The first day of school is always hectic... Would I have time to fuck Susie?
JackassTales - Tale # 11


I’ve heard tell of a saying about a thing called “Murphy’s Law.” This saying says something like this; if a thing can go wrong, it will! Well, I have no idea who this ‘Murphy’ guy is, but if I could have gotten a hold of that son-of-a-bitch this morning, I would kick his fucking ass!

The first day back to school after a long summer vacation is always hectic. Yet, today a better word might be ‘frantic’. Things started going wrong when Mom’s alarm clock went off late. She’d overslept. She jumped out of her bed, ran to wake me up, and then went to awaken my sister Susie.

Mom was practically screaming when she said, “Kids, get dressed quick as you can. I’ll pour some cereal and milk. You don’t want to be late for your first day back!”

We three, Mom, Susie, and I, sat at the kitchen table quickly wolfing down our breakfast. I know Mom blamed herself for our hurried rush. She shook her head and spoke apologetically, “Jase, I’m so sorry you won’t have time to fuck Susie this morning! You’ll have to keep your cock in your pants.”

Well hell, Mom wasn’t as sorry as I was! Susie and I had gotten into a regular routine of having a nice fuck every morning before breakfast. The two of us had lost our virginity to each other during the summer. At first, we didn’t have to worry about Susie getting pregnant. The girl was 12 and hadn’t yet started her female cycles.

I quickly found out that Susie was eager and willing to learn about fucking from her older brother. But, at 16, I was pretty innocent myself. We two learned about the wondrous joys of fucking together! Hot-damn, we loved it! We started fucking like bunnies in heat!

Surprisingly, when Mom found out about our fucking, she didn’t tell us to stop. She knew about the sexual curiosity of adolescents. As a nurse, she considered more practical things. She had Susie start on birth control pills. Her daughter’s body was quickly maturing.

Hell yes, the girl was maturing! I’d had a front row seat as I watched her feminine body blossom into young womanhood. This month the both of us had a birthday. Susie had her 13th birthday and her first female cycle in the same week!

And now, that goddamn Murphy guy had fucked with my plans for fucking my newly-matured teenage sister! I’d left the girl alone while she cramped and bled this past week. But, she’d told me just yesterday that we could start fucking again this morning.

Holy shit, now I was going to have to wait to dip my cock into her hot-wet pussy! My 6-inch shaft had reached its 17th birthday this week without getting to celebrate inside Susie’s pussy. I was horny as hell, disappointed, and pissed off mad!

The dress Susie had on this morning wasn’t helping my situation any. Most girls would be wearing shorts and tops today, but, not my sister. Susie was a ‘girlie-girl’. She much preferred skirts and dresses to shorts or jeans. The summer dress she had on today was pale yellow, sleeveless, and sexy. It was pretty damn short, too!

With my cock thumping wildly, my imagination took hold. Hell, I knew how every square inch of that girl’s body looked, smelled, felt, and tasted! The dress covering her feminine form only served as a teaser to inspire horniness.

Mom must have been reading my mind. She spoke sternly, “Jase, get your mind off fucking Susie this morning! When you two get home this afternoon, then you can fuck all you want to. Right now you need to leave for school.”

Just as Susie and I headed for the door, that old bastard Murphy laid his law down again. Rain began falling. The skies opened and buckets of precipitation fell.

By the time we got to my car, Susie and I were both soaked. Susie’s wet dress clung to her newly-teen body like a second skin. Hot-damn, I wanted to strip the wet dress off and dry her sexy wetness with touches and kisses! How was I going to be able to wait until this afternoon to fuck her? Hell, my cock wanted out of my pants so bad it was about to bust my britches!

That son-of-a-bitch Murphy struck again! My car wouldn’t start! This was a goddamn shitty time for this to happen! Why, we couldn’t walk to school in this rain. Mom had already left in her car.

Only one alternative presented itself. I would have to drive ‘the boat’. Of course now, it wasn’t a real boat. No, it was a car Dad had left when he ran out on Mom. ‘The boat’ was an old station wagon made back when plenty of room was needed for families. This vehicular monstrosity was big, heavy, and long. Susie had nicknamed it ‘the boat’ because it reminded her of an oceangoing freighter.

At least ‘the boat’ ran good. I pulled into the circular drive leading up to the middle school entrance. Susie would start the 8th grade this year. I’d be in the 12th over at the high school.

The line of traffic was long. I guess lots of people were driving their kids to school today. We sat and sat as the line slowly crept ahead. I didn’t notice Susie looking at my crotch until I heard her say, “Jase, I can see the outline of your cock through your wet pants! You’ve got a hard-on, don’t you? Damn, Jase, I love your cock!”

Susie swiveled her head around and began a furtive look at the slow-moving traffic. Heavy rain obscured vision. She came to a conclusion and spoke her mind, “I can probably give you a quick blow-job right now without anyone knowing. Do you want me to?”

Without awaiting an answer, she reached to unbuckle my belt. She unbuttoned, unzipped, and pulled down my pants. When my cock sprang into her hands, she bent and closed her mouth over it. The girl sucked my shaft in deep. She licked, and sucked, and kissed with unrestrained wantonness.

I loved my sister Susie. The two of us had a special bond of sibling lust and love. My sister was the sweetest girl I’d ever known. Why, everyone loved Susie’s good-natured spirit and her enthusiastic zest for life.

But, I knew Susie in a way no one else did. Our bond of forbidden lust and love had drawn us together in an inseparable union. Our sibling relationship may be sinfully wicked, but neither of us would have changed a thing.

Oh shit, besides being sweet, Susie was also the best cock-sucking sister any brother could want! My cock was nearly buried to its hilt in the girl’s mouth. I entwined my fingers in her short, curly, brown hair and pulled her head away from my cock.

I saw the surprise in her eyes, so I explained, “Shit Susie, I’ve been waiting nearly a week for you to get over your period! I want more from you than just a blow-job! I want to fuck you!”

I made a quick decision. And, if that son-of-a-bitch Murphy wants to do anything about it then let him take his best shot! I pulled ‘the boat’ out of the line of traffic. At the far side of a large parking lot, several school buses sat awaiting repairs.

I carefully maneuvered the unwieldy car in between two long buses. Here, safe from inquiring eyes, I turned the engine off. Steady raindrops fell on the roof making a soothing, comforting sound.

Susie knew what I wanted. She slid across the long bench seat, came to me, and threw her arms around my neck. We kissed with the wicked longing of long lost lovers. We’d long ago learned to moisturize our mouths to make kissing more erotically stimulating. Our tongues dueled, teased, and played slippery wet games of joy. We tongue fucked each others mouths.

When we came up for a breath I said, “Babe, let’s climb in the back. We can put the middle seat down and make a perfect bed for fucking. Oh damn, I need to get my cock inside your pussy!”

Susie kicked off her shoes, got to her knees, and began to scoot over the top of the seat. I reached under the pretty, yellow summer dress and grabbed her panties. With one tug, I pulled the pretty, pink panties off and flung them aside.

With Susie still halfway over the seat, I grabbed a handful of pussy. This was my first touch of her pussy since she’d become a teenager. Several of my fingers sank into hot wetness. I decided, right then and there, that I was going to love Susie’s teen pussy!

Not only did the girl have a fine pussy, but she had a nice ass, too! I lifted her dress and began kissing the silky, soft flesh. Susie’s ass had grown with puberty. Her pretty, white ass cheeks begged my lips to glory in their matured firmness. I kissed and licked.

Finally, I gave the girl a shove over the seat. Working together, we had the seat folded down and then our fucking bed was ready. Susie had already begun pulling her wet dress up, so I helped and snatched it over her head. Her bra had the same pretty, pink patterns of the panties I’d tossed aside. I unhooked the clasp and removed the tit-concealing garment. Susie grabbed it and threw it up front with the panties.

I sat back for a moment to examine my naked sister’s body. Goddamn almighty, I loved Susie’s feminine form! Puberty had really done a fine job filling out her feminine curves. Just in the past few months, her little ‘tea-cup’ sized tits had matured. Why, they had nearly doubled in size! The little tits had become breasts a guy could glory in loving! And, love them, I did!

My eyes traveled down her belly and settled on the glory patch that covered her pussy. The pre-pubescent nude pussy I’d loved so well had finally begun growing pubic hair. Susie knew how much I loved the nudeness of her hairless pussy. She’s repeatedly offered to allow me to shave off the new-grown hair. Yet, for now, I resisted.

Susie’s pubic hair did not yet cover too much of her feminine mound. In fact, she had the prettiest little, light-brown, curly hairs growing on her pussy I’d ever seen! Her pussy mound was covered with a thin patch of erotically arousing curls.

Impatient little Susie unbuttoned my wet shirt and pulled it off. She pushed me to my back then pulled off my shoes and socks. Without hesitation, she jerked at my pants and briefs and removed them.

My little sister attacked me with her body. She jumped astride me and pinned me to carpeted car floor. Her glistening, rain-wet body was pressed to mine along its entire length. She began kissing my lips again.

I kissed the girl right back. My arms encircled her young feminine form and I hugged her so tightly that she struggled for breath. She kept on kissing me. My hands began an odyssey of exploration up and down her back. My fingers clasped onto her firm, maturing young ass. Lordy, Susie’s teen ass was a wonder!

Susie reached for my rigid cock and placed it between her legs. Yet, she didn’t put it inside her pussy. She spoke forcibly, “Mister, don’t you damn dare put that cock inside me yet! Oh, I want to get fucked, but I want to play first!”

And play, she did! After a few more slobbery kisses, she moved down my body. Her wet lips licked my nipples. She kissed my belly repeatedly. She grabbed the shaft of my fully engorged cock and continued with wet kissing. The damn little cock teaser kissed up and down the 6-inch length.

The wicked young vixen went in for the kill. She opened her mouth and sucked in my meat. Holy-goddamn-hell, for such a young lady, she had a mighty deep throat! As her head bobbed up and down, my cock went deeper and deeper into a welcoming abyss.

Hell, I didn’t want to stop the girl! She was having fun. Well, I was, too! But, shit, how long can a guy hold on to his man juices when his cock is in a hot, young teen mouth? I hung in for as long as possible. When the girl started milking my balls and getting my cock too close to orgasm, I decided to stop her.

My words came a little more sternly than I intended, “Shit, Susie! Listen, here you deep-throated little wench, if you’re planning on getting some fucking then you’d better stop sucking!”

She stopped sucking. My turn! I threw Susie to her back. I kissed her mouth with slippery lips inflamed with passion. We tasted each others toothpaste and mouthwash. I loved the sweet, sexy passion of my sister’s wet, warm, luscious lips.

One of my hands was cradling Susie’s head while the other was gently massaging a firm breast. But, gentleness was pushed aside. Maybe I should have given warning. Maybe I should have said, “Look out tits, here I come!”

But, hell, I didn’t give any warning at all! I wanted a tit in my mouth! I headed for Susie’s tits and savagely ravaged them! I kissed, sucked, licked, bit, and tugged. After the first hurried ravishment, I settled down to enjoy these mammary delights.

I had been totally infatuated with Susie’s pre-teen tits. Their small size was not a ‘turn off’. I’d had a lot of fun with them this summer. But, the infatuation with the little tits had grown to full-blown impassioned love when the pre-teen tits had blossomed into maturing, tantalizing, teen breasts!

I settled down to make tender love to these teen breasts I loved. I found a nubile nipple and gently rolled it in my fingers. My mouth took over the tender massage. The other nipple received the same amorous ardor. Susie softly moaned again and again.

When my nipple hunger had been satisfied, I moved to the glorious mounds themselves. If ever I was told that there was a more beautiful pair of breasts in this world, then I wouldn’t have believed it!

My mouth hungered for Susie’s soft, teen flesh. My lips and tongue explored the girl’s magnificent mammary mounds. My sister actually had cleavage now! I kissed the sheltered valleys tucked between the protecting breasts. My lips slowly climbed the two hilly mounds and circled around and around each mountainous knoll. My mouth, my lips, and my tongue claimed ownership of every square inch of each babelicious boob.

At the summit of each hill, I again found a seductively tantalizing nipple. Each nubile nub grew to erection inside my warm mouth. Susie’s teen nipples were now dime sized, pretty-pink protrusions surrounded by silver dollar sized, pale-pink areolas.

I sucked Susie’s nipples so hard I was nearly sucking the pink color from them! I wouldn’t have been one damn bit surprised to find out they were now a color resembling ghostly white!

If Susie was displeased with my rough treatment of her tits and nipples, she wasn’t saying so. In fact, she was moaning and sighing with enthusiastic delight.

Instead of objecting to my rough manhandling of her body, she wickedly begged for more, “Oh damn, Jase, when are you going to leave my tits alone and get to my pussy? I haven’t been ‘pussy sucked’ since I turned into a teen!”

Well hell, I didn’t need an engraved invitation to that party! I had on my birthday suit just for the occasion. I didn’t go stag to the party. My hands, my mouth, my lips, and my tongue came along with me. But, it was my eyes that arrived there first.

The interior lighting inside ‘the boat’ was dismal. Cloudy skies and rain muted the light. My sex-starved mind cleared enough for me to remember something important. I reached up and switched on a dome light.

Hot-damn and thank the stars in the heavens! My sister’s naked body was bathed in a wondrous golden glow! Lordy day, I’d never seen anything so beautiful in all of my 17 years of life!

Susie’s legs were spread open. Right there between them was the glorious pussy I sought. The love I had for this girl’s tits was nothing compared to that I had for her pussy! Why, I was cock-eyed cunt-crazy about the feminine delights housed between my sister’s legs!

There was nothing in this world I’d rather play with than Susie’s pussy! Here it was now, displayed for my enjoyment. I bent closer, careful not to block the light. I was transfixed by the sight of her pretty little pubic curls. My fingers tenderly tugged at one hair and then another. I knew Susie like her new hairs pulled. I tickled and teased the exotic curls.

I knew one of these days these hairs would grow into a thick snatch that would obscure my view of her pussy flesh. Hell, I wouldn’t let them grow that much! I had a steady hand and a good, sharp razor. I’ll shave her pussy bald before I’d let pubic hairs deter my eyes!

Right there in the center of Susie’s pussy mound was a clit that had blossomed with puberty. Her puffy outer pussy lips no longer enclosed the clit within their fold. The clit protruded out from the mounded slit. This clitoral jewel was the diamond atop a glorious pubic setting.

If Susie wanted a pussy sucking, then damn-it that’s what she’d get! My fingers spread her pussy wide and my mouth attacked the treasure within. I knew I was being too rough, but my pussy hunger demanded action. My lips closed over Susie’s clit and I savagely sucked. I licked, I kissed, and I tickled and teased. I bit with my teeth and lips and pulled and tugged. Susie’s hips wiggled and her moans intensified.

My tongue licked up and down, around and around, and in an out. Suddenly, it disappeared into a sticky wet hole. With my tongue cupped to stiffen it, I explored this steamy, tropical cavern.

At the beginning of the summer, Susie’s pre-pubescent pussy had a limited amount of vaginal moisture. Now, with pubic awakening, her feminine body was producing moisture in abundance. I licked and lapped the moisture as my tongue delved deep and circled around. Susie was softly squealing.

I pulled back. Hell, we’d be late to school anyway, so what’s the hurry? I went back up for another round of mouth fucking and kissing. Damn, I loved my sister’s sweet lips! I went down for another round of tit sucking, licking, and kissing. Damn, I loved my sister’s tits! And then, I went on down for another round of pussy eating. My hands played, my mouth sucked, and my tongue licked. Damn, I loved my sister’s pussy like crazy!

Susie was pushing my head away. I paid no mind. I was lost in a frenzy of pussy eating excitement. A hand slapped my face and a feminine voice spoke irritably, “Damn-it Jase, don’t make me cum with your mouth! I want to cum with your big cock inside my wet pussy! And, you’d better be fucking me pretty damn soon!”

I pulled away and Susie pushed me to my back. For a girl in a hurry to get fucked, she was now taking her own sweet time getting there. She had me on my back and again had my cock inside her mouth. Her tongue was circling my cock-head with darting, twirling fervor. Her slippery lips sucked greedily. Her head bobbed up and down on my hard, pulsating shaft.

This summer my sister had not only grown into young womanhood, she had also become the best cock-sucker I’d ever known! Lordy, I do believe she loved my cock as much as I loved her pussy! But, hell no, that couldn’t be possible!

I decided to test my theory. I asked my cock-sucking sister, “Susie, how much do you love my cock? I bet you don’t love it as much as I love your pussy!”

Susie stopped sucking and looked at me with a puzzled stare. We might be at school, but she was in no mood for a pop-quiz. She answered irately, “Why Jase, you know how much I love your cock! Haven’t I told you time after time that your cock is my favorite thing in this whole damn world? And mister, I ‘do’ love your cock as much as you love my pussy!”

I grabbed the girl into my arms and pulled her atop me. I kissed my sweet sister Susie’s lips with gleeful joy. I whispered wickedly, “But, sister dear, that’s just not ‘pussyable’!”

Susie is a straight-A girl in school. She quickly caught on to the play on words. She joined in on the word game, “Well, ‘pussyable’ or not, I know something that is totally ‘fuckable’!”

This sexy young lady sprang to her knees, spread her pussy lips wide, and impaled her dripping wet cunt onto my cock! Hot-damn, 6-inches of thick, hard meat disappeared inside her moisturized hole!

There’s nothing in this world quite like natural female vaginal lubrication! Susie now had it and damn-well was going to use it! Her feminine body released a torrent of female fluids to aid in penile penetration. Her body greased the 6-inch intruder inside its vaginal cavity with slippery liquid lubricants.

The girl began bouncing. She bounded up and down, up and down. Susie’s pussy was so soaking-wet that I could feel the hot moisture running down the length of my shaft and bathing my skin!

Susie was moving slower now. Oh, goddamn, she was moving too slow! Her tight young pussy was squeezing my shaft as it glided up and down the rigid rod effortlessly. Hell, after a summer of fucking, the girl knew what she was doing! Shit, she was well aware that time was passing too slowly.

Susie was just prolonging the sweet agony leading to orgasmic release. How much time had passed? How the hell was I supposed to know? Was I going to look at my watch? No, I wasn’t. I had better things to do. Wasn’t my sweet sister sitting on my cock fucking me into crazy madness?

Finally, the girl decided to quit playing games. Damn-it-to-hell, it was time for some serious fucking! I dug my fingernails into Susie’s ass and steadied her as she began to ride in earnest. Her beautiful teen tits swished and swayed to the rhythm of her energetic upward and downward thrusts.

Susie started cumming. I’d fucked this girl enough times to know when orgasms were rocking her body. This sweet sister of mine bounced up and down on my cock in a wild fit of orgasmic surrender. Rain beating on the roof of the car muted her orgasmic squeals and screams.

Hell, I was squealing, too! My mind told me it was time I let my horny cock blow! My erect shaft summoned forth seminal juices! They churned and boiled inside my testicle sack. The pressure had been building to the bursting point. The dam holding back my pressurized cock-cream collapsed. Streams of steaming, liquefied male-milk shot out with incredible orgasmic force!

Susie squealed and screamed again when hot cream began to fill her vaginal void! Another orgasm rocked her teen body and made it shudder. She continued bouncing on the meaty shaft buried deep inside her pussy.

My wondrous sister’s tight pussy muscles were squeezing and milking my cock in an attempt to consume every last drop of man-milk. My shaft was now lubricated with both pussy juice and cock cream. Susie rode this slick, slippery shaft with energetic zeal. She was cumming again! I was still cumming hard, too!

The two of us, brother and sister lovers, surrendered to forbidden lust and love. We joined our hearts and bodies in glorious orgasmic enchantment. Wicked sinfulness, or not, we two were lost in a world of sweet orgasmic obsession!

Susie shuddered and shook one last time and then fell exhausted upon my chest. Our breaths were labored, but our hearts beat as one. We two were completely oblivious to the world outside our own little world of orgasmic afterglow.

Lightning streaked the sky. A clap of thunder awakened us from our orgasmic stupor. We jumped up, began to dress, and climbed back into the front seat. I reached into my book bag and pulled out a paper napkin. I winked at Susie and teasingly said, “Here, you’d better put this between your pussy and your panties. You don’t want to be leaking cum all over the school floor!”

Susie smiled, but followed my advice. With merriment in her voice she said, “I wonder if I’ll be the only 8th grader with a pussy full of cum this morning? I do know a few girls that are almost as cock crazy as I am.”

I couldn’t resist teasing my sweet sister, “Oh yeah, why don’t you get me a list of their names and numbers? I love 8th grader pussy!”

My mild tempered little sister snapped heatedly, “No siree, I won’t do it! If you want an 8th grader to fuck, then mister you fuck me! When we get home from school this afternoon, then you can have another whack at my 8th grade pussy!”

I kissed Susie and spoke jubilantly, “Babe that sounds like a tasty, pussylicious plan to me. Yes, I do believe that plan has pussybilities!”

I turned the key and ‘the boat’ started. I pulled out from between the buses and stopped near the front door to the school. I decided to walk Susie to the door in case she might be in trouble for her tardiness. I could say she’s late because we had car trouble. This would be, in part, true.

Trouble greeted us just inside the school doors. Miss Wells was the school’s ‘educational advisor’. If I was to guess, I’d say this older lady was about 30.

With her hands planted firmly on her hips, Miss Wells spoke sternly, “Ok you two, follow me to my office.”

Down a long hallway we went. Miss Wells strode quickly. Unconsciously, my eyes focused on a too-tight dress and a wiggling ass. Damn, her ass had a nice jiggle and bounce!

Miss Wells closed the door as we entered her office. She walked to stand at a window. She spoke in a soft voice, “Susie, this is the first time I’ve ever known you to be late for school. But, I know the reason why. I bet if I put my hand in your panties I get a handful of your brother’s cum! Now, wouldn’t I?”

Susie and I glanced at each other in shocking silence. Yet, we both asked silent, unspoken questions, “What did she know? How could she know? What would she do? And, just what the hell was she looking at out her window?”

Curiosity propelled Susie and me to take a step behind the lady. The woman’s eyes were focused at a spot between two school buses awaiting repairs. Holy-shit, the woman had seen us park there! She’d seen us climb in the back. She’d seen me kissing Susie’s ass.

Suddenly, the lady turned back and took a seat behind her desk. She spoke soothingly, “Don’t worry. Kids will be kids. But, next time, if you two would like a more comfortable place to fuck then come to my office. The little couch over there lets out into a small bed.”

Susie and I were awestruck by this offer. But, the woman’s next words were the real shocker. With a twinkle in her eye she said, “I would only make one stipulation. I like to watch. And, if possible, participate.”

Stunned, neither of us responded. Miss Well ordered Susie to come stand before her. She lifted the yellow dress and stuck her hand inside the pink panties. The woman’s fingers came out with a coating of cock and cunt juice. The sticky fingers went into her mouth.

Miss Wells licked her fingers then spoke again, “Susie, you run along to the girl’s bathroom and get your messy cunt cleaned up. I want to talk to your brother.”

Susie closed the door as she left. Miss Wells was opening a drawer in her desk. She pulled out a box of wet hand wipes. She spoke authoritatively, “Young man, come stand here in front of me. I bet your cock is a sticky mess of cock cream and cunt juice. I had better get you cleaned up before you leave.”

In speechless silence, I obeyed. Miss Wells unbuckled my belt and unzipped my pants. In one motion, she had my pants and briefs pulled down. This woman began cleaning my cock.

My half-limp shaft was in shock. But, surprisingly, the lady’s manipulations were bringing it back to life. She had bent toward me and I had a view of the front of her dress. The dress was split with a deep plunging neckline. Damn, I could see most of her breasts! My cock began stiffening. Hot-damn, it was hardening fast!

Miss Wells giggled. Her seductive voice was mesmerizing, “My, my! What do we have here now? You teenage boys astound me with your stamina! Why, you are rock hard again already! We don’t have any nice, big teen cocks like yours here in the middle school. Well, I’d better not let you walk out of my office with a hard-on. Somebody might get the wrong idea.”

Unbelievably, the woman pushed her chair back and dropped to her knees before me. She grabbed the rigid rod throbbing between my legs. The shaft’s bluish veins were now extended as blood pulsated and raced excitedly.

As an ‘educational advisor’, nobody had to instruct Miss Wells as to what to do next. This lady captured my cock in her mouth and went to town on it. I never knew a female could have such a long, serpentine tongue! Her tongue flicked with the viciousness of a striking snake. Her slippery-wet tongue coiled around my cock-head while her mouth attempted to suck my meat in deep.

This wickedly, shocking ‘educator’ took all 6-inches of my thick cock deep into her throat. She bobbed her head up and down in a frenzy of cock-sucking zeal. She was so frenzied that my shaft popped out of her mouth several times. Each time, she captured the wayward escapee and kissed and licked it into submission. Back into her mouth it went.

Holy-hell, I lost track of time again! How damn long that woman sucked me, I couldn’t have even guessed. But, I knew one thing for goddamn sure; this wasn’t this lady’s first cock-sucking rodeo! She was a world champion cock- sucker! Lordy, she knew cock-sucking tricks I’d never even dreamed of!

Alas, as some poet or writer one time said, all good things must come to an end. And, cum they did! My shaft was buried deep into the woman’s throated when my first orgasmic groan was expelled. Susie’s pussy had milked me dry, but surprisingly, I had a reserve reservoir which now emptied.

Miss Wells’ long fingernails bit deep into my ass as my cock orgasmed inside her throat. She licked and swallowed as cum drops dripped. I was pleasantly thrilled to be able to orgasm this strong after having such an orgasmic good time inside Susie’s pussy.

This lady cock-sucker pulled away. But, she came right back. Her long tongue licked and lapped at every nook and cranny along my shrinking shaft. Why, she was licking me clean! I remembered her original intent was to get me cleaned up before I left.

With a ‘cleaned up’ cock I left Miss Wells’ office. I had never even said one word while in the woman’s presence. She had tucked her home phone number into my pocket. I wondered if she’d written her first name on the paper. Because, lord-a-mercy, I had no idea what the cock-sucking lady’s first name was!

The rest of the school day passed uneventfully. No questions were asked at the high school about my tardiness. Several times, during the day, my mind wandered off into thoughts of a sweet teen pussy I wanted to get my hands on again.

When the last bell rang, I ran to the ‘the boat’ and drove to pick up Susie at the middle school. She ran to the passenger door and scooted inside. The pretty, yellow summer dress hiked up far onto the girl’s thighs. She made no attempt to pull it back down. Hell, that was fine with me! My sister’s legs weren’t long, but they were seductively pretty.

I drove to a fast-food drive-in window and got some ice cream cones for the two of us. I parked under a shade tree so we could sit and enjoy this ‘after-school’ treat. Susie and I had a pleasant little talk about our first day of school. She and I were comfortable with each other whether we were talking, laughing, or just saying nothing at all.

Susie unbuckled her seatbelt, kicked off her shoes, and twisted around on the long bench seat. This playful young minx placed her feet right into my lap. She twisted a little more and her toes began digging into the crotch of my pants. With her tongue licking around and around her ice cream, she winked and wickedly said, “Jase, can you think of anything we could ‘pussyably’ do to have some fun?”

I tickled the feet that were stimulating my cock to heightened erection. My hand began running up her soft legs. With a smiling voice, I answered, “Sister dear, I suppose I can come of with a few ‘pussybilities’ for fun.”

My hand continued its journey up the length of her legs. My fingers were on a quest to reach a pair of pink panties. But, wait, what the hell? We were not in school, but I quizzed Susie, “Hey girl, where in the hell are your panties?”

Susie giggled and laughed. She spoke mischievously, “My panties are in my purse. I had a strong suspicion that my horny ‘old’ brother might want to pull them off of me. So, I decided to just save him all the aggravation. That ‘old’ brother of mine just hates it when he has to dig around through panties to get to my pussy!”

Right there in the restaurant parking lot, I grabbed my wondrous sister and kissed her. I didn’t give a good-goddamn-shit who saw it! My wandering hand closed around this teen girl’s pussy mound and squeezed tightly. Several fingers sank deep into her warm, wet cunt and explored to its deepest depths.

I pulled her legs and her head and back fell flat on the seat. I pushed her dress above her waist. Her ass was lying on my right thigh. There before me lay exposed the glorious magnificence of Susie’s pussy. The fingers of my right hand massaged the thick, puffy pussy mound. I gently tugged her thin, curly pubic hairs.

Several of the fingers of my left hand were buried inside the girl’s vaginal cavity. Pussy juices coated my fingers and ran down onto my pants. Susie moaned and thrust her hips wildly. Her trembling voice spoke, “Oh Jase, oh goddamn, Jase! I’ve daydreamed about fucking you again all day! Oh god, I don’t think I can wait until we can get home! Jase, can we…? Jase, is there any way we can fuck now?”

Without answering, I turned the key and ‘the boat’ came to life. The car moved about 100 feet. I maneuvered the mammoth beast into an eight foot wide opening between a long dumpster and the blank wall of a warehouse. I turned the key and the engine died.

Susie’s dress flew off and her bra did, too. She rapidly stripped my shirt from me. I scooted over to the middle of the seat. As I unbuckled my belt, the girl was pulling off my shoes and socks. As soon as my pants were unbuttoned and unzipped, the horny girl grabbed them and forcibly ripped them off.

Hot-shit, here we were, for the second time this day, naked as jaybirds in a place that was not a comfortable bed! Hell, we didn’t have to be completely naked to fuck! And, we for sure shouldn’t be naked in a place so close to public display! What if someone saw? But, for some unknown reason, this dangerous temptation of fate added an element of erotic stimulation!

I knew for damn certain that my cock was throbbing wildly with sexual excitement! It was nearly blue with engorged orgasmic anticipation! Hell, if I didn’t get this fella inside Susie’s pussy pretty damn soon, it might explode!

Susie must have been having the same sense of orgasmic urgency. She pulled my hips to the edge of the seat and mounted me face to face. I felt her hot pussy juices dripping on me even before she impaled her cunt onto my rigid shaft. 6-inches of meaty manhood disappeared into a bottomless vaginal void.

Remorse tinged Susie’s voice as she quietly whispered, “Oh Jase, I’m sorry, but this is going to have to be a ‘quickie’. I can’t wait for cock sucking or pussy sucking foreplay. I want to fuck you now! I want to fuck you, I want to fuck you!”

But, she didn’t fuck me! She sat on my cock without moving. Shit, for a girl who was in so much of a hurry to get fucked, she was acting mighty peculiar! What happened to her plan for a ‘quickie’?

Susie slumped forward until her naked breasts were pressed against my chest. Her arms went around my neck and her lips kissed mine. She kissed me again and again and again. Finally, she laid her check against mine. Soft, warm tears escaped from her eyes and dripped to my shoulder.

I held my sweet sister in silent wonder. I suppose there’s no rational accounting for what goes on inside a female’s mind. But, I knew for goddamn sure what goes on inside a guy’s head! Hell, I had my horny cock inside the steaming wetness of a tight young pussy! My throbbing manhood was drowning in a vat of volcanic vaginal lava! Damn, I needed orgasmic relief! I needed to get fucked!

After several minutes, Susie’s voice began whispering, “Jase, I feel so happy when I’m with you like this. Oh god, I love the feel of your cock inside my wet cunt! I swear I can count your heartbeats as your blood races inside my pussy!”

I was too overwhelmed with lust and love to response. I think Susie understood. She kissed me, giggled, and naughtily said, “I guess I’d better shut the hell up and fuck my brother! He’s a big boy with a big cock, but I know he can get impatient. I imagine he’s ready to get fucked!”

Words gushed from my mouth, “Yeah, goddamnit sister dear, if you don’t shut the hell up and fuck your brother right now, he might just throw you onto the seat and rape that dripping-wet hole of yours!”

Susie giggled again, but she began moving her ass. I helped. Each of my hands grabbed a maturing ass cheek. Her pussy and my cock began working together as a tandem team in a race toward orgasmic oblivion.

Damn, my sister could fuck! Well, so could I! She jumped up and down. I thrust in and out. My slippery-wet, vaginally-lubricated shaft effortlessly slid in and out of her juicy, saturated moistness.

Minutes passed as a blur. Was it two, five, ten, or more? We two had not often been able to last this long before achieving orgasmic rapture. We each wanted this to last forever. We fucked and fucked!

Piercing squeals reverberated within ‘the boat’ as we two began to orgasm together. Our bodies shuddered and shook as orgasmic glee joined our hearts and bodies in earth-shattering ecstasy.

We sat still, panting for breath. Again, minutes passed as we held each other in silence. A cunt and cock were still locked together with no plan for separation. My slowly shrinking cock was absolutely contented inside the warm nest of Susie’s pussy.

Susie moved slightly. The lubricating combination of cum cream and cunt juice inside her hot pussy squished against my cock. Unbelievably, this whirlpool bath of erotic moisture halted my shaft’s shrinking! Incredibly, this rod of meaty muscle began to once more stiffen!

Why, I knew had no hope in hell of being able to achieve another fully engorged erection so soon! But, what was it Miss Wells had said? Oh yes, I recall. She’d said, “You teenage boys astound me with your stamina!”

Well, teenage stamina or not, I was getting another hard-on! And, I wasn’t the only one aware of it. Susie raised her head, looked at my eyes, and smiled. Hell, I guess she felt the muscular shaft inside her body growing in size and stiffness!

Susie’s eyes twinkled and her voice sang merrily, “Mister is there any pussybility that I and my pussy can be of service to you again?”

Hot-damn, that sister of mine is a firecracker of a girl! Here she was ready to go again. Hell, I was ready, too! I kissed the spirited young sparkler and said, “Lady, I can think of one thing that might be pussyable. I know something that’s totally fuckable. How about you jiggle that pretty ass of yours and ride my cock? Let’s see if we can set off some more fireworks!”

The girl was game, I’ll say that. Without another word, she sprang up and down and I thrust in and out. Here we were again, two teen lovers exploring the magical, mystifying world of sexual adventure. Oh, what a horny-happy team of explorers we were!

Our quest ended with the discovery of orgasmic treasure. Our bodies joined again in an orgasmic celebration of youthful lust and love.

Before our orgasmic amusement peaked, I thought back to the beginnings of this day. I reckon that old son-of-a-bitch Murphy and his law had tried his best to waylay Susie and my plans for fucking today. But, this young lady and I had kicked the old fella’s ass! We’d kicked his ass clear to hell and gone!

Just to prove our ‘kick-ass’ talent, Susie and I grunted and groaned, then squealed and screamed as her cunt and my cock exploded in a fireworks display of orgasmic sparks and sparkles.

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