mouth, lips, teeth, and tongue. Nubile little nipple nubs hardened as I played with them. Jenny whispered, “Are my tits too small? Meggie’s tits are not much bigger, but she said you like small ones. Do you like mine?”

My voice huskily replied, “Jenny babe, your tits are fine. I like big boobs, mid-size boobs, and little ones, too. For a preteen girl, you have really nice ones. Now, of course I like your pussy best of all! You and your sister have really nice little-girl pussies to play with and eat. I like kissing Meggie sweet, soft lips. Do you think you can kiss me, too?”

Jenny scooted away from the edge of the bed, patted the spot next to her, and said, “Lie down here, Uncle Jake. I’ll show you what I know about kissing.”

I sprang up from the floor and lay on the bed beside the girl. Jenny jumped astride my naked body and sat her ass on my cock. This naughty young child was light as a feather. I’d guess her weight to be about ten pounds lighter than her sister Meggie’s 90 pounds.

Jenny leaned forward and kissed my flat belly. Her kisses traveled up to my chest and then to my neck. The girl then began kissing my cheeks and lips. Damn, this girl-kid knew how to kiss! Jenny had a virginal pussy that had never been touched, but hell, she had luscious lips which were well experienced at kissing! As her skilled, hot, wet lips worked their erotic magic kissing mine, I began wondering about all the boys she’d kissed. In a way, I guess I was a little jealous of them.

I lost track of time while kissing this playful little niece of mine. The girl tongue-fucked my mouth with an expertise which belied her youthful age. Hell, this child of 12 kissed as well as many full grown women did! My arms encircled her skinny waist and pulled her lithe young body against mine. Her preteen tits flattened out on my hard chest. My wandering hands played with her back and her silky smooth ass.

I wondered about something and my questioning mind spoke aloud, “Jenny babe, you’ve got a really nice set of lips and mighty fine mouth. You said earlier that Meggie had told you how to kiss and suck a man’s cock. Girl, you said you wanted to play with my cock and suck it. Are you ready to do it now?”

Without answering, Jenny scooted down the length of my body. Her small, feminine hands grabbed my cock and began to play. Her short fingers couldn’t completely encircle my swollen shaft. Yet, she played and played. Not one inch of my engorged meat went untouched. My balls were squeezed, juggled, and bounced. Fingers ran through my pubic hairs combing, pulling, and tugging. Jenny’s voice heatedly proclaimed, “Oh god, its more wonderful than I imagined it would be! Uncle Jake, I’m going to kiss it now.”

And that’s just what she did. The girl began kissing my meaty shaft. Her warm, wet lips and tongue kissed and licked with a frenzy of cock-hungry desire. The girl’s lips were moving so frenziedly that the head of my cock slipped into her mouth. At first, the girl recoiled in fright. This was what she wanted to do, but she’d never done it before. She wanted to do it right.

That young niece of mine was game to try anything. Jenny leaned forward and plopped the head of my cock back into her mouth. She licked and sucked awkwardly. Jenny was inexperienced and na? for sure, but the girl had been instructed in what to do by her sister. She made her mouth release a flood of saliva which lubricated the rigid rod she was sucking on.

Before I knew it, Jenny’s head was bobbing up and down on my spit-lubricated shaft. My wet cock was disappearing deeper and deeper into my niece’s tight, young mouth. Goddamn, it felt good!

Jenny’s mouth, lips, and tongue were dripping wet with cock sucking enjoyment. My shaft was imbedded in the girl’s cock-hungry oral cavity and she was refusing to let go of it.

Oh goddamnit, a man’s mind is not wired to handle this much cock sucking pleasure! I let Jenny play just a little while longer, but then I grabbed her long brown hair and forcibly pulled her head away from my throbbing manhood. My voice was none too gentle when I said, “Damnit Jenny, if you want me to fuck you, then hell, you’d better stop sucking me!”

Jenny stopped sucking and sat up in the bed. Again, she jumped astride my body. She wickedly said, “No, Uncle Jake you are not going to fuck me! If you’re going to accuse me of ‘rape’, then I’m going to fuck you!”

This untamed, wild-child vixen bent towards my cock and drenched the head and shaft with globs of slippery-wet saliva. She put her fingers into her mouth, wet them good, and applied several fingers full of the same slippery lubricant inside the opening in her pretty, puffed pussy lips.

Grabbing my rigid cock, Jenny positioned her pussy directly over my shaft. Slowly, she lowered her body until she had her pussy impaled on the tip of my cock head. She sat still as her virginal hymen pushed against my stiffened rod. Suddenly, the little girl in her came out in a frightened voice, “Will it hurt very, very much, Uncle Jake? I want to feel good, I want to fuck you, but I think I’m scared. Your cock is too big for my little pussy. Maybe I shouldn’t do it…”

Goddamnit, the little cockteaser wasn’t going to stop now! My cock was swollen to the bursting point with lust and pussy hunger. I answered the girl angrily, “You bet your sweet ass it will hurt! But girl, when you set out to rape a man then you can’t stop when you’re halfway into it already!”

I reached up and grabbed two hands full of soft, little girl ass. I jerked the ass and the girl towards me violently. The rainstorm Jenny had warned me about earlier was now ragging outside. A clap of thunder masked Jenny’s scream as my stiffened cock pierced the girl’s virginal hymen.

Jenny pulled up and away, but my strong arms pulled her back down. She jumped up again and again I pulled her down. Each time the girl jumped, her wet pussy slid up and down on the slippery shaft of my spit-lubricated cock. After several painful thrusts, I relaxed my grip on her ass.

Just as I’d hoped, Jenny was now past the point of pain. Pleasurable sensations overruled discomfort. She was now bucking and jumping voluntarily. Her pussy and the cock buried within it were joined together in a race for orgasmic relief.

Jenny was riding me hard. She’d said she was going to fuck me, and fuck me she was. This was my ‘first time’ as a reluctant ‘rape’ victim. Well hell, I guess I was raping this little girl, too!

Rape…? Statutory rape…? Consensual sexual coupling…? What words mattered now? It was too damn late to put a stop to this incestuous wickedness. I could feel the beginnings of an orgasm gurgling in my testicle sack. Jenny too was past the point of stopping. She was giggling, whimpering, moaning, and crying all at the same time.

While the girl wildly rode my cock, I let go of her ass and grabbed her bouncy little tits. I massaged them, played with them, and wished that I could have them in my mouth. I could feel the orgasm moving from my balls into the shaft of my cock. Jenny was squealing and I knew her orgasms were near. The two of us were grunting and groaning with animalistic lust.

An unexpected voice interrupted our sexual ravings, “Hi Uncle Jake, do you mind if we watch? It looks like you two are having lots of fun!”

Startled, I turned my head towards the sound. I could see that Jenny’s sister Meggie and her friend Pricilla had come in out of the storm. The rain-soaked girls were still dressed in their bathing suits. They were standing beside my bed with broad smiles enlivening their faces.

My first thought was to throw Jenny and her pussy off my cock and run away and hide from the girls’ prying, tattletale eyes. Sensing my uncertainty, Meggie said, “Oh no Uncle Jake, don’t stop fucking Jenny! Go ahead and have your fun, we just want to watch. I knew Jenny was going to try to get you in bed and I told Prissy about it. She wanted us to ‘sneak’ over to watch, but I told her you wouldn’t care if we did see you. You don’t mind, do you?”

I didn’t know what to say, so I said nothing. Hell, I was so close to having an orgasm inside my little girl niece’s pussy that I wouldn’t have minded if the girl’s mom and dad themselves were watching! I kept right on pounding into the pussy and Jenny kept on riding me. She paid no attention to the other girls.

Jenny began shrieking ecstatically as her orgasms began. This girl had never had a cock-fucking orgasm before. My young niece was having the time of her life. Hell, I was, too!

I began cumming inside Jenny’s tight, hot, wet pussy. Cock-rocking orgasms were blowing my mind. From the corner of my eye I saw Prissy slip her hand inside Meggie’s bright red bikini bottom. Meggie stuck her hand inside Prissy’s coral blue swimsuit. The horny 14 year old girls were cupping and fingering each others pussies.

My seminal cream shot from my cock in a hot, pressurized stream. Damn, I was having an incredibly fantastic orgasm! Jenny was, too. She shrieked again when my wet semen filled her vaginal cavity. She was having one orgasm after another.

Despite having orgasms that were taking me to a place of delightful bliss, I noticed that Meggie and Prissy had slipped off their bathing suits. The two girls were now kissing and fondling each others sexy young teen bodies.

Jenny screamed joyfully one more time and then fell forward onto my chest. My cock squirted one last drop of seminal fire into the girl’s preteen pussy and then I too lay still.

The girls stopped kissing and fondling. Meggie rubbed Jenny’s back soothingly while Prissy rubbed her ass. Meggie asked, “Sister dear, was that as good as I told you it would be? Isn’t Uncle Jake just the best pussy-eater and pussy-fucker in the world?”

Prissy grabbed one of Meggie’s nipples and squeezed viciously. She wailed, “Hey girlfriend, what about me? I thought you told me that I was your favorite pussy-eater!”

Meggie turned, kissed Prissy, and said, “Doll, you’re my favorite ‘girl’ to eat my pussy, but my Uncle Jake is my favorite ‘man’ to eat me. I love you girl, but you just don’t have a big beautiful cock to fuck me with! I love having my uncle’s cock inside my pussy!”

I rose from the bed and cradled sweet Jenny in my arms. I looked at the other girls and said, “I’m going to clean myself and Jenny up a little bit in the bathroom. If you two girls want to use my bed to settle your disputes then go for it.”

The girls jumped on the bed and began wrestling, tickling, and teasing. I carried Jenny to the bathroom where we had a bath. We needed it. Our bodies were covered with sex sweat, saliva, virginal blood, and dripping cum.

As Jenny and I came out of the bathroom, we saw Meggie and Prissy lying on the bed. Prissy was under Meggie. The girl was getting her pussy eaten by Meggie. At the other end of the bed, Prissy’s mouth was licking and sucking Meggie’s pussy.

The sight of the two naked pussy-eating girls made my cock stiffen again. Unbelievably, my seminal fires were reignited. Jenny saw my shaft swelling. She grabbed hold, squeezed, and pumped until my cock was swollen to a rock-hard rigidity.

Jenny whispered in my ear, “I’d like you to fuck me again sometime soon, Uncle Jake, but right now I’m a little sore. If you want some more pussy right now, why don’t you fuck Meggie? Look, her ass is pointing straight up at you on the edge of the bed. If you push Prissy’s face aside, you could stand up and get your cock into Meggie’s pussy.”

Jenny led me to the bed. She dropped to her knees in front of me and again coated my swollen shaft with her slippery saliva. She turned to the bed and used one hand to push Prissy’s face away from the pussy she was sucking. With her other hand, Jenny guided my cock to her sister’s vaginal opening.

I entered Meggie’s pussy slowly. With the aid of Jenny’s saliva, Prissy’s pussy-sucking saliva, and Meggie’s own feminine wetness, my cock slid effortlessly deep into my niece’s pussy.

If Meggie was surprised, she didn’t say so. She accepted the cock intruder into her pussy with uttering one complaint. In order to keep Prissy happy, she kept on eating the girl’s cunt.

One mouth, two pussies, and one cock developed a cunt-sucking, pussy-fucking rhythm. Meggie sucked cunt and I fucked pussy.

With slow and steady thrusts the entire length of my stiffened cock penetrated deep into my niece’s blistering hot, wet vaginal hole. Once again, I found myself enjoying the rhythmic thrill of young pussy fucking fun. I could tell that Meggie was having a good time, too. Her short, skinny legs quivered. Her pussy muscles latched onto my swollen shaft and tugged and squeezed.

I was a little confused by what Prissy was doing. This girl was the only teenage lesbian I knew. Hell, I didn’t even know that Meggie played for both teams! Incredibly, I felt Prissy’s tongue licking my balls which were dangling in front of her face. Her mouth was kissing and sucking my testicle sack enthusiastically.

Shit, I didn’t mind getting my balls sucked by a gender-confused lesbian! It was just adding pleasure to the pussy-fucking fun I was having. I continued pumping slowly into Meggie’s cunt for awhile, but pussy hunger demanded that I push harder and faster. I began pounding my rigid-hard meat into the young girl’s pussy with rapid thrusts.

At long last, my cock was able to satisfy my niece’s cravings for orgasms. Meggie began cumming. Oh, I knew this girl was cumming hard! Her hot, young pussy sprayed my loins with female cum. I began cumming, too. Just to be fair, I sprayed the insides of her pussy with what little semen and sperm I had left in my testicle sack.

Meggie and I delighted in shared orgasms. We let their joys and thrills join our hearts and bodies in a bond of forbidden lust. An earthquake of cock-shaking, cunt- quivering orgasms rattled and shook our bodies. Blissful aftershocks followed, one after another.

Catching her breath, Meggie attacked Prissy’s pussy with her mouth. At the same time, I pumped my cock into my niece’s pussy a few more times. Prissy was cumming now. She squealed with orgasmic pleasure. Meggie began having another round of orgasms.

Here I was again with my cock coated with a sticky mess of cunt and cock juices mixed with saliva. Meggie’s pussy was dripping cum and saliva onto Prissy’s face.

Little Jenny, my sweet blackmailing niece, was the only one of us not a sticky mess. Despite her cleanliness, Jenny followed me and the girls back to the bathroom. She jumped into my jacuzzi tub with me and the other two nude girls. We four frolicked and played while we washed our bodies. We tickled and teased. We kissed and fondled each others nude flesh.

The water temperature wasn’t the only thing steaming-hot in my tub. My stimulated testosterone and the three girl’s raging feminine hormones were stirring up a tubful of sexual fever. I played with three pussies and six tits and kissed three pairs of sweet, luscious lips. Six feminine hands grabbed and groped my cock and balls.

After playing with the girls for awhile, I found myself holding a girl in my lap. It just happened to be Prissy. While I played with her busty, firm tits and her young teen pussy, I asked, “Hey Prissy, I thought you were a confirmed lesbian, aren’t you? Didn’t the girls tell me that you didn’t like boys?”

Prissy blushed self-consciously. She answered intensely, “Oh, I don’t like boys! At least, I didn’t think I did. Boys are stupid, immature, uncaring imbeciles! I guess men are different. Mr…Jake, you are a man and I’ve seen first-hand just how loving and caring you are with girls. I’ve watched you fuck Jenny and Meggie. Oh Jake, what you did to them was beautiful and sexy! Oh god, I was wishing you were fucking me!”

Meggie and Jenny both spoke at the same time. Their overlapping words echoed, “Prissy, do you want Uncle Jake to fuck you now? Uncle Jake, will you do it for her? She’s never had a cock inside her pussy, but we know she wants yours. Don’t you, Prissy?”

Again, Prissy blushed. Yet, the girl recovered, raised her head, and answered bluntly, “Yes, I want Jake to fuck me! But, but…I’m still a virgin. I thought I was a lesbian until today. I’ve only had sex with two girls, counting Meggie, and neither of them took my cherry. Jake, you can have it if you want it. Do you?”

My answer came honestly, “Want it…? Hell Prissy, I love young pussies! I especially like cherries. I’ve had Meggie’s cherry and I’ve had Jenny’s, too. Young lady, I’d love to have yours! But, girlie-girl, I’m not sure if I can get my cock to stand up for another pussy-fucking right now!”

Meggie and Jenny giggled and said, “Uncle Jake, what’s that big thing standing up between Prissy’s legs? Why, it’s a big, hard cock! Uncle Jake, your cock is standing up plenty hard enough to fuck Prissy! Go for it!”

So, go for it, I did! I picked up the soaking wet, nude teenager from the tub and carried her back to my bed. With my pussy-hungry, swollen-hard, meaty cock, I deflowered another young pussy. Jenny and Meggie helped me enjoy Prissy’s virginal sacrifice. One girl was milking my balls and the other was kissing my ass. Together, another teen girl and I shared in the wondrous ecstasy of orgasms. Our squishy, squashy cunt and cock juices made another mess on our clean bodies.

Once again, an unexpected voice came through the doorway to my bedroom. Looking to the side, I saw Meggie and Jenny’s mother, my sister Beth. The first thought to enter my head said, “Damnit Jake, you’re going to have to start locking your doors when you fuck pussies!”

Beth had her hands planted firmly on her well-shaped, bikini-clad hips, but her mouth was smiling. Finally, my stunned mind heard the words she was saying, “When you young ladies get through with fucking my brother, please let me know. I’d like to take my turn with him in his bed!”

Damn, it seems like I was going to have to cancel my plans for my pussy date later today! Oh well, I guess three horny young girls and a smoking-hot sister can provide a man with all the pussy he needs!

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