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Lionel Benson entered the radio station where his 16 year old daughter was sending her favorite songs over the internet radio waves. Krista Benson was a very beautiful young lady. Her long brown hair shone in the sunlight when she was outside in the summertime and her nearly flawless skin was soft to the touch and sensuous to the eye and her eyes had the particular sparkle that drove people nuts. Her long legs were the envy of the guys she went to school with but she was a private person with few friends and no boyfriend. There was only one man she'd been sleeping with and nobody knew about despite her repeated yet failed attempts to tell her mother about it. Lionel approached her slowly and tapped her on the shoulder to draw her attention from the headphones she'd been wearing and she took them off and looked up.
"Hi Daddy!" she said cheerfully as she cued the next song on the CD Player in front of her. The Technical College had been allowing her to DJ in their radio station for a year now because they liked her sound after a friend referred her.
"Hello Sweetheart!" he said with an evil tone in his voice. Krista felt a lump in her throat as she looked curiously at her father with her face twisting slightly out of shape. She couldn't help it noticing the crazy look in his normally deep oakwood brown eyes. His hair was slightly desheveled, "What brings you here tonight?" she asked sweetly as she pressed play on the CD player which started a long mix she'd made at home earlier in the week.
"I'm here to talk about the baby! You know you can't under any good conscience keep it right?" Krista's fear turned to anger.
"HOW DARE YOU MAKE SUCH BEAUTIFUL LOVE TO ME AND THEN ASK ME TO GIVE UP YOUR CHILD? I'M KEEPING THE CHILD AND YOU CAN'T STOP ME AND IF YOU TRY, I'LL TELL MOM ALL ABOUT US!" she screamed as she stood up and looked at him face to face. Krista had only told her father that she had discovered she was pregnant. Nobody else knew and she'd planned to keep it a secret for as long as she could.
"MOM WON'T BELIEVE YOU! YOU STUPID LITTLE SLUT!" Lionel shot back as he pushed Krista into the table behind her. She placed her hands behind her to catch herself.
"I HAVEN'T BEEN WITH ANYONE ELSE SO I CAN'T BE CALLED A SLUT DADDY!" Lionel grabbed his daughter and tossed her to the floor like she was a cabbage patch doll. The fear set back in as she tried to get up only to have her father throw her back down. She was suddenly scared for the baby as Lionel lifted her skirt over her waist and ripped her panties off. Tears welled up in her eyes and it became difficult for her to speak. Lionel undid his belt and pulled his pants down and his cock sprang out as he pried his daughter's legs open, struggled but eventually put a condom on and violently dropped down onto her body as he forced himself inside her. The tightness of her pussy caused her to cry out in pain as she attempted to struggle to get her father off of her but he was just too strong as he raped and hurt his daughter with all of his might. Her pussy began to moisten as she was being fucked raw but that was only an involuntary reaction to the intercourse.
"DADDY,. PLEASE STOP! YOU'RE FUCKING HURTING ME!" she finally got out. Lionel angrily grabbed his daughter by the hair and flung her head towards him and slammed the back of her head to the floor of the station. It hit with a loud smacking thud as he yelled.
"SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU STUPID BITCH! YOU'RE THROWING OFF MY CONCENTRATION!" He didn't notice the blood that began to trickle from the back of her head as he fucked her brains out. Miraculously, Krista had a huge headache but she was still alive.
"Please don't kill me Daddy! I won't tell mom!" she cried softly. Once again, he grabbed by the hair and for a second time he slammed her head into the floor. Krista became disoriented but she still knew she was being raped. She could no longer fend off the attack because she could no longer lift her arms. She was at her father's mercy. Just six weeks ago he'd been so loving and caring as he made the most passionate love he'd ever made. He'd made her feel so loved and safe. Now it was like a completely different person was doing this to her. Her entire body ached but Krista was too confused to realize it. The only time she felt pain now was when he hit her again.

After filling the condom with cum he rolled his daughter onto her stomach, stood over her and removed the belt from his pants and rolled it around his right hand and began to viciously bring it down onto her ass and legs causing her to jump slightly with every powerful spank. It was at this point that he finally realized that Krista was bleeding from the head and probably dying but he didn't care. He kept hitting her with his belt. When he heard her whimpering weakly he threw the belt to the floor and dropped down onto her reddened bare ass and began to punch Krista in the kidneys with all his strength. She gagged voraciously and the blood spewed out of her mouth in disgusting chuncks on the floor as Lionel punched her. He was going to kill the baby if it was the last thing he did. When he was sure that his unborn grandchild was dead, he rolled his daughter onto her back and tried to kiss her on the mouth passionately as he had in the past. She twisted her head to one side instinctively. He sat up and punched his daughter in the stomach.
"Stop fucking moving around you fuckin' slut!" he said. He grabbed Krista on either side of her head and forced it quickly to the right and then to the left and then back to the right when finally he heard a "snap". Krista's body suddenly went limp. She couldn't move and Lionel dropped her head and it rolled uncontrollably onto her left ear and Krista took her last breath and then it was all over. Krista was dead and so was her baby. Without hesitating he threw the condom in the near trash can, surveyed the scene and then left the room. He got out to his car and drove home. His wife thought he'd stopped at his office to pick up something he'd forgotten earlier in the day. She'd never know the horrible thing that he'd just done to his own flesh and blood. He entered the house through the garage and removed the sweatshirt and pants he'd been wearing and changed into some clothes he'd hidden in the garage before entering the quiet house. He placed the sweatshirt into a trash can full of leaves and placed leaves over top of it burying it.. Realizing that his 7 year old was sleeping and that his wife was settling in for the night, he knew he'd entered the house undetected. He jumped into the shower and took a very thorough shower as thoughts of what he'd done to Krista re-entered his mind as he wondered just how long he was going to get away with it. After his shower, he entered the bedroom, laid down next to his wife and promptly fell asleep.

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2010-04-28 20:07:02
when you cliked this story it said "rape" "murder" and "extreme" so why read it if any of you dont want to read it, or is it just you have no life so you spend it on this website putting the people down who write for your enjoyment, everyone has a fetish let them do so in peace, as for you two 15 year old's why dont you have a go and see how good you are, its eiser said than done to write a story with a plot and meaning to it, as for the story yes it was extreme but it did say so, ok it was daft and made no sence what so ever but atleast he tried, his other story's are very quite good, i challange all of you who think it's crap to write one and see how hard it is, as for you people who leave degrading comments, go get a life or better yet go end the little one you have. you say he wastes your time you waste our's with your immature comments


2009-11-29 22:05:59
who ever wrote this story is a sick fuck

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2009-11-16 00:25:26
You know, it IS labeled as "extreme, non-consentual, rape, murder".. what did you expect, puppies and kittens? Don't like the content? Don't read it! Simple as! Some people don't like your fetishes either, but they're on here too.. Not a bad job, writer.. Although if he tossed the condom into the nearest trashcan it would be found my CSIs combing the area.. Other than that he stood a chance of getting away with it.. pretty good for someone who doesnt write in this genre.

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2009-10-26 11:07:33
you should fucking seek HELP!!! u sick freak!

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2009-09-28 10:42:13
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