keeping sex in the family

Patty was helping her mother put the finishing touches on her brother’s birthday cake. The Nascar-themed sheet cake was almost ready. The girl placed the candles on and then counted them. She looked across the eight-foot long kitchen table and said, “Mom, that’s 14. It’s two more candles than were on my 12th birthday cake last month. Do you think Jack will like it?”

The girl’s mother smiled and said, “Yes honey, I know he will love it. Why don’t you call him and your dad? Tell them to turn the ball game off and come get some cake.”

Patty ran to the living room. She shouted, “Hey, its time for cake! Come and get it. Jack, you’ve got a lot of candles to blow out.”

The girl scampered back to the kitchen. She grabbed a box of matches and began lighting candles. Jack and his dad entered the room. Patty spoke excitedly, “Make a wish, big brother. You have to blow them all out. Mom, can I make a wish, too?”

Patty and Jack watched as their dad walked up behind their mom. He put his arms around her waist and hugged her. Their parents weren’t a bit shy about showing affection in front of the kids. In fact, sometimes, they became too bold. This was one of those times. The boy and girl saw their dad’s hand slip inside the waistband of their mom’s pants. His other hand went up under her blouse.

Patty smiled at her brother. She cupped her hand over his ear and whispered, “Jack, why don’t you wish that we could do what Mom and Dad are doing? Don’t you think it would be fun to put our hands inside each others pants?”

Jack made a wish, took a deep breath, and blew the candles out. His mom, dad, and sister sang ‘happy birthday’. Smoke rose as the candles lost their light.

Patty punched her brother. She spoke hurriedly, “What did you wish for, Jack? I know you’re not supposed to tell, but I want to know! Did you wish for the same thing I did?”

Jack smiled at his sister. He winked and nodded his head. His voice spoke with a seductive note, “I sure did Sis. Maybe it will come true if I’m lucky!”

The mom and dad knew something was up. Their kids were being secretive and flirtatious. Their dad said, “Ok you two, what’s going on? Jack, what did you two wish for? And, don’t tell me that you can’t tell. Spit it out!”

Patty lowered her head shyly. But, Jack raised his head defiantly. Words spilled unchecked, “Dad, we would like to do what you and Mom are doing. I never have touched Patty under her clothes before, but I’ve wanted to. She wants me to do it, too! Do you think we’re really sinful bad?”

Instead of reacting with shocked dismay, the parents smiled. The mother giggled merrily. The father laughed aloud. When the giggling and laughter subsided, the dad answered his son, “Hell Jack, you wouldn’t be my son if you if you didn’t want to get yourself some pussy! And, Patty wouldn’t be her mother’s daughter if she wasn’t hot between the legs!”

The mother then took her turn speaking, “If you two want to experiment with sex then I guess its best you if do it with each other. Your dad and I knew this day would come eventually. We hate the thought of you playing around with strangers. It might be a good idea to keep this in the family. Patty is still too young to get pregnant. So, you two do what you want to do.”

Patty’s head came up and she looked at her brother demurely. A glint of hopeful anticipation sparkled in her eyes. Unconsciously, Jack reached out and pulled his sister against him. Her back was against his chest.

Jack followed his dad’s example. One hand descended into the waistband of his sister’s shorts and panties. He cupped a soft pussy. This was the first pussy he’d touched in all of his 14 years. Man-o-man, it was nice!

The boy’s other hand climbed up the girl’s belly. He pushed her training bra up and cupped a tit. This was the first tit he’d ever touched. Oh man, tits were really nice, too!

Jack squeezed and played with his newfound feminine toys. His hands switched places. He switched tits but kept the pussy. He played some more. The swollen rod between his legs rested in the crack of his sister’s ass. His erectness felt harder and stiffer than it had ever felt before.

These two virginal kids were unsure of what to do next. Surely there was more to this sex business than groping and squeezing. Their eyes looked questionably at their parents.

The mother and father had a whispered conversation. Finally, the dad spoke, “Ok kids, if you’re going to do this then you’d better learn how. We’ll play a game. I know you’ve played ‘follow-the-leader’. You watch your mom and me and do what we do.”

Patty and Jack watched as their dad moved the chairs away from one side of the long, wide table. He pushed the birthday cake out of the way and grabbed their mom. He sat her up on the table and kissed her lips. His tongue disappeared inside her mouth. Their mom was sucking on the tongue and pulling it into her mouth. The dad looked at his son and nodded.

Jack took his hands out of his sister’s pants and top. He sat the girl on the table a few feet away from their mom. The thought of kissing his sister was a little bit repulsive. But, in a way, it was erotically exciting. He leaned forward and allowed his mouth to gently touch hers. Surprisingly, he found out that Patty had wet her mouth with her tongue. His lips slipped on hers. She began kissing him. He began kissing her back. Hell, this wasn’t too bad! His sister’s tongue slipped into his mouth. Hey, it was nice! He slipped his tongue into her mouth. The girl’s mouth latched on and sucked it in deep.

The two stopped kissing and looked to their parents. They watched as their dad pulled their mom’s blouse over her head. He unhooked her bra, took it off, and threw it across the room. Jack had never seen his mom’s tits. He was surprised by how nice they looked. They were a lot better than the two-dimensional pictures in the few girlie magazines he’d seen.

Jack turned back to his sister. He pulled her top off. Her training bra didn’t have a hook, so he pulled the elastic material over her head. He took the little bra and flung it across the room where his dad had thrown his mom’s. Patty’s tits weren’t anywhere near as big as his mom’s were! Yet, this boy found himself staring in fascinated wonder at the beautiful little mounds. Damn, they were pretty dolls!

A chair scraping the floor drew Jack’s attention. His dad had pulled a chair up to the table and had sat between his mom’s legs. His mom leaned back on her arms. The boy watched as his dad captured a big nipple in his mouth and began sucking. The man’s hands were playing with both big tits.

Patty also leaned back. Jack pulled up a chair and sat between his sister’s legs. He grabbed a tit in each hand. He squeezed and massaged the tender young skin. His mouth began watering with anticipation. He leaned over and grabbed a soft little nipple in his mouth. Soft hell, the tiny bud began getting hard as he sucked and pulled on it!

The sounds of tit kissing, licking, and sucking slurping came from their dad. Jack began kissing, licking, and slurping on Patty’s tits, too. The girl began cooing and sighing just like her mother was.

Jack was mesmerized by his sister’s magnificent little mounds. He kissed, licked, and sucked feverously. At first he didn’t hear his dad, but the words finally penetrated his tit-hungry mind, “How’s that son? Do you like those tits? How do they feel and taste?”

Jack’s answer came huskily, “Hot damn, Dad! I never knew anything could taste so good! I love them, oh shit I do! They feel really good, too! I bet there’s nothing else in this world that would taste any better!”

The dad and mom both laughed. Jack’s dad winked and said, “Son, you’ve got a pleasant surprise coming. Boy, you just wait until you get a taste of your sister’s pussy! Why, pussies taste better than tits by a long shot! Once you get a taste of pussy you’ll be hooked for life!”

The father stopped talking. He grabbed his woman’s pants and pulled them completely off. He did the same with her panties. Jack watched as his mom lay back on the table and spread her legs. His eyes saw a curly bush of hair. His dad spread the bush, leaned over, and began kissing, licking, and sucking just as he’d done with the tits.

Jack had been told to ‘follow-the-leader’ so he grabbed Patty’s shorts and pulled them off. He was so excited that he ripped his sister’s panties when he hurriedly jerked them off her body. Hell, he wouldn’t have cared if he’d ripped them to shreds! He wanted to see Patty’s pussy!

Patty fell back on the table and spread her legs. Her exposed pussy jumped at her brother. Lordy, Jack had never seen anything so gloriously pretty in all his 14 years! The girl might only be 12, but hell she had tantalizing puffed up mound with a long, wide crack! Best of all, there wasn’t one single hair to cover up any of the pretty pussy flesh! Swollen pussy lips seemed to be begging to be kissed.

Instinctive impulses spurred Jack to action. He leaned over and kissed the pussy lips right on the crack. He rained kisses all over the swollen little mound. Not one inch of pubic flesh was spared his oral assault. He kissed and licked like a pussy-crazed wild man.

Unbeknownst to these immature, virginal kids, their mom and dad had stopped to watch. The mother instructed, “Patty, you’ve got to help your brother out. Take your fingers and spread your pussy apart. You need to let Jack get to the ‘good stuff’!”

Patty followed her mother’s orders. She reached between her legs and spread her pussy lips wide. Jack saw the little clit sticking up straight. He swore, “Oh goddamn, I never knew that was there! Holy shit, that’s the prettiest thing I’ve ever seen!”

His dad laughed and said, “Son, you’re not supposed to just look at it. You’re supposed to eat it. Just use your lips and tongue. I told you that nothing tastes better than pussy!”

Jack didn’t have to be told twice. He’d never eaten at a pussy table before, but he was sure enough pussy hungry now. Using his lips and tongue, he began eating. Patty’s pussy offered up a plentiful feast of vaginal delights.

Jack’s lips grabbed onto the clit and sucked. He pulled and tugged. His tongue flicked and licked the delicate little delicacy. Patty’s warm, quivering clit offered no resistance as her brother’s hearty appetite was being fed.

This pussy hungry boy’s eyes pulled away from the delicious clit for a second. His dad had been right; nothing in this world tastes better than pussy! But, Jack realized that he was a visual person, too. He liked pussy eating. He also liked pussy gazing. So, he gazed at Patty’s pretty pussy.

Using his own fingers, he spread his sister’s pussy lips open wider. His eyes began to focus on another sight had never seen before. There, just below the clit, he saw a pair of tiny butterfly-shaped wings. Pink was the color. He’d heard about girl’s having delicate inner pussy lips, but he didn’t know that they really did exist until now.

Jack’s tongue tenderly touched the pink inner lips. He licked and the lips opened. His wet tongue sank into a small hole. He felt the slight tartness of prepubescent vaginal moisture. There wasn’t very much wetness. This girl had not yet reached the ripeness of puberty. She’d never had a period.

Patty felt her brother’s flicking, licking tongue as it played around inside her most sacred feminine place. Oh it felt so good! But, she wasn’t quite sure if he was supposed to do this. Quietly, she asked, “Mom, Jack has his tongue in my hole. Am I supposed to let him do that?”

The girl’s mother laughed and answered, “Patty girl, that’s one of the best parts about getting your pussy eaten. Hell, your dad’s eating my hole right now! Doesn’t it feel good? And girl, if your brother is anything like his dad, then that’s not all he’ll have in that hole of yours today! Just hang on and have fun.”

Jack and his dad continued their pussy eating adventures. Patty and her mom wiggled and writhed on the table. Their voices moaned and sighed contently.

After awhile, Patty and Jack heard their dad abruptly speaking, “Hell girls, my son and I could eat pussy all day! Damn, we’ve got some nice pussies in this house! But, we guys need to get our own meat eaten by you ladies. How about you girls give us a good cock-sucking?”

Jack stopped sucking his sister’s pussy. He and Patty looked at each other with confused stares. These two weren’t sure about the particular mechanics involved in cock sucking. This boy’s cock had never been near a girl’s mouth. The girl had never even seen a cock. She didn’t know a thing about how to suck one.

They both intently watched their parents. Their dad pushed his chair back and their mom sprang up off the table. She landed on her knees between the man’s legs. She stripped off his shoes, socks, shirt, pants, and underwear. When the rigid rod between his legs sprang free, the woman began kissing it. She looked at her daughter and said, “Patty, you’re supposed to be playing ‘follow-the-leader’. So, get your little ass off the table and get yourself some of your brother’s sweet cock!”

Patty jumped off the table. She bit her lower lip, but she quickly stripped her brother’s clothes off. She stared with wide-eyed attention at the beautiful meaty rod which erupted into her sight. God, she loved the gorgeous erect cock! She followed her mother’s example and began kissing her brother’s meat. Lordy, she couldn’t believe how hard it was and how deliciously soft it felt!

Jack moaned with astonished joy. His mother and father were looking and smiling. The kids heard their mother speaking, “Jack, you sure take after your father! You’ve got a nice sized cock, too! Patty, take your lips off that big boy and reach over there in the drawer. Get out the ruler. Let us girls have some fun.”

Patty scooted across the floor, retrieved the ruler, and handed to her mother. The woman laid the length of the measuring device on top of her husband’s stiffened rod. She proudly announced, “7 inches exactly! Now girl, you measure Jack’s.”

This girl was loosing all of her timid inhibitions. She took her brother’s hardness in her hand and placed the ruler against it. She read the measurement. Glancing at her mother she winked and triumphantly said, “Mom, it’s just a hair less than 6 inches! Wow, don’t you think that’s pretty good for a guy of 14? I think it’s fantastic! When do we get to the cock sucking part? Mom, can you show me how to do it?”

The girl’s mother didn’t answer verbally. Instead, she grabbed her man’s hardened shaft and licked the round, swollen head. Her tongue traced lazy circles around and around. She flicked and teased the gaping pee hole. When the man’s hips squirmed, she plopped the cock into her mouth. Her head bobbed up and down.”

Patty’s quick mind didn’t require any more instruction. She took a firm two-handed grip on her brother’s cock and began licking the head. She licked in circles. She tested and tasted the swollen, throbbing maleness. She tickled and teased the open pee hole. When Jack began to moan and squirm, she plopped the whole head into her small mouth. Instinctively, she licked and sucked. She bobbed her head up and down on the shaft just like her mother was doing to her dad.

Father and son looked at each other. They then looked at their cocks buried deep inside feminine mouths. They looked back at each other and smiled. The father’s voice imparted knowledge, “Feels good, doesn’t it Son? Getting your cock sucked is one of the greatest joys in life! But, there is something better than this. Boy, just wait until you get your cock inside a sweet, hot pussy! I’ll tell you Jack, pussy fucking is the greatest pleasure in this world!”

The mouth sucking on this father’s cock pulled away from the shaft. This same mouth spoke, “Ok mister, if fucking is so good, then shut the hell up and start fucking! And, teach your son how to fuck as well as you do! I want your cock in my cunt. I’m sure Patty will like having her brother’s cock inside her pussy, too.”

Patty was reluctant to let go of the warm, hard meat in her mouth. The girl couldn’t believe how much she loved cock. She loved looking at a cock. She loved playing with a cock. She loved kissing, and licking, and sucking a cock. Here she was not yet a teenager, yet she was as cock-crazy as a preteen girl could get! And, hell yes, she wanted her brother’s cock inside her pussy!

Patty followed her mom and the two jumped back up onto the sturdy kitchen table. They lay back with their legs spread wide in eager anticipation of cock penetration. One expectant pussy was well-experienced while the other was virginal and innocent.

Jack and his dad stood and positioned themselves between outstretched female legs. The table was a perfect cock-fucking height. Two masculine cocks were getting set to enter vaginal territory.

Patty and Jack watched as their dad guided his long shaft toward their mother’s dripping wet hole. Vaginal moisture coated the man’s cock head as soon as it touched home base. The man drove his lubricated rod straight into the glistening opening. The shaft disappeared deep inside.

Patty’s virginal mind had a flash of feminine fear. She’d never been fucked, but she’d heard terrible stories from other girls who had been. The first time was always the worse. She spoke suddenly, “Mom, I don’t have as much wetness as you have. I’m afraid my hole is too dry for Jack’s cock!”

The girl’s father pulled his meat out of his wife’s cock hungry cunt. The woman twisted around and stuck her fingers inside her daughter’s young pussy. She spoke consolingly, “Oh Patty, you’re right. You’re not very wet. We need to do something about it or Jack’s big fella will hurt your tender flesh.”

The father had a flash of inspiration. His voice instructed, “Kids, your mom’s cunt has plenty of moisture. I’ll get several fingers full of it and put it into Patty’s pussy opening. Jack, you reach inside your mom’s cunt and get some wetness to coat your cock.”

This man’s fingers delved into his wife’s wet cunt. He took the moisture he found and applied it to the hole in his daughter’s little pussy. He guided his son’s hands into his mom’s slippery wet cunt canal.

Jack felt around inside his mom’s pussy and pulled out some of the feminine juice. This boy’s fingers had never been inside such a warm, wet place before. He was amazed by the erotic stimulation it caused his cock to have. He applied a light coating of liquid to his hard, engorged rod.

This boy’s father abruptly said, “Hell Jack, that’s not going to be enough lubricant on your cock! To get a full helping you’re going to have to dip your whole shaft into your mom’s slippery honey pot!”

Jack felt his mom’s fingers grab his cock. She pulled him over between her legs and guided his rigid rod into her hole. Her hands pulled him inside. Unsure of what to do, the boy jumped back. His dad put his hands on the boy’s ass and pushed him back inside.

Jack’s cock slipped deep into sweltering hot wetness. Vaginal juices surrounded his pulsating meat. Unconsciously, the boy started pumping in and out. Damn, he’d never been this horny and sexually stimulated! Through a haze of horniness he heard his mom’s voice imploring, “Hell Jack, don’t you dare cum inside me! You save your cream and put it inside your sister’s pussy!”

The boy pulled his cock out of his mom’s cunt. With his shaft now well-lubricated, this brother moved back to stand before his sister. Goddamn, he wanted to be back inside a pussy so much! Patty’s pussy lips were spread wide open. Without warning, Jack rammed his muscular meat into the virginal hole.

Patty voice squealed as the hard intruder pierced her hymen. Yet, she made no attempt to stop her brother. Her legs wrapped around his ass. Jack began pumping with slow steady thrusts. His slippery rod moved in and out effortlessly.

Jack heard his sister’s squeals turned to moans and sighs. His mom was moaning and sighing too as his dad’s cock was filling her cunt with meat.

Here on the kitchen table, two cocks and two pussies were joined in a rhythmic mating dance. Slow and steady was the pace for awhile. Brother fucked sister. Father fucked mother. Oh, this sweet fucking was so good!

Male and female voices grunted and groaned. Cocks slapped into pussies again and again. Slow fucking pace be damned! Instinct was demanding a quickening pace. Jack and his father began pumping into the pussies with a faster feverous zeal.

Female voices began squealing as orgasms began. Sensual pleasures could not be denied. A virginal girl cried out as her very first cock-fucking orgasms rocked her young pussy. A well-experienced woman cried out without restraint as welcomed orgasms shook her cunt.

Father and son were not to be left out of this orgasmic race. Hell, they were the ones doing most of the work on this fucking job! Two cocks began cumming. Thick, hot cream shot from swollen shafts and orgasms sped throughout masculine bodies.

Mother and daughter cried out again in ecstasy as the squirting hot cock cream spurred on more orgasms. Two feminine bodies wiggled and squirmed as their hips thrust up to welcome the hard cocks pounding into their flesh.

Father and son continued cumming and pumping until every last orgasmic drop of semen and sperm was expelled from their cocks. It was only when limpness began that they finally withdrew their shrinking shafts from the pussies they loved.

A sweaty, sticky sex mess covered everyone. Brother and sister had a long hot bath in the bathroom they shared. Father and mother bathed in their own tub. Feminine and masculine bodies slowly recovered from the glorious orgasmic workouts they’d had.

Patty and Jack were toweling each other dry when their mom opened the door. She looked at their nude young bodies and said, “Hey you, we still have some birthday cake to eat. Leave your birthday suits on and come and get it.”

The four met in the kitchen to finish the birthday party. Jack and Patty immediately noticed that their mom and dad also had on their birthday suits. The two male cocks were again erect, hard, and horny. Two feminine pussies were puffed out full and swollen. Tits and nipples stood proud and erect.

Patty and her mom cut the cake. Everyone had a big slice. Jack’s mom brought him the biggest piece. She asked, “Have you had a nice birthday, Son? Did you get all you wanted? Do you want anything else?”

Jack took the cake plate into his hand. His eyes were on a level with his mom’s nice tits. Temptation awakened mischievous wickedness in him. Instead of answering his naked mother, Jack scooped some icing onto his fingers. He placed a thick glob onto each of his mom’s nipples. His mouth followed his fingers. He sucked the sugary icing off each sweetened nipple. The big, rosy buds stiffened as his tongue licked and his lips sucked.

Not to be outdone by her brother, Patty took her cake plate and dropped to her knees in front of her dad’s chair. She scooped a heaping helping of icing onto the head of her father’s cock. She began licking and sucking it off.

This birthday party was not yet over. Birthday games were still being played. Two pretty, puffy pussies and four sweet, sugary tits and nipples became covered with icing which had to be sucked off. Two long, hard cocks were smeared with this same sugary delicacy. Feminine mouths licked and sucked off every tasty morsel.

Mother and daughter again found themselves flat on their backs on the kitchen table with cocks pumping inside their pussies. Sweet, innocent, little Patty had her dad’s meat pounding into her cock-hungry vaginal hole. Jack erect shaft was pumping vigorously inside his mother’s warm, wet, cock-welcoming cunt. Orgasms were cumming again.

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