In comes the milf!
This was the third time he'd fucked his sister's best friend and he remembered the first time how masterfully the ten year old was able to suck cock and how her ability had blown his mind. Her tiny bikini bottom clad ass hung beautifully into his face like a pink and yellow balloon suspended in mid air as she slobbed up and down on his rock hard throbbing cock. He could hear her gagging as she shoved his member down her tiny throat as he occasionally slid his hands inside the bikini bottom and slipped a finger inside of her tight moist pussy. He was amazed that a ten year old pussy could regain its tightness within one day of being practically ripped open by his monster cock. He remembered how much he'd enjoyed watching his cum ooze from her tight pussy the day before after he'd filled her with the stuff babies are made of and now he was close to filling her throat with the same. Just as he was about to cum he jumped forward and his finger accidently slipped up the wrong hole underneath her bikini bottom causing the little girl to jump forward.
"Don't stop now! I'm going to cum!" he screamed as she put her mouth around his cock again. The finger in her virgin asshole caught her off guard but she quickly averted her thoughts as she felt the warm goo fill the lining of her mouth and she started to collect it underneath her tongue.
"Keep fingering my butthole!" she said, slobbering the cum a little. She turned to see her best friend and showed her the mouthfull of cum. She walked up to the ten year old and gracefully placed her bare clean shaven pussy in line with the ten year old's tiny well fucked noise hole and the little girl placed her mouth over her friend's pussy and began to fill the love cave as best she could with the love juice she'd just received. She'd never eaten pussy before and she loved the salty taste as her asshole and pussy now both had a finger in them and her juices dribbled down her legs and onto the man that had just emptied his balls into her mouth.
"I want your brother to fuck me in the ass!" she said to her best friend.
"FIRST HE'S GOT TO FUCK ME!" cried a voice as the tall blonde haired woman appeared from the front yard. She approached the edge of the pool where the three lovers had been enjoying themselves, "You didn't think I was going to let my daughter have all the fun did you?" He had to admit that the girl's mother was hot. Her warm pussy covered his cock gently and caused to become rock hard as her daughter and best friend watched in awe as she worked her hips with him.
"Get me pregnant and you can fuck my little girl all you want," she said, surprising him as he rocked his hips harder, grinding his hips into hers as he felt that point of no return approaching. He wasn't sure if he wasgong to be able to fill mother and daughter both in the same day but his reassurance came quickly in the form of an explosion of hot gooey egg fertilizer into the woman's tight hot pussy.
"Ohhh Goddd!" she screamed as the cum filled her, "My husband's never fucked me like this before! Fill me! Fill me!" The hot blonde's hair covered his face as the lawn chair he was in began to squeek as the woman rode his cock like it was the last one she was ever going to be able to have. Suddenly he grabbed her hips and held her down as best he could as he came deep inside her hot snatch as her eyes grew wide with amazement. Suddenly the explosion of energy that had built up inside her made itself well known as her pussy muscles clamped down on his cock and she managed to squeeze a second round of cum from his cock. When she was done she collapsed on top of him and relaxed.
"My daughter told my you were fantastic in bed and I just had to come over and find out. She was more than right!" she said turning to her daughter who looked on in amazement., "Honey thank you so much for sharing your secret with me!"
"I told you he could fuck! You should see the look on his face when his cock all the way down my throat! It's just fucking amazing!"
"I'm jealous! I couldn't deep throat a cock until I was at least thirteen!"
"Mom, I don't get good report cards because I'm smart!" The woman turned to the young man.
"I'll let you know if you've gotten me pregnant. In the meantime, you keep fucking my daughter and doing whatever she asks of you. She told me that when it comes to sex with you, she'll never tell you no!"
"What if I get her pregnant?"
"I wouldn't mind becoming a grandmother! My mom was 14 when she had me! Now If I remember correctly, my daughter wanted you to shove your baby maker up her ass! Do you mind if I watch?"
"Not at all!" he replied.
"Of course not Mom!" she replied.
"Don't worry little sis, I'm not going to leave you out! I plan on getting all three of you pregnant eventually!"


2010-08-03 04:04:25
Great story. Please writre more chapter of this great story. DON'T leave us hanging.


2010-04-22 21:26:47
then I slid a finger in and finger fucked her for 20 minutes and man was she wet and juicy, I kept pulling my finger out and sucking on it in front of her. I told her I was going to make her cum and started rubbing her little jewel, I explained how boys like to lick little girl pussies with their tongues to make them cum and that put her over the top, her hips were bucking and all I could think of was my cock in her juicy little cunt, she cummed so hard I was able to push up her shirt and suck on her little titty. I had such a hard on I had to jerk off, you know like when you fuck the ole lady and when you're done you just have to jerkoff and it's a 100% better then when you emptied your load in her, fuck me it was 500% better with Summer watching me, when I finally came down and stopped stroking it Summer asked if she could suck on it, holy fucking shit I couldn't believe it, I got so fucking hard so fucking fast and she had the head in her mouth and within a minute I cummed again


2010-04-22 21:14:00
I fingered my 11 year old neighbor this morning, she's a beautiful red head with silky red pussy hair, I was tanning on my back deck and she suprised me staring at my limp dick thru the railing. I swung around and let her see the whole cock and balls. I have had many a jerkoff sessions pretending Summer (her name) was naked in front of me and I saw this as my chance to get in her pants. I motioned her up saying you want a closer look, I told her looking would lead to touching and touching would lead to kissing it. As she came closer I spread my legs and my cock was rock hard as she knelt between my legs. Go ahead and grab it I said, stroke it up and down and she did. She asked if she could watch me cum and I said oh yes, when I tell you I'm going to cum you stroke as fast as you can and don't stop until I tell you to, even if you get cum on you or in your hair you can't stop, well she did good for her 1st time, as she stood I slid a finger under her shorts and she was dripping wet.

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2009-07-11 19:20:05
That was fuckn good it made me cum and yes a young gril would hav been better then the mum maybe an 8year


2009-02-23 12:14:55
an amazing story, thank you

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