Molested Girl Scout while selling cookies

At 10 years old I had moved from the Brownies to the Girl Scouts. It was my first year we had to sell cookies for funding. Though I’m 19 now it is like yesterday that I can remember what happened.

This was a time you went door to door taking orders. For two days after school I knocked on doors trying to get people to buy Scout cookies. I had been through all the people in my neighborhood. Now it was time to expand my territory.

There had always been rumors about this one guy a few streets over exposing himself to kids but that’s usually not true. As I approached his front door my heart did beat faster and I wondered what might happen.

He answered the door bell wearing a robe, it was odd because it was around 3pm. I gave my pitch and asked what he wanted and how many. He replied, “I want some head, hairless P pie with a gaping ass also.” I had no idea what he meant and said “we got mint cookies, peanut butter, but no pie.”

“It may not be on your list but you have them, come on inside so I can pay you.” We were told never go into somebody’s house but he seemed so nice I just followed him into his house.

Wearing my usual uniform I had a blouse with sachet, knee length skirt with small cotton panties underneath, baby doll lace top socks, and Mary Jane shiny shoes. Of course I had no bra, my chest was nothing more than little buds with light brown always hard nipples. That would change in a few years as I am a natural 36d now.

He led me down a long hallway that was barely lit. We entered a room that had a desk on one side but looked mostly like a bedroom. Sitting down at the desk he told me to come over him and I did. “How much do I owe you?” he asked.

Stammering replying, “I don’t know, we don’t have those things you asked for.” He grinned then opened his robe, this huge penis (I’d seen one before after walking into the bathroom while my older brother had his in his hand) was 1 foot away from me.

“You’re going to learn much more today than the Girl Scouts will ever teach you!”

I was terrified. Violently he grabbed me by my ponytail and slammed my head into his pee-pee area. With his other hand he pulled my jaw open and put his penis in my mouth. Harshly he forced my head on him over and over, I felt like throwing up, couldn’t breath and had the hard thing shoved in my mouth.

There was nothing I could do, a 50 pound 10 year old child against a full grown man, I was nothing but a rag doll to his depravity.

He turned so mean at that point. By grabbing my ponytail he had control over me and between his forcing my mouth on his dick and bucking his hips that huge man cock was face fucking me. As the tears ran from my eyes he seemed to get harsher, he liked taking my little mouth and forcing his big dick into it.

Naturally I whimpered and cried, that only made him more forceful.

After a while he pulled my head up using my ponytail. He the put his feet up on the desk, now he moved my face to his balls which were shaved. “Suck gently and lick them you little cumbag whore!”

I did my best trying to simulate eating an ice cream cone. It didn’t take long before he scooted up more on the chair and made me do more gross stuff.

Spreading his legs wider and still gripping my hair so tight it hurt he demanded “stick your tongue out cunt” which I did. When he saw that he harshly forced my face and tongue to his asshole. “Suck it, lick it, tongue fuck my hole or I’ll kill you young slut!”

My tongue darted into his ass, it didn’t taste bad but I had never done any of this in my life. His hand pressed my face into his crack where I couldn’t breath but I knew to keep my tongue as far up his ass as possible.

While doing this my eyes saw how much more his dick had grown. It was throbbing in the air, his ball sack tight against his body.

Thinking this would be all the violation of me I relaxed only slightly. But it wasn’t.

He stood up, “stay on your knees little girl!” he commanded. And I did.

His hands unbuttoned my Girl Scout blouse and then went right to my nipples. Though my boobs haven’t developed much more than small bumps my nipples are light brown and always hard. He was pinching and twisting them which oddly felt really good, though I was still terrified.

Then he re-enters my mouth, this time there’s sweet but gooey stuff on the end of his dick. First he puts in my mouth but soon pulls out and begins to beat me in the face with his huge hard man cock. Pulling it up he forces one then the other balls into my mouth. It was hard enough having his massive dick in my mouth but not he’s forcing cum filled large balls in my mouth.

I do the best I can, this is all new to me. As his balls are in my mouth I can feel his throbbing gigantic cock bouncing around on my face. He hasn’t cum yet so I know the end isn’t soon.

On my knees, topless, pussy wet but scared, he pulls me up again by my hair, and releases the skirt I’m wearing. It drops to my feet wearing the shiny mary-janes. “Step out of that skirt bitch, I want to see you in only your cute panties, lace socks, and shiny shoes.”

Pulling one foot then the other out of the skirt I am standing in front of him. He’s now naked with a bouncing hard penis while looking at me. I’m dressed in nothing but what is now wet stained white cotton panties, short lace topped socks, and little girl shoes.

At about 1/3rd his size I am totally at his mercy. Intimidated but oddly turned on, my first sexual experience will be at the hands of an adult molester/sex deviant.

Standing in front of him my short height compared to him puts my face at his crotch.

He violently grabs my head and in one push forces his penis into my mouth. Or more accurate, my throat. I’m gagging, gasping for air but he doesn’t care. The continual deep penetrations of his vein bulging man cock, the bulbous head leaking pre-cum, and that he has me by the hair giving no way to move just seems to turn him on more.

Pulling out of my mouth he commands me to stand up. He kneels in front of me, his face sniffing at my coochie area. He says, “oh you smell so sweet, young virgin pussy tastes better than anything.”

After that I feel him pulling my cotton panties down the lifting one leg after the other to relieve me totally of those panties. As I stand there I have no shirt but small mounds with hard nipples, no skirt or undies exposing my virgin hairless coochie, wearing only lace socks and mary-jane shoes. Thinking back today it must have been very sexy, wish I looked like that now.

He kneeled before me and rubbed my coochie and ass. His hands went up and down my legs and across my chest. Again he pinched and twisted my hard nipples. With no hair yet it was all smooth.

He moved his mouth first to my nipples, sucking them hard and lightly biting them. I could feel them get firmer when he was doing that. So could he, his hands moved to my pussy and butt. He was rubbing that little hard spot at the top of my pussy while the other hand was inserted into my pussy then pressed in my asshole.

There was a lot of resistance at my ass, hell, my pussy hadn’t even been fucked and here was something trying to enter my ass.

He kept it up, my pussy was juicing the best a prepubescent could and his other hand was getting as much lube from my cunt to open my ass. I was 10 but not stupid, if that was his moves I knew he was going to rape my pussy then punish my ass. I was scared but oddly willing, we had looked at Playboy mags before and he obviously saw I got excited.

At this point he got really aggressive. Throwing me onto the bed he got on top of me. Here’s a grown man laying on a petite 10 year old, I was helpless.

First he rubbed his big cock at my pussy opening before he forced it full hilt into me. I screamed but no body could hear me. The weight of him on me was too much, he had total control. His large member stabbed my virgin child pussy over and over. He became more and more harsh with each thrust. Maybe my screams or tears turned him on.

This went on for a long time, well long for me anyway. He hit me, tortured my nipples, rammed his huge cock into my tiny virgin pussy, made me bleed and cry for help

For whatever reason he slapped my face several times saying “you’re my fuck slut whore bitch, you will take all I’m going to give you. If you say anything I’ll kill you and your parents!”

That’s when he grabbed my hair again forcing me to lay on my belly. I knew what was coming, he was going to brutally rape me ass. I’m 10, a cock that large would hurt so bad but he didn’t care, he was going to enjoy a cute young girl with a nice body. It wasn’t his first time obviously.

On the bed, on my belly, I feel him moving up behind me. First he grabs my ponytail shoving my face into the mattress. Then I feel his legs spreading mine opening my ass to his licking.

Still slick with my cunt juice, hair controlling my head, his strong body putting me in a position he wants, I whimper, cry, and beg for mercy. This just seems to make him more violent so I begin to accept he’s the master and I’m the sex slave. Like I had a choice.

Suddenly my head is forced harder down, my thighs are pulled wider, and there’s a pressure at my bunghole. Jeez, I’ve never had any sex and now a man is going to put his large dick in my ass.

He doesn’t lube or anything, his pleasure is my pain.

I feel the pressure of his massive dick pressing on my anal opening. A petite 10 year old girl is about to have a ‘freight train’ rammed into her ass. He has no feelings, I feel the head of his monster enter the outer anus muscle. I’m hoping this means he’ll allow me to accept his huge dick.

I feel him pressing harder. Oh fuck, what’s he going to do to me, I’m a small child, can’t he have any remorse?

Apparently no. In one brutal harsh move he presses all 10” of his fat cock deep into my child virgin ass. I squirm and try to move but to no avail. This older man has me trapped with his strength and is brutally pounding a 10 year old ass that can’t take his large cock.

Spreadout at 1/3rd his size he’s pinned me and is violently raping my young ass. Thrust after thrust just makes me cry and whimper more.

He has this maniacal laugh that grows every time I cry or whimper. His body moves more harshly and he pushes deeper and harder into my child ass. I can start to feel him get larger in my ass, his cock seems to be getting bigger. It is, and soon I’ll find out.

Fattening and hardening his cock is slowly twitching. His whole body stiffens.

That’s when it happens, his massive dick is buried balls to the hilt in my young virgin ass. He shutters slightly and the grabs my hips. Pressing into me as deep as he can I feel his cock twitching and pulsating followed by warm, thick, pulsating cum being shot in my tiny young asshole.

He collapses on my back, a 10 year old made the playtoy of an older man.

Can’t say it was awful.

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