The truth is sometimes better than fiction
an essay by JackassTales

Table of contents

Girl 1 (cousin)
Girl 2 (aunt)
Girl 3 (sister)
Girl 4 (cousin)
Personal note


Years ago, I took some sociology and psychology classes in college. There I learned a bit about society’s social norms and deviancies. Several of the instructional classes were directed specifically towards the subject of sex.

I remember one lecture in particular. According to the professor, studies had shown that the majority of humans have an ‘internal’ physiological, psychological, and genetic predisposition which prevents a sexual attraction between relatives. Accordingly, in real life, incestuous relationships are rare.

As I listened to the case studies and evidence laid out by this learned educator, my mind was silently screaming out one word, “Bullshit!”

If indeed those studies were correct, then my own story of ‘incestuous’ adolescent sex would have put me in a class of sexual ‘deviants’. Yet, there was nothing in my past behavior that I felt the least bit of remorse or shame about. In fact, I felt that the story of my adolescent sexual adventures would make a perfect contradiction of the facts presented.

Alas, that was neither the time nor place for my story to be told. Too many wagging tongues might reveal too much information and expose too many innocent persons to unwarranted scrutiny.

Years passed and I kept my secrets to myself. Besides, I had no forum to express my exploits. If my incestuous sexual activities were to be told, it would have to be in the context of complete anonymity.

Thus, we come to the present time. Several months ago I discovered this website. Here, fictional and factual stories could be posted in an anonymous forum. So, I tried this forum with several fictional stories written under the pseudonym of JackassTales.

Many of my fictional stories involve sex between adolescent and preadolescent characters. Much of my inspiration came from ‘romanticized’ or ‘exaggerated’ recollections from my own youth.

I now believe I feel comfortable enough with this website that I can safely tell my ‘true story’ without fear of recrimination. I will tell the real facts. I will not romanticize or exaggerate. Just to be on the safe side, I will not use my name or the name of any of my sexual partners.

There is an old saying about truth being stranger than fiction. In many instances, this is true. But, if you intend to read my story, please keep an open mind. The true facts contained herein involve sex between ‘very young’ participants. Let me say this again; the sex herein is between ‘very young’ boys and girls! Don’t read any further if this would offend you!

By telling my story as the truth, there will be very few ‘dirty’ words. There will be no ‘heaving bosoms’ or ‘engorged, pulsating cocks’. The language, for the most part, will be from the point of view of virginal, prepubescent kids. There will be very little dialogue. This will not be the usual ‘sex story’ as told on this sex story site.

Let me say this; I am not a pedophile. I never have been and never will be. My hope is that this story will not inspire any pedophilic thoughts in any readers. But, I can’t tell my ‘true story’ without giving out the ages of the youngsters involved.

So, here’s my story. It’s true, every single word!

Girl 1 (cousin)

As a boy growing up in the 1960’s south, I didn’t know my family was poor. But, poor we were. Don’t get me wrong. No way in this world could we be called ‘poor white trash’! My mom took her kids to church and my dad was a well-respected craftsman. My dad was also an alcoholic. He drank too much and spent too much of his paycheck on booze.

I remember the summer of my 5th year of life. Our family had moved from town and lived in a small country house with no indoor plumbing. Because my dad didn’t pay the bill, our electric was occasionally turned off.

Mom and Dad argued often. Perhaps they thought we kids didn’t understand, and I suppose we didn’t. I was 5, my brother was 3, and my sister was 1.

My aunt and uncle lived up the road with six kids of their own. There were four boys and two girls. They visited often. The oldest girl was 5, like me.

One hot, summer day I needed to pee. This girl cousin of mine said she had to pee, too. Thinking nothing about it, together we headed for the outhouse. Outhouses stink like ‘shit’ in the summer, but when that’s all you have I guess you get used to it.

So, my cousin and I entered the outhouse together. Being as we had a ‘two-holer’, the girl took the hole on the left and I took the hole on the right. Neither one of us gave the least bit of a thought to the fact that we might be doing something considered ‘inappropriate’. Hell, we just had to pee!

The girl pulled down her panties, lifted her dress high, and sat on her hole. I pulled my pants down and aimed at my hole. We both began peeing.

As far as I knew, the little thing hanging between my legs was called a ‘pee-pee’. And, I’d been told that the thing a girl has between her legs is called a ‘wee-wee’. This is not to say that I’d ever seen a wee-wee, because to tell the truth, I never had.

But hell, I was seeing a wee-wee now! When our pee stopped flowing, my hand reached out and touched the little mound between my cousin’s legs. The girl had reached up to touch me, too. Why I did it, I couldn’t explain nor could I explain why she touched me.

If I was to guess, I’d suppose it was innocent sexual curiosity which caused our hands to move. And move they did. I squeezed and played and so did she. The little pee-pee of mine did something I’d never known it to do before. It stiffened and became longer.

With one hand still on my hard little rod, the girl lay down on her back on the outhouse seat. Now I had a better view of what I was touching and playing with. I began to think that the girl’s puffy, split, little mound was the prettiest thing I’d ever seen in my life! I loved playing with it, too!

My cousin and I played with each other for quite a little while. Eventually, a shout from outside broke the sexual spell that had enthralled us both. Up came my pants and her panties. Down came her dress. [Author’s note: several months ago I wrote a fictional ‘sex story’ for this site using this first-time experience as a basis. I made the characters older and more knowledgeable. Click on my name above if you want to check out “Backwoods Fairytale”.]

This outhouse experience was not the last my cousin and I would have. We had a sweet little secret we shared only with each other anytime we had some time to slip off together. We never spoke ‘dirty’ words. We never kissed. We never had oral sex. We never had intercourse. My pee-pee did go between her legs many times, but I was unaware that there was a hole there it would fit into.

Amazingly, my cousin and I never got ‘caught’! Time after time we played our secretive games with no one every becoming aware of what was going on. I hate to think of what my uncle would have done if he’d caught me playing like this with his sweet, little, innocent child. But, as Brittany would say, “This girl was not that innocent!”

Sometime during the year when we were both 11, my cousin told me that we had to stop doing what we were doing. The reason had something to do with her starting to bleed and being able to make babies. Hell, I didn’t understand a word she said!

Looking back, I suppose I was disappointed at the loss of having the nice little wee-wee to play with. We had six fun-filled years before we had to stop. But, before anyone starts to feel sorry for me, let me tell you this; by then, I was already well into another sexual relationship with another girl!

Girl 2 (aunt)

By the time I was 8, my family had moved back to town. Then we moved again. And, then again we moved. Dad didn’t make the house rental payments on time. For a while, we lived with Dad’s mom and dad. My grandparents had a ‘late-in-life’ daughter the same age as me. In many ways, she was raised as an only child. Her older siblings were married with kids of their own.

I suppose this girl was ‘technically’ my aunt. But, we were so close in age that we felt more like brother and sister. This girl and I laughed, played, and had a good time together.

This girl’s family was relatively poor, too. Toys and fine doodads were things other kids played with. We had very few ourselves. So, this girl and I found something else to give us amusement.

During the year we were 8, we began a new game. We would hide under a blanket over behind my grandparent’s bed. We would sit up with our legs crossed in front of us ‘Indian’ style.

I guess this girl didn’t know it, but I’d been putting my hands inside a girl’s panties ever since I was 5. Actually, I’d only been playing inside one girl’s panties, but this was about to change. Hell, I was a horny young fella with three years of wee-wee playing experience!

When I raised this girl’s dress and slipped my hand into her panties, she made not one objection. She didn’t object when I placed her hand inside my unbuttoned pants.

Thus began my sexual adventures with another girl. Just as with the first girl, we two had a lot of fun. One of our favorite games came from the imaginations of our mother’s. By the time we were 11, we two were often asked to care of my little brother and sister. Our mothers would tell us to play ‘mother and dad’. Nowadays, I think the term is ‘playing house’.

Yet, I doubt either of our mothers realized how literally this girl and I would interpret their instructions. Young though we were, we still had ‘sort-of’ an idea about what moms and dads did. Moms and dads kissed and played little games under the covers in beds. Moms and dads took off their clothes and made babies.

While this girl and I were unsure of the particular mechanics involved in making babies, we nonetheless gave the game a shot. While our mothers were out of the house, we put the kids to bed in another room, stripped off our clothes, and climbed under the covers of her bed.

We two did a lot of groping and pushing of our bodies against each other. Her legs opened and my hard little pee-pee played around between them. I guess it was just plain old juvenile ignorance that prevented any kind of intercourse. Hell, I still didn’t know there was a hole in a girl’s wee-wee made for a boy’s little pecker!

Yeah, by now I’d learned the word ‘pecker’. I hardly ever used the word out loud, but I certainly used the hard little muscle between my legs whenever I could. With it, I’d peck away at the girl’s naked little middle parts. Well, the girl and I never did make any babies, but it sure wasn’t from the lack of trying!

Shortly before my 13th birthday, I learned two new and wondrous sexual things. First, I finally found out that the pretty little mound between a girl’s legs was a nice thing to kiss! Lordy, when I discovered this, I really went to town! From then on, every time we were together I kissed this girl’s sweet little mound with dozens of kisses! Second, I learned about masturbation.

Man-o-man, I became a self-taught masturbator who nearly wore his hands out pumping his meat! Not a day went by that I didn’t give myself a good workout! [Author’s note: I talked about this in my first fictional sex story for this site, “Sweet Sister Susie”. Some readers commented that I talked about masturbation too much, but I was only recalling facts from my boyhood. I couldn’t dismiss the importance of this discovery.]

When this girl neared the age of 13, she began sprouting a couple of magical, wondrous bulges on her chest. It seems like they grew by leaps and bounds. By now, I was seeing her only about once a week.

The joy of my life was still the split little mound between this girl’s legs. But, I began to become totally mesmerized by the protruding bulges adorning her chest. I swear, every week those dolls seemed to be a little bit bigger! And tasty, why let me tell you, they were sweeter than honey! Every time this girl and I would end one of our playtime sessions she’d hold up her two pretty dolls and insist that I “kiss the girls goodbye”.

By the time we’d turned 14, puberty had taking a firm grip on both of us. Unlike the girl I had before her, this girl didn’t let puberty turn her away from sexual adventure. On more than one occasion, I’d be playing with ‘the girls’ and then I’d let my hand slide down to this girl’s panties. My hand was met by hers and stopped from further advances. She’d explain in cryptic words I could not understand, “You can’t play there today, I menstruating.”

Here’s a prime example of how sexually ignorant and immature I was. I had no idea in the world what the word ‘menstruating’ meant! I was 14 with nearly nine years of sex play in my resume of skill. But, I still was blissfully uninformed about many of the mysteries of a female’s body.

In the beginning, I said I’d tell the truth here. Right now is a place where I could embellish this telling by extolling all about my oral and penile conquests of this girl’s nubile young body. But, the truth is what I promised to give and here it is: Girls, pussies, and nine years of sex play later I still had not penetrated the virginal veil of any girl with my penis! In fact, here is an unbelievable fact; I had not yet spread open the split mound of a pussy to discover the ripe fruit waiting inside! Hell, I didn’t even know the mound would open up and I didn’t know anything was inside! I didn’t know girl’s had clits. Now, how’s that for truth?

This girl and I ‘almost’ got caught only one time. I guess we hid our secret trysts pretty well. But one day, we slipped out of her house and climbed into the bed of an old pickup truck parked out behind the barn. We were having a fine time when we heard my mother calling. Quickly we dressed, climbed out, and ran around the barn. My mother took one look at our guilty faces, turned to the girl, and sternly asked, “Have you two been playing ‘nasty’? You’d better not be or girl I’ll tell your mother!”

Of course the two of us denied any wrongdoing. My mother escorted us back to the house. Surprisingly, she had not said one word to me. Her suspicious accusations were directed only to the girl. I suppose I was beginning realize the protective natures of mother’s for their sons. In her mind, if the two of us were indeed playing ‘nasty’, then it was entirely the girl’s fault! [Author’s note: I would use this protective, motherly quality in my fictional story for this site “Hillbilly Heaven.”]

Shortly after my 14th birthday, this girl abruptly announced that our playtime was over. She had found a boyfriend. We two had six glorious sex-play years. But then, for the second time in my short life, I had to give up a girl and the feminine delights she so willingly gave me.

Once again, I must ask that no one bring out the hankies and cry for me. I’d lost a treasure for sure, but by now I was again well into a sexual relationship with yet another girl!

Girl 3 (sister)

Readers, if you’re still with me here, perhaps you’ve noticed a pattern. I was not a ‘one girl’ guy. If you drew a timeline, you’d see that, at times, I was juggling more than one girl at a time. Hell, I was only a young boy, yet it seemed like I’d stick my hands inside any pair of panties I could reach! I bet my life that my mom didn’t know she was raising such a horny little sex fiend! If she did, she may not have been so protective.

Now, let me get back to the true story of my life as a boy. As I said, I was having a nice time playing with girls. But, the times were sporadic. Once a week was about all I was getting. I certainly wouldn’t have minded getting more. What I need was a more reliable, closer to home girl.

Along about the middle of the year I was 12, I found this girl. I wanted a close-to-home girl, well I couldn’t get any closer to home than the girl living right there in my house!

My sister was in the middle of the year she was 8. I did not consciously set out to pursue this girl with the intent of getting into her panties. Yet, I suppose subconsciously I knew she might be ready for it. I told myself, “Hadn’t I already been into the panties of two girls of her very age by now?” There was only one difference. I’d been the same age as the two previous girls, but I was four years older than my sister.

I’m now going to proclaim something as the truth that may sound improbable or perhaps unbelievable. Yet, this ‘is’ the truth; instead of me pursuing my sister, she pursued me! Now, don’t you be saying, “Wait a goddamn minute, 8-year-old girls do not sexually pursue their 12-year-old brothers!” I’m going to tell you here and now, “Yes they do!”

The old house we lived in at the time had a basement with nothing but a dirt floor. I had set up a small space for a workbench where I tinkered with fixing odds and ends of this and that.

I was working on something when the door creaked open and my sister came in. The basement was lit only by a single bare bulb hanging from the low ceiling. I wasn’t paying much attention to the girl until I heard her say, “Do you want to see this?”

When I turned around, I saw the girl sitting in an old castoff chair. Her dress was pulled above her bellybutton and her panties were down to her ankles. In answer to her question, I nodded my head and dropped to my knees between her legs. I did not suck her. I did not fuck her. Hell, at 12 I didn’t know how to do either! But, I did play with her. This wasn’t my first 8-year-old pussy rodeo!

Thus it began. Brother and sister sex. I didn’t know then that over the next four years the sexual relationship between the two of us would blossom into the grandest sex I’d ever know until I reached adulthood. [Author’s note: My fictional series for this site, “Sweet Sister Susie”, had as its basis this relationship between myself and my sister.]

My individual sexual encounters with my sister are too numerous to relate each and every one in the limited space of this essay. Yet, I feel I must touch upon some of the highlights.

Sis and I started out slow. For quite a while there was nothing more than just ‘touchy-feely’ playtime. Our hands wandered and explored insistently. We did this two or three times a week.

But then, as I explained above, I discovered the thrill of touching a girl’s sweet little mound with my mouth. I was kissing my dad’s little sister’s nice teen mound, so why not do the same with my sister.

Mom had thrown away an old mattress and it ended up in the basement. This old basement was long and narrow. The end towards the front of the house had a very low ceiling and was pretty dark. The darkness was magnified by the mass of the foundation stones of a large chimney jutting up through the floor. On the upper side of the chimney was a cubbyhole space.

For a boy of 13, I was certainly resourceful. I dragged the old mattress up to the secluded, hidden cubbyhole. It fit into the darkened space perfectly. I threw a ratty old quilt on top along with a pillow. I scrounged up several old extension cords, ran them up to the chimney, and affixed a light fixture. When I flipped the light switch, the darkness fled and revealed a secret ‘love nest’ fit for a king!

I ran straight upstairs and grabbed my sister’s hand. I led her downstairs and guided her through the darkened basement. I took her to my lighted mattress bed. This girl was now 9. The little lady said she loved this secretive place.

My sis was a smart little girl. Why, she knew quick-as-a-wink what I’d put this place together for! The barefooted girl was wearing only a shift dress and panties. The dress and panties came off before I was halfway undressed. Our heads hit the pillow together. Side by side, our nude young bodies pressed together tightly.

My hand reached out and flipped off the light. There is nothing quite like darkness to emphasize a boy and girl’s sense of touch. Every nerve ending in my body was tingling excitedly. The hard, erect rod between my legs was stiffer than it had ever been before. It was pressed tightly against my sister’s little feminine mound.

For two minutes, we lay there like that. Oh, we were not completely still. Our hands were groping. My hand was rubbing up and down her back and playing with her ass.

Finally, I whispered just two words, “Turn around.” With no hesitation, she turned her back to me. My rigid rod settled comfortably into the crack of her nice little ass. My hand reached around and grabbed a handful of soft feminine pubic flesh.

This little girl and I didn’t really know what to do next. This was our first time with laying-down totally-nude sex. I suppose we decided to let that old lady Mother Nature take us were she would.

Finally, my hard pecker left the comfort of the ass crack and pecked around until it slipped between the girl’s legs. My meaty young weenie settled comfortably into a warm thigh and pussy bun! My hand roamed up and down her belly and flat chest.

After a while, I again told her to turn around. We pressed ourselves together tightly. My weenie entered the soft thigh bun from the front. My hands played while my rigid rod jumped excitedly.

After a few minutes, I reached out to flip the light back on. I pulled my weenie out of the thigh sandwich. I scooted down on the mattress until my eyes were looking directly at the little pubic mound I sought.

As I’ve said before, I’d finally discovered the joys of kissing soft pubic flesh. So, I began kissing the flesh before my eyes! Sweet it was! My mouth and tongue went wild! I kissed and licked for several minutes.

I then reached up and flipped off the light. My sis and I then repeated the same routine. Her ass pressed to my front and my pecker went to its home between her legs. Several minutes later, she turned back around and spread her legs. My hardened meat went back between her legs from the front. A bit later, the light came back on and I kissed and licked her sweet pussy again.

When I flipped the light off again, I added a twist to the routine. I lay on my back and pulled my little sister on top of me. With her legs spread across mine, my hard meat settled up between her legs. I played with her back and soft little ass. Damn, my hands loved her ass!

We had a lot of fun. The two of us hardly spoke at all. At times, one of us would say, “That feels good doesn’t it?” The other would answer, “Oh yes!”

This routine became our playtime secret whenever we could sneak away. As the months passed, we played this intimate game several times a week.

Now let me explain this; at this time, we did not have intercourse. We did not make each other have orgasms (although I did jack off afterwards). We did not kiss. I still had not learned about opening a girl’s mound to find a clit.

As I said before, I lost Girl 2 shortly after I turned 14. But, by then I was well into my playtime with my sister. I didn’t know it then, but my sister was about to change up our routine in a way that would blow my mind!

Here’s what happened; Sis and I met again at our love nest bed. By now, she was 10. We were well into our nude playtime routine when the girl said something I’d never heard before. I heard her whispered voice say, “I’ll suck you if you’ll suck me.”

My voice answered, “Ok.” But, believe it or not, my mind was asking, “What the hell does she mean?” Yes, I was that dumb! I was that stupid. After nearly nine years of playing with pussies, I’d never sucked one! I didn’t even know how. And another thing, my meaty pole had never been inside a girl’s mouth!

I was now going to learn about these wondrous carnal delights. My sis was a fine teacher. The girl scooted down between my legs. Back then, boys were not routinely circumcised. Not unless they were Jewish. Well, we were Baptist so I still had my foreskin.

My sis pulled my foreskin back and placed the head of my stiff rod into her mouth. Hot-damn, right then I died and went to heaven! My testicles rumbled and my shaft became so swollen I thought I might bust a gut. She stopped just in time and said, “Now, you do me.”

The girl spread her legs and waited. I wasn’t really sure about the mechanics involved in pussy sucking. I knew she’d opened her mouth and took me in. So, I opened my mouth and tried to take her in. I don’t believe I was quite doing it right. The entire little mound would not fit in my mouth.

My sister was giggling. With an exasperated voice she said, “Not like that.” The girl then did something that changed me forever. She grabbed her split little crack and pulled it open. Goddamn, I couldn’t believe it! Here was a treasure I didn’t even know existed until that day. Finally, I knew what a clit was! God-almighty, I fell in love with the tiny jewel encased there inside a velvety pussy box!

This sister of mine wanted to get sucked, so I sucked her. I’d never guessed that such erotic excitement was possible. My lips and tongue quickly learned what to do with this tasty treat they were attempting to devour.

So, our love nest routine took on the added stimulation of oral sex. I believe I began to love kissing, and licking, and sucking my sister’s pussy and clit more than I loved breathing. The two of us finally learned to give oral orgasms to each other.

I’ve said that my sister was a smart little girl and that she had taught me a lot. But, in many ways, she was as uninformed about sex as I was. Hell, she didn’t know any more about the actual mechanics of intercourse than I did! Yet, the two of us continued experimenting.

The two of us had an idea about what went where. But, when I put ‘what’ I had ‘where’ she had, it hurt. We didn’t have a drop of lubrication to assist us. While I had reached puberty, she had not. She didn’t have enough natural vaginal lubrication to assist with penile penetration.

Our birthdays are close together. We celebrated my 15th and her 11th in our hidey-hole mattress bed. We were steamed up, warm, and cozily comfortable playing with our nude young bodies.

Now, something happened on this day that caused me to rekindle my assertion about my sister’s intelligence. Why, the girl came up with a brilliant plan! We were clumsily attempting to get my stiffened rod into the opening between the folds of her pussy. Just out of the blue, the girl said, “Why don’t you put some spit on yours and I’ll put some spit on mine?”

Well, I followed the girl’s suggestion, but I saw no logical reason to do so. So, with spit on my meat I pushed into her spit lubricated mound. Glory be, I slid in effortlessly! Surprised, I pulled back a little but went right back in.

Goddamn-almighty, we had at last figured it out! We were fucking! Spit lubrication did the trick! After my sis and I discovered the secret to fucking, there was no separating us. Why, I reckon even the horny bunny rabbits were envious of us. [Author’s note: I used this saliva lubrication experience in my fictional story for this site “Once Upon A Time”.]

This chapter about Girl 3 has been the longest because I had the most intense incestuous sex with this girl. I need to leave this chapter, but I can’t without relating a few more details about our brother and sister sexual relationship. I’ll try to be brief. Not all of our playtime took place in our hidden basement hideaway.

On schooldays, Mom would tell my sister, “Go wake up your brothers.” My brother and I shared a bed. Sis would shake me awake. Yet, her hands were not shaking my shoulders. No, her hands were ‘goosing’ my cock through the covers. Why, you never saw a guy wake up so fast! My hand would shoot out from under the covers and dive into my sister’s panties. For a few minutes, she and I shared a forbidden ‘quickie’. This was always a nice way to be awakened.

The middle room of our old house had a heating stove. After breakfast, Sis and I would warm our hands here. She would stand beside me facing the stove while I faced the other way around. My hands slipped easily into to her panties with no one seeing a thing.

Many times, Mom made my sister do the supper dishes by herself. If I happened to be in the house, I helped. But, I didn’t wash or wipe a single cup or dish. Instead, I stood behind my sis and put one hand in her panties and the other under her top. I’d squeeze and play, switch hands, and squeeze and play some more. Sometimes I’d pull her panties down and get me a taste of sweet pussy. This was the best ‘after supper’ dessert any guy could want!

Most of the time, I was pretty horny after school. Sis and I usually had about an hour to play before Mom came home from work. At times, my brother’s presence became a problem. This boy loved popsicles more than anything else in the world. I’d give him a dime and he’d run to the store, get his popsicle, and leave Sis and me alone. She and I had things sweeter than popsicles to lick and suck on!

I was quite an engineer. Hadn’t I built a perfect hidey-hole for sex? I also built a tree house, a playhouse, an igloo, and other structures. I christened every engineering marvel with my hands inside my sister’s pants. Time permitting, I’d get my stiffened rod between her legs, too.

Sis had to stay home from school with the measles. I’d already had them, so I had to stay home and ‘take care of her’. Didn’t that mom of mine know about leaving the fox to watch the hen house? I ‘took care’ of my sister really well. By the time I was through ‘comforting’ her, she was feeling much better.

My name was called over the intercom at school and I was told to go to the principle’s office. Sis was sick with a bellyache and I was told to take her home. By now, I was 16 and driving. Sis was 12. She’d been having quite a few bellyaches recently. This was our first brush with a fear of pregnancy. But hell, we were just two immature sexually ignorant sexual novices. The girl had not yet started puberty. While her young body was ripe enough for sex, it was not yet matured enough to make babies.

When the bellyaches subsided, my sis and I resumed having sex without a care in the world. The year I turned 16 and my sis turned 12 was filled with filled with almost daily sexual encounters. I couldn’t keep my hands off the girl. Why, I couldn’t get within two feet of her without pulling her to me and getting into her panties!

Surprisingly, after all these years, only once did we almost get caught. One day, Mom got home from work a little early. Sis and I were busy playing on the couch in the living room. We heard the key in the door lock and hurriedly pulled our clothes on.

Mom took one look at our guilty faces and asked, “Have you two been playing ‘nasty’? Don’t you let me catch you doing it!” Of course, we denied doing it.

Later, when I had time to think about it, I realized something peculiar about the way Mom had admonished Sis and me. Why, she didn’t tell us ‘not’ to do it! She’d only said for us to not let her ‘catch’ us. That’s when I began to suspicion that my mom might have known a lot more about what was going on in her house than I thought. My mind wondered if maybe Mom might have had some similar experience with incestuous sex in her past.

My sister and I had four glorious years of sex together. But, like the other girls before her, I lost her nubile young body too soon. We stopped playing together shortly before I turned 17. She was about to turn 13. By now, she had reached the ripeness of puberty and the fear of pregnancy was too real.

Girl 4 (cousin)

Around about the middle of the year I was 14, I learned from my ‘best friend’ boy cousin that I wasn’t the only brother playing around with a sister. He had a sister that he played sex games with, too. This boy was a year older than me and his sis was a year older than mine.

We two began comparing notes. We’d had many similar sex experiences with our sisters. So, the two of us launched a plan. We’d just get together with our sisters and try a little ‘sister-swapping’! We didn’t give much thought to the fact that the girls might not want to go along with our plan.

So, we two horny teen boys approached our preteen sisters. Mine was 10 and his was 11. With a bit of trepidation, we told the girls about our plan.

At least the girls didn’t run away in shock. But, they didn’t immediately say ‘yes’ either. They huddled together and had a whispered conversation. Finally, we heard one say to the other, “I will if you will.” We heard the other one reply, “Ok, if you will, I will.”

These country cousins lived on a farm, so we headed off for the barn. Before you knew it, we four were ‘rolling in the hay’. Hands began groping. Dicks and pussies were flopping all over the place. I don’t believe my boy cousin had ever played with a pussy other than his sister’s. But hell, his sister’s pussy was my 4th!

I’ll say this; a good time was had by all! So good a time did we have, that we repeated it any time we could. We could only get together on weekends. Sometimes we played on Saturday. Sometimes we played on Sunday after church. Often, we played on both weekend days.

Now, I’m going to cut this chapter a little short without going into a lot of details into my adventures in sister-swapping. We all had a good time, but it ended after less than two years.

The last time I had my hands in this girl cousin’s panties, my fingers disappeared into a slippery wet hole. She’d finally reached pubic maturity. I still remember the words she said to me on the last day we played together. The words scared the shit out of me! With my fingers inside her, she said, “If you stick your dick into me one more time, I’ll get pregnant!”


The purpose of this essay was to present evidence to contradict the case studies cited by my college professor. Let me repeat his original assertions. The learned educator had stated that persons who are related by blood are physically, psychically, and genetically programmed to avoid incestuous sex.

I believe my ‘true story’ facts present a compelling contradiction of those academic assertions! I think I can say with confidence that some people in academia are ‘full of shit’!

I have limited the scope of my essay to stating only the facts of my own incestuous sexual experiences. My adventures in incest spanned the years from the ages of 5 to 17. I had sexual relations with four relatives. I never had incestuous sex past that point.

Let me add this; With the exception of myself, everyone in this essay is presently married with children and grandchildren. As for me, I still haven’t been able to settle down and be a ‘one woman’ man.

I’ll admit, at times I’ll still see some of these old bedmates of mine at family get-togethers, reunions, and such. I’ll look at their kids and grandkids and silently think, “I wonder who has had their hands inside their sister’s or brother’s or cousin’s pants?”


I’ve stated that the facts here are to be taken as the truth. And, ‘truth’ they are. But, if this story comes back to ‘bite me in the ass’, then I will disclaim the facts as being the truth! Instead, I will call them just another fictional creation of mine!


Girl 1 (cousin)…age 5 ½ to 11 ½
Me …age 5 ½ to 11 ½
Girl 2 (aunt) …age 8 ½ to 14
Me …age 8 ½ to 14
Girl 3 (sister) …age 8 ½ to 13
Me …age 12 ½ to 17
Girl 3 (cousin)…age 11 ½ to 13
Me …age 14 ½ to 16

Personal note

If any of you readers have had any similar ‘true’ incest experiences, I wouldn’t mind hearing about it in the comments section. Surely, many guys (and ladies) can back up my claim that incest can be a beautiful and rewarding way to experience lust and love. Thank you.


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