Birthday sex is always the best
Her thirteenth birhtday was a day that Amber had been looking forward to so she could finally call herself a teenager. Everyone she knew told her that life began again when you became a teenager. The present her mother had promised her was a trip to the mall where she'd be able to finally hang out by herself. She was given $350 dollars, which to a girl like Amber who's family didn't really have much to speak of, was an insane amount of money. She didn't know her mother had been saving it for just this occasion but she wasn't complaining.

Amber was a very pretty little girl only standing at 4'10 tall and only weighing a handfull of pounds soaking wet. She wondered if what she'd heard about being at the mall without adult supervision was true. She wondered if guys truly stared at her the whole time she was there but she was about to find out. She hoped so because she truly believed that she was good enough looking to be stared at constantly but she never verbalized this belief. Her first stop in the mall after being dropped off was the food court because she was hungry. She scanned the long lines full of shoppers waiting to place orders at various restaurants. She found the shortest line at the Taco Stand and she quickly jumped in it. Three guys jumped in line behind her and she could hear them talking.

"Dude," one asked, "Why don't you just talk to her? She's hot!" Amber hoped the the guy was talking about her and became excited when she felt a tap on the shoulder.

"Hi!" he said, "What's your name?" He wished he'd had a better line than that but it worked becuase Amber answered him almost immediately.
"I come here all the time and I've never seen you hear before!" he said.
"I used to come here with my mom because she wouldn't let me come here by myself. Today's my birthday and my mom finally let me come by myself. As the guy stared the young girl down, he suddenly felt a bulge in his pants as he realized just how cute the little new teen was. Her long blonde hair rested gently on her shoulders and went a little ways down her back. The black teeshirt she was wearing was tight and showed every curve within the vicinity of her waist and he could see how small her waistline was causing the bulge to get even bigger.
"How old are you?" he asked her.
"13!" she responded, "How old are you?"
"19!" he replied back, "God you are a cutie!" Amber turned about seven shades of red as she blushed at the guy's comment who was completely ignoring the commentary coming from his friends behind him.
"Are you a virgin?" he asked.
"Kind of!" she replied making the guy wonder what she meant.
"What do you mean by that?"
"Well, I've only played with myself! I've never actually had sex with a guy! I made out once!"
"As pretty as you are I find that hard to believe!" he said causing the young girl to blush yet again as she stepped up to the counter to place her order. Without actually ignoring it she said nothing as she suddenly felt a hand go between her legs and fondle her gently. She decided not to make a big deal about it when she realized somehow that nobody had noticed that she'd just been sexually molested. After paying for her food she stepped to the other end of the counter where she saw one of the young men follow her and huddle up close to her. She could tell that he was the oldest of the three and by far the nicest looking. Amber received her food and looked around to find a table to set her food down because she had to suddenly use the bathroom. The slight dampness in the pink cotton panties she was wearing gave rise to a sudden necessisity to piss. She didn't see the oldest man following her to the bathroom but she sensed that she was being followed and she sped up. She made it to the bathroom door before he did to but her dismay she was unable to lock it and oldest of the three men that were flirting with her gained entry.

"ummm, you're not supposed to be in here!" Amber said as she ducked into the bathroom stall, "So what are you doing in here?" she wanted to know. The young man came closer to her with a crazy look in his eyes scaring Amber a little bit.
"Do...Do you want to have sex with me or something? Why are you looking at me like that?" Amber backed up slowly as the man walked closer without saying anything to her.
"I don't know if I want to let you touch me!" she admitted as fear began to set in.
"Why not?" he finally asked, "Aren't I good enough looking for you?"
"It's not that at all!" she replied back, "I'm just afraid you're going to hurt me!"
"How do you know?" he said as he unzipped his pants and pulled them down slightly so Amber could better see his bulge, "You've never had a dick in your twat before! You said it yourself!"
"Mom said I was too young!"
"You're mom's probably just telling you that so that she's the only one in the house getting any action but I'll bet you're better looking than your mom!" The man inched ever closer reaching out and gently grabbing Amber's chest. Amber could feel her pussy beginning to get a little moist as the man played with her tiny pert titties, "Let me show you that it doesn't have to hurt nearly as much as you're afraid of! I'm going to have sex with you whether you want me to or not so how much it hurts is completely up to you!" Amber felt her heart skip a beat as she realized that she had no way out of the bathroom as the door suddenly opened and the man's friends entered, "Lock the door!" he ordered the last guy.
"Are you all going to fuck me?" Amber wanted to know.
"Yes we are! Every one of us are going to fuck your brains out. You can make it worst experience of your life or you can make it the best thing that ever happened to you!" The oldest guy said as he suddenly put his hands between her legs realizing that Amber had peed her pants angering him slightly, "Why the fuck did you wet your pants?"
"I"m about to be raped and your asking me why I wet my pants? Just fucking screw me and get it over with already but if you cum in my pussy you've got a one way trip to jail!" The first guy pushed Amber into the wall behind her and unzipped her pants revealing the cute little yellow lowrise panties she was wearing. He pulled the jeans all the way down to her ankles and forced the teen virgin to her knees. The first thing he was going to devirginize was her mouth. Amber had heard that blowjobs were fun but she didn't expect to be forced to do it. Instinctively as the guys cock reached her tender virgin lips she opened her mouth and he quickly shoved his huge cock in realizing that it wasn't going to go all the way right away until Amber was ready for it. Amber sucked the cock almost like an expert being careful not to scrape her teeth along the guy's cock because she'd heard men don't like that sort of thing. The guy suddenly had a hard time believing she'd never done this before. Despite being forced, Amber was beginning to like what she was doing and didn't want to stop until he forced his cock to go down her throat causing her to begin choking immediately. With a few strokes of his cock in her throat he quickly pulled it out stroked it a few times, bracing himself with his other hand on her forehead and a wad of hot gooey cum shot out and hit Amber in the face surprising her as he finished cumming on her chin. He pulled her away from the wall and forced the young girl to bend over as far as she could as he realized that she'd wet her panties again. Amber whimpered a little as she felt a hard smack across her tiny panty clad ass.
"I've had just about enough of you pissing your pants young lady!" she heard him say as her panties were ripped down her legs. The air around her hit her wet pussy and it felt cold but that didn't last long as she felt a hand cover her pussy and begin to rub it. She jumped slightly as she suddenly felt something that felt like a finger inside her pussy. In and out...In and out. It was almost like her own fingers only much larger. This only lasted a minute or two as another guy positioned himself behind her and aimed his cock at her virgin pussy. He slid in gently as Amber whimpered. Her pussy was so tight because it had never taken a cock before. The guy rocked back and forth slowly at first and then moved faster and faster. Amber was right. It did hurt but not as much as she'd expected it to. Amber couldn't help it moaning a little as the guys huge cock stretched and expanded her tiny tight little pussy. There were tears in her eyes as he fucked her from behind and being bent over as far as she was started to become a little uncomfortable for the 13 year old recently deflowered teen but with the powerful hand on her back she couldn't straighten up until it was removed but she didn't really have much of a chance to recover as she was shoved to her knees and her head was violently yanked back by her beautiful hair. suddenly without warning a second wad of hot love juice struck the brand new teen on her face just underneath her nose but this time she'd made the mistake of opening her mouth and some of the salty cream entered there within. She'd never tasted cum before but Amber actually liked it. She would have liked it even more if she'd actually come to the mall looking to get gangbanged but aside from being smacked on the ass and pushed into the wall they hadn't really done anything to hurt her. This was about to change as she was violently thrown to the floor and her legs were pryed open by the next guy about to take his turn with her. Just before he could place his cock inside her tight pussy she arched her back and bucked as the warm piss suddenly flew out and streamed for a few seconds before dwindling down to a small trickle.
"Bitch fucking peed on me!" The boy said.
"Roll her onto her stomach!" The oldest guy ordered. Amber could hear the anger in his voice, "Now prop her up onto her knees. She's in trouble." Amber's bare ass stuck high in the air when suddenly she felt a sharp pain that caused her entire body to shudder as she realized that she was being hit with a belt. The second smack caused her to jump forward.
"Don't let her move." The third and final smack caused Amber to start crying but she didn't have time to recover from the pain of the spanking as the oldest guy got into position behind her and shoved his cock in her pussy and began fucking her relentlessly. He grabbed her by the hair and began to pull back on it as he fucked her as hard as he could.
"Open your mouth!" he ordered loudly as he told the guy she'd peed on to get down on his knees in front of her. She opened her mouth as wide as she could.
"Shove your cock down her throat! If she resists, I pull even harder!" he said panting as he fucked her pussy raw. Amber could smell her piss on the guys cock as he put it into her mouth and shoved it past the roof of her mouth and down her tiny throat causing her to gag and try to pull away when she suddenly felt a tug on her hair as a warning to let the boy do his thing with her tiny mouth. He face fucked her as the oldest guy fucked her from behind. It wasn't long before the guy began cumming down the young girl's throat as a few drops dribbled down her chin when he pulled out. To avoid choking on the cum she had no choice but to swallow it just as she was thrown onto her back and the oldest guy straddled her putting his cock in her face and letting his load go. The smallest of the boys was then ordered to finally join in the fun as he stripped quickly.
"NO humiliation is complete without this next very critical round!" the oldest boy said, "Now stand up and bend over. Put your hands on the floor so you don't fall over and spread your legs as far as you can!" He ordered. Amber's now well fucked deflowered pussy opened wide and all the boys could see the glistening wet pink that they had exposed. The smallest boy by far had the largest cock and they always saved him for last. He was very excited because this was the first time they had raped a virgin and he got the final show. He inched his hard cock toward her tight very small asshole.
"NO! NOT THERE!" she protested loudly.
"If only you had allowed us to cum in your pussy!"
"I can change my mind!" she said frantically.
"Too late!" the oldest boy said. The smallest boy shoved his monster cock into her tiny asshole causing the girl to howl loudly from the pain as the boy began to pump.
"I'm going to have to shut you up!" the oldest boy said as he positioned himself in front of Amber and grabbed her again by the hair and shoved his cock in her mouth and face fucked her her while she was being raped in the ass by the largest cock she'd taken all afternoon. This was the only part she couldn't wait to end as she got another load of cum in her throat. A few seconds later the youngest boy came and came hard. As he came he thrust harder until he was completely spent. When he pulled out of her ass, he grabbed her and spread her ass cheeks wide as his cum spewed out and down the 13 year old girl's legs.
"We didn't hurt you too badly did we?" the oldest boy asked.
"No not really but my ass hurts the most! Why did you do that?" she asked.
"So you can't say you are a virgin in any way shape or form!"
"Well, you guys had no right to rape me and I didn't deserve but I'll make a deal with you all because I think you all are really cute guys. I know someone who does deserve to be raped. You guys rape her and let me watch her be humiliated as badly as you guys humiliated me today and I'll forget that I was raped and chalk it up to my first sexual experience being rougher than I expected it."
"We'll be glad to rape her! Who is she?"
"My fifteen year old sister!"
"Bring her on!" the oldest boy said as the girl got dressed having forgotten that her panties and jeans would still be peesoaked but she didn't care anymore. They'll dry by the time she gets home.

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2010-08-04 21:24:35
she couldnt stop peeing but she liked it not real too far fetched


2008-01-29 02:27:48
too bad in real llife that sort of thing ruins a girls life.


2008-01-15 02:35:45
it was a good story but you have to stay with things like fbailey said about her panties changing other then that keep up the good work


2008-01-11 03:18:54
Bailey, If you'll recall, Amber peed in her pants several times during the course of her ordeal...It was a play on words...nice catch by the way...


2008-01-10 11:52:49
How did her pink cotton panties became her cute little yellow lowrise panties?

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