A continuation as the ending of the first story implied
The bus was pretty much full when Amber and her sister Christa stepped on and showed the driver their passes. It was warm outside so Amber had decided to wear the short reveal all mini-skirt she'd bought at the mall two days ago when she was gang raped in the bathroom. Without crossing her legs it was very easy for anybody that wanted to to see her cute little white cotton thong. The navy blue skirt was complimented nicely by a white sleeveless teeshirt. The two girls walked to the back of the bus and Amber chose a seat way in the back right in the middle that gave a view straight up the aisle to the front of the bus so that anyone that got on the bus would notice her right away. Christa was dressed a little more consersatively in a pair of crisp white shorts that showed off her curves and a red teeshirt that bore the words in large black letters on the front, "I'M CUTE! DEAL WITH IT!" She couldn't figure out for the life of her why Amber suddenly wanted to hang out with her but she welcomed it because she'd always wanted her younger sister to treat her like she actually existed.
"Amber, why do you dress sexy like that? Won't boys think you're easy?" Christa wanted to know. Amber giggled a little at the thought of being "easy". While her sister was smaller than she was, which was an amazing feat in and of itself, Amber got a kick out of the fact that Christa didn't talk like a 15 year old.
"How come you're not dressed like me today?" Amber shot back after a short giggle.
"Cuz I'm a good girl!" Christa said.
"Yeah right!" Amber sighed as the bus approached the local park. Amber reached up and pulled to cord causing a "bing" sound in front of the bus letting the bus driver know that somebody wanted to get off, "Let's go Christa! I want to be the first to get to the swings!" Christa walked to the front of the bus behind her sister and they got off together. Christa didn't see the three guys coming up the street as her attention was focused on the park's playground. The oldest guy in the group walked closely behind Christa who was starting to get a little uncomfortable but continued walking. Amber watched from a swing as the other two guys positioned themselves around Christa.
"Why are you guys following me?" she wanted to know as she swallowed a lump in her throat. That's when Amber saw her cue and approached her sister. She was now trapped in the middle of a circle.
"Amber what's going on?"
"Remember how you said you're a good girl?"
"Well, good girls do what they're told and you are going to do whatever my friends want you to do and if you don't they will hurt you!"
"AMBER NO!" Christa said beginning to cry.
"Follow me guys! I know the perfect spot!"
"Your sister's not retarded is she?" the oldest boy asked.
"No! She just think's I'm retarded so she talks down to me!" Amber said, "That's why I think she deserves this!" Amber led the boys to the park bathroom area where she locked the door with all five people inside.
"Take your shirt off!" the oldest boy ordered Christa.
"Why should I?" she asked defiantly.
"Because I'm bigger than you and I can hurt you really badly if you don't!" the boy answered To demonstrate he grabbed a lock of hair and pulled as hard as he could. When he let go Christa quickly complied.
"Are you sure this bitch is 15?" one of the boys asked, running his hands across Christa's ass, "She looks like she's ten!"
"Well that's another reason why I hate her so much! She's growing into a woman but still has the body of a little girl!" The oldest boy cupped one of Christa's breasts into his hand and began to suck on it.
"Unzip your pants!" one boy ordered.
"Make them stop Amber!" Christa pleaded.
"If I try to make them stop they will kill us both!" Amber lied.
"And if you don't unzip your shorts and pull them down right now I'm going to give you a red ass!" the boy ordered. Christa slowly unzipped her shorts and began to pull them down revealing the pink "Victoria Secret" panties she'd been wearing. The oldest boy stopped sucking her tit for awhile and leaned into her and whispered in her ear.
"If you pee on anyone of us I'll break your neck!" he said as he bent the girl over and shoved a finger in her ass as the other boy pulled her panties down. Caught off guard, Christa moaned in pain as the boy's finger went in and out of her tight asshole. She moaned even louder when a second finger went in and joined the other one.
"Dude, let me fuck her!" one of the boys cried out. Amber watched in amazement as her ultimate revenge was being carried out. As she watched her sister's pussy reamed by all three guys just as they had done to her two days ago she got a strange feeling come over her. She never realized how beautiful pussy was. Christa was already scared and crying so what would it hurt to humiliate her in the worst way possible? Amber was suddenly incredibly horny and the little wet spot in her thong was testament to the fact. She got up from the sink she was sitting on and approached her sister.
"If you don't let me lick your pussy I'm going to let them kill you when they are done with you and they're not going to shoot you in the head big sister! They are going to beat you to death with their hands!"
"Amber why are you doing this?" Christa sobbed.
"Just shut up and let me lick your pussy!" Amber ordered getting down on her knees. She put her face in between Christa's legs as the boys backed away. Amber licked hard and fast, mirroring what she'd seen done in her father's porn collection. She didn't know that pussy tasted so sweet and beautiful as she licked and shoved her tongue inside tasting a mixture of Christa's juices and the guys' precum inside of her. Christa could do nothing but lie there, cry and react to what Amber was doing. Christa had to admit that Amber was better at eating pussy than most guys. When Amber was finished after five minutes the three boys took back their positions and continued fucking Christa until she could literally no longer stand up.

The oldest boy forced Christa up onto her knees and she had to struggle to stay there as he forced her mouth open and shoved his cock inside it. He grabbed her hair and pulled it violently as he shoved his cock down her throat causing Christa to gag horribly. The only thing Christa was worried about were her legs being able to hold her up and of course the gagging from the guy's cock. It wasn't long at all before the guy pulled his cock out and his hot gooey cum flew at her face and hit her square in the eye, astonishing the guy, "I couldn't do that again if I tried!" he boasted as he laid Christa flat on her back as she cried from the sting of the cum hitting her eye. He bent her legs all the way back to her shoulders even to his own surprise causing her pussy to open right up and he positioned himself as he became hard yet again.
"If I'm able, can I cum inside of HER?" he asked.
"I wouldn't recommend it," Amber replied, "but I really don't care what you do to her!"
"You fucked my sister?" Christa cried as her pussy was being pounded. As hard he he pounded her she could barely get the words out.
"He has the one thing you CAN'T take away from me Christa!" Amber replied, "My virginity! You're the family slut and you always talked to me like I'm six!" The oldest boy fucked Christa's pussy for as long as he could causing as much pain as he could. Chrisa was hurting so badly she didn't know what to do. The pain shot from the bottom of her feet to the top of her head and she wanted to die. She'd never experienced anything like this before. She had that small window of time where she could speak but the pain had begun to engulf her thoughts to the point where she couldn't even do that anymore. Christa had been truly humiliated in more ways than she ever dreamed possible and at the hands of someone she truly thought was inferior to her. Why she'd ever wanted to actually hang out with her younger sister was a question she'd raise in her mind for the rest of her life. Her mother always told her that if anything like this were ever to happen that it would probably happen to Amber. She would never find out that it already had.

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2010-09-06 17:40:26
Not as good as the firs one. You needed to go into more detail each sex act, the taking of her virginity, etc.

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2010-08-06 20:36:32
what i think u shoulda had more details bout what happen

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2010-05-13 15:26:24
i likes it! and im not a fat homo in a basement, im a teen SO SUCK ON IT!
actually, dont i like girls

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2009-08-30 13:31:44
Amber's a sick bitch, it was an ok story, part 1 was better though.


2008-03-25 12:19:05
Pretty Decent, Reader's 1 and 5, why read it if it offends you? are you guys some fat homo's that live in their mothers basement that have nothing better to do then insult random people for writing a story to help those who happen to have odd interests such as this?

No offense to the author but this is odd, yet I'll read anything =p

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