A 14 yr old babysitter fucks his 10 yr old he's babysitting
At 14 I began babysitting kids in the neighborhood.

I turned 14 that summer and started to babysitting kids in my neighborhood. Most jobs were the usual, the parents out for the night and home by 11pm. And as usual most kids were a pain in the ass but I had my way of dealing with them. No TV, no phone, stay in your room and study.

Two doors down was a family with a 10 year old son. This job was 2 days over the weekend while the parents went on a short road trip. The boy was known in the neighborhood to be annoying.

Early Saturday morning I went to their house. The mother answered the door and invited me in, a nice 2 story home. She tells me “Jimmy is on restriction for 2 days, he was caught looking at Playboy magazine.” Hmmm, a 10 year old looking at Playboy, this kid was starting early. I remember at that age some of us boys would find our dads’ stash of porn, look at it, get a tiny boner and have cum races. Of course the cum was a thin sparse liquid but it still felt good.

“Jimmy, get down here, your babysitter is here,” she shouted. This was the first time I sat for this family. Once he came down the stairs she introduced us. “Jimmy, this is Greg, he’s going to stay over this weekend while we’re gone, be good! He has our permission to punish you if you misbehave.”

I look to him and say, “hey Jimmy, let’s have a fun weekend with no problems, ok?”

“Yeah, whatever dude,” he replies.

Within the hour the parents were on their way, they left me a phone number in case I needed to call them. Jimmy had returned to his bedroom, I could hear the sound of whatever video game he was playing. I went up to his room trying to be friendly.

He was very distant, never taking his eyes off the screen while playing the video game.

“Jimmy,” I say, “we can have fun this weekend or I can be hard on you.” Jimmy looks at me and says, “dude, whatever.” I’m beginning to think “whatever” is his favorite word.

The day passes with me downstairs and him in his room. For dinner I order a pizza, he grabs a few slices and returns to his bedroom. This kid has one bad attitude and I wasn’t going to deal with it. Hours later I go up and tell him to turn off the TV and get to bed. Giving me that ‘evil eye’ he hits the remote turning off the TV. I leave the room going back downstairs.

Assuming he’s asleep I decided to check out their DVD collection for a movie to watch. Looking through them I find some serious porn videos. Well, Jimmy is asleep so what the hell, let’s see some porn. Remember I’m 14 and my hormones are starting to rage.

Popping one in the DVD named ‘Butt Bandits’ I’m thinking guy-girl anal sex, which is very stimulating. All the DVD covers had been removed with only the title on the spine. I guess they thought it would be not noticed if Jimmy got to their collection.

Not long after it started it was obvious what the video was about. Two guys were in a room and quickly they started fondling each other in the crotch. My dick was starting to get hard.

One guy pulls down the shorts of the other and puts his mouth around the other guy’s cock. This was a gay movie but I didn’t turn it off. Instead my dick got harder and my mind was spinning with excitement. It brought back memories of years earlier of our boy-boy playtime.

My hand instinctively moved under the elastic waist band of my shorts to rub my now fully hard cock. At first I’m just rubbing it but soon I’m too horny so I pull my shorts down to my ankles.

Looking down I could see the pre-cum glistening on the head of my throbbing dick.

With one hand stroking my cock and the other playing with my balls now the two guys are in a 69. I’m amazed at how they could suck and deep throat the enormous dicks they had. One guy swallowed the other’s dick from head to base in a very fast single gulp. It was beyond exciting.

Paying no attention to anything else but watching the video and jacking my cock I’m oblivious to anything else. Until I hear a voice.

Jimmy had come downstairs and caught me watching gay porn and jacking off. “Greg, what are you doing in my house?” he asks. A stammer out a response, “Jimmy, this is something guys my age do. Have you done it?”

“Yes, and just like you, watching my parent’s movies. Don’t tell them or I’d be in big trouble. Also a few guys and girls around here play 7 minutes in heaven and usually we do little things on each other. Kissing girls, feeling their nipples, rubbing then down there, and sometimes we boys rub each other or just whack while watching each other.”

My cock got even more stiff hearing this 10 year old boy talk about the same things we did at his age. He continues, “but none of us has a dick nearly as large as yours, will mine get that big?”

“I don’t know, come over here, sit on the couch with me and let’s see,” I responded to his question.

With no hesitation he descends the last few stairs and sits next to me on the couch. Still on the TV was the gay porn movie and it was getting more graphic. I reach over and rub his small cock over his pajama bottoms. He gets hard, well hard as a young boy can get.

“Not bad kiddo, let me see it,” I tell him. He slips two hands around the pajama pants sliding them down his legs. Looking over I see his dick, no hair around it and semi-hard. “Not bad Jimmy, about 3”, you’ll get bigger.”

“It does get bigger when I play those games with my friends.”

I’m looking at this young hairless cock on a boy 4 years younger than me. Remembering my experiences at his age I can guess what’s going through his mind. When we played the same games he did for whatever urge I had I always wanted more.

After looking at my Dad’s porn magazines that showed men putting their dicks in women’s mouths, pussies, and asses then showing the huge white goo that came out of his dick I was interested.

Not like I really knew at that time what to do but got a pretty good idea. Later watching cable late at night I saw the motions though they didn’t show much. It wasn’t too difficult to put the scenes on cable with the hardcore pictures from the magazines.

Next I reached over and put my hand around his little dick, using my thumb to massage the underside of his cock head.

He gave no resistance or verbal objections. I spoke up, “Jimmy, I’m going to do all kinds of things to you that you haven’t experienced (nor had I for that matter).” As his boy penis got harder in my hand all he could mutter was an “uh-huh”.

While I was stroking his dick I pulled his hand over to my cock. He wrapped his small hand around my dick the best he could. The girth of my dick was a little larger than his hand but felt exciting.

“Just do to me what I’m doing to you,” I instructed him. Jimmy was a natural and mimicked my action.

Through this point, besides the time I was looking at his penis, our eyes were glued to the man-on-man sex on the TV. “See that Jimmy, how he’s sucking the guy’s dick, watch because we are going to do that too.”

I could feel his dick twitch, he may be only 10 but this kid was a horny sex desiring monster. And I was going to teach him everything.

As we were stroking each others cock the TV scene moved to ass licking. “See that kid, that’s what I’m going to do, I’m going to lick and tongue fuck your young virgin butt. Does that sound good?”

“Oh Greg, you’ll be sweet to me, right?”

A sly smile crosses my face. “Oh yes Jimmy, you’re going to feel and enjoy many things tonight.”

The ass tonguing scene turns to a deep butt fucking scene. Jimmy asks, “you’re not going to do that to me are you?” That smile returns, “yes Jimmy, those guys are porn pros, but I’ll be more gentle. You need to learn how good a cock up your butt feels.”

Feeling him getting nervous it is time to get him back into the experimental mood. I lean over and suck his boy cock into my mouth. At this point it has grown to about 4” so I swallow all of his dick into my mouth.

Of course it doesn’t get in my throat but I can keep him hard. As my face buries into his hairless crotch my mouth sucks him like a lollipop.

Using my tongue I swirl it all around his boy prick. It’s easy given his size. While my hands cup his soft tiny butt cheeks pulling him deeper in my mouth I can feel his retracted hairless ball sack on my chin. Because of his adolescence size my mouth can pull all of his dick in and my tongue can encircle all his cock.

Being his size and sucking him all the way in there’s still room. As I have him totally in my mouth my tongue escapes my lips and laps his balls.

My cock is rock hard. I’ve got this young boy to play with, my hands cupping soft ass cheeks, his dick in my mouth buried to his base, and my tongue licking his balls. You don’t get that with a grown man, I wouldn’t know anyway except for what I’ve seen in porn movies.

He’s as hard as a boy can be, which is pretty hard. I pull my mouth off his dick replacing it with a hand jacking him. No lube needed, my saliva has allowed a slick dick to jack.

Grabbing him by the back of his knees I lift them up. I tell him, “Jimmy, hold your legs back boy, as far back as you can.” He’s sitting on the couch pulling his legs back exposing his virgin sweet young boy asshole in front of me. Neither of us are watching the video as it flickers in the background.

What a sight, this sweet young boy, tiny body, with a hard dick holding his legs up and open waiting for the next sex act I’m going to do to him.

First I lap and suck his ball sack. It has no hair and is drawn tight to his body. My tongue licks his sack, inner thighs, and suck his entire ball sack in my mouth. It is obvious he like it by his moans and pressing his crotch into my face.

My spit drains down his butt crack. Slipping a finger down I slowly enter his very tight asshole. As it enters I can feel him tightening and a pained look on his face.

Too bad, I was going to anal rape his boy ass shooting wads of hot man cum into his bowels.

Putting a 2nd finger in his very tight bung made him recoil from the pressure and pain. “You wanted to play this game kid so you are going to get your ass fucked hard. I have no mercy for a cock tease punk like you.”

My cock is so hard and throbbing I have to fuck this boy in his tight virgin ass. He hasn’t even hit puberty and he’s going to get ass raped brutally.

Spitting on my hand and rubbing my raging cock, that’s all the lube his ass is getting. “Keep your legs back kid,” I command him. He’s too scared not to. I position my cock at his anal opening. Knowing this was going to experience severe pain is a turn-on. And I’m going to make him feel the pain.

The head of my rigid cock is right at his outer bung. I can see tears running down his face. He started this by pushing the jacking off issue. Now he’ll pay for it.

My cock head starts to enter the outer muscle ring of his butt.

As soon as I felt the head push past the initial barrier I was ready to fuck this kid hard. With almost no lubrication, a small boy with a tight virgin ass, I was demon-like to fuck him in a brutal way.

Looking at his open ass, that little cock, the tears in his eyes, all made me a monster. Ramming my fat cock into his asshole all the way made him scream with pain. Didn’t matter, his boy butt was so tight it felt too good. I had never fucked before but now I was an animal.

Stroke after stroke I slammed his tight bung as he cried out in pain. Every scream made me harder and fucked him with more force.

His dick had shriveled to nothing, obviously the excitement he had enjoyed before was gone. Still holding him by his soft ass my cock pounded his asshole. It was odd that I hadn’t cum after a few minutes, I think the thrill of butt fucking this little boy was too exciting.

I just kept hard fucking this kid getting off on the pain of my raping him.

But then it was too much. Feeling my cock swell I knew I was going to cum soon. That just made me fuck his boy ass harder.

My hands moved up to his legs pushing them back to his head. His ass was totally exposed and I was driving my dick hard and fast in his tiny young butt. It didn’t take long before my cock twitched and unload a torrent of hot gooey cum deep into his bowel.

A cock that was so deep and buried a fresh young asshole was great. It was the best orgasm I ever had. I was so deep my balls were almost in his butt.

As I pulled out of him I could see cum seeping out of his hole. Scooping it up I made him swallow it then made him lick my cock clean. He was still crying but didn’t dare not do what I instructed. Reaching back I got more cum out of his ass, again making him lick my cum soaked fingers.

“Jimmy, you tell anybody about this I’ll kill you and your family,” I said in a mean voice.

A few days later I got a phone call, it was Jimmy’s mother. “Hello Greg, we need a babysitter this weekend and Jimmy asked for you, are you available?”

Guess Jimmy liked our time together, he’s a pretty horny 10 year old isn’t he?

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