She brings a friend!
Every Saturday for the last three years, he’d been fucking her after she got done swimming in the pool. Now she was fifteen and the most beautiful girl he’d ever seen in his whole life. The daily routine was the same. She’d get up around five in the morning come into his room, wake him up with a sensuous blow job until she’d managed to swallow every drop; then she’d put on her bikini and go into the kitchen and make herself a cup of coffee. After that she’d head out to the swimming pool and he would follow.

This Saturday Morning was different however. He did wake up to a sensuous blow job but this time he was able to hear his sister giggling in the background. He woke up and slowly looked down and saw a young girl he didn’t recognize. Her long red hair hung loosely on his chest and covered the young girl’s face as she buried his cock down her throat causing herself to gag once in awhile. Looking up at him occasionally were the most beautiful green eyes that had ever looked at him. It wasn’t long before he was shooting his jiz down her throat as she happily swallowed every drop.
“Who are you? That was incredible!”
“She’s my best friend and she’s ten! I told her about you! She wants to lose her virginity. I promised her that you’d fuck her before she and I went swimming!” The young man wondered why his sister was best friends with a ten year old and he wondered where a ten year old had learned about sex but he figured, who better to teach her than someone experienced like him.
“You’re a virgin? Where’d you learn to suck a cock like that?”
“I’m the best cocksucker in my school!” she admitted, “A friend of mine taught me how, but now I’m ready to see what it feels like to have a cock in my pussy.”
“And you want me to be the one to do it?”
“More than you’ll ever know!” she said as she slowly bent over to reveal her cute firm tiny little ass to his very interested eyes. Her tight pink denim jeans conformed to her tiny little ass and make it look like a little pink bowling ball with pockets. She waved her ass from side to side, teasing him voraciously as his cock grew rock hard. He couldn’t believe how perfect looking she was. His sister was hot and he’d met several of her friends who were just as hot but nobody even came close to this one. She slowly wriggled out of the jeans to reveal her pink cotton “Victoria Secret” panties with white lace trim that also conformed perfectly to her ass and went slightly inside her pussy showing off the curves thereof. His eyes grew wide in amazement as he realized just how perfectly shaped this girl was that was about to give up her innocence to him. He lied back on the bed as she crawled on top of him and began to grind the fabric of her panties on his cock causing it to harden a second time. For a virgin she sure knew how to turn a guy on. She leaned forward and kissed him gently on the mouth as she rolled over next to him and waited for his response. He sat up quickly and positioned her into the middle of the bed and spread her legs wide open and pushed them back against her chest as best he could causing her ass to rise up off the bed. Her panty clad crotch stared him straight in the face and he began to suck on the panties as she began to moan happily. Suddenly she felt a sensation she’d only begun to feel a couple of years ago as she became increasingly horny. Her pussy began to dampen almost instantly as he licked and sucked her panties. For just a brief moment he suddenly stopped and she began to feel her panties come down around her legs as the air around her suddenly hit her soaking wet pussy. So far, he was everything his little sister told her he was. She felt her pussy heat up as she prepared the rest of her body for what she was about to experience. His cock inched ever closer to her pussy until finally he let it touch the sensitive lips of the young virgin love-hole. She could tell that he was just as nervous and excited as she was as he eased his cock inside of her, causing her to wince slightly. After a tiny struggle he was inside her and pumping slowly as she moaned in excitement. The more she moaned the faster he went. He hoped he was going to be able to blow a second load inside of her, after having shooting a wad of hot gooey cum down her throat. As he felt himself begin to twitch beyond the point of no return he pulled out slightly but not completely as he came like a river just inside her tight tiny pussy. She could feel her whole body tense up as she took his cum like a seasoned veteran. After he was spent, she lay back on the bed and watched his cock shrink back down to its normal size.
“Now it’s time to fuck your sister!” she said quietly.


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2008-12-21 20:35:15
Very good story.


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i want to that girls pussy then fuck her


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story madfe me want to fuck that little girl


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Great little story. It gave me a hard on straight away. 8/10

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