Susie and I get 'educational advice' at school
Sweet Sister Susie (seven)

A movement at the side of my bed awakened me. Groggily, my eyes strayed to the glowing dial of my digital clock. The red lettering indicated the time was 4 am.

The bedcovers were pulled aside and I realized someone was climbing into my bed. Any question as to who this was, was answered when a soft, feminine voice whispered, “Jase, I had a bad dream. I can’t go back to sleep. Can I spend the rest of the night with you?”

Without awaiting an answer, my sister Susie slipped under the covers and snuggled up against my chest. Her leg settled between my two outstretched limbs. Unconsciously, my arm closed around her and pulled her close. My hand lifted the hem of her short pajama top and settled on the middle of her back.

She had on no bra. This was a fact for sure. There were no straps to prevent my wandering hand from exploring her silky, soft skin. Lordy, Susie flesh set my body on fire!

Susie had her 13th birthday last week. She’d also had her first menstrual cycle. Damn, my little sister was maturing fast! Her feminine body certainly had all the shapes and curves to prove her ripening womanhood!

I’d had my 17th birthday in the same week as my sister’s 13th. I was nearly a man full-grown and feminine shapes and curves were the glory of my life.

During the long, hot summer, I had begun sleeping nude. I loved being naked. Hell, I was naked right now! The feel of this girl’s young body against mine had awakened my cock and made it grow into an immediate state of erection.

Hell, I wasn’t the only one aware of the stiffening rod between my legs! Susie giggled and pressed her leg against the hard, meaty muscle. My sister was a wickedly mischievous girl. She proved this fact with whispered words, “Oh my, my, Jase, I do believe you’ve got a hard-on! Well, mister, there’s no since in wasting a perfectly good hard-on. You might as well go ahead and fuck me with it before we go back to sleep!”

I wasn’t one bit surprised at Susie’s wanton wickedness. She was a playful, sexually curious young lady. She and I had been fucking all summer. We loved fucking each other more than any other activity ever invented by anyone on earth, in heaven, or in hell.

Susie’s pajama top and her panties came off and were flung across the room. If this girl wanted to get fucked, then she sure as hell came to the right bed! I attacked the naked teenage nymph that was tantalizing my mind and loins.

I threw Susie to her back and headed straight for the ‘good stuff’. Lord-a-mercy, there’s nothing in this world I loved more than my sister’s pussy! Brilliant moonlight shone through my window and provided enough illumination to guide my eyes.

But hell, I wanted a good look! I twisted around and flipped on my bed lamp. Back to the pussy, I went. Puberty had been good to my sister’s body. I gave a silent prayer of thanks to the female pubic-gods for their abundant blessings on this girl. I was the main benefactor of the fruitful glories bestowed upon this girl’s chest and between her legs.

My fingers tickled and teased Susie’s thin, curly, newly-grown pubic hairs. I tugged and pulled the short, silky strands. My tongue was busy elsewhere tickling and teasing the clit protruding proudly from between the swollen lips of a marvelous mound of pussy flesh.

Lust drove me wild. My lips closed on the clit and pulled viciously. My mouth sucked in as much clitoral flesh as it could hold. My tongue licked with a feverous, ferocious hunger. My teeth clamped onto the tender skin. Susie squirmed. She softly squealed.

I slowed the assault. There was no need for hurry. My mouth explored the mounded outer pussy lips kissing and licking in a frenzy of desire. My fingers spread the swollen lips to expose the splendor hidden within. Majestic pink was the predominant clitoral color I saw.

Again, I ate Susie’s clit, but I took time to savor the tantalizing tastes and textures. My tongue followed the clitoral path and sank into a cavernous open abyss. Liquid fire bathed this erect intruder with feminine moisturizer. I licked and lapped happily. Susie moaned. Her hips wiggled.

My lips left the pussy behind and found the mounded globes adorning this girl’s chest. Next to her pussy, I loved Susie’s breasts best. Holy shit, these two gorgeous girls were wondrous works of nature’s art!

Perhaps I was too rough, but I kissed, and licked, and sucked these magnificent mammary mounds with unrestrained passionate zeal. I fell under a hypnotic spell of nipple and tit kissing, licking, and sucking delight. I might have made these mesmerizing orbs into ‘all-night-suckers’ if Susie had not interrupted, “Damnit, Jase, you’re supposed to be fucking me!”

Her words released me from my pussy and tit trance. I fell to my back on the bed. That sister of mine then attacked my cock. Damn, I thought she was ready for fucking! But hell, if she wanted some cock-sucking first, then I wasn’t going to deny her!

Susie bent down toward my cock. She grabbed the stiffened rod. I’ll admit this; my sister sure loves my cock! She started fondling and kissing the object of her desires. With tongue-moistened lips she rained wet kisses up and down the entire length of my engorged shaft. Hot blood raced through the pulsating blue veins throbbing just below the surface skin of my stimulated meat.

Hot-damn, Susie was driving me crazy! Her slippery-wet lips closed over the head of my cock. Her tongue darted into the slit of my pee-hole. Her saliva ducts opened and she drenched the throbbing bald head of my manhood. Her tongue made slow, lazy circles around and around.

Susie, my sweet little, girl-woman sister, turned on a vacuum and sucked half the length of my cock into her mouth. Her lubricated mouth bobbed up and down franticly. So frantic was she that the shaft repeatedly popped out. Each time it did, she grabbed it and sucked it back in.

Now, it was my goddamn turn to interrupt Susie! I spoke sternly, “Shit Susie, if you want to get fucked, then you’d better stop sucking my cock! You’d better turn your sweet little ass around, lie on your back, and get your legs spread! I’m going to fuck the shit out of you!”

Susie flipped down and laid flat on her back. I mounted her with the suddenness of a stud horse mounting his favorite mare. My 6-inch shaft aimed straight at the entrance to my sister’s pussy heaven.

Into Susie’s heavenly hole, my cock sank. My shaft plunged deeper and deeper into this pit of liquid fire. Scorching female juices surrounded and bathed this welcomed intruder. Pussy muscles grabbed, pulled, and tugged the cock shaft begging it to do its duty.

Susie’s hips rose to meet every thrust of my cock. She bucked and jumped. I thrust in and out, in and out again and again. She rose and fell, rose and fell.

I was fucking my sister just like she wanted! I fucked her gently, I fucked her hard! I was fucking her for an eternity with no thoughts of ever stopping. Goddamn-almighty, I loved fucking my sister! Hell, she loved it, too!

My plans for an eternity of fucking this girl came to a cataclysmic, orgasmic end. Susie squealed as orgasmic shockwaves rattled her body. Her feminine form shivered and quivered. She was cumming. She was cumming hard!

Hell, I was squealing and cumming, too! My thick, meaty shaft convulsed inside Susie’s hot-wet pussy. Fire erupted from the hole in my cock. A tidal wave of cock cream spilled from my loins and entered my sister’s deep vaginal void.

Goddamn, Susie’s pussy was hot and slippery wet! I couldn’t stop cumming and I couldn’t stop pumping my meat into the girl. I summoned my strength and again assaulted her pussy with nearly a dozen deep, penetrating, quick thrusts. Susie whimpered and cried as more orgasmic aftershocks rocked her.

We two finally lay still. As brother and sister lovers, we were lost in a secret world of orgasmic afterglow, lust, and love. I kissed Susie and she kissed me. We kissed again and again.

I switched off the lamp and pulled the covers over our sexually satisfied bodies. After all the squealing and whimpering, the stillness seemed unbearably quiet. I whispered in Susie’s ear, “Babe, forget your nightmares. Let’s get some sleep. It’ll be time for school before we know it.”

These last few words became an unexpected prophecy. The morning passed as a blur. Mom had awakened us and told us to bathe, dress, and eat. She wasn’t the least bit surprised to find her naked daughter in her naked son’s bed. Susie and I were bathed, dressed, and fed in quick-time. We kissed Mom goodbye and headed off to school.

I pulled my car up to the front of Susie’s school. She had started the 8th grade at the middle school a week ago. My plan was to drop my sister off and head on over to the high school where I was now a senior.

My plans were thwarted by a woman rushing toward the car. Why, it was Miss Wells, the middle school’s ‘educational advisor’. Susie rolled down her window. The woman leaned inside and said, “Susie, I want to see both you and your brother in my office.”

Susie and I were both puzzled and wondered if we were in trouble. I parked the car and we followed Miss Wells. She led us down a long hallway toward her office at the far end. I couldn’t prevent my eyes from noticing the lady’s jiggling ass as she sashayed ahead of us.

If I had to guess, I’d suppose I’d say the lady was about 30. She was as tall as me and had a fully matured feminine form. She wasn’t thin, but she was in no way fat. I guess, to be politically correct, I’d call her ‘full-figured’. She most certainly had a lot of nice shapes in a lot of nice places.

Miss Wells closed the door behind us. She instructed us to sit. We obeyed without question. The lady took a seat and began talking, “I want to talk to you two about your educational futures. I’ve seen too many young lives disrupted by unplanned pregnancies. Susie, I know you and your brother are fucking each other. I caught you with your panties full of his cum just last week. Are you taking precautions against pregnancy?”

Holy shit, the woman didn’t mince words! She’d come right to the point. Susie and I both were caught off guard. I wondered if Susie would answer. I watched as her face blushed. She looked at me and she said, “Jase, you answer for me.”

I regained my stunned senses enough to answer, “Yes Ma’am, we’re being careful. Our mom is a nurse. She put Susie on the pill a few months ago.”

Miss Wells breathed a sigh of relief. She spoke merrily, “Oh, that just fine then. Go ahead and fuck all you want. The pill is fine, but I prefer an IUD. I have one in right now. Jase, if you fucked me, I wouldn’t get pregnant either. Would you want to fuck me?”

Susie and I glared in speechless silence. Miss Wells continued speaking, “Susie, did your brother tell you about the ‘blow job’ I gave him last week here in my office? I really had fun doing it. I’d like to do it again.”

My sister smiled. She was beginning to relax. The mischievous young lady spoke cheerfully, “Oh yes, Miss Wells, he told me. He had a good time, too. He said that you are a really, really good cock-sucker! I bet you could blow him right now if you wanted!”

Miss Wells’ face lit with joy. Her voice sang happily, “Oh goody, goody! I’d love to. Susie, will you help me? Let’s take all of your brother’s clothes off!”

Holy hell! My mind silently asked a rhetorical question, “Goddamnit ladies, don’t I have any say in this matter?”

Apparently, I didn’t. Miss Wells stood beside me and pulled my shirt over my head. Susie had my shoes and socks off. Working together, the two females stripped me naked. All 6 inches of the thick, meaty muscle between my legs sprang to life.

Miss Wells turned and cleared the books and papers from her oversized desk. She ordered me to sit on the edge and lean back. The woman scooted a chair between my legs and bent towards me. Her mouth opened and 6 inches of meat disappeared inside.

Goddamn, this woman could suck! Her mouth grabbed the rigid rod throbbing between my legs. The shaft’s bluish veins were now extended as blood pulsated and raced excitedly.

I now remembered that Miss Wells had an unbelievably long, serpentine tongue! Her tongue flicked with the viciousness of a striking rattlesnake. Her slippery wet tongue coiled around my engorged shaft.

This wickedly wanton lady ‘educator’ took all 6-inches of my thick cock deep into her throat. She bobbed her head up and down in a frenzy of cock-sucking zeal.

Holy hell, I lost track of time! How damn long that woman sucked me, I couldn’t have even guessed. But, I knew one thing for goddamn sure; she was having a good time! Well shit, so was I!

My sister wasn’t the kind of girl to just meekly sit back when an opportunity for sexual adventure was presented. My sweet Susie was kissing my lips with moisturized lips. I was returning her passionate kisses with the slippery wetness of my own lips. Our tongues tickled and teased each other.

Susie’s fingers were entwined in the thick mat of my manly pubic patch. Her fingers twisted and twirled. They tugged and pulled. This sweet girl had told me many times how much she loved playing with the hair between my legs.

These two female cock teasers were driving me crazy! Shit, somebody is about to get a mouthful of cock cream pretty damn soon! I spoke excitedly, “Damnit, Miss Wells, you’re going to make me cum!”

Abruptly, Miss Wells pulled her head away from my cock. The shaft came out of her mouth with an audible ‘pop’. Her words came hurriedly, “Oh no sir, don’t you do it! Don’t you dare cum just yet! You hang on to your juices for a little longer.”

The woman looked at Susie, winked, and said, “Hey girl, do you want to have a taste of this? We can trade places. I’d like to try your brother’s kisses.”

Here they were again, two horny-hot females, making plans without one word of consultation with me! And, here I was again making no word of protest.

Susie and the lady switched places. As my sister sat between my legs, she grabbed my rigid rod, looked at Miss Wells, and proudly said, “Ma’am, don’t you think my brother has the most beautiful cock in the world?”

Miss Wells’ voice sang, “He most certainly does, Susie! You have every right to be proud of your brother’s manhood. Why, the big fellow right there stands out like a prize winning trophy in a display case! He has a much bigger and better cock than these bratty 7th and 8th grader boys I play with have!”

The woman bent over to kiss me, but stopped. She spoke seriously, “I think it’s about time you two stopped calling me ‘Miss Wells’. My name is Angie. And, Susie don’t you make Jase cum just yet. Ok?”

Susie smiled and answered, “Ok Angie, I won’t. Oh, and Angie, I think you’ll like my brother’s kisses, too. He’s a really good kisser! I hope he likes your kisses. I bet he will.”

My sister would have won that bet. I liked Angie’s kisses just fine. Sweet, warm, luscious lips pressed to mine and kissed ardently. I’d never kissed a full grown woman at school. Yeah, I liked Angie’s kisses just fine.

While this woman worked on my lips, Susie worked on my cock. At least I knew this cock-sucking sister of mine had sucked my cock enough times to know when to stop before I would cum.

These two females were working me over energetically. Working in tandem, this tag-team duo kissed, and licked, and sucked mercilessly. Lord-a-mercy, I was tingling with lust from head to toe!

With a mouth on my cock and a mouth on my lips, an idea came to my head. I broke away from the woman’s hungry lips and said, “Angie, why don’t you and I switch places on this desk? You’ve eaten my meat; I’d like to eat yours. Angie, you and Susie could both take off your clothes.”

If I expected an argument, I didn’t get it. Both females shed their clothing and stood strip-stark naked. I had jumped off the desk and Angie lay in my place.

My mind’s earlier assessment that this woman’s body was ‘full figured’ was totally correct. Her hips spread wide. Her belly was well-rounded. Her breasts… Why, Angie’s breasts were magnificent mounds of melon shaped beauty! I could tell that even Susie was impressed.

Susie didn’t have a queer bone in her feminine body, but my sister had an abundance of sexual curiosity. Hell, the young lady would try anything once. I wondered if she would follow my lead. I asked, “Susie, will you help me out? Just do what I do.”

Angie lay flat on the desk with Susie on one side and me on the other. I grabbed a breast and gently massaged it. Susie did the same with the other. My fingers tickled a dazzling pink, nickel sized nipple which stood out proudly. Susie tickled the other. My mouth closed over the erectly protruding nipple. I kissed, licked, and sucked it. Susie’s mouth did the same with the other nipple.

Together, Susie and I explored the two mammary mounds. Up and down and around and around, our mouths and lips went. Every inch of the marvelous mounds were kissed, licked, and sucked.

While Susie busied herself with Angie’s tits, I moved up to the woman’s lips. Susie loved for me to tongue-fuck her mouth. I wondered if Angie would like tongue-fucking, too. I had my answer quickly. Angie liked tongue-fucking very much! We tongue-fucked like crazy!

It was a good damn thing I’d brushed my teeth and used mouthwash this morning. Angie’s long tongue explored every inch of my mouth. Lord-a-mercy, she nearly gagged me when she tried to stick it down my throat!

After a while, I came up for breath, looked at Susie, and said, “Hey Sis, why don’t you try some of this? I think I’ll head on down south and find me some pussy to eat!”

Well, I wasn’t the only one who went on a search for a pussy. Angie reached to grab Susie’s vaginal meat. Her hand found the 8th grader pussy she sought. Several of her fingers disappeared inside the girl’s young, wet vaginal void.

‘Full figured’ was the word my mind had used to describe Angie’s figure. Well, ‘full figured’ would be the proper word for the pussy mound I found between the woman’s legs. Another word I could use would be ‘nude’. Why, there was not one single pubic hair on the entirety of her feminine vaginal mound!

I pulled the chair up and sat between the woman’s legs. I spread her legs for a better view. She made no objection. Angie’s bare-nude pussy mound thrilled me to the bone. One hard, muscular bone in particular throbbed achingly.

I wanted to play. So, play, I did. My eyes played first. They gloried in the nude expanse of feminine flesh. Angie’s outer pussy lips puffed out as thick, hairless mounds of protruding femininity. With her legs spread, her erect clit had escaped its confinement inside the pussy lips. Here the pink of her nipples was mirrored and magnified. Never had my eyes seen such a dazzling shade of clitoral pink!

My mouth and tongue touched the tantalizing jewel that was this woman’s clitoral treasure. With gentleness my tongue touched her pee-hole. Erotic ecstasy flowed through my loins. My tongue explored the length of the clit tickling, flicking, sucking, and teasing with unrestrained lustful delight. Angie wiggled and moaned.

My hands squeezed her meaty pussy lips with a grip that was tender, yet firm. Without the hindrance of pubic hair, my lips touched the soft, warm, vaginal tissue. My mouth journeyed into the valleys between pussy lips and thighs and climbed the surrounding hills. Angie squirmed and sighed.

My journey led me back to the woman’s enticingly tempting clit. My lips and tongue ravaged it again. This time, I had not the restraint of gentleness. My mouth, my lips, my tongue, and even my teeth savagely attacked the tender, pink flesh. I pulled, I tugged, I bit, and I sucked.

My eyes were mesmerized by the brilliant-pink flesh of the woman’s vaginal opening. Herein lay the glory hole that nature had provided especially for the housing of a male’s erect cock. I wanted my stiffened shaft inside that hole. But for now, I would revel in the tastes and textures so willingly offered to me.

Angie’s vaginal opening was glistening with wetness. Her body had released warm, moisturizing fluids in preparation for penile penetration. Yet, it wasn’t a penis that now penetrated this feminine sanctum, it was my tongue. I cupped my tongue to stiffen it and plunged it deep into the slippery wet cavity.

Moisture attacked my taste buds. Glorious, sweet, feminine juices were mine to lick, to drink, and to enjoy. My tongue, my lips, and my mouth became coated with intoxicating vaginal nectars.

Angie squirmed and moaned. Her voice shouted out forcibly, “Oh goddamnit Jase, hurry the hell up and fuck me!”

Angie’s fingering manipulation of Susie’s pussy was causing my sister to whimper and moan, too. Her voice also rang out impatiently, “Yes goddamnit Jase, I want to be fucked, too! Oh hell, I wish we had another cock so we could all three fuck!”

Right then and there Angie said something that shocked Susie and me into stunned disbelief. She quietly said, “I’ve got one. I’ve got another cock we can use so we can all get fucked!”

Angie sat up straight on the desk. I sat back in my chair. Susie came around and sat in my lap. My hands just naturally touched my sister. One hand closed over a nubile breast while the other cupped her teen pussy.

The woman sitting on the desk asked, “Susie has your brother ever ‘ass-fucked’ you? Have you ever had a cock in your ass?”

At first, Susie started to blush. But, then she became emboldened and answered, “Yes, Jase has fucked my ass a few times. But, he likes pussy-fucking more. I tease him sometimes and say that if I had a cock I sure would ass-fuck him.”

Angie smiled. She winked and said, “Would you really do it? I mean would you really fuck your brother’s ass if you had a chance?”

Susie answered mischievously, “I most certainly would! If he can stick his cock into my asshole, then I think it would only be fair that I could do the same to him!”

Angie spoke joyously, “Good girl, Susie. That’s just the answer I wanted to hear! I’ve got a surprise for you.”

The woman twisted around on her desk and leaned over to open a drawer. Susie and I both watched as Angie’s big tits swung around and then dropped over the desk. They hung there like two great pendulums swaying to an exotic rhythm. Hot-damn, those two dancing ladies were beautiful!

When Angie straightened up, she held two objects in her hands. The first was a jar of vaginal lubricating gel. The other was a dildo.

Holy shit, Angie held a long, two-headed, latex dildo with ends that looked exactly like the heads of two cocks! Why, the ends were even ridged around like the real thing! Hell, the thing was even cock-colored!

This ‘educational advisor’ doled out educational advice, “Now here’s what we will do. I’ll lie back on the desk. Jase, you will lean over me and stick your cock into my cunt. Susie, you will lubricate both ends of that ‘cock-stick’. Put one slick end into your brother’s asshole and the other into your pretty, little pussy.”

After waiting a second for the instructions to sink in, Angie continued, “Jase, I want you to fuck the shit out of my cunt with your cock! Susie, you can ass-fuck your brother and pussy-fuck yourself at the same time!”

The woman fell back and pulled me along with her. Her hands guided my pussy- hungry manhood into her cock-hungry cunt. All 6 inches of my thick, meaty shaft penetrated deep into her slippery wet vaginal cavity.

Immediately, steaming feminine juices flooded the woman’s cavernous womanly hole. My cock was bathed in liquefied fire. Pussy muscles squeezed and tugged at the intruding shaft. My throbbing meat was sucked into deep cock-drowning feminine vaginal fluids.

In order to defend itself from drowning in this molten pool, my cock ordered my mind to let it run free. And free, it did run! Wildly, the shaft drove in and out in a long series of jackhammer thrusts. Angie was covering her mouth to conceal screams.

I settled down into a steadier cunt-fucking rhythm. Hell, there wasn’t any reason to rush! I began fucking Angie slowly. Damn, she had a nice warm pussy to fuck! Why, I might just fuck her all day!

At first, I hardly noticed when an intruder touched my asshole. As I continued slowly fucking the pussy I was in, the intruder penetrated in deeper. This trespasser was sliding in and out of my ass.

Shit, Susie was doing it! She was really and truly doing it! She was ass-fucking her brother! My sweet sister had lubricated that artificial cock and had stuck it into my asshole!

Surprisingly, it wasn’t hurting. No, the slippery rod wasn’t hurting at all. Actually, the feeling was erotically stimulating. But, my asshole was having a hard time figuring out just what the hell was going on! This was meant to be an ‘out-going’ hole, not an ‘in-coming’ one! I suppose my asshole finally gave up and accepted the fact that Susie was going to have the ass-fucking she had teasingly threatened me with.

I was wondering how Susie was feeling on the other end of the rubbery rod. I didn’t have to wonder long. She was moaning and sighing. I could feel her warm, wet pussy juices sliding along the rod’s length and dripping on the skin of my ass.

We three developed an in-sync fucking rhythm. Two cocks, one real and one pretend, slipped in and out of two slippery-wet pussies with effortless ease. Slow penetration and extraction seemed to go on and on. We three were a horny, happy, cock and cunt fucking trio.

Finally, Angie’s hand slipped from her mouth and she loudly beseeched, “Fuck me hard now Jase! Fuck me hard! Oh, goddamn I want to cum!”

Susie’s voice was an echo behind Angie’s, “Hang onto your ass Jase! I’m going to ram you hard! Goddamn, I’m ready to cum, too!”

Well hell, that makes three of us ready to cum! The tempo of our in-sync fucking rhythm increased! Hard and fast was now the name of the game. Cocks and cunts collided in a frenzied race toward orgasmic relief.

Ha, I won the race! I started cumming! Oh hell, I was cumming hard! Liquefied orgasmic fire poured from the hole in my cock and entered the vaginal vessel below me. Semen and sperm united in a quest to fill the empty vaginal void. Stream after stream of orgasmic lava erupted from its testicular home. I was grunting and groaning like a wild beast in the woods.

Angie took second place in the orgasmic race. Hot seminal cream, entering her cunt under pressurized steam, lit the fuse which set fire to an orgasmic explosion. The woman squealed and whimpered as wave after wave of orgasmic bliss flowed over her feminine form.

Susie came in a close third as she joined in on the trio of orgasmic winners. She too squealed as she gave in to orgasmic surrender. The lubricated artificial cock in her brother’s ass brought orgasmic delight to her pulsating pussy.

Teenaged exuberance grabbed a hold on me. Just for the hell of it, I started ramming my 17-year-old cock into Angie’s 30-ish cunt again. I was still halfway hard. I rammed in and out again and again. Goddamn almighty, I still had a few drops of orgasmic heat left! I spilt every orgasmic drop into the woman’s squishy, dripping wet pussy.

Hell, Angie wasn’t yet too old to have another round of orgasms! No siree, she wasn’t at all! She wiggled her ass. She squirmed and squealed as orgasmic rapture again took control of her body. She shuddered and shook with joyous orgasmic glee.

Susie’s own teen exuberance was sparked. Not to be outdone by the two other fuckers in the room, she took a tight grip on the rigid rod inside her 13-year-old pussy and rammed it back deep into my ass! This girl was just the right age for multiple orgasms. They were especially easy to get when she was fucking me. She was fucking me now! She was fucking me hard! She was cumming again, too! Her body was jerking as spastic orgasms raced through her pussy.

It was a goddamn good thing Angie’s office was located at the far end of a long hallway. If not for this, the unrestrained sexual exhilaration and vocal orgasmic cries coming from us three fuckers might have awakened the whole fucking school.

As I rammed my cock deep into Angie’s pussy one last time, my eyes opened and stared at a sight they could not believe was there. Goddamn almighty, we ‘had’ attracted an audience of curious spectators!

There, just inside the opened door, stood six female onlookers. I knew four of them to be some of Susie’s 8th grade classmates. The other two were a couple of the 8th grade teachers.

All six of the inquisitive observers had glaring, watchful eyes. Yet, they all had one other thing in common. Each and every one of those females had a hand buried inside her panties! A few of them were already panting and wiggling as self administered masturbatory orgasms brought broad smiles to their faces.

Who says they don’t teach anything useful in school these days? Why, school is a wondrous playground and classroom for inquisitive minds…and bodies!

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Keep writing maybe have story with a big orgy with all his previous fuckers in one scene or have a part where the mother and Suzie has sex with each other then the brother joins in or go back to the cousins and have the dad Fuck his daughters while the mother watches

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fucked up by an idiot of a writer, incest HAS to be kept to just the relatives involved NO OUTSIDERS. by adding others you do two things
1) endanger the relationship and risk going to jail and
2) prove there was never any love between them because if they loved each other they wouldn't need or want anyone else ever.

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