My wife Stepdaughter and Me part 2

Allow me to set this up a little better. Our bedroom is on the second floor with a smaller room down and across the hall. This is the bedroom of the 14 year old so she had access to our room without her brother and sister’s knowledge and sometime us.

It was 6 days after our first encounter and a Friday night, after dinner and a movie the kids went to bed about 9:30. My wife and I stayed up for a couple of drinks. We had several rum and cokes and had a good buzz going. With the wife playing with me a little to set the mood I knew what she had in mind.
While the wife went to the bathroom to freshen up, I went upstairs to our room to get comfortable and get ready for some hot sex. To my surprise we had company, for on the bed lay the 14 year old asleep and naked. One arm over her head, and the other hand between her legs. Thanks to the soft glow of the night light I could see her shaved pussy and her juices glisten as they ran down over her shaved pussy lips. Standing there looking at this I took off my pajamas, as I always sleep nude, my fully erect 8 inch cock sprang out screaming for action.

I remember thinking what could be taking my wife so long, as I reached down and lightly ran my finger between her lips and through her juices. Her juice was so sweet as I sucked my finger and gazed at her naked body and slightly open wet pussy. Humm still no wife! Knowing that there was to be no contact unless we were all present, I reluctantly reached back down to get another taste of her juices. I slowly and gently ran my finger in between her lips, as my finger traveled through her pussy lips she slid forward pushing my finger into her. I didn’t know what to do given the situation, as she started to rock back and forth on my finger. She pushed in until I could feel her hymn at my finger tip; she started moving faster and was slightly moaning. Just as she was about to cum I heard “are we having fun yet?” Shit, man busted I thought, as I pulled my finger out of that tight virgin pussy and looked over to my wife. She was standing in the doorway naked rubbing here pussy with one hand and squeezing her left tit with the other. “What are you doing” was the next question. I started to explain and was told “no I think she is about to cum you need to make her cum” I turned back to the 14 year old stuck my finger back into her waiting pussy. I watched in amazement as she slowly rode my finger then two.

My wife approached slowly, watching me finger fuck her daughter as she made her way to the side of the bed. To my amazement she started playing and sucking her daughters budding tits. Reaching my left arm out I imbedded three fingers into my wife’s love canal. My cock at this point was pulsating and it was not even being touched, then it happened, the daughter had an orgasm like I have never seen before. The projectile squirts went up to my forearm. I removed my finger from her pussy and my wife’s. I moved up beside the daughter and placed my cock near her mouth which was eagerly received. I licked her juices from my arm not paying attention to anything but the oral I was receiving. It was like she was cock starved at 14 she was going wild with it. I told her I was going to cum, she held on and took a little more of my cock into her mouth. One final squeeze of my ball sack and I squirted a huge load into her mouth, I could see there was too much for her as she spit my cock out, while still squirting on her neck and tits. Tits, wait a minute where is my wife? To my surprise my wife was between her daughters legs eating her pussy driving her teenage daughter wild.

My wife knowing I shot a load into her daughter’s mouth quickly slid up and licked the drippings from her daughter’s tits, neck and mouth. Excusing myself to use the bathroom, my head was spinning, wondering what the hell was going on and why this was happening. I never once had the though of this cross my mind. How was I going to face my wife and stepdaughter again? Upon my return to the bedroom I found my wife lying on her back, knees up in the air and her daughter eating the pussy of her own mom. My cock sprang back to life and stood rigid as I present it to my wife who opened her mouth took almost all of it. She worked my cock for about five minutes then maneuvered it out of her mouth asking me to take care of the daughter. With the daughters ass in the air and her tongue imbedded deeply in her mothers pussy I went around back and started to eat the 14 year old, as I tongued the girl her movements showed her approval she went wild bucking and moaning. The daughter lifted her head from her mother’s crotch and said “fuck me I want you in me” I could not believe my ears! I kept eating her virgin pussy not wanting to pull away from that tender morsel. “I said fuck me damn it”. Hesitating for a minute my wife replied “Jesus Christ fuck her she has been wanting you to do it for the last 2 months.”

The daughter slid up to her mom and they were on top of one another, belly to belly with mom on the bottom. Perfectly aligned I thought pussy to pussy. I slowly maneuvered into position and drove my pulsating cock deep into the mothers waiting pussy; she was so wet it met with little resistance. After fucking her for awhile I turned my attention the daughter. Slowly removing my cock from my wife I realigned it up on the daughter. She slid back towards me hoisting her ass in the air and burying her face in her mother’s pussy. I gently spread her shaved lips with my fingers and slowly eased the head of my cock into her fuck canal. As the daughter was passionately kissing and tonguing her mother’s hot pussy I pushed forward through her tight virgin pussy until I hit her hymn. My cock felt like it was in a vise as I slowly pushed in and out stopping short of popping her cherry. The combination of me fucking her daughter and her 14 year old eating her pussy caused my wife to cum all over her daughters face. Deep down in my sack a rumbling was occurring and I pulled out of her fuck hole, I took aim and shot my load on the daughter’s ass and back.

Totally spent we laid there for a few minutes head reeling and minds wondering. The stepdaughter got out of bed saying she was going to her room to get some sleep saying “ I will be back” and she sure was.

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screw the spelling, somebody call the copes.

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you are still using "the stepdaughter". give a name. even a fake one is better than that

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holy shit people how can you not like this story and by the way shut your fuckin mouths spelling doesn't count. also you guys need to chill if you don't like it stop reading it gosh.

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holy shit people how can you not like this story and bynthe way shut you fuckin mouths spelling doesn't count. also younguys need to chill if you don't like it stop reading it gosh.

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