“Alright I’m about to get in the shower so if anyone needs to use the bathroom, now is the time!” a resounding “no” followed. Then my sister Britteny came up and went in the bathroom. “Hey whets goin on?” I asked “Nothin really” she replied then locked the door. There was a pause, “so what can I do for you??” I asked, curious as to why she was in the bathroom and then locked the door. She said “Well do ya want me to give you another blowjob or not??” and then I remembered…

Alright, I guess I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s Quentin Tarantino it shall we? It first started, this whole blowjob from my sister thing two years ago, mid April so it’s almost the anniversary. If I remember correctly I almost 18 at the time and I was sittin in my room strokin it to XNXX. All is well and I’m literally two strokes away from cumin when I hear my then 14 year old sister runnin up the stairs. Before I have time to react she opens the door right as I start to cum, and I hadnt rubbed one off in a while so there was alot. Shes standin there watchin me, and my climax wont stop and it got the best of me cause I didnt even try to hide it. When I came back to earth and realized that she was still there, I got really freaked out and tried to cover myself, she started walkin towards me while her eyes were still fixated at my cock. She asked me what I was doin and what was the white stuff on my hand and jeans. I started to explain to her the whole masturbation theory and the white stuff was called semen. And that when a guy pleasures himself in this way for a certain amount of time, he ejaculates producing semen.

That’s when she started laughin. I was confused to say the least. I asked her why she was laughin and she told me she was laughin because of the answer I had given her. And I was still confused. So I said to her that what I said was true. She said back to me “I know its true, I just find it funny that you tried to explain it to me in a very adult manner.” (Keep in mind that my sister is verbally and mentally mature for her age. I’d say for her being 134 she has the vocabulary of a 18 year old and the mentality of one too. She has a tight young body but is developing early for her age. About 5'6" close to C cup tits and a very firm tight ass too. Naturally tan body and dark brown hair like myself. It’s an Italian thing. Plays alot of sports and stays very active so that helps.) And I replied, “Well how else should I explain it?” She says to me, “You were jerkin off and you blew your load, and a big load it was.” What can I say, I have big balls and it has been awhile.” I said. Then I added, “How do you know about those words and what they mean?” She laughs and asks me if I really wanted to know how she knew what those words mean. And I nodded my head. She calmly says, “When I come home from school, and I’m bored, I go over to dad’s house and jerk him off. Sometimes when his friends are over and they are drinkin together, I jerk them off too. Sometimes into my mouth and I swallow it, other times into a glass and drink it, but most times right onto my face then I have them push it into my mouth with their cocks”

My jaw fuckin dropped, right to the fuckin floor. Then she takes my hand, pulls it towards her mouth and licks the cum off and says “Mhmm, your cum tastes really good John, must be all the fruit you eat. Now I’m not gonna lie, I’ve always thought she was a cute girl and I jacked off once or twice picturing she was suckin me off, and it was because she would always dress soo scantily clad around the house too. Short shorts that you could see the outline of her ass and panties and a tube top that just barely covered her tits. But shes 14 so nothing is ever going to happen and when I would say that I’d be back in reality. Now I’m sittin here tryin to soak all this information in that was just said to me. Then I got really angry, like fuckin “Roid rage angry” cause it just sunk into my brain that my father was letting my little sister, my 134 year old fuckin sister, jerk off him and his friends. And another feeling came over for a split second, jealousy. Jealousy because even though it was my sister that he was getting blowjobs from, he was still getting blowjobs none the less. I on the other hand had not gotten one yet from any girl ever and boy was I pissed. Just at the fact that I hadnt gotten one yet, but that would shortly change. The rage came over me again and I was hell bent on beatin the shit outta my father.

I started thinking about how much effort I was going to have to put into it, because back in 81’ he was a marine and then in 92’ signed up for the army so he knew how to kill people and was damn good at it too I’ll give him that. But he was now 46 and even though he was trained to kill, age and alcohol abuse had caught up with him, so I realized the fact that he wasn’t going to be much of a challenge. As this is all going on in my head, Britteny is trying to calm me down, because she knows damn well what I’m capable of because I also have two more younger sisters, one is 17 Jillian , and one 15 Melissa, so the whole them havin a “boyfriend” thing was in effect in my household. Britteny knows my capabilities because she and my other sisters have seen me crack skulls. One of the boyfriends hit my sister and when he came to my house with his little buddies talkin tough like nothin happened I started fuckin regulatin and layin out haymakers. And any brother older or younger knows what I mean, It’s written in our DNA and it says “Beat the fuck out of boyfriends if they cause your sister trouble” .

Anyway back with the story, now I’m headin out my room down the stairs because I’m going to cause some older guys a whole lot of pain and I go into my closet to chose my weapon of choice, its either going to be my metal t-ball bat, my Remington 870 Pump Shotgun or my M4A1 Assualt Rifle (the one the army uses all strictly for home security purposes). I decide to take the bat because its less likely for me to be tied to it. Britteny is still trying to calm me down now shes screamin at me to not go over there “Please stop John don’t go there cause your gonna get thrown in prison for killin somebody, please don’t I don’t wanna see you go to prison.” So I stopped, dead in my tracks. I turned around and looked at her and said to her “You understand that what hes doing is wrong right? You understand that what he is allowing to happen with his friends is wrong right?” I know John but you need to understand that it was my choice in the first place, I asked him to let me.” “Why the fuck would you do that?!?!?!” I said yelled.

“I had heard dad watchin something with people moaning about a month ago while I was sleepin over. And I was curious to what he was doin so I walked out of my room and watched him through the crack in the door. And it looked like he was really enjoyin himself, and so I wanted to make dad happy. So I walked in and asked what he was doin. It was funny because he gave me almost the exact same explanation you did . Then I told him that I have given handjobs before and asked if I could help him ejaculate and he let me, and it’s been the same ever since except now I jerk his friends off too” she said. “Why would you want to do that for him?? That’s fuckin gross Britteny!!! If you wanna make him happy make him breakfast or something I mean Jesus Christ!!! I’m screamin now and luckily it’s just me and her. I start pacing back and fourth thinking “Do I go beat the fuck outta him and his buddies or do I let it go because she provoked it??”

“John calm down please your scaring me, please just let it go I don’t mind it I like it” she says in a fearful voice. “That’s fucked up, you like it?!?!?! That’s your father!! You came from the same dick that your jerkin off!! You’re a fucking whore, AND YOUR ONLY 14!!!!!” I’m still screaming at this point “Get the fuck outta my sight I don’t wanna see you for the rest of the day. And I’m still deciding whether or not I tell mom and the cops about this!!!” “Please don’t John please don’t, I’ll do anything you want!” she says in a now sad and fearful voice. Anything huh??” I thought, then I pushed it outta my head. “Get the fuck upstairs NOW!!!” I said. She runs upstairs cryin.

Later on that night after I cooled down, I knock on her door because I wanted to talk to her about what was said earlier. She opened the door and looked like hell I have to say. She was still very upset but couldn’t cry anymore because I’m assuming she had no more tears after 4 hours of it. “Listen I’ve decided not to tell mom or the police but I don’t want you going over there anymore you understand me?” She looked at me like I had stabbed her, asked for forgiveness and then stabbed her again. And I basically had because I told her I didn’t want her goin to our father’s house anymore. “You don’t tell me what to do your not my father, I’ll go over there if I fuckin want to!!!” “You’re right I’m not your father, I’m your older brother and you will listen to me. I’m looking out for your best interests, he no longer lives in this house, I am the man of this house and you will listen to me!” I said in a stern voice to her. “Get out of my room now, get out, get out, GET OUT!!!”she screamed at me. So I got up and basically gave her the look of death and punched a hole right in her wall (Busted my fuckin knuckle too.) then I left. I went downstairs and my mother had asked what happened because she heard my sister scream and saw my bleeding hand and had a straight face which she knew wasn’t a good combination.

About a week and a half passed by since that incident and I was walking home from Varsity football practice (Linemen) and when I get home I notice that no one is home, no one at all. I find a note on the table from Jillian my sister and it said “John went to mall, Melissa is at her friends and Britteny called from dad’s house to say she was there. Be back later, bye.” I re-read the note and let it sink in that Britteny was at my father’s house. I snapped to say the least. I threw my bags and pads down and started towards my father’s house. Luckily for me he lived about 3 blocks away so it only took maybe 5 minutes. I was about a block away from the house when I heard someone scream and a bunch of people laughing. I started running full speed towards the house and heard the scream again coming from my father’s house. I ran up onto the house and grabbed the shovel leaning against the wall. I turned the knob to the door and it was unlocked. I will never forget the scene in front of me. My father and his friends were in a circle passing around a whip and hitting my sister who was tied up and blindfolded while one guy was pissing in her mouth and making her swallow it.

They didn’t hear me enter and I had the shovel in my hand. Right as my father was about to whip my sister. I smashed him in the back of his head with the shovel and knocked him out cold. Before he hit the ground I hit two more of those asshole with it (later on I found out one died in the hospital). They turned to look at me and most of them literally ran like girls but I was in front of the door. I dropped the shovel after I hit the first two and started swingin like a madman. I felt my hands hit 8 different faces before I was pushed to the side and they all ran out. My father was still K.O. on the ground. I ran over to my sister and saw her naked, untied her and took of the blindfold. I saw all the cuts she had on her back and upper thighs. I helped her up and she didn’t realize it was me so she started screamin and kicked me. I shook her and got her back to her senses and she saw it was me. I grabbed a blanket and tried to look for her clothes but only found her skirt she wore to school and her shoes, that’s it. I had my practice jersey on so I gave it to her to put on over herself. As we started leaving she turned to my father who was still knocked out and started kicking him in the head and ribs. I tried to pull her off but couldn’t and I really didn’t want to stop her, I wanted her to get her revenge on him for what he did to her. She told me to close the door and grab an arm and some rope because we weren’t leavin yet.

We took him down to the basement and tied him up to the support beam. When he came too, he was on his knees naked, his feet tied together behind the pole along with his hands which were then tied together. “Where am I??” was the first thing he said. He couldn’t even recognize his own basement. “You’re at your house Steven, in your basement tied to this pole.” (His name is Steven and she called him that, she never referred to him as dad again). “What the fuck are you doing to me??” he asked her in a panicked voice. “Ohh how forgetful we are, don’t you remember that a few hours ago you and your buddies tried to have sex with me and I said no?? Don’t you remember that you then hit me and tied me across the table and whipped me while you and your buddies pissed in my mouth and made me swallow it?? You don’t do you??” she said to him “Honey, it was a joke we were all having fun including you.” “Having fun?!?!? You think getting hit and pissed on,… you’re my own father, you think that is fun to me?!?!?! Well your about to see what I think is fun real soon Steven.” “What are you talking about sweetheart??”

The look in her eyes is one I will never forget. She took her shoe and stomp several times on his testicles and penis. She stopped for a second and then did it again. She repeated that process twice more then stopped. For a second I felt bad for him, but only for a second…. The she took the whip and it him several times with it. Gashed him up good. Then her shoe and hit him with that across the face and knocked out a tooth. That’s when I pulled her off because he was bleedin bad. I told her to end it and I could tell she wasn’t close to being finished but she knew that if she didn’t then I would for her. That’s when she did what I feel is the most painful thing of all. She took four rubber bands and wrapped them around his balls, then took his underwear and shoved them in his mouth. Finally she lifted up her skirt and pissed on him. Then walked up from the basement without saying a word. He looked at me with such fear in his eyes that I prayed for him. I prayed that he would die from lack of water or food before his balls fell off. Then I left the basement as well. That was the last time I saw him

When we left his house it was 9pm and dark out so no one really noticed us leaving which was good. As we were walkin I asked her how she would explain the bruises and cuts, but she didn’t respond. I was tempted to scold her and basically say “I told you so” but I then decided it was in my best interest not to because “Hell hath no wrath like a woman pissed off”. So I said nothing until we arrived at the house I told her to wait here while I went inside to see if our mother was home. She tried to keep walkin but I held her and told her sternly to wait. I went inside and noticed that still my other sisters were gone but my mother should be home shortly. So I walked outside and helped her in. Right as we got inside she started crying heavily and dropped to her knees. I helped her up and told her she needs to take a shower and get cleaned up and to let me fix the wounds. As I helped her up she regained some of her posture and proceeded with me to the bathroom. I turned on the water and she still hadn’t said one word to me until I walked into her room and saw her naked with a knife.

“What are you doing?!?!” I asked “I wanna die!! I feel so alone and lost, I don’t want to live anymore!! This is terrible!!” she said crying. “No Britteny don’t do that please don’t, your not alone I’m here for you and so is Jillian Melissa and Mom. Think about what Mom would do if you did this. Put the knife down and let's get you cleaned up.” I started carefully walking towards her, she dropped the knife and I scooped it up. It was my knife, I don’t know how she got it but she did. I put it in my pocket and went over to her to help her to the shower. When she got in the shower she asked me to stay in the bathroom with her while she got cleaned up, I told her no but she begged me to stay. I said I would but wanted to go and get some gauze pads and iodine and that I’d be right back. I went to look for that as quickly as I could because I didn’t want her to try and kill herself again, I knew it would be a long month of helping her while she was on the rebound from this but since I am her older brother I was prepared to stick it out.

I got the supplies and went back into the bathroom. I started to breathe easier when I saw her standing there cleaning herself. She noticed I came back in and smiled at me. She has a beautiful smile and I felt a little happier that she was smiling. I didn’t think I’d she her smile until Christmas came. She asked me to help her clean her back and handed me a scrubby and soap. I saw the cuts on her back and was glad to see that they weren’t infected or deep enough to require stitches. So I gently started to clean her back and after a few minutes I was done and handed her the scrubby when she turned around in all her glory soaking wet and asked me if I’d clean off her front too. I got quiet for a second and my eyes wandered from top to bottom of her body, and even on her worst fuckin day ever, shes still a beautiful girl. I mean absolutely gorgeous, again a tanned body with C tits and a pussy that was as bald as a baby’s ass, and everything. I heard her giggle and she lifted my head back to hers, smiled at me and said “You like what you see big boy??” and giggle some more. I would imagine I got as red as hell in the face and I know I started getting hot. I had never had sex with anyone before, well I take that back, one person but it was for about 10 minutes because I started to hurt her. I didn’t know how, because I’m not huge I don’t have a cock as long as a 44 magnum or anything and I’m not as thick as a tree either . I’m like 7inches long and a 2 inche circumference. Not spectacular by any means.

As I was about to say somethin she kissed me. A deep and passionate kiss, one you would see in a romantic movie. I feet her tongue pushin trough my lips and then our tongues met and I swear I saw stars. Then I also felt a stir in my loins and wanted to break the kiss but couldn’t. I was in a state of bliss, utopia even. I couldn’t believe it. That’s when she broke it off and smiled at me. Not a “Hi look at me, the innocent little girl” smile but the “Hi look at me the sexy woman that wants you in her” smile. “I know you look at me in ways a bother shouldn’t, but I like attention and when I realized that you were, I would dress sexy for you. I love it when you stare at me with that passion and lust in your eyes. I started to try to play it off, “What do ya mean passion and lust? What are ya talkin about?” I thought it worked too. “The ones you had in your eyes when we kissed and in your eyes right now.” Damn I thought. “Don’t try to deny it John its okay”. “No it’s not okay Britteny, I’m your older brother and you’re my younger sister. I’m supposed to watch out for guys that want to bang you and break their necks, I’m not supposed to be one of those guys, its wrong.” I said “Then why does it feel so right to do?!?!" she asked, then added "You love me do you not?”. “Yes of course” I replied. “And I love you, so it’s settled then.” I couldn’t argue she read me like a book, which is something I’m not used to having people do.

Right as she said that I was goin to reply but she wrapped her arms around me and passionately kissed me again. This time I’d say at least 3 minutes, with the shower still running and me half in it. When she broke it off she told me to take off my clothes and get in with her. I wanted to soo badly but told her no, because if someone came home then we’d be fucked. Right then like a sign from god himself my cell phone rang. When I said hello Jillian said that she wanted to know if she could stay over her friend’s house tonight since it was late and they were an hour away. I told her sure no problem just let me know when she was comin home tomorrow. I said goodnight and hung up. My phone rang again, “Hello?” “Hey John its mom, I wanted to let you know I will not be coming home tonight I went out for some drinks with friends and I’m going to stay at her house, is that okay with you?” (Like I said earlier, the man of the house ). “Of course mom you do what you want just make sure you’re careful and if you decide you want to come home call me and I’ll come pick you up okay?” “Okay John, I’m sure I’ll be fine but thanks for lettin me know, ohh and by the way Melissa called me at work she told me she is staying at her friends tonight, just thought I’d let you know. Goodnight honey, love you.” “Love you too mom, goodnight.” ~click~ And now I’m havin a party in my head. “Hey Britteny that was Jillian and mom no one is going to be home tonight.

She jumped out of the shower so quick and started undressing me with a speed I’d never seen. Still soaking wet she got on her knees and undid my belt and pants, looked up at me and said “I wanna make you feel good John, you do so much for me that I wanna make you feel how you make me feel, can I please suck your cock, please??” she said in a begging voice. And I thought “Goddamn I couldn’t get a blowjob for the life of me now I have this beautiful girl who is my sister none the less begging me to let her suck me off. I’m in heaven. “Only if you really want to.” I said. Before I finished the sentence she had my belt off and pants unzipped about to be literally torn off by the feel of it.

Then it happened, the most amazing feeling I’ve ever had up until that point. She put my cock in her mouth and instantly deep throated it. I’m in shock for two reasons now, I’m getting my cock sucked by my sister, and the other is that shes takin me like a champ, a grade A cocksucking champion. Then pulls it out cups my balls and starts rubbin them around gently while she licks my cock and jerks it off with the other hand. I want to collapse, my damn knees are giving out, and so I grab the sink for support. That’s how good this blowjob was, my first one and my best one ever too. I start getting that feelin in my balls that says I’m about to blow, so I let her know I’m about to cum and she keeps goin. Right as I’m about to hit just the point of no return she stops. Then says to me” Your not done yet I still have more in store for you. Go lay on your bed ill be in there in a minute.”

I do as I’m told and go lie down on my bed. I hear her shut off the water and a few minutes later comes in with a towel wrapped around her. I say to her “Nice I just saw you completely naked and now your in a towel” Just then she drops the towel and is in this baby blue see through shirt and nothing on underneath. She says to me “I’m about to fuck the shit out of you and your going to be my first. Don’t worry about hurtin me or blood either because I got rod of my hymen a few years ago.” That’s all that was said. She takes off her shirt, walks over to me and plops on my dick. ~POP~ I heard and felt it streching her tight pussy to a width shes never had before and she stopped for a second looked at me and smiled. “ Like I said John, you're my first so I’m going to enjoy this as much as you. She starts ridin my cock, I don’t have to do shit at all. I’m enjoyin myself so much, I’m in pure lust. I open my eyes and see her tits bouncing up and down and up and down and like a magnet I grab them and start to lightly pinch her erect nipples. She starts moaning loudly as im doing that so I decide to stick one in my mouth and at that point she goes over the top and has her first human induced orgasm

I on the other hand am not close, (I’m quicker with a blowjob but not with pussy, still to this day, mostly likely because of the sound of gagging. turns me on) so I tell her to get off and get on her hands and knees. Instantly she starts smiling knowing what I plan on doing. I get behind her and push my cock right in, she starts moaning instantaneously. I start fucking her doggy style (mine and her favorite position) pounding her pussy so hard and fast, beatin it like it owed me money. I grab one of her tits with one hand and spit on her asshole to lube it up. I start to put my thumb in and slowly rotate it, then I add another finger and keep that goin for a little while all while still fuckin her doggy style.

The next five words out of her mouth got me feelin some kinda way. “Put it in my ass!!” and so I did. I pulled my cock out of her tight pussy and started to push the head slowly into her ass. I just got the head in when she pushed down and my cock was gone. Her ass engulfed my cock completely, I felt her wince slightly and asked if she was okay. She starts thrustin back onto my cock so I meet her thrust for thrust, shortly we got into a great rhythm, shed push back and I’d meet her right as she did so giving us a great feeling. I started to finger her pussy and she started moaning loudly again. She creamed all over my hand then took my fingers into her mouth and sucked them clean. I started to get that feeling again and I let her know. She told me to stop and pull out. Now I’m getting a little aggravated because shes already had 2 orgasms and not 1 for me.

She grabbed my cock and led me back to the bathroom. She said “You’re a dirty boy from football practice, I think you need to shower.” Then smiled and winked at me. She turned on the water and let it get warm and got in. I stood there for a minute not knowing what to do when she told me to get in with her. I got in and pulled the curtains closed behind us. She got a scrubby and started to lather it up. The she took it and started rubbing it all over my body. My chest, arms, legs, and then she got to my cock and lathered her hand up and started jerkin me off but at the same time cleaning it. She killed two birds with one stone. I look up at her and she leans over and kisses me. Another long passionate one I felt like we were one, then the feeling hit me again. I told her so she stopped strokin my cock but kept kissing me. It was amazing with the warm water running over our bodies matting down our hair giving me a complete sense of euphoria.

She broke the kiss turned around and leaned on the shower wall. “Fuck Me!!” was all she said, and all she needed to say. I took my cock and rammed it into her tight cunt. She started moaning but only because I was now fuckin the shit outta her tight little cunt and she was lovin every minute of it. This continued for about 15 minutes then she started to shake and screamed in ecstasy I could feel her pussy get tight around my cock and her juices started flowing over my cock and down into the tub. That’s when I said “I’m gonna cum this time, your not pullin away.” The she said “No I want to suck your cock and I want you to cum all in my mouth and down my throat.” I was tempted to say no but I liked her idea instead.

She turns off the shower and steps out still dripping wet and she pulls me out too. She gets on her knees and tells me to face fuck her. Again she swallows my cock right down into her throat and I start pounding away at her face. Just pure and total facial fucking. I hear her gagging on my cock and I can feel her nose jab into my pelvis bone, fuckin saliva everywhere. I take her face and pull it towards me as much as I can. I feel her pushing away from me so I let her go to breathe. She takes a huge gasp of air and I start laughin and so does she. I say “You alright down there?? You want me to stop or take it easier??” “No fuckin way, I love getting face fucked and feeling completley dominated. I want you to pound that cock down my throat until you cum down it!!” she replies.

So I grab her head whether she was ready or not and start goin at her face again. I started feelin it in my balls as she started fondling them. I told her I’m about to cum, then she grabs a Dixie cup and says she wants me to cum in that so she can drink it all. Then she got back on my cock and I kept face fuckin her. I felt it coming, I was so close so I pulled out and she started jerkin me off into this cup, I had filled it and kept going so she grabbed another one and kept jerkin me off in it. The load I had was massive, it filled the entire first cup to the brim and the second about halfway. (Yes it is possible believe me) While I was cumming into these cups I’m pretty sure I blacked out for a few seconds and almost fell over.

When I came to my senses, she was on her knees laughin at me. The she asks me if I’m ready to watch her swallow it all. I of course said yes, so what did she do? She took the first cup and dumped it into her mouth and then the second one and did the same thing. Her mouth was full with cum, it stopped right at her teeth. Then I witnessed the most amazing thing ever. She swallowed it with her mouth open so I could she. Little by little it went down and I loved watching it. When she was finished swallowing it all she said to me, “Damn John that was delicious what did you eat? and I said “I eat alot fo fruit remember?”

We cleaned up and then I went into my room and layed down and passed out. I heard the door open and someone breathing so I jumped up and grabbed my bat against the wall and heard a light scream. I turned on the light and saw Britteny standing there covering her head. I put down tha bat and asked what she wanted and she told me she didnt want to sleep alone and wanted to sleep with me tonight but didnt think I was gonna almost beat her with the bat. I started laughin and said sorry its force of habit after living in Queens, New York then moving here and told her she could sleep with me tonight. We get into bed and she cuddles into me and i can fell her hand lookin for my cock. I tell her not now because I'm really tired and I want to get some sleep. So she turned over with her ass into me and opened her legs and let my hard cock go between them. Then like a light, me and her were out.

The next morning was great considering I woke up with a great feeling on my cock and then saw my sister giving my a blowjob a clean one this time. After I came to I told ehr to get on her knees and prepare to be fucked again. So she turns around and spread her legs. I stick it in her tight little cunt and start smashing it like a madman, slappin her ass till it was red, grabbin her tits, pullin on her hair until she screamed with ecstasy and then had herself an earth shattering orgasm. I was close to cumming too so I told her to turn arond and get on her knees and that I was going to cum on her face. My cock, still sore from the massive workout it had the night before was planted right abouve her face. Then out of no where as I'm rubbin my cock, I explode all over her face. I came in her hair on her cheeks, her forehead, her eyes some on ehr lips and then some more dripped onto her tits. She opened her eyes and mouth with cum in them as if shes in a state of disbelief that I came so much again.

We both jumped into the shower, made out and I finger fcked her because I knew I wasnt going to beable to physically fuck her for awhile longer. I went downstairs made breakfast and started watching some T.V. when she came down and asked me if I would cum inside of her the next time we fuck so that she can feell what its like. I told her I would but since she was a woman and did ovulate that I could get her pregnant and then thatd be a whole new kind of trouble with a deformed child god forbid so no. She pleaded with me but I stood my ground. Then she told me that if she started on birth control would I. I considered but told ehr shed have to get our mother to let her do it, and she told me thats not a problem that mom had came to ehr about ti alsready but she didnt want it seeing as how she wasnt fucking anyone. So I told her sure but we had better not fuck for awhile becase the doctor checks and he'll see that you ahve been sexually active so give it about a week to go to her. And then it was agreed and I have been a happier man since.

A few weeks have gone by since the incident with my father and his friends. There was breaking news that they found a man almost beaten to death and tied to a pole in the basement of his home. Later reports said his testicles were removed and he had died shortly after. My prayer wasn’t answered, “Good” I thought. I found out by Britteny herself that she went to the house after school and fed him and kept him alive until his balls fell off, then she let him bleed to death. (Rough I know). She had apparently done a great job of cleaning up because they never found out who did it, then again the police around here are retarded but that’s beside the point. My mother called us down to tell us that our father had been the man killed and surprisingly none of my sisters cried. They were slightly shocked but didn’t cry. My mother had asked me to stay and the girls to go upstairs. I was waitin to get yelled at for not doin chores or something else. What she told me was a gift from god. She told me that he wasn’t my father and that she wasn’t my real mother. She continued and said that she had taken me from her sister after she the husband had died in a car crash so that I wasn’t put into a foster home. (Which would explain the resemblance to my technically adoptive mother). So after she said this I said “Ohh okay well thats good news I guess”. She also asked that I didn’t tell any of the girls and I said I wouldn’t. I immediately went to Britteny's room and told her the news. So now I dont feel nearly as guilty.

Tell me if you would like more, I enjoy writing so this could work out. I accept constrctive criticism and will work arond feedback. Thank You.


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2011-10-31 18:22:16
one story to many from this idiot

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2010-07-14 13:22:57
not good way to much violent sex and rape YOU HAVE TO INFORM THE READERS WHEN YOU ARE GOING TO INCLUDE VIOLENT SEX,RAPE, BDSM or other sick stuff not every one wants to read it only an uncaring egotistical writer would fail to warn the readers of this content


2009-10-13 11:08:04
you would try and you would fail that much i promise

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2009-07-18 02:33:38
you r a sick fucked up guy for evin thinking about fucking your sister if i new you i would kill u


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great story, loved it

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