Young schoolgirl gets treatment by dirty cop

It was rather late, about 8pm when I was walking home from school. I go to a private school that is only two blocks from my neighborhood. We were at school late practicing for a choral concert next week. Being a freshman with good grades I do have some bad habits. Two got me in trouble last night.

The first was puffing a cigarette as I was walking down the main road heading home. All of a sudden flashing lights pull up behind me and then that quick whoop-whoop of a police siren. Oh shit immediately went through my mind.

An officer stepped out of the squad car and approached me. By then I had thrown the cigarette away.

Young lady, how old are you? 18 I tell him because that’s the age to buy cigarettes. I’m going to ask you again and this time you need to tell me the truth. Ok, I’m only 15. It was easy for him to see I wasn’t 18, I don’t even look like I’m 15, been told my baby face makes me look 12.

And why are you smoking cigarettes at your age? Uh, just picked up the habit last year trying to look cool and older. I think we’ll drive to your house and discuss this with your parents. Oh please no officer, they’ll kill me. That’s when he asks me for the pack of cigarettes in my pocket. Oh shit goes through my mind again.

In that pack is another of my bad habits, a joint. Handing it to him I’m praying he won’t look inside. My prayer goes unanswered, he flips the lid open.

What’s that funny looking cigarette in there, wouldn’t be marijuana would it? The sarcasm in his voice is obvious he knew exactly what it was.

All right, turn around and put your hands on the back of your head, your under arrest for narcotic possession. I follow his instruction then feel him grip my hands. With his other hand he lightly pats me down.

I’ve got on my white uniform blouse tied at the waist so my belly button is showing. Being that it’s cool out my nipples are hard on my almost b cup tits. His hand lightly feels me over the chest before moving to the waistband of my uniform plaid skirt, which dangles just above my knees.

Then he slides down each leg checking my white knee high socks. Ok, put your hands behind your back he tells me as he releases his grip on my hands. I hear the unmistakable clicking of handcuffs as I feel the cold steel around my wrists.

Over to the squad car young lady. I walk over and he opens the back passenger door doing that head holding thing you see them do on T.V.

Getting into the driver’s seat he puts the car in drive and heads down the road. After a few minutes I wonder where’s he going, the police station is the other direction. Hey, officer, the station is the opposite way, where are we going.

Saying nothing he pulls off to a dirt road with nothing but woods around. I only gave you a light pat down for weapons, I’m going to give you a break and see if you have any other narcotics on you so when you get to jail you won’t be in any more trouble than you already are.

Officer, I swear that was the only drugs I had on me. Sure, and you haven’t already lied to me, right little lady?

He stops the squad car, turns off the lights and engine and gets out. Walking back he opens the door and tells me to get out. Walk to the front fender he instructs and I do. Standing by the car I feel him come up behind me. Now, bend over the hood as I search you.

But officer, I don’t have anything else on me. It’s the in you we’re going to check now. That oh shit feeling hits again, and brings me to a 3rd bad habit. Though I’ve never been fucked I have used a dildo, but I have to admit I’m considered the best cock sucker in school.

I’ve been sucking off guys for almost 2 years and must have swallowed a 100 plus thick loads of teen boy cum. There’s one senior that I give head at least once a week, he drinks tons of protein shakes for football. When he cums in my mouth it takes all I can to gulp down his entire wad. That and he’s got a huge dick.

Bending over the hood my mind begins to think about how this cop is going way out of police procedure. I just know he’s going to make me give him a blowjob, a cop doesn’t take a 15 year old girl down a dirt road for a pat down.

My head is turned to the side, chest pressed against the warm hood, when I feel him lift my skirt up over my ass. I always wear thong underwear, they just feel so good.

Little girl you have a nice ass he tells me. Yep, he’s not doing this to help me but to get off on a young schoolgirl. Bet this isn’t his first time.

His hands rub all over my butt cheeks before pulling my thong to the side. Oddly I was getting excited and could feel my pussy juicing up. I’m going to check inside your vagina for contraband, many women hide drugs up their snatch. That’s when I feel him press 2 fingers up inside my pussy.

They go in easy as my cunt has lubed itself in anticipation. You little slut, look how sloppy wet your pussy is bitch. His fingers rotate and pump into my cunt, soon he’s pressing up in that g-spot area I’ve heard about. With his other hand he’s pinching, twisting, and rubbing my clit.

This is making me really horny. Though I’m a virgin the thought of this man of authority raping my cunt is thrilling. And I cum easy and many times, and the first one is on the way.

My cunt tightens up around his fingers and my clit gets really hard. Then it hits, my pussy spasms and I gush girl cum all over his hand and down my thighs. You see, I’m what they call a squirter. At first I thought it was weird that I’d pee when I came. Then one day after masturbating I smelled my fingers and it didn’t smell like piss. So I licked and sucked my fingers and found it definitely wasn’t pee.

Oh you liked that cavity search didn’t you young whore? I’m sorry officer, I didn’t mean to make a mess on you.

Feeling him scoop the girl cum out of my pussy he reaches over and puts his fingers in my mouth. Suck your cum off my hand bitch! My tongue licks my juices off his hand, and it tastes so good.

I’m still bent over the hood with my wrists handcuffed behind me. Then he pulls my thong down around my ankles. I can hear him unbuckling his gun belt then the sound of a zipper coming down. He pulls my arms straight back, slightly uncomfortable, and puts his rigid long cock on my palms.

Stroke my cop cock you drug using little slut he commands me. Wrapping my hands around his shaft I jack his dick back and forth. His dick grows longer and harder in my hands.

Doing the best I can given the handcuffs as my hands slide up to the bulbous head of his dick I can feel the pre-cum he’s emitting.

With his prick now raging rock hard he pulls away from my hands. His minor moaning had grown louder and heavier. Then I feel the head of his massive cock sliding up and down my girl cum juicy pussy. He’d press it downward and rub it hard on my clit exciting my cunt even more.

I want him to enter me, forcefully rape my virgin cunt with his big cock. After years of just using a dildo I wanted this dirty cop to fuck me. He slips the head of his dick up my pussy lips and splits them apart. Positioning himself at the tight virginal opening of my pussy he rams into me hard. My whole body jumps, both with pain and joy at finally taking a cock in my cunt.

Grunting he fucks me fast and hard, his dick goes deep into my young cunt. My body is being pressed onto the squad car hood as this deviant cop harshly fucks a little girl. I’m only 4’11” and about 85 pounds and have this muscular about 6’2” 225 pound man ramming himself into me.

It didn’t take long before he pressed fully deep into me and I could feel his dick twitching. Having sucked enough cock I knew what was happening, he was cumming in my pussy. Thankfully my parents put me on birth control last year.

The feeling of him shooting cum deep in my now no longer virgin cunt put me over the edge. As I said before, I cum easily and often, sometimes in multiples. My thighs twitched as wave after wave of my cum and his coated my insides and his dick.

It finally stopped, my pussy muscles relaxed from the grip they had on his still hard long dick. Fucking slut that felt good busting a wad up your tight little pussy.

He pulls his cock out of my dripping cunt. Grabbing me by the cuffs he jerks me backwards, turns me around and tells me to get on my knees. Now drug whore, suck my cum and yours off my dick. Amazingly he’s still very hard. I kneel down with my mouth right in front of his prick.

It’s huge and glistening in the moonlight slick from his jism and my juices. First I lick around the head savoring the taste of our mixed cum. Next my lips and tongue lick his shaft again enjoying the gooey cum. After cleaning his dick off I swallow his nut sack and tongue it getting the last of the mixture of us.

Grabbing me by my hair he pulls his balls out of my mouth and shoves his cock into my mouth. Good thing I’ve sucked plenty of dicks but can barely take his full length into my throat. He face fucks me with the same brutality he fucked my cunt.

Pumping his long and fat girth cock into my mouth is exciting. I like to suck big dicks, guess you could call me a size queen.

Little girl you have an amazing mouth, I never get completely into a slut’s mouth. And you can swallow me into your throat, bet you’re the best cock sucker in your school. Mmm-mmm is all I can mutter with his dick all the way into my mouth with his balls slapping my chin.

Here comes that familiar feeling again, the head of a dick grows larger, the shaft gets harder, and a little salty semen comes out. He’s going to cum in my mouth. And I’m going to eagerly drain his balls and swallow every drop of that delicious man juice.

Grabbing my hair more firmly he presses his crotch into my face hard. His cock is deep in my throat, my nose pressed into his pubes, and his tight ball sack is laying on my chin. That’s when he unleashes even more thick cum into my throat.

I can’t believe this guy can hold that much cum, he’s like that porn star Peter North (yes, I steal a peek at my parents porn movies after school when masturbating).

The best I can I’m gulping down his wad but some escapes out the corners of my mouth. It’s salty, thick, and a lot. But I love it. Don’t know why but ever since the first guy blew in my mouth while holding my head down forcing me to swallow his load I love swallowing hot cum.

The consistency, the flavor, the volume, the heat, and the feeling of a pulsating cock pumping out its wad into my mouth is exhilarating.

Being face fucked by this cop and having him cum in my mouth after fucking what was a virgin pussy was great. And it was for him too, obviously. Pulling his dick out of my mouth he rubs the combination of my spit and his cum on my face. Using his cock as a baton he takes it and beats me around the face with it.

He’s not fully erect but still pretty damn big and firm. As he rubs his dick all over my face he tells me what a little slut and young whore I am and he’s not done yet.

Not done? He raped my virgin pussy, made me suck clean his cock, then throat fucked me. Ok, so far I liked all this. Maybe it was he was a man, maybe because he was authority, maybe because I was cuffed and am a closet bondage freak, or maybe I am a young slut who needed to be violated to know I want sex.

Snatching me to my feet by my hair I almost trip because of my thong around my ankles. The cop steps on them and tells me to pull my feet out of them. They lay there on the ground. He spins me around forcing me back over the fender onto the squad car hood.

Between the cum he shot in my cunt, my cum, the thrill of being dominated, and sucking him until he came in my mouth, my pussy was dripping juices down my inner thighs.

He stepped out of his uniform pants. I heard him open the door to his police car. Your sloppy wet cunt needs more attention, and I’m going to give it some. Then I feel something sliding into it, looking back over my shoulder I see it is his police baton. Beat suspects one day then fuck my pussy with it the next.

That’s good bitch, get that nightstick all lubed up. It did hurt a little bit because he shoved so much length of it into my tiny pussy. Remember, I had just gotten fucked, a rough fucking at that, in my tight young cunt.

Leaving the baton deep in my cunt he pulls me up by the cuffs and pushes me to the back door of the police car. Opening the door he practically throws me face down across the back seat. He pulls my legs apart a spits on my asshole. I’m about to be raped in my butt. This was scary, not like the excitement of losing my virginity.

He inserts his thumb into my butt hole. It hurts, I’m squirming already because if a thumb hurts that much if he puts his huge cock in my ass it’s going to kill me. All the while he is fucking my cunt with that stick that cops carry. As wet as I was it was making a sloshing sound as he pumped it in and out of me.

Simultaneously he removes his thumb and stick out of me. It strikes me as odd this whole time he never removed my blouse or skirt, only my thong. He must really get off on that young schoolgirl look, and I look real young in my uniform.

The smell of the cheap vinyl seat was awful making me think of all the criminals that sat back there. Laying there with one leg against the back of the seat and the other hung over with my knee on the carpet my pussy and ass were totally exposed.

Bitch, you’re going to learn right now what happens to young girls who do drugs and end up as strippers and whores. With that I feel the pressure of the stick at my asshole. Though it was slick with my pussy juice it hurt tremendously as he pushed it into my ass.

I’ve had guys slip a pinky in my ass while they were going down on my pussy but this was a searing pain. I don’t know how deep he put it in me because the pain of the first inch hurt so much any more just added to it.

Now, as he fucks my ass with his police baton he puts three fingers into my pussy. Young slut I’m spreading your asshole because I’m going to hard fuck you in your butt. By hard I mean deep, fast, and brutal, a lesson you’ll remember so you won’t smoke or do drugs again.

Please officer, this hurts really bad, please take that thing out of my butt, I beg you not to rape my butt.

Shut the fuck up you little whore, you want to smoke and do drugs to look cool and older, I’m going to teach you what wanting to act older gets you. What it gets you is being fucked and treated like the slut you are.

That’s when he pulled the baton out of my ass. I feel his body lay on my back and his long fat dick sliding up my ass crack. Here it comes, he’s going to fuck me like a street whore that likes it up the ass.

Please, please don’t, it hurts so much in my butt. Begging didn’t matter, in a flash he had put his dickhead at my anal opening and rammed it full hilt into my super tight asshole. When he bottomed out to the base of his cock he pressed really hard into my bung. I could feel him pulsing, his cock expanding in his excitement of ravaging a young girl’s butt.

I was this tiny little girl under this massive strong police officer getting anal raped. It hurt so bad I screamed and begged for him to stop. He started pumping his cock into me with forceful thrusts.

My whole body would jump and squirm trying to get out from under him but he was too powerful. His prick would pull back almost pulling out of me before ramming it as hard as he could deep into my ass. Then he did start pulling it out at the top of his stroke and harshly jamming it back in my aching asshole.

This went on for awhile because he had already cum twice, once up my virgin cunt and once again buried in my throat. Still I was amazed the older guy could get super hard 3 times now, and I was sure he was going to cum again.

If you were a cop anal raping a 15 year old girl dressed in a cute white blouse, plaid skirt, white knee high socks, and patent leather Mary Jane shoes, wouldn’t you want to shoot a load up her ass? Ok, rhetorical question, of course you would.

Fucking take it drug whore, fucking take this cock in your ass slut. You keep up the way you’re heading you’re going to selling ass fucks on the streets for $10 bucks to get high. You hear me bitch?

Yes officer, I understand, please stop now, you’re hurting me so bad.

It’s what you need to learn, beg me more as I fuck your ass hard and I’ll fuck you even harder. Go ahead, beg for mercy but you’re not going to get any. All you’re going to get is a wad of cum that will be dripping out of your butt tonight.

He increases his pace and forcefulness. His cock has ravished my ass and caused me great pain. Tears are now streaming from my eyes as he mercilessly pounds my butt with his big dick. With every deep stroke I can feel his balls slap onto my pussy. When he gets as deep in me as possible he bucks harder and it feels like he got even deeper.

I’m crying and whimpering and he just gets more excited. Getting fucked for the first time was great, swallowing a huge load was great, having my ass burn like it was on fire is not too interesting for a 15 year old, 4’11”, 85 pound girl. Maybe later in life but not now.

Feeling him press as hard as he can into my butt as my body is pinned down under him he lets go another large cum shot deep into my bowels. I can feel his cock expand as each torrent of his load shoots out his cock head.

He collapses onto me with his hard dick deep inside me, cum having filled my anal cavity. My ass hurts tremendously and I’m glad this is over, the butt fuck part.

Feeling his cock soften I’m hoping he’ll pull it out of me soon. He does and butt cum drains out on me. My asshole relaxes but still feels bad like it was ripped apart. It was, and for a week after I’d still be feeling it I imagine.

He gets out of the police car and I rollover and sit-up. The officer puts his pants back on and his gun belt leaving his cock hanging out then picks up my thong panties. Walking back to me he reaches in and wipes the tears off my face with my own panties.

Then he wipes his dick off using my panties. I’m going to keep these as a souvenir of our time together. If you say anything about this to anybody I will plant drugs on you and you will spend years in juvenile detention, understand?

Yes sir, I just want to go home.

He drives me back to where he arrested me and takes me out of the police car, removes the cuffs and tells me to not smoke or do drugs.

No problem, my butt hurts so bad I never want that again. Well, maybe later in life, I’m going to practice on my dildo. So many girls in school are doing it now and they say guys love it, and porn now always has anal scenes.

I’m going to continue as the best cock sucker but now will take cock in my pussy and maybe by the time I’m a senior I’ll have trained my butt to get ass fucked.

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