Amy's first frat party is an amazing experience
Amy couldn’t believe she’d been invited to a Fraternity Party and she became very excited as she heard the music get louder as she got closer to the house. Frat parties offered two things to which Amy was no stranger; sex and alcohol, having first gotten drunk at 10 years old and taking her first cock by the time she was twelve, the fourteen year old became very experienced very quickly. She patted her perfectly round ass for about the 100th time to make sure her jeans were tight enough to attract immediate attention. She loved the way her ass felt against the denim of her jeans. She knew that college guys would be very easy to turn on and get to fuck her so all she had to do was dress like she was ready to have sex at any moment and she was fine. She slowly walked up to the door to find the party already in full swing. After unbuttoning a button on her shirt to show off her already decently developed tits she knocked on the door. A few seconds later, the door opened and the owner of the house stood before her. She couldn’t believe how sexy he looked with his broad shoulders and perfectly tight stomach shown off by the half shirt he was wearing.
“Amy, I’m glad you could make it; come on in and meet my friends!” he said cheerfully. As she walked by she jumped slightly when he grabbed her tight ass.
“I see you hired a DJ!” she remarked.
“Yeah we did but now the real entertainment has arrived!” he said. The girl smiled as she was immediately led upstairs to a small bedroom that housed a bed that appeared to be all set and ready for her. He slowly closed the door and put his arms around the girl pulling her to him. He grabbed her ass with both hands, marveling at how small it was as the girl squirmed in excitement. As he ran his hands across her ass she could feel the crotch of her red victoria secret panties begin to dampen slightly as her excitement grew. She slowly placed her hands on his crotch to discover that he was rock hard and waiting for her. Her pussy began to flow upon having made this discovery. She never thought for a second that any older guy would get a hard-on from her young tiny body. After kissing her for awhile he slowly lifted her shirt to reveal pert little nipples. He was a little surprised to see that she hadn’t worn a bra. He cupped her tits into his hands and slowly lifted up on them and then twirled his hands around them gently grabbing her nipples. As he sucked on her nipples she could feel her pussy juices begin to run down her legs and become absorbed by the denim of her jeans. Her panties were soaked by now and could no longer hold her juices. It was at this point that Amy began to moan softly as the guy licked and sucked on her tits and chest while playing with his cock through his pants. When he reached her waist he slowly unzipped her jeans and shoved his hands down the back of her pants. He shouldn't have been but he was surprised to find that her panties were completely soaked in her love juices. His hands directly on her panties caused her to jump. After every few rubs he’d slap her ass but good and hard, causing her to cum again. Suddenly he dropped her jeans to the floor and threw her on the bed and crawled between her legs and began sucking the fabric of her panties pushing them against her crotch causing Amy to moan loudly with pleasure. As good as he was with his tongue she couldn’t wait to feel his tongue against her hairless pussy. Amy knew that shaving her pussy smooth that afternoon was going to pay off. Before realizing what was going on she began to feel her panties slide down her legs and the air quickly hit her glazing wet pussy. After removing them and throwing them to the floor next to him, he returned to work licking and sucking her now bare crotch. The sucking and licking became faster and harder and more voracious until she couldn’t take it anymore and she came in his mouth. Now it was her turn to pleasure his member as he let her unzip his pants and whip his cock out. It flung out and hit her on the chin but she masterfully took it into her mouth and began to suck on it, occasionally taking it to the back of her tiny throat. She couldn’t believe how big he was. He gently grabbed the back of her head and pulled her to him in rhythm with her sucking action. He’d never met a girl that could suck a cock like her. The deep long strokes of her tiny mouth almost set him over the edge a couple of times but she was somehow able to control him. As she sucked him off he’d managed to remove his shirt and drop his pants and underwear to his knees, rendering him naked. When she finished sucking him off, she crawled up onto her knees and let him know she was ready to receive his cum inside of her. He slowly crawled onto the bed and aimed his cock at her tight hole and despite the fact that she was tight, he managed to enter her comfortably and began to pump slowly and deeply at first and then move faster and faster until he couldn’t control himself anymore. With one powerful thrust deep inside Amy’s tight 14 year old pussy, he blew his white love goo. She could feel him filling her up as he squeezed her ass cheeks with his hands. When he was done and spent, he kissed her and got up to leave the room.
“Tell the next guy he has to cum on my face!” she instructed.

It was just a few moments before the next guy walked into the room and took himself a good look at Amy. Already rock hard he took his pants down and crawled onto the bed and viciously rolled her over and propped her up onto her knees and began fucking her from behind. He was very rough and very big and it hurt but Amy didn’t care. She was loving every second of it. She never thought she like rough sex but she was wrong. The faster he moved and the quicker his strokes, the more Amy came. Suddenly she couldn’t take it anymore and all her energy left her body in one long loud moan and then a sigh. She slumped onto the bed and rolled over.
“I want to suck your dick. I want you to cum on my face!” she said. The young man complied and lay down on the bed and Amy went to work taking his cock into her hand, stroking it a little before shoving it down her throat and gagging every time it hit the back of her throat. As her strength returned she began to suck faster and attempt to take more of his monster cock. Once again she could feel her pussy begin to moisten. She wondered how long she was going to have to suck him off before he couldn’t take it anymore. Looking up at him as she sucked, the expression on his face told her it wouldn’t be much longer. Suddenly without warning, he pulled his cock out of her mouth and began to stroke it quickly. The hot gooey cum load shot out like a cannonball out of a cannon and struck Amy on the nose first. The second part of his load was strategically placed on her forehead and chin as he finished up. She took his cock back into her mouth to make sure that he if he dropped any cum it wouldn’t go to waste.

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