Little girls are curious about sex, too...
My Little Sis and Her Friends

Stepping out of the shower, I had a glimpse of myself in the full-view mirror on the back of the bathroom door. For a guy of 17, I suppose I was about average height and build. I was a city boy, but I had become muscular and strong as a result of throwing around 100-pound hay bales all summer long. I had loved my summertime job working on a local horse farm.

I grabbed a bath towel and dried myself off. Throwing the towel aside, I reached for my blow dryer. I flipped on the switch and the noisy appliance drowned out all other sounds. I didn’t hear the persistent knocking at the bathroom door nor did I hear the door open.

A small hand touched my arm and I looked to my side. My little sis stood beside me with a curious look in her eyes. Precocious little Debbie was several years younger than me. At 11, she was just a short, skinny waif of a child. This morning she hadn’t yet combed her tangled mop of long, curly, blond hair. I supposed she had slept in the short, shapeless, oversized tee-shirt she had on. The garment hid any signs of her feminine gender.

I turned off the blow dryer and heard my sister’s little girl voice say, “Josh, Mom told me to tell you breakfast is about ready.”

Little Debbie turned around and took a couple of steps toward the door. Abruptly, she stopped and turned back around. She stood at the edge of the vanity and shyly looked at me.

At first, I was confused by her behavior. My eyes followed the path of her gaze. It was then that I realized she was staring at my naked body. More specifically, she was gazing at my swollen 6-inch cock which was standing up straight and pointing at the ceiling.

Having a hard-on this early in the morning was nothing new to me. Hell, I could get horny and hard at any hour of the day! But, as far as I knew, my little sister had never seen my rigid rod. Why was she looking at it now?

As if reading my mind, the little girl said, “Josh, may I ask you a question? It’s something very, very personal so you don’t have to answer if you don’t want to.”

I was curious as to what my sis was talking about so I answered, “Sure, ask away. I’m not shy, so I’ll answer any question.”

Debbie steeled her nerves and blurted out, “Do you ever…Josh, do you ever… ‘play with yourself’…I mean do you…?”

The girl’s stammering voice trailed off and her face blushed red. I wanted to laugh at her awkward curiosity, but I’d promised to answer ‘any’ question. I replied, “Sis, I sure do. Do you?”

The girl’s blush deepened and she started to turn and run away. Instead of fleeing, she demurely answered, “Yes…I do. Josh, is it a terribly, terribly sinful and bad thing to do?”

This time, I did laugh. I chuckled at her naïve innocence. Fearful that I might hurt her feelings, I calmly said, “Sis, don’t you be getting any such foolish thoughts in your head. It’s not a sinful or bad thing to do. Why, it’s just a natural thing that boys and girls do! Don’t you let your pretty little head worry about it! Ok?”

Debbie’s blush faded and a smile covered her face. Emboldened, she said, “Ok. Thanks for being truthful with me. I knew you would be. You’re the best brother in the world! Since you’re being so open, I want to ask you something else. I’ve heard other girls talk about having something called an…an ‘orgasm’. Can you tell me what that means?”

Startled, I was speechless. I regained my composure and answered, “Sis, you said you’ve played with yourself. An ‘orgasm’ is the really, really good feeling you have just before you stop.”

Debbie stared at me with quizzical eyes. She exclaimed, “What ‘really, really’ good feeling are you talking about? Why, I’ve never felt anything like that! Can you tell me how I can get it? Can you show me how you get it?”

Oh shit, we were getting deeper and deeper into this subject of sex! This little girl ought to be getting her answers somewhere else. But hell, I guess it would be better if she learned from a loving big brother than from some rough, sex-crazed, ignorant young boy.

I looked at my sister and answered, “Ok, I’ll show you how I do it and then I’ll tell you how to do it to yourself. But, it will have to be quick. Mom will be calling us to come and eat soon.”

I stood in front of the commode and grabbed my elongated cock. I forced the stiffened rod to point towards the toilet bowl and then I began pumping. I’d planned on jacking-off before breakfast anyway, so I was primed and ready for release. After vigorously pumping my meat for a while, my cock summoned forth seminal juices and sprayed them out in a pressurized torrent. Streams of creamy cum shot out and splashed into the water below.

Debbie was watching both my cock and my face as orgasms raced throughout my body. She gasped as she saw the orgasmic cum magically appear. She saw the unmistakable orgasmic delight which enlivened my face.

I squeezed the last drop of cum from my shaft and then stepped back from the commode. I began to instruct my sister, “Sis, sit on the commode and pull your panties down. Then, I want you to start playing with yourself like you usually do. That way, I’ll be able to see why you’re not having orgasms.”

Debbie timidly sat on the pot and nervously pulled her panties down to her knees. Hesitantly, she went ahead and pulled them all the way off. Seeing my nudity, she decided that she was supposed to be nude herself. She lifted her tee-shirt and removed it from her little girl’s body. She leaned back a little and bashfully began fingering her pussy.

Little girl, this sister of mine, certainly was. But, with no panties or shirt on, there were visual images which left no doubts as to her gender. Feminine shapes and curves abounded in plenty. Small, prepubescent breasts were budding on her chest. Delicate little nub-like nipples adorned each tit. Her hips were rounding just enough to give an indication of a pretty young ass. The pussy she played with was petite but fully formed and swollen with wide outer lips and a long split down the middle. The major indication of prepubescent youth was the complete absence of pubic hair.

Despite my cock’s recent ejaculation, the rod was again becoming rigid and swollen. The girl was young but apparently not too much so as to prevent aroused lust in a male body. Unbelievably, my sister’s little girl pussy was making me horny!

I immediately noticed the problem Debbie was having. She wasn’t playing with herself in a way to induce an orgasm. She was vigorously massaging her vaginal mound. She rubbed and squeezed with innocent playfulness. Yet, her fingers were not touching inside her closed pussy lips. Her clit and vaginal hole were not being manually stroked.

Kneeling on my knees, I moved closer and said, “Sis, put the fingers of one hand in your mouth and get them good and wet. Spread your pussy open with the fingers of your other hand. Then use your wet fingers to play with your clit and the hole in your pussy.”

Debbie wet her fingers, spread her little pussy, and began playing. Damn, the sight of her tiny clit was so erotically stimulating that my cock swelled to full erection! Hell, if the girl wasn’t my sister and wasn’t so goddamn young, I’d want my hardened shaft to penetrate her virginal innocence!

I took a strong grip on my lustful urges and controlled myself. But, I continued watching my sister. Debbie’s slippery fingers were energetically slipping and sliding over and into her young, feminine vaginal mound. She laid further back against the commode tank and allowed her fingers to play with unrestrained preteen wantonness.

Whimpering cries soon began to emanate from deep in the young girl’s mouth. Her ass was wiggling on the seat beneath her. I saw her body shuddering and I knew her orgasms were coming. She opened her mouth as if she wanted to scream, but I quickly covered it with my hand.

That Debbie was cumming was undeniably apparent. She stifled an orgasmic scream by viciously biting down on my hand. Her body was having spasms as orgasms raced throughout her. She rode the tidal wave of joy for as long as she could. After an eternity, her body shakes began to ebb and she relaxed and went limp.

Removing my hand from her mouth, I spoke with triumphant cheer, “Now, my dear little sister, that’s what an ‘orgasm’ is!”

Debbie sprang up into a sitting position and threw her arms around my neck. She pulled me close to her and squeezed me in a tight bear-hug. Whispered words spilled out, “Oh god, oh god, Josh thank you, thank you for teaching me how to do it! Oh my god, I didn’t know anything in this world could feel so good! Josh, I love you, I love you!”

Unconsciously, my arms had encircled the girl’s petite body. My hands freely roamed up and down her naked back. My fingers found their way under her ass and I easily lifted her 80 pound weight. I sat her quivering pussy astride my long, steel-hard cock.

Curse my wicked soul, but I can’t do this! I was about to fuck my little girl sister, get struck by lightening, and then get sent straight to Hell! Thankfully, an angelic voice from the kitchen saved me from Hades’ fires. Mom was calling us to breakfast.

Debbie slipped on her panties and shirt. I pulled on a ragged pair of jean-shorts. The morning was warm, so I left my shirt off. I followed my sister down the hallway towards the kitchen. For the first time in my life, I noticed how seductively enticing her short, skinny legs were. Despite her oversized shirt, I became aware of a shapely, jiggly ass moving beneath it.

Mom, Dad, Debbie, and I sat at the kitchen table and ate breakfast. We talked about the college I’d be attending in a few weeks. We talked about the summer school swim practice I was driving Debbie to later.

After the meal was eaten and the dishes were washed, Mom and Dad left for work. I was looking forward to another lazy summer day before heading off to the hectic life of a college freshman.

Although we’d had a full breakfast, Debbie was still hungry. I was pulling my chair away from the table when I heard her say, “Josh, I’m fixing me some toast and strawberry jam. Want some?”

I stretched, yawned, and lazily answered, “No, I don’t want any. You go ahead and eat. I’ll just sit here and watch you make a pig out of yourself.”

Debbie grinned and stuck her tongue out at me. The childish gesture reminded me about her youthful age. Thank god Mom’s voice had stopped me from making a regrettable mistake earlier.

While the bread was toasting, Debbie looked into the fridge to find the strawberry jam. The jar she found was empty. She bent over and reached into a lower kitchen cabinet and pulled out a new, unopened jar.

When she bent over, Debbie’s tee-shirt hiked up to the edge of her panties. Temptation drew my eyes to the girl’s panty-covered ass and the pretty little protruding pubic mound between her legs. My stiffened cock throbbed excitedly. Damn you, stop looking at your little sister like that!

The girl turned and caught me staring, but the naïve waif couldn’t guess about the lustful torment her feminine body was stirring inside her brother. She sat the jar of jam in front of me and said, “Here, make yourself useful. Open this for me.”

I opened the jar and sat it on the table. Debbie brought her plate of toast and climbed into my lap. My sister was an affectionate child. She’d been comfortably sitting in my lap since she was a baby. But hell, I’d found out this morning that this girl was no longer a baby!

Debbie spooned jam onto her toast and began eating. Her mouth was so full of sugary jam that it began running out the corners. My fingers reached to catch some of the excess and plop it into my mouth. The girl smiled and swallowed her mouthful. She asked, “Are you sure you don’t want some?”

I winked and mischievously replied, “No, I’ll just get a little from your mouth. I think your lips make it taste sweeter.”

Smiling shyly, the quick-witted child stuck her fingers in the fruit jar and coated her lips with sugary strawberry jam. With a dripping mouth she said, “You want to try this?”

Her face turned up toward mine. I knew she was teasing, but I was irresistibly drawn to her seductive red mouth. My head leaned towards hers and my tongue began licking strawberry juice. Debbie’s surprisingly luscious lips were the sweetest things I’d ever tasted!

My tongue licked around and around and my lips pressed against her sugary wetness. Her small tongue darted out and licked my lips, too. Our messy strawberry-covered mouths kissed and sucked all the jam off.

We licked and sucked until every morsel of jam was eaten off our mouths. Debbie pulled back, smiled, and teasingly said, “How was that? Do you like strawberry flavored lips?”

Why I said and did what I did next, I couldn’t say, but I grabbed the girl up out of my lap and sat her on the kitchen table before me. I said, “Sis, I like strawberry lips just fine, but I bet strawberry tits taste even better!”

Without awaiting the surprised girl’s permission, I lifted her tee-shirt up and pulled it off. I quickly smeared each small breast with globs of jam. My mouth grabbed onto a nubile nipple and sucked greedily. I licked and sucked the nipple and tit and then licked and sucked the other. I’d said I wasn’t hungry, but I was hungrily eating my sister’s sweet young strawberry-coated breasts.

Damn my wickedness, but I was having a great time! I suppose Debbie was too. I heard her soft, feminine voice say, “Oh Josh, that feels nice. I’ve never been touched there before. Have you ever had strawberry tits before mine? Do mine taste good? You know that you can eat all you want.”

Lust, love, and overwhelming sexual desire overcame my reluctant inhibitions. Sister or not this girl was every bit a female with feminine parts a guy could glory in! I replied, “Sis, your strawberry tits taste mighty good. But, I betcha strawberry pussy tastes even better!”

Unceremoniously, I pushed her to her back on the table and pulled her panties all the way off. She offered absolutely no resistance. For the second time this morning I was looking at a nude, preteen pussy. Goddamn, her little girl pussy was pretty!

After sticking my fingers into the jam jar, I lather Debbie’s well-rounded pussy mound with a coating of red fruit. Again, I hungrily ate the strawberries and the warm, moist flesh beneath. I spread the slippery pussy lips wide and gobbled up all the clitoral sweetness my mouth and tongue could get.

My long, sticky tongue darted into the girl’s vaginal cavity but was stopped short when it hit her virginal hymen. Hell, virgin or not, I was going to eat all the sweet pussy I could get! If my sister wants me to stop, then she can just say so.

She didn’t say ‘stop’, so I kept right on eating. I ate her pussy and clit with a horny, ravenous hunger. I kissed and licked thighs and legs, belly and belly button, and again ate sweet young tits and nipples. After kissing sweet, soft lips, I ate my way back down to the glories of Debbie’s sticky wet girlie-girl pussy.

Debbie’s hips were squirming on the table. She sighed and moaned with joy. I pulled back and said, “Hey Sis, I guess I was hungry for strawberries after all! Or maybe, I was just hungry for sweet pussy and tits. I believe strawberry pussy and tits are now my favorite meal!”

My sister sat up on the table, stared at me, pouted, and said, “What about me? Can’t I get something sexy and sweet to eat on? Josh, don’t you think I’d like to eat…strawberry penis? If you’ll teach me how, I think I’d like to eat yours.”

Goddamn me to hell, but I wasn’t going to pass up this chance for some sexual action! Quick as a wink, I came out of my shorts and sat bare nude naked on my chair. Debbie grabbed the fruit jar, jumped from the table, and sank to her knees between my legs.

That mischievously innocent little sister of mine grabbed my cock and stuck the entire shaft deep into the wide-mouthed jar. She sat the glass container back on the table and then began eating the jam. She was licking, and sucking, and slurping the strawberry nectar. Her mouth trailed up and down my swollen, jam-covered cock.

Several thick globs dripped from my bulging cock-head. Without really knowing what she was doing, Debbie sucked the head into her mouth and began licking the sticky strawberry flavored meat. My fingers dug into her tangled blond hair and I pulled. My slippery shaft plunged into her hot, tight mouth.

Instead of pulled away, my sister continued sucking and eating. Her slippery tongue and mouth devoured meat and jam with a gluttonous cock-hungry zest. I thought Debbie had asked me to teach her how to eat strawberry penis. Hell, that cock-sucking child was doing a fine job with no instruction at all!

As if reading my mind, the girl looked up at me and said, “Am I doing it right, Josh? Mmm, it sure is good jam! Mmm, it sure is good penis, too! Josh, I sure do like your penis. It’s big, and hard, and beautiful! I almost wish it wasn’t so big. If it was smaller, I might want you to stick it in my pussy. But, your big boy would tear my little pussy apart!”

I reached down and pulled Debbie up into my lap. I kissed her sweet strawberry lips and whispered, “Sis, are you saying that you’d want me to fuck you if I could? Hell, I’m your goddamn big brother!”

The girl’s head lowered shyly when she heard the bluntly spoken words. Yet, she looked up and boldly replied, “I don’t care about the ‘brother’ part because I love you. I’d want you to…to fuck me if it wasn’t for the ‘big’ part! Wouldn’t you want to fuck me? You taught me how to have an orgasm using my fingers. Wouldn’t you want to teach me how to have one with your penis?”

Again, I lifted the girl. Without saying a word, I sat her on the table and pushed her to her back. I began eating her pussy again. I knew what I was going to do and I knew that I shouldn’t. But, god forgive me, come hell or high water, I was going to fuck my sweet, innocent, little sister!

My mouth, my lips, and my tongue assaulted Debbie’s pussy. Not one inch of tender young pussy flesh was left untouched. I ravaged her clit and attacked her vaginal opening. I sucked all the slippery strawberry liquid from her hole. I wanted to bring her to the brink of orgasm before I fucked her. I knew she was close. She was panting, wiggling, and moaning excitedly.

When all the jam juice was gone, I found out that my sister’s vaginal hole was relatively dry. Her prepubescent pussy had not yet begun producing very much feminine moisture. Hell, I couldn’t stick my big cock into her small, dry hole without doing exactly what she feared! I’d tear her apart! What I needed was some kind of lubrication.

My eyes gazed at the open jam jar. Inspiration hit me. I grabbed the jar and filled Debbie’s tight vaginal cavity with thick globs of the sweet fruit. I liberally coated my cock with the same syrupy mixture.

Guiding my cock like a heat-seeking missile, I tentatively entered Debbie’s slippery, hot virginal hole and pushed in until I hit her hymen. Now was the time to stop if I was going to. Was I going to stop? The question was answered by my precocious, sexually curious sister.

Debbie’s short, skinny legs wrapped around my hips. As her feet settled onto my butt, she bucked her little ass up of the table and pulled me toward her body. My jam-lubricated cock slipped into her strawberry cunt and pierced her hymen. She squealed loudly.

Hell, this little girl started this, so I would finish it! Like it or not, little sis you’re going to get fucked! I didn’t want to hurt her any more than necessary. So, taking my time, I thrust in and out in a slow, steady rhythm.

Debbie’s squealing sound faded. Her virginal body began welcoming the stiffened intruder pounding into her. Her tight little hole squeezed the swollen rod which was slipping in and out so easily. Softly she said, “Oh god, Josh that feels nice! Do you like it, too? Are you going to make me have those good ‘orgasm’ feelings again?”

My hard, horny cock was throbbing with pulse-pounding blood. God, how much longer could I hold on to my masculine fluids? With quick, labored breaths, I answered, “Yes Sis, I like it, too! It feels so goddamn good I can’t stand it! I know I’m going to burst out and shoot my cream into you really soon! And yes, I’m going to make you have orgasms!”

I began to thrust harder and faster. My rhythmic penetrations went as deep as they dared. Debbie’s hips jumped up to meet my pussy-pounding meat and her legs tugged against my ass pulling me in even further.

Slippery strawberry jam was a fine pussy-fucking lubricant! Frictional heat from a fucking cock and cunt heated the jam until it was bubbling and steaming. Strawberry juices squirted out and sprayed my cock and pubic hair. Debbie’s pussy mound was covered in moist, red jam juice mixed with drops of crimson virginal blood.

Debbie was the first to start cumming. Her pussy began to spasm as orgasms were born and quickly given life. She panted, she grunted, she groaned. She bucked and wiggled. She squealed in orgasmic glee.

At last I was free to let myself go. My cock filled with seminal fire and added its pressurized stream to the slicky, sticky sex mess. I was cumming inside my sweet little sister’s tight young pussy and loving it like crazy!

A river of creamy cock milk poured from my hot, horny loins. Debbie’s pussy muscles had grabbed my swollen shaft and were convulsively milking my meat of every drop they could get. The virginal, cock-hungry girl was draining me dry!

My sister was cumming again. Her legs locked around my hips and drove my shaft into the deepest recesses of her young maidenhood. Intense orgasms racked and rocked her preteen feminine body which shuddered and shook with unrestrained ecstasy.

At last I was emptied of all fluid and strength. I sat back into the kitchen chair and pulled my sister astride my lap. I cradled her head against my shoulder and we held each other in a silent, tender embrace.

We two didn’t speak, we said not a word. The silence was broken only by the faint ‘drip-drip’ dripping sound of liquefied jam juice and cock cream leaking from a small, overflowing pussy. The fluids were falling in a puddle on the tile kitchen floor.

I stood with the girl still in my muscular arms. I carried her to the bathroom where our morning sex escapades had begun. We washed our sticky, messy bodies in a bath of warm water. Afterwards, I carried Debbie to my unmade bed, laid her under my covers, and climbed in with her. She cuddled against me and was quickly sound asleep. I slept for a little while, too. I had to take my sister to swim practice in a few hours.

Swim practice was not going along ‘swimmingly’. Counting Debbie, only three girls had shown up at the middle school’s indoor pool. The swimming coach, Mrs. Beecher, was a hard-assed old bitch who was aggravated because some of the other girls had ditched practice. She was working the remained girls hard.

I suppose Mrs. Beecher wasn’t really all that old. I’d guess she was way up there in her early thirties. I’d say the woman wasn’t all that hard to look at. The bathing suit she wore fit her especially well and emphasized some feminine curves which were out of bounds for horny, teen boys like me. Rumor has it that she was unhappily married to a hardnosed son-of-a-bitch who treated her like shit.

I was supposed to come back in a while and pick up Debbie. Instead of leaving, I took a seat near the pool. After this morning, I was having a deeper appreciation of the feminine delights available from younger girls.

I intently watched as the three 6th grader girls were put through their practice routines. Each girl wore a one-piece spandex suit that fit their lithe young bodies like second skins. Half a dozen young tits strained at the tight swimsuits. Three puffed out pussy mounds were barely contained by the thin, stretchy fabric.

The crotch of my pants was staying pretty tight, too. Those three little swimmers were keeping me horny. The girls were diving in and swimming like fish. Feet, legs, and arms were splishing and splashing. Heads and bodies were turning end over end. A trio of feminine asses and crotches protruded from the shimmering blue water.

Time flew by quickly and before I knew it Mrs. Beecher was speaking to me, “Josh, I’m going to leave. After the girls shower, can you lock up the pool house for me? Just pull the door shut and it will lock. Thanks.”

Without awaiting my answer, the woman turned and walked away. Debbie came over to me and asked, “Josh, will you come down to the locker room with us and watch the door? I don’t think anyone else is here at school, but we girls wouldn’t want anyone coming in while we shower.”

I followed the three girls down a long hallway. This gave me a perfect opportunity to check out their feminine shapes from behind. I already knew what Debbie looked liked, but I checked her out again anyway. Her friend Cathy was nearly 12. Of the three, she was the most physically ‘developed’. She had a nice jiggly ass which gave promise of impending puberty. The other girl, Jeanie, had just turned 11. This girl was even shorter than Debbie and she had enough baby fat left to make her look especially soft and cuddly.

The girls instructed me to sit on a bench just inside the locker room door. They walked behind a four-foot high concrete wall and turned on the showers. Three one-piece bathing suits were thrown atop the wall. Instantly, I knew that three naked girls were just a few feet away from me. My horny cock swelled up so big I had to reach inside my pants and adjust its position.

I heard giggly ‘girl talk’ but couldn’t make out any particular words. After a little while, Cathy’s stringy-wet head appeared around the corner of the wall. She smiled mischievously and said, “Hey Josh, Debbie has told us something about this morning. She said she saw you drying your hair without any clothes on. She said you looked nice with nothing on. Jeanie and I are jealous. Josh, would you want to take your clothes off and join us in here in the shower?”

Holy shit! Hell, I couldn’t do that! But, while my conscience was telling me ‘no’, my hands were already stripping off my clothes. Naked, I walked around the block wall and saw three nude 11-year-old girls staring at my rigid 17-year-old cock. Cathy took my hand and pulled me under one of the stingingly hot showerheads.

After another giggling conversation, the three girls each grabbed a bar of soap and began washing my body. Damn, I wouldn’t have been surprised if it was just Debbie…but, all three?

That girl Cathy was bold indeed. She worked up two hands full of soapy lather and brazenly began hand-scrubbing my cock and pubic area. Debbie soaped up my chest and began washing. Not to be left out, timid little Jeanie soaped and scrubbed my back and ass.

Shy little Jeanie finally worked her hands around my body and began assisting Cathy with scrubbing my cock. In a hushed, awestruck voice she said, “Oh Debbie, you were right about your brother’s penis being beautiful! It’s much nicer than the one my brother has. Of course he’s only 14. Cathy, don’t you think this is a nice big penis?”

Cathy’s voice exploded, “Penis? Shit girl, that’s not a ‘penis’! This big, handsome fella is a full-grown, man-sized ‘cock’! My brother is 16, but his cock is nowhere near as big and beautiful as this one!”

While the girl’s debated the merits of cocks and brothers, I grabbed a bar of soap and joined in on the nude bathing. My hands were feverously lathing three nice, small pussies and six petite, preteen breasts.

Debbie’s tits were now familiar to me, yet I played with them joyfully. When I stuck my finger into her pussy, I found out she was a little sore from the virginal fucking I’d given her earlier. Cathy’s tits were nearly big enough to fill my hands. Perky pink nipples jutted out proudly. Surprisingly, my fingers met no unbroken hymen when my fingers entered her pussy. Hell, this girl wasn’t a virgin! Jeanie’s tits were the tiniest of the trio. The pretty, little mounds had not yet bloomed into the decorative ornaments they’d be soon. Astoundingly, my probing fingers disappeared into another pussy without an intact hymen! This sweet, shy young child was not a virgin either!

After washing and playing for awhile, Cathy’s voice interrupted our playful fondling. She said, “Josh, did you fuck Debbie today? I saw a few drops of blood in her panties when we first changed. She hasn’t started her periods yet, so I know she’s been fucked. Would you want to fuck Jeanie and me?”

I stared at the mischievous girl in speechless, open-mouthed amazement. I finally found words and answered, “Hell girl, you’ve got to be kidding! I can’t fuck my sister’s friends! Besides, even if I wanted to, I couldn’t keep my cock up hard enough to fuck the two of you one after another!”

Cathy’s quick-witted mind rebutted my objections, “Josh, don’t you know that’s what friends are for? And, you listen to me, don’t you worry about staying hard. I believe the three of us girls won’t have any problems with keeping you hard and horny. Now, you go ahead and fuck Jeanie first. I’ll wait my turn.”

Before I could respond, ‘not-so-shy’ little Jeanie grabbed my cock and rubbed the bar of soap all over my swollen shaft. It took a few seconds for me to realize that she was lubricating the rod in preparation for penile penetration into her dry, prepubescent pussy.

As the stinging shower water fell, Jeanie energetically sprang up and straddled my standing body with her legs. Her arms went around my neck. To keep from falling, I grabbed the girl’s ass and held her in place. She raised herself and the other girls guided my cock into her small, tight hole.

While I stood there in the girl’s shower, a hot, horny girl-child began enthusiastically riding my cock. She jumped and bounced up and down on my rigid, soap-lubricated shaft. My slippery, hard manhood muscle slipped in and out of the girl’s tight, little vaginal cavity.

I stumbled towards the back of the shower stall and let Jeanie’s back touch the wall. With this added support, I pounded my cock into the girl’s pussy with as much vigorous zest as she was using on me. My cock and her cunt were meeting and mating in a slippery, carnal dance. I was fucking this little girl and she was fucking me! Loosing track of time, we kept on fucking.

Orgasms began without warning. Explosive, dynamite-like orgasms filled our conjoined loins with a celebration of ecstatic carnal bliss! I was cumming inside my second young pussy of the day. Jeanie was screaming and squealing. She was cumming, too.

Finally, the orgasmic fireworks began to sparkle out. In an act of rebellious defiance, Jeanie pounded against me again. She was rewarded with one more round of pussy-shattering orgasms.

As Jeanie slumped out of my hands, Cathy and Debbie washed my cock clean. The three led me out of the showers and into the locker room. My pussy-whipped cock was now limp and flopping around uselessly. I was led to a long, wide bench situated between two rows of lockers. There, the girls instructed me to lie down.

The flaccid cock between my legs got me to thinking. If Cathy is expecting to get fucked, then she just might be in for a big disappointment! Hell, a guy can only ‘get it up’ so many times in one day! I was hard this morning when I’d jacked-off for Debbie. I’d recovered and found enough reserve to take my sister’s virginity. Just now, I’d fucked another girl. That’s three orgasmic good times in one day. Teenage sexual stamina can only go so far.

My mind silently said, “So, Cathy girl, you have at it! If you can get me hard and horny again then you’ll deserve all the fucking pleasure you want!”

Cathy called in reinforcements to help her in her quest for renewed cock arousal. While I lay on my back, three naked, preteen girls began working their cock-stimulating magic. Six soft, feminine hands massaged my flesh from head to toe. Thirty slim, satiny fingers rubbed and played with every inch of masculine skin they could touch. Special manual dexterity was used to play with my pubic hair, my cock, and my balls.

Special oral attention was given to the same region of my anatomy. Three hot, young female mouths vied for the rights to kiss, lick, and suck the meat of my recovering manhood. Luscious lips and tantalizing tongues began bringing live-sustaining, flesh-hardening blood and life back into a seemingly-dead cock. The magic was working. My cock began swelling.

Jeanie, the sweet little girl I’d fucked, stuck her tits into my mouth one after another. I kissed the tiny mounds and sucked the nippled ornaments on her chest. The girl’s lips kissed mine with a passionate ardor belying her youthful age. Her whispered words set my loin on fire, “Oh Josh, thank you for fucking me! Please, please, please fuck me again sometimes!”

Debbie followed her friend’s example. Her tits went into my mouth one after another. She too kissed me ardently. She too spoke whispered words of passion, “Brother dear, you can fuck my friends here and now, but when we get home your ass and cock are mine, mine, mine-all-mine! I’m going to keep you so pussy-happy you won’t belief it!”

Cathy was the last to insert her well-formed tits into my mouth. This girl’s body was getting ready to burst out into full-blown puberty. I sucked her titties and nipples hungrily. She pulled away and rained wet, warm kisses on my lips. She whispered huskily, “Mister, your cock is big and hard now, so I’m going to fuck you! You just lie back and let me do all the work!”

This girl scooted down my body and sat astride my hips. Debbie and Jeanie dripped warm, wet saliva from their mouths onto my cock to lubricate it. The girls held my fully-erect rod straight up and allowed Cathy to slowly lower her pussy onto the swollen shaft.

With her pussy impaled on my elongated cock, Cathy began to ride like she was demon possessed. The hot, horny young wench bucked and bounced. Her tits jiggled and jounced. I grabbed the two beautiful boobs and steadied them. I began squeezing and playing with them a little more roughly than I should.

My tittie playing inspired the wanton girl to ride my cock with even more enthusiastic, energetic vigor. Her tight pussy muscles latched onto my shaft and she slid up and down with quick-time, cock-fucking strokes.

Perspiration dampened the wet-headed girl’s forehead. Passion, lust, and a voracious hunger for orgasmic relief consumed her young mind and body. She began cumming. She squealed and moaned as orgasms took control and made her cock-crazy cunt go wild. Her body pounded against mine viciously.

Unbelievably, I began cumming, too! My testicle sack was nearly empty, so I didn’t have much seminal cream to shoot out. But, what little there was went into this girl’s swelteringly hot, preteen pussy. Even though seminal fluid was in short supply, orgasmic relief wasn’t! Man-o-man, I was cumming with incredibly strong orgasms!

Just for the hell of it, Cathy kept on riding me wildly. She began cumming again. The thrill of multiple orgasms stole her breath away. She whimpered and sighed with nearly inaudible cries.

At long last, the girl fell forward onto my chest. My cock was still in her pussy and her shapely nude ass was pointing up in the air. I saw Debbie and Jeanie wink at each other as if sharing a mischievous conspiracy. The two slapped Cathy’s exposed ass with a series of rapid, stinging blows. In unison, they spoke, “Hey girlfriend, get your ass off Josh’s cock! We’ve got to give him another shower to wash off all the sweat, spit, and cum!”

Together, the three girls and I stepped back into the shower and turned on the hot water. A movement caused my eyes to glance towards the locker room door. My heart stopped beating. Mrs. Beecher was staring directly into my dumbfounded, flabbergasted eyes. The woman shook her head, turned, and walked away.

I didn’t tell the girls that we’d been caught. Hell, what’s done is done! If the devil must be paid his due, then pay him, I would. Putting all thoughts of bedeviling payments aside, I turned back and let the girls bathe me again. I bathed and played with them, too.

The girls and I were waiting on the school steps when Cathy and Jeanie’s moms came to pick them up. Debbie and I walked to my car. I heard my sister’s voice say, “Hey Josh, there’s something stuck under your windshield wiper blade.”

Indeed it was. I plucked the sealed envelope off my car and ripped it open. It was just a short note written in a feminine hand. As I read it my heart beat rapidly and my masculine loins stirred. Although the unsigned message carried an ominous threat, it also conveyed the promise of a teen boy's forbidden dreams fulfilled. I knew who’s feminine hand wrote it and I knew where she lived.

The message read; “Josh, I saw what you did to those little girls! If you don’t want three fathers to know, then you’d better come to my house tomorrow! P.S. Bring your big, beautiful cock! I want some of what you gave them!”

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