My wife introduces me to her daughter again
My Wife, Step Daughter and Me


This story started about 8 years ago. My second marriage was to a younger woman who had three children. Two daughters and a son. I helped raise the children, supported them financially as well as did all the things a dad usually does.

Through the years I watched them grow and couldnt help but notice that the oldest daughter was growing into a fine looking young lady at 14. She had her mothers looks and appearance, tall, slim and small developing breasts. Now my wife and I had an active sex life, to be frank about it we love to fuck, any chance we get. This whole thing started one night when I felt like i was being watched, you know that uncomfortable feeling when something dont feel right. I mentioned it to my wife and was told not to worry about it all is good.

The next nite same thing only this time I noticed the door open a little and on the other side low and behold was the 14 year old watching me fucking her mothers brains out. Shocked I told her to get back down stairs and we would deal with her in a while. Mom objected and asked her in, we obviously stopped our screwing and sat up in bed as her daughter approached us. Come to find out my wife had been allowing her to hide in the closet and watch us, she had been doing that for about 6 months.

She wanted her daughter to see what it is like to make love in a loving relationship. not just casual sex. They both were all good with it, although I was uncomfortable. Her daughter asked if she could stay in the room and watch us and mother says sure if you want. Laying on the bed next to my wife, she started playing with my semi soft cock wasnt long before it was back up and ready. Her daughter asks if she can touch it and do what her mom was doing. She reached down put her hand on her mothers and started stroking with her mother. It wasnt long and her mother said I think you got it try it by yourself. As the 14 year old was stroking my cock my wife went down and started using her tounge on the head of it. The hand job stopped and my wife swung over and sat down on my rigid cock and burried all 8 inches into her pussy. As she pumped away I had a tit thrown in my mouth and it was the daughter, she had got off the bed, stripped and was as naked as we were.

Getting caught up in the excitment I was nearly ready to cum when my wife got off me, took my cock in her mouth just as I blew my load. It went all over her face and was running down her chin onto her tits. The 14 year old wanted to know what it tasted like and was invited to try some. I watched her run her index finger up the side of her mothers tit and stick it in her mouth. Not bad she said and asked is she could suck some more out of my cock. With that she opened her mouth and took the head of my cock into her mouth and sucked and licked as if it were a loli pop.

Being spent we all layed there with the daughter in the middle and spoke about the events. I couldnt beleive what had happened. I couldnt beleive that my wife was ok with her daughter having oral sex with me. The agreement we made was that her daughter can join when she wants to as long as we are all in agreement. With that we all rolled over with the daughter in the middle mother and daughter facing each other, with me next to the daughter. I rolled over put my left hand on the youg budding tit as my well used cock pressing against the warm moist virgin pussy of my stepdaughter.

More to come if you want ?

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2014-01-10 10:08:35
I wish my wife would let my 11y old stepdaughter join us in bed.just has nice breast and a little red pubes above her slit

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2012-09-27 01:45:11
it's a good story, but the phrase is "Lo, and behold" not low. I gave you a positive rating =))

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2012-07-31 01:20:16
Oh please just fuck me im 16 and enjoied this story so much my pussy is so wet

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2011-11-25 05:26:12
good story, do you have any good ones on here

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2011-10-23 02:00:09
im wet! email me at If you dont like nasty incest and forbidden dont bother

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