Amy was ready and waiting for more
Amy loved every second of the party and glad she was able to come even though she knew her mother would never approve. Two young men entered the room where Amy was sitting on the edge of the bed playing with herself.
“Hello boys. Are you ready to prove to me that you are men?” The two boys nodded and smiled meekly as she stood up bent over the bed and slowly wriggled out of her panties that she’d put back on before the guys entered the room, “just remember to treat me like a lady!” The first guy stood behind Amy rubbing and examining her ass. It was so round and soft, yet it was firm. He gently slapped it much to Amy’s dismay, “If it doesn’t hurt, you didn’t slap me hard enough!” she told him turning her attention to the other guy, “before he tries that again, put your dick in my mouth and shove it down my throat!” she ordered. The guy complied and immediately pulled his pants down to reveal his large cock. He inched closer and forced his cock into her mouth as the other guy slapped her on the ass as hard as she could. The force of the impact forced the other guy’s cock into her throat and she gagged. After three mind tingling slaps the guy yanked his own pants down and dropped to his knees ready to lick and tease Amy’s reddened ass. As he licked her ass pussy hole, Amy masterfully sucked her other partner’s cock. After awhile she stopped and looked at the guys.
“I want you two to switch now! I want to be spanked so hard that I can’t stand up! Can you guys handle that? Her pussy was now throbbing as the two guys took their positions. Preparing for the sting of the spanking she began to suck the other guy’s cock. It was so much bigger than the previous guy. The first sting caught her off guard because she was expecting a hand. Her pussy began dripping voraciously as she realized she was being belted. It was the third smack that took the strength from her knees and she dropped onto the bed, “Now I want you both to fuck me until you cum. One of you cum in my mouth, the other in my pussy!”
“What about you getting pregnant?” he asked.
“I’m on the pill! Just do what I say! Fill my twat with your love juice! You’re not leaving until you do!” Both guys complied. The guy began to pump slowly and then faster and faster as she sucked the other guy’s cock, occasionally putting it into her throat. The guy in her pussy came first. As he emptied his balls the other guy was ready and grabbed the back of her head for support as he blew his wad deep in her throat. Amy happily swallowed every last drop.
“You guys were amazing!” she said smiling as cum dribbled from her lips, “Send in the next guy and tell him to be prepared for all three holes!” Amy quickly threw her panties back on and got ready for the next guy to walk into the room. She knew that others at the party were referring to her as the “party slut” but she didn’t care. She knew her mother hated the fact that she was sexually active at all and that’s why she did it. It was her way of rebelling and the sluttier she was, the bigger a slap in the face it would be for her mom who sheltered her from what she called “real life”. As the guy entered the room she couldn’t help noticing a small dog sneak in the door and this gave her an idea as the guy approached the bed.
“Take off my panties and put the dog’s nose into my crotch and see what he does. She ordered the young man.” At first the dog’s nose felt cold on her hot steaming pussy but when she felt the tongue begin to lick her, the excitement began. This was something she’d never done before and she loved it. It didn’t last very long but Amy didn’t have time to groan and moan about it when she realized the guy gave her a special treat as she felt the dog’s paws rest on her backside. She only felt it a little bit but the dog’s tiny cock was definitely inside her pussy and fucking her voraciously. When the dog was finished knotting and filling her pussy with his canine cum, Amy turned around to see the young man with his huge cock out waiting for her. His was by far the largest yet and she knew exactly where she wanted it inside her 90 pound frame.
“Fuck me in the ass and make sure it hurts!” she ordered.
“Have you ever had a cock in the ass before?” he wanted to know.
“Nothing like yours!” she admitted happily, “Now cut the small talk, and do what I say!” He grabbed her ass and propped himself up onto his knees as he aimed for her asshole with his cock. He wasn’t sure it was going to fit until he pressed up against her and it started to go straight in her ass. Amy winced in pain and tried to hold in her scream as the huge cock filled her ass little by little until it was in as far as he could put it. She felt it hurt more and more as he began to pump back and forth. It hurt so much Amy began to form tears that began to drop from her face as she tried to enjoy it, “Harder!” she screamed. The man began to ram her harder and faster causing Amy even more pain. He knew wasn’t going to have to fuck her long before he was ready to cum and she knew he was going to cum hard as her pussy began to cum juices all over her legs. He felt it begin to drip down his own legs and this sent him over the edge and he came deep inside her ass. Once he started he couldn’t stop until every drop of the hot gooey slime filled her poop shoot. Complying with her wish to be hurt, he didn’t ease his way out, he yanked his cock out causing some of his cum to dribble down her leg a little and causing Amy to shiver in pain. Amy lay on the bed with a huge smile on her face as the young man dressed himself. It wasn’t long before the guy that met her at the door entered the room with seven other guys.
“It’s time Amy!” he said, smiling meekly.
“Time for what?” she giggled.
“For your gang bang! The real reason you’re here! Every guy in this room is going to fuck you raw and then we’re all going to fill your face with cum.”
“I hope you realize that the last girl we had here couldn’t handle it!”
“I’m probably a bigger slut than she is!” Amy said happily

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2008-05-12 13:02:20
when I wrote my first story her name was Amy too. I see a lot of Amy's on this site. I wonder why. I've always thought Britney was as sluts name. hah


2008-02-25 00:19:55
There's one more chapter coming and after that I plan to put Amy at a lot more parties...


2008-02-24 08:06:35
gave it a 1 cause u put in bestiality and dint warn me about it. it made me puke. fuck u rot in hell


2008-02-24 03:19:18
I love this story I hope you carry on with it as it has so much scope and Amy is a great character.

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